Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Monday, October 31, 2011


My sincerest thanks to everyone who has weighed-in over the last few days, the blogs who have linked, and especially those of you who have gone and ordered books to hand out in your AO.

I've tried adding several PayPal widgets that will set a goal and then keep track of actual donations, but Blogger doesn't seem to like it much, so we'll stick with the button.

My wife and I have agreed that we'll take care of getting books into the hands of all 1,557 FFL's and Gun Shops in Virginia if there is enough support through the donate/contribute button.  We'll cover the gas, time, and a few boxes of books, so, if you are in a position to kick-in and help buy a few books, we'll deliver them in person throughout the Commonwealth. (Mrs. Kerodin is a sight to behold when charming the lads behind the counter...)

We have folks working in Florida and Pennsylvania, two more very important Battleground States.  Remember, polygonal Battlespace and every dollar gets work done.

The Nation's Gun Show (in Chantilly) was booked, so we could not get a table.  Turns out they stay booked usually for a year in advance.  We'll look for smaller venues across Virginia for late November and into December for some weekend booths.

For you folks who are contributing, whether cash by the Donate button or by purchasing books directly and taking the time to work your AO - let me know if you think an Honor Board is suitable over on the right side of the blog, a list of those who are contributing.  This is surely not the only way to fight, and most Patriots are on the humble side, so I won't post an Honor Roll without your permission.  But let me know.

Whatever you do, remember the call from Curtis: Show up!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Liberty V: Call to Action

I've laid out my Tribe's plan for the 2012 election cycle.

Here is Liberty V: Call to Action

There are, I hope, hundreds of thousands of serious Patriots across the republic who would stand with us if they knew we existed.  I intend to find them in the 2012 election cycle Battleground States.  My Tribe can't get this done alone.

Full details at Kerodin.com and below in the previous installments of this series.

It is time to get out there and face the Enemies of Liberty.

It is time to build the III and deploy.

You'll notice the new Donate button in the upper right corner, and the explanation at Kerodin.com, here.

Yours in Liberty,


Liberty IV: Economic Warfare

Boycotts work, if people are serious. 

If you deny a company - any company - 10% of its revenue stream or customer base, you win.  There are many ways to do this, sometimes with a laser focus on one method, or you can evolve to exploit many avenues of attack.

They may not fold, but you win.  10% can be a LOT of money...and making a 10% ding is not as difficult as one may think. 

I know this to be fact.

This series of Liberty posts is based on Concerned American's premise of a Polygonal Battlespace.  Liberty is under attack from many sides and our fights must be identified, prioritized, and engaged with the intent and determination to win. 

Economic Warfare is a time-tested and effective methodology.

I'd like every III Patriot to consider a singular act of economic warfare.  Right now.  In your town (and online when you buy gear).

If we Patriots consider that LEO will be the tool used in any serious kerfluffle, look around your town and see who is lending aid and support to the enemy.  Do you have a gun shop that is focused primarily on selling to the LEO community?  Do you buy your ammo from that gun shop?


When you buy online, does the company you buy gear from press heavily for LEO/Government business?  Do you buy from them? 


On this front of the Battlespace every III Patriot can make a difference by taking the decision to launch a war against the offending gun shops in your town.  Let your buddies know to buy their bullets elsewhere.  Make noise.

Walk into their shop, hand them a copy of our III book and tell them, to their faces, that they are abetting the Enemies of Liberty and you intend to do everything you can to educate the folks of your town that there are better places to buy their widgets.

Wars are won by winning battles.  Not all battles are violent.  4GW.

Think about it.


While we think...

A band of guys who claim to be Patriots (sorry, but there are neo-nazis involved per InfoWars, so credibility is zero) have shown up at Occupy Phoenix "...to protect 1A..."

Whatever the garbage that may spill from their mouths, the reality will be different.

It only takes a spark at your reloading bench to ruin your day...

Here's the story.


Liberty III: National III Summit?

Many Patriots in our community have floated the idea of getting together in the near future so we can meet face-to-face and look one another in the eye.

Such a meeting has obvious advantages and risks.  As you all know, and I have made clear, I'm a loner.  When I step off the porch, I step alone.  That doesn't mean I would not benefit from meeting many of you and shaking your hands, be better for it and proud to have done it.  Maybe a formal Constitutional Convention-style meeting is the best way, maybe not.

I've posted a simple Yes/No poll to the right, please weigh in.

Location could be anywhere.  Topics could be benign or...not so much.  We could have a podium for speakers, or not. 

You should expect a LEO presence...that aspect doesn't bother me much, especially if the III Patriots in attendance use basic OpSec & Common Sense.  Personally, I assume that some in our midst are LEO and some have alliances with LEO...and then there are those who will roll over and lick LEO on command.  F'em.

But the ultimate question: Is it a net plus or minus to get together and meet one another?

Logistics:  Many Patriots don't have the resources to get to a location somewhere in the country and cover the expenses.  We can work that out among us, so don't let that be the reason you vote No.

As you can see, I have a bullet-list in this series of posts that I am working through.  I'm fed up with watching the Enemies of Liberty take every advantage.  They're kicking our arses, and frankly, I don't like taking an unnecessary arse-whoopin'.

Consider Curtis' thoughts on the broader issues, here.


Liberty IIa: One Front of the Polygonal Space

Liberty II post grew longer than it needed to be, and actually covered two separate thoughts.

So, I've decided to answer some of the points raised in Comments of that thread here as II(a) - sorry for the clumsy deployment.

AP, I know you often take the position of Devil's Advocate, and it is a vital tool for critical thinking.  I'd never fault you for looking for the weak spots in any plan...that's what real Leaders do.

I hit more than 50 real Tea Party events before they were hijacked by the Establishment, across more than 50 cities and 24 States.  I was researching a book as well as throwing in with the message these folks were screaming at Washington and the Establishment.

There was hostility in the crowds.  At every single city there was disappointment in the crowds of people because the "Tea Party Express" that was the headliner was offering weak tea - in every single city the people in the crowd did not hear the hot rhetoric they wanted from the stage.  Remember, Tea Party Express was part of FreedomWorks - the hijackers.

I know there is un-tapped, un-satisfied outrage among the real Tea Party folks out there.  Those folks will be comfortable with a III Patriot with his Go Bag and gear.

And those folks not comfortable?  Well, they are the problem, aren't they?  They are the ones calling themselves Tea Party for the money and power.  If we piss them off...mission accomplished.  John Parker did not ask the milquetoast of Lexington if he may, please, have permission to go to the Green with his gear...  ;)

Let's see one or 50 of them try to throw me off the Green.  You'll see me in the headlines on that day, folks.

Martyrdom: I am no martyr. This is one suggestion for action that is lacking on one front of the battlespace. I don't want anyone breaking any "laws"...that's not the point.  There will be places I show in nothing more than a sanitized Go Bag, and there will be other places I show with items that our Masters have deemed I may own.  Black rifles and 1911's are not permitted to me, these days...  It depends on the State, local laws, and my stash of bail money and whether or not my wife will actually spend it to get my silly arse out of the pokey. 

Zoomie is right - do not break any laws.  And do not be embarrassed if you don't own a black rifle that is fully tricked out with spinning rims... Real Warriors know that they can show up with nothing more than a smile and empty pockets and leave with a kit that would make a WWII Gunny proud.  ;)

But, I'm going.  I'll be there when I can, where I can, as a fight on this one front of the Battlespace.

I'm no Leader.  I'm not asking anyone to go anywhere and risk anything.

I'm going.

Nor is this suggestion the sum of my Call to Action - it is a tiny detail.  There are better, more constructive ways to accomplish our goals.  This one is public, in-your-face, cheap and easy.

If we can't do the easy stuff when it's easy, forget the rest.

More will be revealed in the rest of the series of posts.

Yours in Liberty,


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Liberty II: The Political Landscape

This post is to begin laying the ground for the Call to Action and Call to Arms that will come at the end of this series.  We are going to take a very quick analysis of the politcal stakes for the 2012 cycle.  This entire discussion, this series of posts, is predicated on the wisdom and insight of Concerned American's Polygonal Battlespace concept.

There are many fronts in this war against Liberty.  If we focus on only one, we lose.  If we do not engage and win on the several most dangerous threats that are in our faces right now, we lose.  I may lose, but I will never surrender.

We must identify, engage, win, and then move on.

I am starting with Politics.  It matters.    It matters who the politicians are when they dive into the bunkers.  If you tell me that it would not be better to have Obama out of the White House, Reid demoted from Majority Leader, and dozens of RINO's and fake Tea Party Congressmen sent home, don't bother reading any further.

First: There are 10 serious Battleground States for the Oval office, worth 132 Electoral Votes.

The Battleground States: Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico.  Bush won them, and so did President Obama.  If you want President Obama to be a one-term President, he must be defeated in most of these States.

Second: Look at the Blue/Red Counties from 2008.  If you are in a State that matters, you need to work in the Counties that matter.  (If you are not in a State that matters, we need to go to the State and Counties that matter!) III Patriots must fight where the battles exist.  It is a waste of effort (often) to throw a Tea Party with a III presence in a Red County that is not at risk.  Instead, consider joining the Tea Party that has the gumption to hold their event in a Blue County.  Forget the hijacked Tea Party elements - there are millions of genuine Tea Party folks who have had their voices stolen.  You are III - you can help them reclaim their voice and shove the hijackers into the ditch.

Third: The US Senate: In the US Senate there are 33 seats in play next November, and very importantly 23 of those in play are D's.  Yes, my friends, it matters if Harry Reid is demoted from Majority Leader, in a very big way.  I'm adding a column on the right of the blog listing the Senators who are up for defeat this cycle.  We need to send them all home.

Fourth: Now consider the US House.  How many so-called Tea Party R's were elected, only to prove they were lying genetic garbage?  87.  There were 87.  How many voted for PATRIOT ACT renewal, or the Debt Ceiling increase, or worse?  Tea Party?  No, my friends...Traitors.  Let's get rid of every single one of them.  Let's also throw out another broad swath of D's and Establishment R's.

Fifth: You know who your State, County, City scoundrels are...let's make sure they know who you are, too.

That's the lay of the land this cycle.  As I write this we are about 53 weeks from voting again. 

That's not much time.

How can the III make a real difference:

When the spring weather breaks, the Tea Party folks and the Occupy folks will be back in the streets.  What needs to be different this cycle?  You and me.

Sure, we were there in the first rounds of Tea Party events, and we have little to show for it.  Most of the real Tea Party folks were dis-illusioned when the Movement was hijacked and their voices became silenced.

How do you and I, as III Percent Patriots, protect our allies in the real Tea Party?  How would John Parker and his allies do it?

We show up to their events in full kit.  72 Hour Go Bags in place, Battle Rifles slung, Pistols in place, fighting blades strapped...everything we need for 72 hours of serious offensive or defensive work, ready to go.  Stay within the law...but push it. 

I call it Hard Tea.  I also call it Tea III.  Think about it.  The masses of real Tea Party folks are not get-off-the-porch types...they are supporters, not Warriors.  You are III.  You are the Warriors.  When a few III Patriots ensure that we are in every Tea Party crowd (at important, strategic counties & States), our Tea Party allies will draw strength, courage and confidence just by having you near...even if there is only one III Patriot in the crowd.  Never under-estimate the power of a single Warrior who is ready for anything...remember how many Texas Rangers they send to a riot?

I know the biggest obstacle is not mettle: III Patriots have what it takes.

The biggest real obstacle is resources.  It takes money to get to the event.  It takes money to get a hotel room.  It takes money to replace the lost wages of a day or two off work...especially if such efforts continue for months.

There is also a manpower obstacle.  There are not enough of us.  But I think that is not entirely accurate.  I think there are more of us who simply do not know we exist...we have not found each other yet.  We need to increase our numbers.  One benefit is that so many of us live in all areas of the country.  If we need a presence, we have someone close.

We need more III Patriots and we need resources (cash).  I have a remedy for both, that we'll cover in a coming post.  Until then think about the importance of winning on the political front.  Think about how impressive 1-12 serious III Patriots would be in a crowd of Tea Party folks.  Think about the fact that if you want Liberty, it's up to us.

The 2012 elections will be the most important in my lifetime. We will never vote our way out of the horrors headed our way.  Nor are we dismissed from the eternal bond of all real American Patriots...to pledge our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor to Liberty.

And think about this: If there was a Tea Party event near you that needed a III Patriot in full gear, and the only thing preventing you from getting there was gas money, food money, or hotel money...would you go if we could find a way to cover those expenses?

None of us can do this alone.


Arctic Patriot: Dragging Theory into the Streets

Consider AP's latest, here.

It fits with where I intend to go with the series of actions I began to outline in the post below.

You'll never talk a Tyrant out of killing you...the most for which you can ever hope is that he chooses to kill you last.

It is time to take the theories, the philosophical discussions, and the defense of Liberty into the trenches.  It is time to get it done.

AP often writes that ...winter is coming... and we all understand he's not simply discussing the season.

But following this actual winter will come the Spring of the most important election cycle in my lifetime.  The Tea Parties will hit the streets again when the fair weather of Spring comes...as will the Occupy tools.  In the balance...everything.

Think about the hard things for the final time, Patriots.

The time is upon us to save Liberty or watch her die. You'll never save her from your porch.

Here's AP's piece.


Liberty I: The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Folks, I am going to begin a short series of posts leading to a Call to Action.

This Call to Action will also include a Call to Arms, where appropriate, along the lines of the RTC events held in Atlanta.  Please understand: A Call to Arms is not a Call to Violence.  Warriors always let the other guy decide which path to walk...

You and I know that the republic is being murdered, and we have very little time.

We will not vote our way out of it. 

The real Tea Party folks - all of those millions of people who rose up before the Establishment hijacked the name and the Movement, are still out there.  Their voice has been stolen in the national discourse.  We sent 87 new "Tea Party" Republicans to Congress in 2010, and nearly all of them have proven that they are not Tea Party - they are Traitors.

We are the III.  We are made of sterner stuff.  It is easy to spot a III Patriot in a crowd of real Tea Party folks...and you know it.  It is time for us to take point...and not just from our keyboards.

Hundreds of you helped shape and write III to Liberty.  That book tells the world that we are the III Percent, we are the sons and daughters of John Parker and the original III Percent of Americans who finally stepped off the porch and ejected the King and his Loyalists from our home.

The time for mere keyboard action is long over.

There are, I hope, a few hundred thousand of us across the republic who would step off the porch...and we need to find them and have them stand with us in the face of the Enemies of Liberty.  They do not know we exist, they do not know where to find us...so we must go and find them and build the III Tribe...and make the Establishment tremble.

The time of letting the Enemies of Liberty have free run is over.  The only way they will stop is if we stop them.

We have about 53 weeks until Americans go to the polls again.  We need to make sure that we eject as many of those scoundrels as possible...but more importantly, we need to put the III Percent on the national map, we need to make it clear that from sea to shining sea this is a land of Liberty...and if you don't like it, it's time to put up, shut up, or get out...because the trials are about to begin.

Politics matters, even though we will never vote our way out of this ruin.

But if we use the election cycle to our advantage, to find our allies, to raise our voices, to show up and stand our ground in full kit...as was noted by Walter Zoomie in a comment on this blog, you'll notice LEO at the Atlanta Occupy chose to behave when armed Patriots were in the mix.  And LEO at the unarmed Occupy in Oakland chose a different path.

It is time that the modern III Percent lives up to our names.

I'll lay this out over a few posts, and I'll keep them bite-sized.

But the time to walk the talk is here. 

Yours in Liberty,


Friday, October 28, 2011

Pat Buchanan: The Conquest of the West

I've read every book (except Suicide which has not yet arrived) and almost every column Pat Buchanan has published.  I've shaken his hand (He would not know me).  I have been at several election events for him. I have had the pleasure of meeting his wife, briefly.

One of my prized possessions is a hand-written note he sent me regarding my first book, Our Fathers Weep.  I will be delivering a copy of our III book to him in the coming weeks.

It was when I read the Death of the West, wherein PJB analyzed the declining populations of the world who are the descendants of Sparta, Athens, Rome, London...and now our own republic, that I knew our fight for the survivial of Liberty was, ultimately, to be futile.

Why?  Because no other people of the Earth want genuine Liberty.

When we die, Liberty dies.

And we, as a people, are dying.  One simply can not defy basic arithmetic.

Liberty will live beneath my feet, and yours.  But we will fall, and the folks who occupy what was our ground will not stand in the name of Liberty.  Even if you do well with your children, they will one day die, and when they do they will be even more outnumbered than are we today.

I'll fight until I am dead, but I fight knowing that Liberty will die.

Here is Mr. Buchanan's latest. 

Defend Liberty until you die, my friends...there is nothing more we can do.


Occupy: Considers Morality of Killing LEO

A Patriot sent this to me in email.  My ISP must have pissed off ATT, because ATT will not permit anyone from my ISP to send mail, so I don't have permission to identify the Patriot by name.

It seems LEO found some flyers that upset them.  It would appear that some of the Occupy folks are laying the moral premise for violence against LEO.  I read the PDF version of the flyer, it is here.

Is it a plant?  Is it legit?  I'm not sure.  I do think there are elements of the Occupy folks who want violence for political means, which would explain why LEO across the country is moving to shut them down.  Interesting, we never had a single such incident at any Tea Party, did we...

But having read the Occupy essay, there are points with which many Patriots would find common ground.  For instance, the Occupy essay declares that if LEO is enforcing an unjust law then the defender may use any force necessary to resist and defeat the unlawful enforcement.  I have no problem with that, and Mister Jefferson would concur.

As a rule of thumb I think most of us would agree that Self Defense is the proper line in the sand for engaging violence...under typical circumstances.

I think we are all familiar with Mark Matis - I don't think I am speaking out of turn when I say he is not a fan of LEO and I find it hard to fault his logic when he discusses that LEO will be the point of engagement when the fight for Liberty gets real.  In the history of Man it has always been so. 

As the Patriot who sent me the piece rightly observed, John Parker and his men were engaging unlawful LEO at Lexington and Concord.  The Brits were trying to enforce "legal" yet "unlawful" laws...and Captain Parker met them with enough force to make them stop their unlawful acts.

Obviously, our Founding Generation had no problem with that...well, I should say, our Founders who chose not to side with the King.  ;)

I have a very hardcore philosophy regarding this topic that is simply not properly evolved or appropriate for this venue.  I intend to explore it in the most blunt terms in a published book.  I may be kidding myself, but I think I run a lesser chance of being prosecuted for potential incitement when my ideas are offered in a printed, legitimate book as opposed to a blog.

But I will not shy away from this entirely: In any matter of self defense, as you define self defense at the moment of engagement, you are morally justified to meet any unlawful violence against you (violence includes the laying of hands, the verbal threat to lay hands, and any attempt to arrest or restrain) with sufficient violence as to remain at Freedom and Liberty.  That's the Kerodin Doctrine.

And one more point to consider: Once you choose to step off the porch (whether you choose to announce it or not) the rules change.  When you step off the porch you are at war on behalf of Liberty.  If you know you are heading into a fight, win

And remember: Never tell a man that you are planning to sneak up on him...

Stay safe, my friends...by any means necessary.


Consider the Occupy London folks from Free North Carolina

These are not people who deserve a voice in American politics.

Brock: Thank you for the support for the III Book, we're processing your order right away.  Your order will be shipped directly from Amazon.  And thank you for the review at the Amazon page - that is a big help, also!

Yours in Liberty, K.

Here's the post.


AP: Tactics of Recon

Luck plays a role in our lives every day.  Some days it plays a bigger role than others.

But your day to day survival relies on tactics, strategies and skills, most days.

Cross the street without looking both ways and you get squash like grape.

Make a habit of swinging at guys who are bigger, stronger, faster, younger, and you'd better have a reserve of skills & mean that you can tap at will.

And when you want to know the details of your AO it is more than looking at maps, more than driving and observing...there are some details you can only learn by getting on the ground and doing proper recon.

Don't confuse recon with intel.  Recon is eyes-on...your eyes.

Here's AP's latest. 


TL: The Gospel of Liberty

There are a few folks I know Patriots can lean on, and TL is one of them.

Here's his latest.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

China: Buying the world with your dollars...

For all the hyperbole about China, their power exists merely in the number of boots they can put on the ground with an AK in hand.  And they have a few nukes.

But economically, what they have was given by American, and now European, Leftists.

China retruns to the Third World tomorrow if American Politicians choose to make it so.

But no current American Politicians choose to do so...the profit motive is going the other direction.

There is a cure, and a limited window for application.

You know what it is...

Here's the story from Drudge.


Tactical Question: Rhetorical if you wish...

Have you defined your AO, down to the street and treeline?

Do you have intimate knowledge of every OpFor resource and asset in your AO?

Do you have cataloged intel on every FreeFor resource and asset in the AO?

Do you know exactly how to deny your AO to outside players?  Do you have the manpower and materiel and the coordination to get it done?

Do you know the individuals you need to know, where they are, and where they will be?

More importantly...do they know you, where you will be, and how to take you out of play?

They've already war-gamed this many, many times.

If you haven't thought about it in proper detail, get to it.

If all you have done is think about it, you will lose.


Have you done it?

A few days ago I encouraged you to consider your first three direct action pieces of work if you were forced to step off the porch in 10 minutes.

Did you?  Do you know where you'll go, what you'll do, and more importantly, does your family know what and how to be safe while you are out in the AO?

There are many variables, sure.  But if you don't have a series of options ready to go based on the most likely variables, you'll be caught flat-footed and at a serious disadvantage.

The winners in this game are those who will think.


Human Nature & Conspiracies

Have you ever noticed (in others, of course, not yourself) that when the apparant facts do not fit with pre-conceived notions, the immediate cry is Conspiracy!

Anything less than men and women on the gallows for X or Y "crime" is the result of cover-up, pay-off, conspiratorial back-room deals, et cetera.

Somethimes, maybe even often, that is the case.  Many people do not face the full vulnerability for their actions because of who they know and who they can buy.  That is demonstrable fact in our history.

But, folks, sometimes, it really isn't a mass-scale grand conspiracy.  Sometimes, it's just a group of individuals, who may or may not be working together, driving for the same goal.

Sometimes the head of an Agency really didn't know the operational details, and many, many times the head of said Agency had no part in the creation of the Op at all.

Sure, you can make the argument that the Captain is responsible for the sailor who runs the Aircraft Carrier on the reef, even if the Skipper is asleep.  I get it.

But by the same token, let's not give too much intellectual credit to the Political Class for grand schemes - we know that most of them are mental midgets, we know the nature of a bureaucracy simply can not keep a secret, we know they are just not very focused.

Yes, conspiracies happen.  Yes, bad people cover for one another, sometimes.

But especially at the US National level, before we credit our Masters with conspiratorial brilliance over any/every scandal we don't like, let's examine more basic motives: Greed, profit, power. 

There are large forces pushing the world in directions they approve...

There are bad people working together...

The have a numerical advantage, though not an intellectual or Common Sense advantage.

But there is an answer, every single time... 

But the answer will never come from the sofa. One must muster the drive to get close and go to work...as many times as necessary.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kerodin: Another Go Bag

This Go Bag has a purpose that is slightly different than the Maxpedition below.  You'll notice both Go Bags have been sanitized of gear on the outside before posting here online - no sense in advertising all my business.

I bought this Eagle A-III Pack about 6 years ago and it has served me without a single complaint.  I think Eagle is going out of business, which is a shame.  Their customer service has been great - I've been buying their gear for more than 20 years and I still own everything I've ever bought from them (and they are all still in great shape).

One complaint I have had for about 5 years, and I wrote Eagle about it, is that they have failed to keep up with the evolution of design and utility so many of their competitors have succeeded in mastering.  If you are searching for a pack/bag - consider the Eagle, but I honestly must counsel you to look at several brands before you hand over your dollars.  This is a very important purchase, and your survival may depend on the design you choose.

The A-III is a true 72 hour backpack, where the Maxpedition below is a 72 hour sling pack

Each has its place and purpose.

You won't go wrong with either product, depending on your needs.

One thing is certain: You need a serious Go Bag ready to go for immediate tactical action.  I set up all my bags for 72 hours of serious offensive and/or defensive action.  If you suddenly need to step off the porch, you need to reach for one pack and go.  Everyone in your Tribe needs the same ability.

Think about it.


Kerodin Go Bag

This is one of my Go Bags.  This one is from the good folks at Maxpedition. They sent it to me to test and feature.  As you can see, it still isn't even scuffed.

It is, however, still packed with all of the gear for my RTC trip to Atlanta (that I didn't make).

It's the Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger, located here at the Maxpedition site.

This is a serious piece of gear, folks.  I'll properly test it over the winter and give you updates.  It will be featured at the Go Bag site we are building as well as in a book project on the same topic.  I honestly haven't decided if this will go to my bride yet, or if she'll inherit my Eagle Alpha III...yeah, it's that good. 

If you have the chance to check one out at your local gear shop, do it.  It has room for everything you'll need for 72 hours of offense or defense.  I'll give you more insight as I put it through its paces.


The Tech War Against Liberty

Homeland Security is working with private enterprise to integrate streetlights with sensors and other techie whizbangs that will help Uncle Sugar thwart you and your Tribe.

We'v e talked about this here and across our community recently.  I know that many of you don't see this as a noose tightening.  We'll have to agree to disagree.

But here is something I know as fact: All the technology in the world will not help an enemy once you get close enough to smell his fear.

Alan Mullenax nailed the concept: Get close and go to work.  That 600 yard rifle carried by LEO is useless against the man slipping a rear naked choke into place.

You want to beat the tech - learn to get wet, Patriots.

Here's the story, and be aware, the private sector company involved seems to be very scared that you know what they are up to.  They've apparently pulled youtubes and engaged in other manners of hiding.

Smart.  You do not want to be complicit when the trials begin...

But the bigger lesson is this: the Private Sector will help our Masters enslave you for profit.

Rich offers one consideration:



Van Jones: Let's buy him a one-way ticket out of Country...

Avowed Communist.

This idiot wants Pat Buchanan fired.

Do the arithmetic...who'd make up the tax revenue to the Treasury that Pat generates?  No Communist garbage would ever work that hard.

Silly Communist.  He does not belong here.  There will come time, in my lifetime, when he and his ilk are not welcome.  Leaving then will be more difficult and uncomfortable for people like him.

Here's the post from Brock at Free North Carolina.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

III Percent Platform: Our Book

Remember, III to Liberty: The Fight to Restore the Constitution is our book.

Hundreds and hundreds of you voted through polls to help shape the content and lay out our positions, staking out our piece of real estate on the political spectrum.

I mention it only because my bride visited a local gun shop this afternoon, and I hit a surplus store and dropped off complimentary copies.  The sales clerks/managers loved it.  We invited them to read the book, and sell it as an impulse purchase at the register...of course we pointed out they could re-supply at wholesale at IIIPercent.com when they want to sell more copies.

Have you considered buying a dozen at IIIPercent.com ($66) and handing a copy or two to each of your local gun shops or surplus stores?  Spreading our message is important.

I wish I could make them all free.  I would if I could.  But if you give your favorite gun shop 2 copies he'll sell them and then re-order, and our message will slowly reach beyond our blogs...

Think about it.

Here's the Amazon retail link.

Here's the IIIPercent.com wholesale link.


No Right to be in America

Call me what you will - but being born here does not make one an American.

This woman deserves to be run out of the country.

I was present in every one of Pat Buchanan's Presidential bids in 1992, 1996 and 2000.

At one of his get togethers I met an old US Marine,  He was a WWII Vet, like my Grandfathers and like so many of the men I grew up around at the VFW.

He said something to me that I have never forgotten, and today his words will be understood by every Patriot in our Community.  He said: Every Communist nation in the world has a Ministry of Propoganda, or something like it.  In America we have the Department of Education.

And Debbie Wasserman Schultz today labelled the 2nd graders she met as "...little Democrats..."

That old Marine was right.  Soon it will be our turn to wear his boots, and we will not have to ship overseas to engage the Enemies of America.

Do you understand?

Here's the story, if you can stand to actually read it.


Off Topic: Does anyone remember the Death Merchant

Hokey, over-the-top writing.  Many would say bad writing.  Horrible writing.

Any fans of the Rosenberger series out there?


Monday, October 24, 2011

Amateur Hour

My civil case: Details at Kerodin.com, here.

You've probably already Googled the players, so you know the stakes.


From Concerned American: The Polygonal Battlespace

Restoration will never be a brief dust-up with Patriots & Good Ol' Boys against a few uniformed LEO and Liberty-hating politicians.

No, sir.

If we are to ever have Liberty again the Ruckus will make Messers Jefferson, Fanklin, Parker, et al, weep.

Today, just pick three random places and stop, then turn 360 degrees and look at the Souls around you.

You'll probably not find one single "American" in your midst who understands or wants Constitutional Liberty.

I have personally been in a few fights.  Some have been downright nasty, even by my standards.  More than a few should have been my final moments on this plane of existence.

What is coming will spare none.

Read CA's piece and think about it.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Webley #5 Frontier is a real saloon brawler’s gun: a compact, powerful belt pistol dating from about 1878.

I am a fan of Antique Firearms, cartidge types like the Webley .455/.476 and also cap and ball like the Walker.  The Howdah .50 is a mean beast all its own.

The first revolvers I ever owned were .44 Walkers and I loved them.  My uncle wanted me to start with the basics.  He taught me two-handed shooting with those revolvers.

Due to my current legal restrictions and the fact that I do not intend to violate any firearm laws at the present time; I am educating myself.  Truth be told, it is new knowledge and I am very impressed with what I am finding.

I have no intention with turning this website into an Antique spot, but I think it is germain to point out that the glock armed bad guy is equally matched with the Walker armed good guy who is smart.  Make no quick judgements about those who may end up in your tribe with older "inferior" gear.  And the Patriot armed with an antique C96 Mauser...

The brain is a far more effective weapon than the firearms, knife, bludgeon in your hand.

Here is a quote from a guy with consideranble experience with the standard .455/.476 loag of the Webley: The Webley #5 Frontier is a real saloon brawler’s gun: a compact, powerful belt pistol dating from about 1878.  Here is the full piece, and worth a read for general knowledge.

Never let conventional wisdom limit your potential.


Islam Rising

Regular readers here and at Kerodin.com know I took the position long ago that President Obama's agenda in the Muslim World, the Arab Spring, his agenda toward Israel, et al, are all a calculated, determined effort to empower Islam and to unleash their sickness upon the world.

Whether you think such moves are fabrications of transnational Masters or not is moot - the effect is the same and it is real, and it is working.  They have Korans, AK's, manpower, and true belief.  They believe they have the grace of God on their side.

Islam now controls the assets of several very powerful militaries.  They control nuclear weapons.  They now have the tax base of several of the richest nations on the planet.  And only a fool would discount that they are sincere about subjugating the planet.

If one equates Islam  to fire, one must recall General Washington's counsel: Fire is a handy servant and a dangerous Master.

One thing we know, our Masters have proven time and again that in their hubris they have demonstrated an absolute incompetence to handle the powers they unleash in the world.  They think they can handle the fire.

Islam is not an immediate threat to our republic for this generation, even with the fools in our midst who try to advance that cause.  But left unchecked, they will butcher our posterity.

Your immediate threat is your neighber, your bankster, your politician.  But educate your children that in their lifetimes they will face the task of returning the influence of Islam at least a thousand years into the past.

If we are to make that possible for our posterity, we must clear the way for them and be rid of those today who claim to be Masters, those who would use the tool of Islam as a weapon.

Across North Africa and the Middle East, Southern Asia, and with heavy infiltrations into Europe, Islam is changing the tenor of the planet.

End it, now, while you are alive.

If not you, then who?  Only coward let others handle their responsibilities.

I encourage you to click on Drudge right now and look at the expression on our President's face and the headline about Islam Rising.

It is our watch.  Will we fail history, will we fail our children, will we fail our Souls...

Will we fail our Creator?

Here's the link to CA's place, he has the picture.


OK - Britain is back on my list...

This idiot wastes our time with the question: What was Thomas Jefferson thinking?  Was the Declaration legal?

Perhaps he was reading a few of our blogs & columns over the last few days?

Note to all Tyrants: Real Americans will never let a stupid law stand in the way of Liberty.

And those who write or attempt to enforce stupid laws will, eventually, answer for it...

Here's the story if you care to read absolute ignorance.


PoPo Execution from Curtis

Watch the video from Curtis' place.

Watch for the muzzleflash from the cop on-scene.

Do you understand?

Here's the link.


Occupy DC

As planned, my bride and I went into DC on business yesterday (Saturday).

We were looking for the Occupy DC folks as we travelled our path.  We came in through Georgetown, crossed the Golden Triangle, had two appointments on Capitol Hill, then drove out of town back across the Golden Triangle (the "business section of DC), across DuPont Circle, and out Connecticut Avenue.  My route included passing the White House, the National Mall, the Capitol, et cetera.

We did not see a signle sign, a single tent, a single hippie, Commie, or other political genetic waste.

Note: We did not drive by McPherson Square, where they supposedly have their tents. 

But any protest in DC that does not involve Capitol Hill, the White House or K Street (Where the Lobbysists have their offices) is...well...a tourist visit.

The word I think most fitting: impotent.

I am scheduled to be down there again this week one or two days, if time permits I'll make a special trip to McPherson Square and see what the lay of the land may be.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Taser Reliability: M18

Folks: Does anyone out there own a Taser M18 (the first version) and have any real-world experience?  Have you ever deployed and the unit failed to fire or incapacitate or penetrate particular clothing?



EU bank failures will crash Wall Street

Implosion is imminent.

Some who are watching the Bankster mess think it is now visible on our horizon.

We shall see.

Intel is priceless.

Here's the story.


Friday, October 21, 2011


Please consider these two columns I wrote that were featured at WRSA.

They are relevant today.



Consider: Liberalism is Treason

My bride and I will be heading into DC tomorrow.  I have a few busniess appointments, then we'll be hunting for the Occupy folks.  If we can find them (they were elusive earlier in the week when I was in town) I'll bring back pictures and thoughts from the ground.

In the meantime, I'd offer for your consideration: Liberalism is Treason.

I do not condemn liberal thoughts as treason...only liberal action.

Liberalsim is, quite simply when put into action, the redistribution of wealth.  Liberals advocate extra-constitutional powers for Government, and they demand that Government take the fruits of labor from the productive by force and redistribute those fruits to others.

That is, quite simply, the active undermining of our Constitution, our republican form of Government, our individual Liberty, and simple theft.

How is that not Treason?  Treason is the act of attempting to overthrow the republic.

If the forced intrusion into your life, the taking of your property and the redistribution of your property is not a fundamental violation of our Founding Principles, I don't know what is...

Liberalsim in action is Treason.

Treason earns Article III Section III.

Please do not parse Treason and Sedition.  Sedition leads to Treason.  The goal of Sedition is Treason.  For the sake of this discussion, they are indistinguishable.

If our Government fails in its duty to exercise Article III Section III, do we, the Citizens, We the People, ultimately have the Right, duty and obligation to act?

Afterall, ultimately, we are the Government.  We send people to govern in our names, we lend them authority to enforce the Constitution.  Failing in their charge, we have the Right to revoke their charter and do the work ourselves.

That means we may duct tape a traitor and deliver upon him Justice.

Think about it.


Are you ready for President Cain?

It is time to give serious consideration to the potential of a President Cain.

Forget the national polls, they mean nothing in our Electoral College.

He has taken straw polls and other contests in Nevada, Florida, South Carolina, Iowa, for starters.

Yes, he has problems for Constitutionalists.  Everyone on the stage has problems.

Patriots - if he wins the nomination one thing is a fact: He'd be better than President Obama.

Perhaps that is all we can hope for this cycle.


Say DOE broke the law on Solyndra - so what?

The title of this post is not mine.  That is the actual title of a column at Politico.  I'll link to the story at the end of the post, below.

The essence of the article is that politicians and others broke the law in the Solyndra scam, and that there is almost nothing anyone can do about it.

That's the law, you see.

And that's where we leave it?  Our politicians and other criminals in office are not held to the same standards as are we Citizens?

You're good with that?

There is always a workaround.  There is always another answer.

A few Patriots, duct tape, the trunk of a car, a hog-tied Bankster or Political Criminal left on the steps of a Courthouse.

That's an option.

Another option, should the proper Court not prosecute?

Same scenario but the trial is held in the basement of a Patriots home, sentence carried out in the woods, a naked and tarred & feathered bad man turned loose in front of a camera that streams live...

If we need to go there, so be it.

But Justice will be approved by our Creator, no matter how it is delivered.

Here's the story from Politico.

And consider this RTC link Rich brought to my attention, here.

Consider the very real need in the near future that Liberty may die if we do not deliver Justice.

If we don't do the work, folks, it won't get done.


Welcome back, Curtis

Consider this: If the Governor of your State ordered you to have your daughter play Russian Roulette, what would you do?

Is forcing a Gardasil treatment any less lethal than clicking on the loaded chamber?

Curtis framed it perfectly.

Here's the post.


Consider One Direct Action

I would ask you to consider one piece of Direct Action today.

This is merely a rhetorical exercise, a mental bit of gymnastics.

If SHTF this afternoon:

Do you have your Go Bag & gear ready to walk off your porch in full kit in 10 minutes or fewer?

Do you have your first 3 pieces of work identified, planned, and ready to execute?

Will your first three tasks make you safer over the following hours/days?

Do you have the gumption to execute your first three tasks?

Does everyone in your home know their position?

Just think about it.  If the answer is No or Not quite or Maybe...you have work to do.

There is not one other human being on this planet who is responsible for ensuring your Freedom or Liberty.

That's on you.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Conversations Worth Your Time

I enjoy writing.  I enjoy discussing Liberty topics with other Patriots.

I run this blog not for hits, not for personal financial gain or self-aggrandizement.

I run it so that we who love Liberty can, hopefully, one day see Liberty restored as intended by Mister Jefferson and Mister Franklin.

I enjoy talking to you in comments and email.  Several of you have enhanced my life.

But my friends, WRSA and Arctic Patriot are better places for serious and nuanced discussion.  I admit it freely, because I am hardcore and set in my ways.  I am not likely to change my opinions.  I am not a tribe kind of guy.  When I step off the porch, I'll do it alone, I won't advertise it to any living Soul, and I'll meet my fate by myself.  I'll die alone with my self-respect and honor.

You may think me foolish.  So be it.  I have trained my entire adult life as a Warrior in the ways of traditional Japanese fuedalism...and single combat is my strength.  That is where I fit in this world.  That is where my Soul is at rest.

Respect me enough to give me that, please.

Here are two current threads that deserve the attention of every Patriot in our Community.  I encourage you to weigh in.

WRSA: here.

Arctic Patriot: here.

Yours in Liberty,