Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Friday, September 30, 2011

Why We Suck...

This story articulates why America has begun to suck so badly over the past 100 years.

It isn't because FDR shoved the New Deal down our throats.  It isn't because Bush was a big-spending R who started wars to advance democracy.  It isn't even because of President Obama or any of his scandals.

It is because we, as a group, have not stood up to these people and their supporters when they are doing injury to an individual, a group, the economy or the republic.

We - you, me and those before us - have not bitch-slapped the Masters and Enemies of Liberty among us.

We have lost our internal moral compass and our willingness to excel, our willingness to defend excellence.

Just read this story and see if it makes sense for you on a broader socio-political scale.

The kid is a football machine.  He scores just about every time he touches the ball.

The solution?  His touchdowns no longer count after 3 in a game, so the other Little Darlin's on the field can still feel good about themselves.

That has become our default in America - tear down those among us who succeed.

Like the crabs in a bushel basket, the crabs on the bottom will grab and pull any escaping crab back among them.

The old Soviet example: My neighbor has three pigs and I have only two - I demand that Government go and kill one of my neighbors pigs!

Instead of letting this kid play the game by the rules that everyone else follows, they single him out and negate his excellence.  Instead of letting teams on defense work to improve themselves and learn to shut the kid down, we do it by Rule, instead.  

How about advancing the kid to the next league, as an option.  Maybe his talents will build even more if he is put with bigger, faster, stronger kids?

No.  Our default is to discourage.  Noone is exceptional.  Noone is allowed to be exceptional.

That is why America is no longer exceptional...because you and I tolerate such stupidity.

Here's the story.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reality Check: No Shoes

For Patriots who anticipate support from the general populace when SHTF and Patriots move for the Greens across the republic to bring Liberty back...

Consider: Just 13,000 of the original III Percent camped at Valley Forge with little food, insufficient arms and ammo, and in many cases without shoes and other fundamentals.

This as the republic around them bustled in commerce.  The republic could have provided for their every need, and did not. 

When you march for the Green, do so with the full knowledge that you likely will fight for the duration with what you carry on your back.  Future meals and supplies will be won from the enemy, not purchased at Wal-Mart or donated by the merchants at the local shopping mall or your neighbors.  You will not have the luxury to re-supply by mail order.

Add to this the reality that the FSA is everywhere, Patriots are not.

They have more eyes and ears.  They will see something, and say something.

Lose your illusions.


When you are a hammer...

When you are a hammer you see everything as a nail.

The East Alton Copper Gang apparantly stole about $7 million dollars worth of copper from their employer over a 3 year period.  At $3/pound that is about 2.3 million pounds of copper.

Even if your boss is in the copper business, that's a LOT of copper to move in a 3 year period without being noticed by some aspect of Management.

Politicians in St. Louis see an opportunity to "fix" such problems in the future with legislation. 

They would put the burden on scrap dealers to log sales info and pay only in check form.  You can bet that there will soon be "fees" imposed to pay for the Government-employed regulators that will be required to "oversee the process and help police look for criminal behavior".

If you have a regulation, you need regulators.  Regulators cost money, and to pay them you impose taxes or fees upon the business transaction you are regulating.  What it really translates to is higher costs to the scrap dealer, lower returns to scrap sellers, and a general burden that simply need not exist.

But like the patrol cop must write tickets to prove to his superiors that he is really working, so must Government "do" something to prove their worth to voters.

But Theft is already illegal.  The bad guys were caught without the pending new legislation.  They will go through the system and the matter resolved.

But, will argue the Government officials, we could have caught them sooner if only our wonderful legislation had been in effect.

When you are a hammer...

Where does due diligence and responsibility come into the picture for the employer?  Are the plants management and security controls so shabby that millions of pounds of bulk can be walked out under their noses?  Obviously so.  Must you & I suffer for their negligence?

Soon in St. Louis you will be forced to identify yourself and make a financial record of selling scrap metals.  

How long before Government decides to simply force that every transaction we make be recorded...you know, to help reduce crime...for the children.

The only way to have an honest Government is to remove the profit motive.

The thieves, crooks, and Masters will go to other professions, leaving us alone to do business with one another and shoot anyone stealing our copper.

Here's the story.


Building the FSA: One State at a Time

Oregon received a $5 million dollar "Bonus" for adding more people to the FSA.

The end-user will like the money.  The politicians who get a piece of the bonus to spend will like the money.  The politicians who get re-elected by their FSA minions will like the power.

And when SHTF, you can bet the order will be given for the FSA to march...on you.

The FSA Army is not simply made up of inner-city black folk.  Look at every single person who receives payments in any form from the Government that are greater than the amount they put in over the years.  Look at every company that relies on Big Brother.  Look to every person taking a paycheck from Government.  Look to every Union.

The FSA is everyone who takes a freebie and every one of your neighbors who supports giving out freebies.

Do you grasp how outnumbered we are?

Here's the story.


Real Scandals that bring down Administrations

So, Pelosi's brother-in-law gets a piece of the pie...

The solar financing story is a genuine Washington scandal that can change Administrations.

The details will be disappointingly familiar, and in the end nothing but another Sparklie.  You see, there is nothing new here.  These games are played all the time.  We simply know about this one.  But these are the games that end poorly for the players.

People will go to prison for this one.  Hell, one or two may even choose suicide or a walk in Fort Marcy Park.

But in the end it will not matter.  Nothing will change until everything changes...

Here's the story.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Secret Banks & Bureaucrats

So, there is an off-the-books bank operating within Treasury that has unlimited borrowing limits from Treasury.  The bank is run by Treasury officials.

Sweet deal.

What we learn is that the bank came into existence in 1973.

So, how does a new Administration even learn that such a bank exists?

Bureaucrats and the institutional memory they represent, usually.  The real secrets of the republic are hidden in places known only to the bureaucrats charged with their maintenance, and probably revealed very selectively.  The bureaucrats are the machine of Government.

Keep that in mind when Restoration is front & center.

Here is the piece by Liz MacDonald.


Wyoming State & Local LEO Joining with Air Force for Drunk Driving Crackdown

Kurt at InfoWars has a piece about more military & civilian cooperation for domestic ops. 

Of course these ops are simply to help blunt the military training that teaches these guys to shoot first and ask questions later.  When the military is brought in on a large scale, it will be bad PR if too many carloads of families get lit up as soldiers revert to the default responses to threats instilled in Boot.

This training works both ways.  Civilian LEO is exposed to the coming new standard of rougher & tougher rules of enforcement.

Drunk driving will be dangerous for you folks out in Wyoming.

But don't worry, I'm probably just succumbing to conspiracy theories.  Our Government would never turn loose the military on Citizens, and our military would surely refuse the orders, if given.

Here is the InfoWars piece.  Use the information as you will.


Mens Rea

Curtis links to a very good article discussing Mens Rea.

Read his riff here and follow the link.


III to Liberty Update at Kerodin.com

Check out the update, here.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Suspend elections to work on the economy, she says...
What say you?
Wouldn't it be nice if They made it that easy for us, offering such an obvious casus belli?
Make no mistake, They genuinely want to suspend everything about that silly Constitution.
Will They be so bold as to simply say so when They make their move?
To Hell with every Enemy of Liberty.
So say we all.

Just Remember, Mo has Nukes in Pakistan...

And now we see one of the primary reasons for the Arab Spring.

It is more properly titled The Muslim Spring.  Subtitle: Empower & Arm the Enemies of Liberty.

In Libya alone 20,000 SAM's are missing, obviously now in the hands of the Muslim Horde that would like to kill all Westerners.  Whether they ever do is a side issue: Western Masters will use armed Muslims as the excuse for further assaults on Liberty.

But you just keep watching the Sparklies, silly Americans.  There is nothing behind the curtain.

Government will protect us.

Please remove your shoes.

Orwell was a optimist.

Here's the story.


Enlisting FSA Soldiers in Philly

The Establishment's plan to build the FSA for their malicious ends is proceeding flawlessly.

Thousands show in Philly to be added to the handout lines.

Here's the story.

Shame has lost all meaning in America.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Watch both hands, not just the one holding the Sparklie...

The collapsing Euro.  Solyndra.  LightSquared.  GunWalker.  Czars.  Putin is coming back (never left).  Van Jones is a Commie.  ObamaCare.  Rick Perry is phony.  MSM conspiracy against Ron Paul.  RINO's suck.  Lib's suck worse. 

This list never ends.

That is the purpose of the list.


Check current course & speed and tell me which of these issues will mean a whit the moment SHTF.

Not. A. Single. F'n. One.

Do not be caught flat-footed.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kerodin.com: You are in Prison, Right Now

You are more aware of the reality than is your average R friend.

The entire country is managed by our Masters as if it is a very large Federal Prison Camp.

I know, from experience.

I know also: Master can ramp up the level quickly if he tries, especially in major metro areas.

Read the column here.


NYPD: We can take down a plane, if necessary...

Now, this should be interesting.

NYPD is telling 60 minutes that they have anti-air capability, and implying they have the will to use it.

While I have no problem with a State taking the steps necessary to protect and defend its Citizens...I do have a problem with any State that chooses to embrace the 10th while at the same time denying the Ninth...and First, Second, Fourth, et al.

Here's the blurb from Drudge.


Some are more equal than others...and shut your mouth about it!

We've seen this tactic before and it is effective.

Republicans at UC Berkely (Who knew THAT animal existed!) have managed to rile the FSA.

But it isn't simply counter-tactics at competing tables in the forum...it is threats of physical violence by the Left against the R's.

Imagine that.  The FSA intends to hurt people just for speaking out against their freebies.

Campus Carry, anyone?

What should Patriots do about it?  Just be aware, and keep prepping. 

Our trajectory leads to only one place...

Here's the story.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cain: 37% in Florida

Herman Cain just pulled the Florida Straw Poll victory...by a significant margin.

I don't think anyone is entirely happy with any candidate on the R side, we'll end up picking one or the other.  That may suck, but that's how it works.

Herman Cain has one thing going for him that no other R candidate can match: He's black.

His 9.9.9 plan is simple to understand, comes from an accomplished businessman, and is decidedly not filled with the double-speak offered by professional Politicians. 

Forget what you don't like about the plan...one of these candidates will win.

One of the biggest cards that will be played this cycle is the Race Card. 

Herman Cain takes that argument off the table, except for the very few who will resort to calling him an Uncle Tom.

There is a significant percentage of voters in the middle who want Obama gone this cycle, and because they suffer from Political Correctness, they will vote far more quickly for Herman Cain than, say, Rick Perry or Ron Paul.

Herman Cain can beat President Obama...probably by a wider margin than any other candidate the R's could nominate.  His 9.9.9 is far better for the country than anything that will come from Perry/Romney.

Ideally, I would like to vote for a candidate who looks to the Constitution for the answer to every question on his desk in the Oval Office.

But in the real world, I'll take the best I can get.  When we are all forced into the bunkers, it will matter who sits in our elected political seats.

Disclaimer: This is merely analysis, not an endorsement.


Friday, September 23, 2011

By Any Means Necessary...

Consider: Your part of the world suddenly becomes very hostile.

Men with rifles, or LEO, or Hajji, or Zombies have taken residence in your AO.

It is you & your family or Them. 

Problem: The bad guys are mixed within the immediate population.  You can get Them...but there will be enormous collateral damage.

Would you kill hundreds to save your family?



Would you kill those same people if, for the sake of this discussion, only 50% of those you must kill would raise a hand against you?

Consider that set of circumstances for our coming troubles.

And consider this:

"They talk to us about the Jewish state, but I respond to them with a final answer: We shall not recognize a Jewish state," Abbas said...

...and this from a senior member of Hamas:

"Our Palestinian people do not beg for a state. ...States are not built upon UN resolutions. States liberate their land and establish their entities," Haniyeh said...

If you do not think the Enemies of Liberty among us are just as hostile to you and me as is Hamas to Israel, I can't help you.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kerodin.com: Tolerance?

If you sell chain for a living, would you sell to a man you know will use it to chain children in his basement?

Read the column here.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Denninger: And Now, With The Market Collapse Into The Close

Did you watch the close of the markets after Ben revealed that he had nothing left?

It's all over except for the dying, now. 

Implosion has begun. 

We watched the trigger detonate this afternoon.

The FSA will begin to march very soon.

Read about it here at Denninger's place.

I hope the cute little kitten helps make the reality a little less frightening for you...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And the music continues...

One of those in our Community that I respect once told me in email he felt trapped in Cassandra's Curse.  I'm paraphrasing...but I so f'n understand.

Darrell Issa (R) Ca announced that he will be chasing down LightSquared & Solyndra.

The Congressman understands what brings down Administrations.

For you GunWalker folks, don't feel like the gal left at the alter.  GunWalker has run its course regarding hardcore political value (long ago).  Issa & Co know this, and have just been treading water for the next newsmaker before walking away from GunWalker.

You don't think any R really cares about the details of GunWalker, do you...beyond the ability to smack D's with it.

GunWalker will remain alive among the benchwarmers and will be among the list of wrongs ticked off to the Press every time the R's want to sting the D's.

It is all political theater. 

Never forget that we live under a two-party tyranny and one side must be careful to never entirely kill the other, for one is Yin to the others Yang.

If one desires to weight the true crimes against Liberty, stop looking at the silly Sparklies of GunWalker, Solyndra, LightSquared, ad nauseum


You want to talk about the true crimes against Liberty? 

Stop looking under rocks! 


Taxes & the blatant stealing of your wealth, the bread from the mouth of your child.

Immoral Wars, murdering people around the globe without cause.

Hourly beatings & executions by the State (LEO) upon your Countrymen who are merely living within the Rights articulated in our Founding documents.

The list is long. 

But make no mistake: The TRUE evils are right out there in the open, staring you and me in the face every day, and every single one of us capitulate to one degree or another, every single f'n day.

It's called Slavery, my fellow Slave.  Right up until the moment you truly lose your sh*t and walk to the Green.  Then, that day, that moment, you will be Free.

Here is the Issa article, if you care.  And if you care, you are playing their game, no matter how much you howl in moral outrage.


Monday, September 19, 2011

The Buffet Tax: I agree

I agree that the Buffet Tax is a great starting point, as both he and President Obama state.

Both say it is horrible that Mr. Buffet pays less (Cap Gains rate of 15%) than his secretary, plumbers, teachers, you & me, et cetera.

So, I call for an immediate Buffet Tax Rate of 15% be applied to every American.

It's a starting point.


2011: American Reality...every day

From the story: The informant, Ryan Logsdon, and former ATF agent Brandon McFadden testified in a recent police trial that they framed the Barneses with the help of Officer Jeff Henderson.

I bet the back-story is fascinating.  What leverage was brought to bear to make crooked LEO (including an ATF Agent, sorry for the redundancy) admit that they targeted Citizens for false arrest & prison sentences...

The front-story is enough to make one spit...well, folks like you & me, anyway.  The average American will never know this story, how routine it is, and they would not believe it if God Himself told them it was true.

Consider the piece Arctic Patriot wrote last night, it fits.

We all comfort ourselves that soon, one day, it's coming.

That's probably accurate.

But here is something else I know to be a fact: If I go first, noone will follow, and most people will never know the truth, or care.  Patriots will shake their heads and say too soon or he was a jerk, anyway.

I wonder how long John Parker gritted his teeth before going to the Green.  I wonder how many of his neighbors didn't follow him...you'll notice that we do not know any of their names.

Here is the story.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

$1,500,000,000,000 in new taxes

Choose your Team, Patriots.

You will be among those who sweat, or those who live off your efforts.

You will be the sheep or the wolf.

You will be the diner, or the dinner.

Call it what you will.  There are only two classes...

The fight is being brought to you at terminal velocity.

Here is the story.


Is there anything else to say?

Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:

He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

He voted against the Patriot Act.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He voted against the Iraq war.

He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.

Source: RonPaul.org


Some sins are unforgivable

Many Patriots have problems with World Net Daily.

I have had a problem with them since I knew they existed - though I could not quantify or find a legitimate complaint to offer.  Quite often they offer stories that are helpful to the Patriot cause, yet there is, and always has been, that niggling in the back of my mind about the source and motivation.

Yes, WND makes a LOT of money.  They monetize nearly everything they do.  Patriots have many complaints, many of which center upon crediting & sourcing issues.  But making money should not be a complaint.

But the other day I discovered what my complaint was premised upon.  Maybe this was already an open secret.  Maybe you knew about it.  I did not.

Here is a story in which Joseph Farah admits, in his own words, that he was a Communist.

I am primarily Black & White king of guy,  I always have been.  On some issues there are legitimate shades of grey, and I factor that issue into my final decision.

But here is a fact: Since my youngest years I have been a virulent proponent of personal Liberty.

My mother was the first to ever tell me that I have a problem with authority - long before the elementary school officials ever told her for the first time.   I am an American.  My problems begin when others try to push their way into the circle of personal Liberty I have drawn around myself, family and Tribe - and innocent people being bullied.

I used to visit WND about twice a week to check for relevant stories.

No more.

There are some sins that can never be forgiven by Patriots.  There are some people a Patriot can never trust at his shoulder.

Here is the story.


NFL Patdowns

DHS has leaned on the NFL and now members of the FSA (Those who have no skills to get a real job) will put on latex and put their hands on you, your wife & kids just to get into the game.

I gave up my Redskin season tickets a few years ago.

I wish I still had them, because I'd give them up again, today.


This will go away if the NFL loses money on the deal.  That's the only way.

Well...that and American Revolution III.

But I'm willing to bet the assets of my manhood that there will be little more than a few grumbles by the NFL Fans of America.  There will be no protests of significance.  If there is a cashflow blip, it will only be a blip.

The patdowns will continue.

So many of my fellow Americans - who are not Americans - make me nauseated.

I am embarrassed.  It is time for a purge.

Just like this NFL move, you will find that the jobs "created by Government" will be given to the FSA...tightening the grip of power of Government.

Liberty and Tyranny simply can not coexist.

And if you do not see an FSA piece of genetic garbage putting his hands on you as tyranny, I can't help you.


WSJ: Use a False Name on FaceBook = Felony

This is a very good article at WSJ about the Government's very quiet move to criminalize the population.  It isn't just about using a psuedonym on your dating page and a picture of Beyonce as "your" picture to fetch a man.

No, the language that exists, RIGHT NOW in Federal Law, is that you may not do anything that exceeds authorized use from a particular computer.

And Federal Prosecutors are already taking advantage of the broad language.  So are silly Citizens to bring civil suits.

Consider: You are at work on Monday morning and your company has a "Work Only" policy regarding use of ANY company owned device online.  You check the NFL standings at lunch from your company desktop or Blackberry - Welcome to my world.  Federal Felon.

The article is very good, and should have all of us resolved to one simple reality:

We're screwed.  There's going to be a fight.  Let's win.

Here's the piece.


Friday, September 16, 2011

We are watching an ugly chapter of human history as it happens...

Solyndra.  GunWalker.  LightSquared.  Czars.  Arab Spring.  Intentional destruction of the economy.  Iraq.  Afghanistan.  Libya.  Soon Iran and perhaps Syria.  Gulf 1.  The abandonment of the Gold Standard for the pliable fiat.  Empire building.  Spreading democracy.

The list of injuries since 2008, since 2000, indeed, since 1861 inflicted upon Liberty by the American Political & Bankster Classes is too long to list here...but you are familiar with the list.

The list of events currently pressuring this White House and those who align with him as Enemies of Liberty are being terribly inconvenienced by the timing of many of the events in our headlines every day.  President Obama's Approval drops daily.  Scandals drop weekly.

We are still 13 months or so from the next election.

The problem is obvious, and the Enemies of Liberty are rapidly approaching a crossroads: Swing soon with the heavy-hand of Government or roll the dice on one more election...

Controlling the ruin of the Western World is an imprecise science.  Our Masters can't really be blamed for missing the timing by a few months.

You and I will be blamed by every slave in the future of humanity for allowing this to happen.

Stand up & Die Well.


Thursday, September 15, 2011


Are you beginning to recognize the pattern, yet?

This is another one that has the potential to bring down an Administration.

The political conversations that need to begin: Do we move to Impeach before the 2012 elections, or do we hold it just in case President Obama manages to win in 2012?

There are serious D's, right now, quietly discussing the possibilities of asking the President to step-off the 2012 ticket.

Sadly, regardless of the fallout of LightSquared, Solyndra, GunWalker, et al, nothing is capable of thwarting Implosion. 

Make no mistake, Implosion is the goal sought by the Enemies of Liberty, foreign & Domestic...to the highest levels of our Political Class.

Mao's barrel of the gun will decide the future of America...and the Maoists among us are not afraid of that fight.  They see it as absolutely necessary to their End Game.

Prep more.



If you were going to steal an identity, would you choose mine?

How stupid must one be to want to be me?

Identity theft...mine.  Can you believe it?

I wonder if the wannabe Kerodin has factored in the attention headed his way by the Agencies that are part of my life...FBI, Secret Service, DHS, just for starters?

I wonder who will find the Faux Kerodin first...FedGov or me.

Column is here.


It's NOT QE III - It's Adding Liquidity...

European Central Banks and our own Ben are printing dollars and giving them to the banks, again.

It's not called QE3.

They are calling it adding liquidity.

That's why the markets are up in the face of daily bad news, this week.

Brace for Impact.

Here is the story.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Uphill Battle

Ron Bloom, President Obama's Manufacturing Czar in 2008: "We get the joke.  We know that the free market is nonsense.  We know that the whole point is to game the system, to beat the market or at least find someone who will pay you a lot of money because they're convinced that there is a free lunch. We know this is largely about power, that it's an adults-only, no-limit game. We kind of agree with Mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun."

Of course, Anita Dunn proudly proclaimed that her two favorite politicians were Mother Theresa and Mao.  We'll just have to ignore the fact that Mother Theresa was hardly a politician.

Many people today are not worried about Socialism.  Many of these same people consider Islam to be the biggest threat to America.  Sadly, many of these people are younger than 30 and did not live through any significant portion of the Cold War, or they are older than 30 and never took the time to study the topic and the systemic butchery of tyrannies like China & Russia.

Perhaps the biggest problem facing we Patriots is not the overwhelming numbers of people who will line up against us - and that is a BIG problem.

The biggest problem is that very few people younger than 30 have ever been encouraged to embrace the Constitution or the values of our Founding Documents.  You and I speak a different language than does the 20-something LEO who has been taught that what he does every day is faithful to the Constitution.

From active Maoists and other Tyrants in the highest levels of our political Class and Academia, to people who misunderstand our Founding Principles, to people of the FSA, to people who simply pay no attention to such matters - you and I face a challenge that simply can not be achieved...without a savage catalyst.

I think that catalyst will be economic Implosion, that will result in many millions of deaths and much suffering.

And I find myself hoping more every day that Implosion happens soon...

I am disgusted with myself for looking forward to Implosion, but I am convinced that Liberty has no other chance.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When the Facts Change...

...you must be willing to reconsider your position.

I stand now with this analysis: If the Obama Administration falls because of a scandal, it will not be GunWalker, it will not be his Birth Cert, it will be Solyndra.

Cronyism, that which President Obama campaigned so vehemently against, will be the final sin his supporters will not tolerate.  The backroom deals around ObamaCare hurt him, make no mistake.  His most diehard supporters are True Believers.  They were disgusted by the shenanigans.

If it turns out that President Obama is involved, or even tacitly allowed, anything inappropriate with the Solyndra loan, his base will abandon him.

As I said before: This is the type of scandal that brings down Administrations...not sex, not guns...

Here is just one story, and it is already building momentum.


Story sent in by a Patriot

Mexico is, officially, rather opposed to civilian ownership of firearms.
Notice that isn't mentioned in the article.
The utmost Right of every human is to defend himself. 


Weary Warriors

General Washington looks weary to me, in this painting.  Surely there were many times during the war to birth this nation, which had been placed upon his shoulders and a small army of men who took the field with him, weariness was often a companion.  I suspect weariness was often joined with doubt and a general sense of overwhelm.

Look around our community of writers.  TL, Arctic Patriot, Curtis and others have all been courageous voices and I dare say they stand now much as General Washington.  I have not spoken with any of these people on this topic, this is merely my observation.  The lack of their voice is noticed, at least by me.

Another in our community, one who has been at this blogging thing for a very long time, is also very weary.  He and I spoke of it briefly.  He continues, but he is intimately familiar with the sense that we all feel from time to time, that we are beating our heads against a wall with little, or no, progress.  Alvie, too, took a break a while ago...it was noticed.

To Patriots who feel as though they've said everything there is to say, at least once, I know how you feel.  When, if, it becomes right for you to return to the keyboard, good.  If your path takes you another direction, you have to follow your own path.  My path is certainly not to blog and write columns up to the moment of Implosion.

To all Patriots: I think we are simply, as AP mentioned recently, waiting.

We all seem to agree that Implosion is imminent.  Do what you have to do to be ready on that day.  America will become embroiled in an existential fight, and a fight that will determine whether our posterity will live under Liberty or Tyranny.

Make no mistake: You and I live under Tyranny, today.  It will collapse under its own weight, then we will move.

600,000 Americans, or so, died in our Second Revolution.  Consider that 53% of voters elected President Obama.  Consider that nearly 50% of all Americans take money stolen from the remainder in the form of handouts from FedGov.  Consider that across all levels of Government there are about 28 million employees.

There are many, many Americans who will line up against Constitutionalists.

You are going to need your energy.  You are going to have to harden your hearts, because if Constitutionalists will again rule this land, there will be many, many millions of dead.

My friends, if you all feel weary today, find a way to decompress - for the weariness you will know in our near future is something that I lack the skills to articulate.  There is a lot of ugly work ahead, just to survive.  To prevail will require savage endurance never before seen on this planet.

Stay safe.


Monday, September 12, 2011


Rush said something one day that really hit home, I'll paraphrase: All of human existence begins at the time you were born.

Another bit of wisdom I have followed since my very young teens: The only Constant is Change.

At the risk of using a pop culture reference: All of this has happened before, and it will happen again...

The point: You will die.  Make certain you live.


An Insightful Piece on Paul/Perry

The story is here.

This is the kind of bold, honest dialogue we need in our republic...though I might say we need more of it, at every kitchen table from sea to shining sea.


Coexistence is Futile

Column at Kerodin.com - Constitutionalists simply can not coexist with Enemies of Liberty.

Enemies of Liberty may have no safe have in our 50 States, even if those States secede.

Column at Kerodin.com, here.


Ron Paul Calls Social Security and Medicare Unconstitutional, Compares Them to ‘Slavery’

There is only one candidate with the courage to call it like it is...and he is ignored by the Establishment, from his fellow Politicians to the MSM to the average American who thinks the FSA is a way of life.

On Fox this morning I heard a Pundit (smirk) pontificate that Ron Paul knows he can never win, but that this election cycle is merely to put issues on the table for his son in 2016 for a Presidential run.

First: The World As We Know It will not exist in 2016.  It will not end, but the rules that apply today will not apply in 2016.

Second: Rand Paul is NO Ron Paul, my friends.

I am not pleased.

Here is Ron Pauls' full statement from May.


Sunday, September 11, 2011


A question for those who read this blog and who consider themselves Constitutionalists:  Do you see any value in a 30 minute Cable/Broadcast television program espousing our perspective on Constitutional values, or a 30/60 minute radio format for the same topic?

Either show would unashamedly declare Entitlements to be Unconstitutional (Michelle Bachmann, you really broke my heart), all 2A laws to be unconstitutional, would call out the FSA and the Political Class that subsidizes them, et cetera.  We could advertise "our" blogs in major markets and nationally...

No, I do not think either show would prevent implosion.

But do you see any value for us being front & center on a cable channel like Fox Business that makes Stossel & the Judge look like moderates?  While Rick Perry is almost surely pandering to the Right when he calls Social Security a Ponzi Scheme - at least a national level politician has thrown it out there and perhaps we can pick it up and run...


Under Fire

AmmoLand.com has a very good column at their site about a series of threats to 2A coming later this month from Congress.

There will be a Continuing Resolution (CR), a vote to permit the Government to spend money.

Several programs involved in the CR hurt 2A.

Read the column here.

You may be beyond bothering to raise a fuss to your CongressCritters...but good job to the guys at AmmoLand & InfoWars who raised the flag.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good for him...

It would seem Congressman Paul orchestrated the event to show the world that Perry is a bully.

Benton said that while Paul has laughed off the Perry exchange, the campaign likes the contrast.

"What it shows is that Rick perry is a very aggressive, in your face person," he said.  "He puts his hands on people, he tries to show that he’s the alpha dog, he tries to psychologically intimidate people and gets in people’s faces.

"Some people like that, but other people like someone who's going to be a more thoughtful president, not a bully," he said.

Good job, Congressman.

Read the entire story here.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Treason: Overthrowing the Constitutional Republic qualifies as levying war...

What kind of country would this be if this chamber had voted down Social Security or Medicare just because it violated some rigid idea about what government could or could not do? (Applause.) How many Americans would have suffered as a result? ~ President Obama during the American Jobs Act Speech at the Joint Session of Congress.

Thanks to Concerned American for catching the phrase and posting it.

Consider: What kind of country would this be if Congress adhered to the Constitution.  For that is what the President admitted - that the Political Class does not follow the Constitution.

You and I have known that for a long time - but has a President ever admitted it before?

America will collapse under the weight created by evil men and women who chose to ignore the Constitution.  There will be violence and many sadnesses during the conflict for power that will ensue.  This will happen in the near future.

Trainer has called for Restoration of the Constitution as ratified.

In that world, a world when Americans once again respect the Constitution and the principles embodied within our Founding documents, we will lead the world by every important measure once again.

In my AO as the fight across the land rages, one can expect Article III Section III trials and sentences to be conducted in great numbers.  There are no facilities in my AO for prisoners, for convicted Enemies of Liberty & the republic.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Hands - That's the Rule

I can't stand a bully.  Whether a Ron Paul supporter or not, Rick Perry should have had his eyes swelled shut for putting his hands on Congressman Paul.  Where was Rand?

Those of you who weighed in and told us about Governor Perry appear to be 100% accurate about the man - he is not suited for the office of President.


America First

For since the Revolution, America has had a standard of living that has been the envy of the world. From the Civil War through the 1920s, as we became the greatest manufacturing power the world had ever seen, our workers enjoyed pay and benefits that were unmatched anywhere.
Yet our exports in those decades were double our imports, and our trade surpluses annually added 4 percent to the gross national product. How did we do it?
We taxed the products of foreign factories and workers and used the revenue to finance the government. We imposed tariffs of up to 40 percent on foreign goods entering our market and used the tariff money to keep taxes low in the United States.
We made foreigners pay a price to get their products into our market and made them pay to help finance our government. We put our own country and people first.

More common sense from PJB.

I'm all for "Free Trade" but only when it is genuinely free & fair, not subsidized by governments or discounted on the backs of slave labor.

Here is the complete PJB column.


Imagine where we'll be...

You should read Curtis' piece, here.

Then go back and read TL's piece.

I understand exactly where these Patriots stand...


Example of a Genuine Scandal that can bring down an Administration...

Solyndra executives made more than 20 trips to the White House before Uncle Sam gave the company loans of about $500,000,000.

Now, the company has filed bankruptcy.

You want a genuine political corruption scandal that has the potential to bring down a Government, here is one.  Who made the call to authorize the loans.  Were any SOP's circumvented to give the money away?  Where was the money spent?

Corruption and slickery deals with money changing hands are the real scandals that hurt in Washington (the only scandal better involves unnatural acts with interns...)

Will the R's have the stones to dig in?

Here is the story.