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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life as we know it...

Column at Kerodin: Life as we know it will change...it will not end.

If your Strategy has not incorporated the reality of politics, it is time to revisit your plans.

If you have not relaized that you will probably be a Leader by default, consider the points laid out in the column.



Brace for Impact

It comes as no surprise to our Community that Boehner & Pelosi will meet in the middle to pass an Establishment bill that is meaningless.  Democrats will come aboard to neutralize the need for the Tea Party Right.

If this passes, which is likely, the time has come for the Tea Party - the real Tea Party - to form their own party and leave the Establishment Republicans where they belong, in the camp of the Enemies of Liberty.

There is grass roots rumbling at yet another double-cross by Establishment R's.

Such a new party will likely mean a D win in 2012.

So be it.  Establishment R's are no different than D's, and we all know it.

None of this will matter in regards to the Implosion that is imminent.  Our current economic trajectory is such that even if a new Tea Party manages to win stunningly in 2012 by defeating Establishment R's and winning a majority, we have passed the point of no return from an economic perspective.

But it will matter when Congress goes to the Bunkers in the darkest hours of what is coming for us all.  In those hours, I would have as many Patriots as possible in those Bunkers as you and I are forced to do our duty across the republic.

AP said it all: Do nothing.  All the Establishment R's had to do was nothing.  That would have imposed a 44% immediate spending reduction, and given us our last real chance to avoid economic Armageddon.  But Establishment R's are as guilty as the Marxists who are determined to grind America into Civil War for their own agenda.

A pox on all their Houses.

Patriots: The balloon may go up at any moment.  It may be this week.  It may be five years down the road (our enemies are clever and driven by personal survival and gain).

When It begins, ugliness will be at all of our doorsteps.  I encourage you all to gear up.  Spend your paper dollars on gear and supplies that will help you survive in the darkest hours the republic will have ever faced.  Lead is more valuable than gold, now.  Food & water is priceless.  Stockpile vice material for barter - cigarettes, alcohol, et cetera.

Those of you who make it to the other side: Remember Jefferson's definition of Liberty and teach it to everyone who has managed to live.  Teach it with kindness or teach it with weapons...but teach it.

Here is the source for the Pelosi/Boehner deal, if you care.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

One for our GunWalker Sleuths

Consider these two grafs: 

However, what the federal agency isn’t keen to make public is how its agents are using these reports to make threatening home visits to firearms owners, while ordering gun store owners to become de facto informants by telling them to spy on their customers.

According to several gun dealers in Austin as well as one of our own staff members, the ATF is visiting people’s homes, demanding to be allowed inside without a warrant, and implying that gun owners could be terrorists for purchasing two or more firearms at a time.

They come from this article: Here.

For those of you chasing GunWalker: Consider chasing down the allegations that ATF is invading homes without warrants, based on new reporting requirements that may have been the underlying goal from Day One of GunWalker.  If this can be substantiated (the lack of substantiation in the original article leads one to be skeptical) and tied to GunWalker...now you have something. 

And that something would indeed mark a dangerous escalation, to be certain.


Friday, July 29, 2011


“Right now the extremists have locked down this Congress,” Reid continued. “We’re doing nothing. The extremists have locked down the White House. They’re not able to do their work. The country is in an economic malaise and they want to keep this up.”

Reid is obviously referring to sitting Members of the United States House, legitimately voted into office by folks who have many things in common with you & me.

The next time you hear the word Extremist from the Left, understand: If that is the label he is willing to use for Congressmen, imagine what he'd call you & me...


Rats Abandoning Ship

Insiders are abandoning their own company stock at a rate that signals trouble.

There are many things signaling trouble these days.

Here is the column.

Brace for Impact.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Madame Speaker?

In an election year when she has declared for the Presidency, she'd be forced to hardline the Tea Party stance on most issues.

Current House Leadership must change.  The moment is ripe for a coup.

If we are entering a Ruckus Phase of American History, I want the hardest, most Constitutionalist folks in positions of power as we can manage.  Short of a nuclear Armageddon, politics will matter even when SHTF.


The Big Boys Never Suffer

When you have money the opportunities for making more money are many.

When you have money and you are willing to create suffering among your fellow Man, your opportunities for making more money are endless.

Consider this business model from Goldman: Warehouse space in Detroit is available for chump change (literally).  Goldman uses a subsidiary to purchase warehouse space and rent storage space for bulk aluminum owners.  The rental fees are not chump change.

Then, Goldman's subsidiary (guided by the minds at Goldman) recognize that they are sitting on mountains (literally) of cash in aluminum form.  They lean upon a Rule that permits the warehouse subsidiary to release to the owners of the aluminum only a percentage of that which comes in...effectively creating a hostage situation for the aluminum, and a situation where the rightful owner of the aluminum may not take possession of his property when he wants it, but must also continue to pay the storage rental fee.

Sweet, eh?

So now we have Goldman's subsidiary sitting on enough stored aluminum that by controlling how much they release each day or week actually has an impact on the price of aluminum in the markets.  Hold more in storage, the value goes up...


Right this moment you are paying more for aluminum goods than you need to pay because of manipulation like this scheme.  And the schemes are countless, across industries and continents.

And they called Luciano a Gangster...

Here is the story.


III: Study Material

Look at the images for tactical & strategic value.

Read for a few more tidbits.

This is our future...and it won't be for a movie premiere.

Story is here.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Potomac Theatre

Should he stand down as Speaker?

Tea Party Patriots (the group) says yes...resoundingly.  Here is their poll.

I want a serious Patriot standing against the Enemies of Liberty.  I want a Patriot who wants to say No! rather than an Establishment R who is forced to pay nominal attention to the Tea Party.

Even with the Tea Party new blood in the House, they are not strong enough to push Boehner any further than the useless middle, where he offers meaningless reductions in the rate of borrowing.  Until Team Liberty has 218 votes in the House and shuts down the revenue stream, nothing will change on the political landscape.

Paul Craig Roberts floated the possibility that the theatre we are watching might be a game that allows both sides of the aisle to avoid voting for the massive spending cuts that must happen to save the economy.  If they "fail to act" then the cuts are an automatic byproduct, and everyone gets to throw their hands up and blame the other side for the pain.  Reading PCR's column, I think he holds little faith in the possibility, but floated it as a slim maybe.  Such a move by our current politicians, doing the right thing even if by cowardly means, would require that both sides of the aisle have suddenly decided to put the country before their personal agendas...I have zero faith in that possibility.

PCR's suggestion might hold more water if both sides suddenly accept that their personal agendas are inextricably tied to the survival of the republic, in the name of self-preservation.  Here, too, I am not sanguine that those on the Far Left believe such reasoning.  I am convinced that the Far Left, represented by President Obama and his supporters, wants Implosion.

So...how do we get to 218?  Are you willing to run?

If the genuine Patriot Community does not send 218 to the House, there is no hope.

But the truth is that even with 218 in the House in 2012, our current trajectory will lead to Implosion before they could save the republic.  Even if Implosion were somehow avoided and the 218 were able to choke out the Beast, the result would be Implosion brought to reality by the FSA (Free Sh*t Army) and their handlers as they start to feel the pain.

I still contend that it matters and we should send as many genuine Patriots to the House in 2012, so we at least have friends in the Bunkers with the knowledge that no matter what...

There's going to be a fight.

Let's win.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Withdraw Consent to Restore Liberty?

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it...

It has been offered by many on the Right that there is a way to restore Liberty without a drop of blood being shed, without a single Patriot having to take arms.  Many people advocate this approach.

If enough Americans simply sit down and stop feeding the Beast, revenue dries up and Government ceases to operate, and Liberty blooms.

So goes the theory.

I can not get aboard this train.  The numbers simply do not support the conclusion, and Human Nature will not support it, either.

The number of Americans who genuinely subscribe to the principles laid out in our Founding documents is very small.  Most Americans today are quite content to live in Socialism, as evidenced by the number of people willing to accept money from Washington that has been stolen from productive people.  About half of the people in America accept some sort of Government handouts, and the other half are those from which the handouts are stolen in the first place.

Denninger calls those who accept the handouts the FSA (Free Sh*t Army) and you can bet your backside that when the handouts stop, the vast majority of the FSA will throw a very serious & dangerous tantrum.

But even in the productive 50% of America there is an expectation for Government to do things that are well outside the limits imposed by the Constitution.  Almost every Establishment R wants to invade any and every nation to establish democracy.  Almost every Establishment R is willing to infringe & ignore parts of the Constitution when it suits their personal agenda.

No, a non-violent sit-out will not restore Liberty, for the vast majority of Americans simply do not believe in genuine Liberty.  The FSA will riot (literally) when the freebies stop, and the Establishment will use force to keep their hold on power.

In both cases, the FSA & the Establishment, Constitutionalists are a common enemy.

You are that enemy.

Constitutionalists simply can not coexist with the FSA & the Establishment.

There's going to be a fight.

Let's win.

That is the sum of things, with all the extraneous silliness stripped away, courtesy of Concerned American.

Can you resign yourself to that simple fact?  There is no way to live in genuine Liberty so long as the FSA & Establishment exist.  Simple.  Period.  Full Stop.

Do not lie to yourself and think you are living in Liberty if you do not pay taxes, or you do not register the car you drive, or you carry against the law - you are simply under the radar for the moment.  They will catch you, somewhere, sometime, and force your compliance, imprison or kill you.

What are you willing to do about it?  That is a rhetorical question, please don't post your answer - it's your business.

The arguments that we see every day in the headlines at Drudge reveal the depravity and vast size of the group that are Enemies of Liberty.  The debt/deficit argument is the latest example articulated from Washington.  They simply are not serious about changing the paradigm.  Even the R's plan is merely a reduction in the rate of borrowing, and an anemic reduction, at that.  The hundreds of millions of Americans who represent the FSA & Establishment quibble about details, they are not negotiating an end to freebies.

President Obama's attempt to slide gun control upon us through a Treaty is another example of the level of Treason that is accepted across the land.  The Treason exists in the simple act of attempting to undermine the Constitution.  Submitting such a Treaty to the Senate is Treason.  Any Senator who votes to ratify is a Traitor.  The same hundreds of millions of Americans let it go without anything more than a grumble, at most.

In Ohio a man is charged for barking at a police dog, and a judge ruled that barking at a dog is not protected under 1A.  HuffPo labels the story as a comedy.  I would label it a tragic comedy and more evidence that Americans are willing to endure the leash of Masters.

The Establishment and FSA simply will not permit you to live in genuine Liberty.  If you try, they will fight.  You will defend yourself, and we have a Ruckus.

I can appreciate the morality of those who advocate a work stoppage to force the republic back toward Liberty.  But a work stoppage will never result in changing one mind about your Right to Liberty.  Indeed, if you stop feeding the Beast, one day, the FSA & Establishment will join forces again to declare your inaction to be a crime, bet on it.  You'll end up building furniture in a Federal prison camp, or dead for defending yourself against such a sentence.

I would suggest to everyone who would like to see a non-violent return to Liberty that they stock up on assets of violence & subsistence, for the moment when their plan fails.


The Left, Articulated

These two headlines from Drudge perfectly articulate the insanity that is Leftist Dogma.

I'm not going to bother linking the stories, the Patriot gets everything needed simply from the headlines.


Obama's Gun Grab "Under the Radar" not happening

President Obama's "Under the Radar" promise to his base to handle Gun Control is dying in the cradle in a Senate that has no intention of following this President into the abyss.

And, may I add, any President that would submit such a treaty for Senate ratification is guilty of Treason.

Here is the story.


Monday, July 25, 2011


Column at Kerodin: Sombody's got to be the Idiot...

Column is here.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Discussion Board

Check out Laura's new discussion board, here.


For your consideration

Remember: The fish that keeps his mouth shut will not be caught with a worm & hook.

FedGov is seeking to compel a woman to provide her encryption key, arguing that the
5th Amendment doesn't apply.

Remember also: The offense to Liberty is not that a court has to answer such an argument, it is that a court would entertain such an argument and that your Countrymen raise such an argument in the first place, revealing that they have contempt for our Founding Principles.

Keep your mouth shut.

Take note of who respects Liberty, and who does not.

Use that information as you will.

Here is the encryption article.


Denninger: Summerizes the "Default" Picture

There will only be a genuine Default on our Debt if the US Treasury and our Masters CHOOSE not to spend the money on the interest payments, and they CHOOSE to blow it elsewhere.

Denninger lays it out wonderfully, one more time.

Here is the link.

Make certain to add this post to your Denninger reading list for the day, here.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Consider the Facts, nothing but the Facts...

When an R is hailed as tough for advocating a meaningless $300 Billion per year decrease in spending in the face of $1,300 Billion in annual borrowing...Brace for Impact. 

There is no other option.

There is nothing meaningful in these debt/deficit discussions, but for the reinforcment that the Establishment and their supporters encompass a very large body of Americans and they have zero interest in genuine Constitutional values.  They want the Constitution out of their way, and they have taken the decision to burn the republic to the ground to get their way.

Consider what we know, at face value, about the Norway shooter: He is anti-Muslim, offended by the Muslim invasion of Norway, offended by the Establishment in Norway forcing their Citizens to accept the preferential treatment of Muslims, and he attacked that Government and those being groomed for the next generation of that Government.

Think about that...

If the details we know "at face value" are borne-out to be truth, the shooter identified the real Muslim Problem in his country (The Establishment) and he set out to change the paradigm.

If you are being invaded by flies, you can swat and kill flies all day long, and they'll simply be replaced by more flies.  But if you remove the carcass upon which the flies are feeding & breeding, the flies go away.

Set aside the moral judgments about attacking unarmed teenagers, and assess purely the cold, hard Strategy.

Your enemies here will do the same when they decide it is time for you and your family to be re-educated.  Mao starved millions of men, women and children to achieve his goals.  Many of the Enemies of Liberty in America who will soon make a move to be away with you are very fond of Mao...


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swing for the Fence

So, you trust your skill set with that iron you carry.  You can clear leather & double-tap center-mass in under a second.  Good for you - you are far better prepared than most men.

But if you fail to see the threat before it gets too close, you'll die with your 1911 in the holster or your hand, even if it's just a young thug with a Louisville Slugger.

Five thugs with bats?  You'd better recognize the threat, clear leather and start dropping bad guys before the first one closes to within 30 feet.  A motivated man can cover 30 feet in 3 seconds or less.  Double-tapping five targets who are advancing fast from several angles...gets dicey, and depending on your favorite boom-stick, may require a reload.

Consider, Patriot:  Truth, Justice & the American Way are dead in America.  That fact has been documented for you time and again at this site, Kerodin.com, WRSA, Bill Nye's place, AP's, and the list goes on.  Do you want to be the man who tests Pennsylvania's new Castle Doctrine after you follow prudence and drop that gang of thugs at 40 feet, with a powerful group of people from many sectors of society calling you a murderer because not one of those "...fine young men, cut down in their prime..." could have hit you or your wife with one of their bats, even by throwing it?  Add Hate Crime to the mix, probably.  Even if you beat the criminal onslaught, you'll be bankrupted in civil court, even if you win.

Do not parrot the familiar judged by twelve than carried by six silliness, and then stop thinking. 

Instead, find a way to handle such a threat that does not involve your identity becoming known in the first place...

Just how Grey are you in real life?

Here is the story.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Casus Belli II

Gould, Arkansas has a few people on its City Council who want to make it illegal to discuss the City Council without the approval of the City Council.

The offensive notion is not that such a case will not stand in a court - the offense is that in America we have people who think they have the Right to impose such notions upon their Countrymen.

Your neighbors are the problem. 

Most people residing within our borders are not worthy of calling themselves Americans.

Soon we will pass a point when you and I surrender that Right as well, for we are those on the wall, standing this watch...

Here is the story.


Casus Belli

The video speaks for itself.

At any moment you may be on the receiving end of this LEO mindset...

...what do you do?  The quiz starts the moment LEO turns on the pretty lights...

...do you understand, yet?

Here is the video from Bonnie Blue.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Release the hounds!!!

As Michelle Bachmann surges through the ranks of R contenders, the first smear hits the media: She suffers from debilitating migraines, making her unfit for the Oval Office.

What you think of the woman is not the point.

How those who are our Masters behave is the point.

Sometimes an organism is beyond salvation, so riddled with parasites that it collapses under the weight of the burden.  We are there, today. 

What you and I choose to do in the moments, hours, days and weeks immediately following implosion will determine the course of human history for many, many generations to come.

I know exactly my intent in those moments...

The two Bachmann stories are at Drudge, if you want them.


It's foggy - no swimming in the Great Lakes says our Nanny

The Chicago PD actually arrested a man who dared defy their edict to swim when they told him it was not permitted.

Fog.  Public Safety.  Master says No.

I feel better knowing that the State exists to protect me from every evil known to Man.

Not so much.

I am rather irked by those who claim authority over me...

Here is the story.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Walter Williams

You need to read this column.

I am an American.

If you are not willing to say that loud & proud, you are not welcome in my company.  One day, you will no longer be welcome in my country.

Here is the piece.


The main thing is...don't get excited...


One of the most frustrating aspects of Restoration is finding the patience to let it evolve on its proper, natural timeline.

Breathe.  Trust that every day that passes the double edged sword utilized by our Masters is at work.  While they frustrate, frighten and cow people, they also piss-off people.  Let the Enemies of Liberty do their work as you do yours.  Do you have firearms with little practical use in a Ruckus?  Consider trades that will help you buy a more practical tool.  Consider trading stuff of little use to surviving Restoration for more ammo or mags.  You get the point.

Do not be afraid to start a conversation with a guy who has an NRA sticker on his truck.  He may not see things as do you,,,but he might.

Make usu of this time.  If yuou have confrontation issuesm suh as letting people butt in line at 6u4 grocery store, use the opportunity to stand up for yourself and shift imperative paradigms.

Wen the time comes to ignore the sirens of the pursuing State Troopers who want to put you in Prison for your domestic terroristic activities, you'd better be mentyally and physically able to go ghost.

Second Place is dead.


Really...Just how does one take such things seriously?

Pedestrians who text while they walk without looking ahead will also be targeted.

The citations include $120 fines.

The Enemies of Liberty are rapidly excluding all options for protest but the most final and severe...

Here's the story from Philly.


Five dead in attack on Chinese police station

A mob of Chinese folks attacked a Cop Shop.  They paid the price, but they did the work.

Patriots, do you really understand that Restoration simply can not happen without committing felonies & misdemeanors galore?

I'm not sure most of "us" really get it...

Here is the piece on China.


Sunday, July 17, 2011


Our political Platform is simple: Abide the Constitution as ratified.

Even in the heat of a full-blown Implosion, politics will matter, and in the aftermath, it will matter more.

The book is here.



Have you visited InjusticeEverywhere.com this week to read about the latest abuses by LEO?

Flashpoints will typically be between Patriots and LEO, particularly in the opening stages of the broader Ruckus...right now.

Know your enemies.


Saturday, July 16, 2011


Welcome to Master's view of how to move one more step down the incremental ladder of Gun Control: The Mayor of Washington DC wants to allow gun shops only in Police Facilities.

He cites Zoning restrictions and other silliness.

Isn't that what Mayor's & Council Boards do...re-structure zoning and such when the economic health of the city makes it prudent?

Gun Control has always been a tool for keeping certain classes of people dis-armed.  In our own American History we initiated Gun Control to keep weapons from the hands of Blacks.  Today it matters not what your skin color, Master is Government and He sees every American as the Slave who must not be armed.

Riddle me This: When it suits our Political Class, they simply disregard the Supreme Court.  This case of DC permitting handgun sales is classic.  They have raised the bar to include training, jumping through hoops for potential buyers to go to several different locations within the City to get paperwork authorized, and the list goes on.  Now they drag their feet and can't find any space for a gun store...so, years after Heller & McDonald, you are still not walking into a store to buy a handgun in DC.

When will the average American remember that we, too, may consider the Supreme Court as merely one of three Branches...all of whom answer to us, to be ignored at our discretion?

Our States have proven time and again they are no Andrew Jackson.  When even Texas yields to DHS, you must understand that the Masters have placed their Farm Team in the States, so your State Government will never lead the charge against Big Uncle...until you make your Governor fear you and your neighbors more than he fears Big Uncle.

Once again the answer can be found at the beginning - at our Founding.

How many Governors were sent in flight from home & hearth by mobs intent on Liberty?

It all starts with you, no matter what label you choose: III, Patriot, American, Texan, Just a Guy...

...it all comes down to you and me.

Here is the DC story if you care about the details, which are not important.  It's just a Sparklie.

That other part - about you & me deciding when we've had enough...not a Sparklie. 

That's all that matters anymore.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle...and you live here, too.

Thousands show for a few housing vouchers...to live off the productive.

It only gets worse from here.



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Truth Spoken Here

Here it is, no further discussion required.

From Curtis: Here.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The Absurd is the New Normal

When one opens Drudge, Politico, WND, InfoWars, FT, WaPo, WSJ, et cetera and day after day every issue of every news outlet looks like an issue of the Onion, it's time for an adjustment.

If you continue to operate under any pretense that Truth, Justice and the American Way, or the Constitution, or the Law has any objective meaning any longer, I can not help you.  Consider heavy doses of thorazine.

I learned early in life that the only Constant is Change.

While we may, one day, get back to our Founding Principles, it ain't today and it ain't tomorrow.

Where does that leave us, some of you may ask.

If you ask me it means that your moral compass, tempered with the hard reality that one day soon you are going to need to fight to live, should be guiding the decisions you take each day in your life.  You probably need stuff that you do not have right now, that you will need one day to stay alive or keep your Tribe alive.  This is no time to worry about the rules put in place by John Boehnor or Harry Reid.  Today, and every day forward, you need to stockpile stuff that will keep you and yours alive and well.

Do it, or not.  It's your responsibility to keep yourself alive.

You'd better start acting like it.  Right Now.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Words Matter

UPDATE: Consider this essay posted by Concerned American, written by one of his readers.

In politics it is fatal if you permit the other guy to define you to the public, and if you permit him to frame the parameters of a debate, you are on defense, fighting on his preferred ground.

Do not play those reindeer games.

Read it here, it is First Class, as usual.


Saturday, July 9, 2011


Colonel Bunny over at Washington Reb has posted about the Fifth Column of Russians in our republic.  He understands that the Russian Mafia is FSB connected, which of course is KGB...and the mission has never changed.

Most of you know that I am a firm believer in Golitsyn's intel.  The collapse of the Soviet Union was a strategic deception planned in the '60s.  Now we have Spetsnaz entrenched in the guise of Russian Mafia, simply waiting for their orders to go to work.

Make no mistake, Patriots, the American Left is Soviet & Maoist at its core.

It always has been.

And now they have managed the coup of making anyone who cries Communists! an immediately marginalized player on the field.

If you still think Patriots have superior numbers in the coming battle for the Soul of the republic, I can't help you.

The list of enemies on our soil that will deserve the attention of Patriots is monumental.

You still do not have enough ammunition, Patriot.  You'd better have at least 2 spare uppers for that slick black rifle, because you will burn out the barrel...

Read Col. Bunny's piece here.


Go Here

I'm not being lazy today, I'm simply aware that Curtis has nailed the events of the day.

Read his work of the day.



Friday, July 8, 2011

Ocean City

Spent the day at Ocean City (MD) with the lovely Mrs. Kerodin today.  (No, that is not her in the picture.  Mrs. Kerodin is exponentially hotter and twice as camera shy). It was her first trip, though she's been to OC New Jersey & Atlantic City, so nothing new.  It was a nice break from the same ol' same ol'. 

As expected, nothing new happened in the progress of our demise, but for stepping closer.

I grow weary with this endeavor.  We know what is to come.  We are all prepping - or should be.  The only variable is X Date.

Gunwalker, debt ceiling, Iraq, Libya, et al are all jokes.

2 Trillion in cuts - over 10-12 years?  Who are they kidding?

Brace for impact.  Honestly, I have better things to do than continue to document the long train of abuses for those of you who get it, and those who never will.

Stay safe.


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Most of you know I rarely comment of GunWalker because I consider it a useless Sparklie.

But there is one aspect being overlooked that I think deserves consideration by the thinkers among us, not simply those looking for a political club with which to bash the other side.

Consider: Every ATF Agent who let guns walk, who let Americans purchase firearms without interference, whether they knew it or not, were following 2A.

Consider further: Every ATF Agent and Politician and outraged Citizen who beats the drums that ATF did not intercept and prosecute "Straw Buyers" and subsequent transfers is advocating for the infringement of 2A.

It really is that simple.  Americans should be able to walk into any store, buy any firearm, and give it or sell it to anyone they choose.  That's what 2A is all about.  Yet these are the Agents being prosecuted and vilified...just how Orwellian can we get before we implode?

When you cheer Dodson, Dobyns, Cefalu - you are cheering men who actively seek to deny your 2A.

Even though some members of ATF let guns walk, for all the wrong reasons, it was likely the first and only time ATF was acting in accord with the Founders intent of 2A. 

I say we should authorize GunWalker in perpetuity.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amen & Pass the Ammo


Frame of Reference.

Get your head on straight.

Read it.  Get it.  Preach it.

Damn good post by Curtis, here.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have said it before and I'll say it again in the future: America missed Her chance at Constitutional Government when we failed to elect Pat Buchanan as President.  I have had the good fortune to meet the man several times, as well as his wife.  No, I doubt he'd remember my name.  He recently sent me a very kind, handwritten note about my book Our Fathers Weep: It's the Constitution Stupid.

We do not have too many brains active in American politics to rival Mr. Buchanan, and that is to our great deficit.  He tackles the question of whether default is inevitable in our future.

Think about it for a moment.  What would be the downside if we told China to eat it?  They are not our friends.  They steal our secrets.  They steal our intellectual property.  They constantly try to defeat our cyber security.  The loans they make to us are not benevolent, nor are they motivated by good business - they are seeking to handicap us, counting on the American sense of fair play that they would laugh at.

Here is his latest, over at Infowars.  It is worth the read, as are all of his columns.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Voting Matters

Romney is the odds-on favorite inside the beltway.

It is what it is.

There will be elections in 2012.

Who we send to Washington, Governor's Mansions, State Legislators. Mayors Offices, School Boards...matters.

If you have not handed copies of the III Platform to those who have a clue, do it now.

Fighting is polygonal.  It is not all bullets.

It is ballets, too.

Click Here.


Mai Ai - Tactical Distance

I have cautioned Patriots for quite a while not to under-estimate the ability for clever criminals in our Master Class from serving their own interests and finding ways to delay the inevitable.

This piece from ZeroHedge is a prime example of one such bit of trickery.

Do not trade all of your dollars for bullets just yet.

But I would counsel that you get out of digital dollars, right now.

Here is the piece from ZeroHedge & NYT.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

American Empire

Afghanistan.  Iraq.  Pakistan.  Libya.  Yemen.  Somalia.

Coming soon: Iran.

What do these countries have in common?  American military is killing their Citizens.

Men & women hired by our Countrymen are killing Citizens who have zero realistic chance of hurting you or me.

Shame on us.  Shame on you & me for letting such people remain in power.

Arctic Patriot had yet another flash of brilliance when he wrote over at CA's place: Someone's got to be the idiot...

Indeed.  Someone must be John Parker in our time.  Will he die alone, failing to roust Patriots to the field?  Or will the right person, at the right moment, attack the right target and begin a chain reaction that will bring Patriots to the field across the republic?

I agree with Alan Mullenax who said that it could happen.  But I am not sanguine that it will happen.  If you read this blog or the columns at Kerodin.com, or WRSA, AP's site, or any others in our community, you must realize just how little we have in common with the vast majority of Americans.  Consider the number of unique visitors that visit our community websites every day.  The number is fewer than 10,000.

We are outnumbered by LEO by 80:1.

I do not care about those odds.

What are the numbers of the general populace who would stand against us?  If even 20% of the population is sympathetic to our goal of Restoration, that leaves 240,000,000 Citizens who are hostile or at best on the fence.  Remember, too, that at least 50% of the population, 155 million, are members of the FSA (Free Sh*t Army)

Realistically - could 10,000 serious Patriots FUBAR our Masters and achieve our goals?

Could 10,000 serious Patriots change the mood of the republic sufficiently that real change may occur at the voting booth?  That is the bigger, more accurate question, I suspect.

My instincts say yes.

But someone has to be the idiot...at the right time, focused upon the right target.


Laying the Ground

Our Masters are laying the ground for the next serious war: Iran.

Here is the WSJ article, claiming Iran is delivering weapons to Afghan & Iraq.

Yellowcake, anyone?


Zero Hedge

Take the time to read through this post from Zero Hedge.  Even if numbers aren't your thing, they have done a good job laying it out for folks like me who have no experience in big, profession money.

Our politicians are left with very few choices, on the surface: Default on chosen programs, print more money and send inflation through the roof, or raise the debt ceiling and borrow more from our enemies.

Professional money guys can find ways to put off the inevitable, as we have seen for years.  Most recently we've seen Treasury play games to get us beyond the May 2 X Date.

I am not trading all of my paper dollars for hard assets - yet.

But someday will be the day to do so.  Someday, sooner than later, all of the digital dollars you have in the bank will simply cease to exist, and at the same time the buying power of the paper in your pocket will weaken tremendously.

Gold?  Silver?

Lead.  Food.  Those are the proper investments, my friends.

The true X Date is impossible for anyone to pinpoint.

But it will happen in our lifetimes.

Good luck.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Denninger: Did Treasury just Default Intentionally?!

Read it here.

The economic destruction of America is by design.


Our Greatest Enemies are in Government

ICE is under the DHS umbrella.

ICE has listed Israel as a "Specially Designated Country" that "has shown a tendency to promote, produce or protect terrorist organizations or their members.”

DHS is more dangerous to Americans, by several orders of magnitude, than ATF.

Read the piece by Dick Morris, here.