Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oleg: Webley MKI

Many of you know I have a fondness for antique Webley revolvers.

The black powder in .455/.475 hits like a sledgehammer, and the revolver has style.

Oleg is a gifted photographer, able to capture the beauty of the Webley.

His work is outstanding, and I commend his site to you. 

Here's the link.


America minus Enemies of Liberty = Liberty

If you have a gene pool that is infected with Enemies of Liberty and your goal is to have a population living in a genuine state of Liberty, is it not obvious that one simply needs to remove the Enemies of Liberty to achieve the stated goal?

The best way to achieve the goal is to get the Enemies of Liberty to choose to leave.

The Cape Buffalo in Africa is a badass.  He'll kill you if given the opportunity and reason.

A herd of Cape Buffalo is a herd of badass.

But even a herd of grazing badass Cape Buffalo can be persuaded to move.

Right now.


Just one of these...

Just one lion and you get this...

Have you considered ways to encourage Enemies of Liberty in your AO to choose to leave the neighborhood?

It really is that simple.


Rich T: The Enemies of Liberty, listed...

If your neighbor told you he was going to punch you in the nose, wouldn't you keep your nose at a safer distance, on principle?

When they tell you they will be coming, why would you not listen?

And when they vote for it...

Here is the post from Rich T's place.

Remember: There is no statute of limitations for Treason.


FDR: Enemy of Liberty Guilty of the Murders at Pearl Harbor

Brock finds another gem - again.

It is common knowledge to students of history that America created a set of circumstances that virtually ensured Japan would strike at us, and even more egregious that there was knowledge in the White House that the attack was coming and our defenses deliberately kept low to create our casus belli.

What you are seeing today is the same chapter of the same textbook.

Enemies of Liberty in America consider FDR to be a hero.

Imagine what American history books will say of Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, President Obama, the thousands of Congressmen who have served in our lifetime...unless we create the circumstances that will permit genuine Patriots to write the next generation of history books.

America is deliberately being positioned to be murdered.  Americans are doing this, right now.  Your Countrymen.  Treason.

On our watch.

A sensei once offered this tidbit of wisdom from his own past: To tell others a thing will never do.  When your own heart asks, how will you respond?

For those who don't get it: You know the truth.  Ignoring what is happening and pretending you don't know will not absolve you in being complicit in the murder of Liberty, and the murders of millions and millions of Americans.

Your place in this world is more significant than you are currently living.  Yes, sir - I hold myself to that same standard.

Here's the story from Brock's place.


Bloomberg: NYPD is the 7th Largest Army in the World...

And you will notice his choice of words.

The city of New York does not have the seventh largest army in the world.

The people of New York do not have these forces.

The Mayor's words: “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world."

The Political Class, every single one of them, is an Enemy of Liberty.

There is no statute of limitations.

Here is the story.


Fed & Central Banks do it again...

I have warned several times that very clever people acting in their self-interests will find ways to keep the economic system from imploding, possibly for quite a while.

As I write, we are 3 minutes from opening on Wall Street and the Dow Futures are up 266+ - because Ben & Co. are printing money for Europe.  You'll notice the previous headlines about S&P downgrading several global major banks is now a non-story.

It's all a scam.

It will crash.

We know who they are, and statutes of limitations will not apply.

Here's the story.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outlaw Patriot: Alan Mullenax

I am proud to have just spoken with one of our most serious Patriots, Alan Mullenax.

We spoke for about 90 minutes about our community, the challenges before us, and our determination to see Liberty restored.

He and I look with hope toward TL and the PatriotCon.  This must be an event that declares to the world that serious men and women will meet on the Green, with weapons slung and Go Bags in place.

We do not need to say a word.

We need to muster and stand our ground.  We do not need speeches.  We do not need chest-thumping.  We need serious Patriots with kits to behave like the militia our Founders knew would be necessary.

And we need Leaders.  We need Patriots who will take point, and take what the Enemies of Liberty throw at us.

Please, my fellow Patriots, do not let TL's PatriotCon devolve into a weak shadow of Occupy or Tea Party.

Let this be our Green.  Let this be where thousands of American Minutemen stand with full gear and look into the eyes of the Enemies of Liberty and declare with our silence that their days of enslaving Americans have ended.

Here is the Meet-up site for TL.

Let's do this.

Yes, LEO will be there.  Yes, our enemies will know our names.  Yes, this is dangerous.

Yes, Liberty requires defiance to Tyrants.

Come get some.


What an EU Collapse may look like...

One thing will be certain: It won't be pretty and the ripples across the pond will be problematic.

Will it be enough for a Reset?

Remember: The Enemies of Liberty want an ugly Reset.

Here's the piece.


A serious question for my Patriot allies...

I posted a quick piece below on targeting the sphenoid in combat.

I am very good at CQB, and I say that with absolute confidence and without a trace of Ego. 

It is what it is.  I have earned a living with my skills, they are not simply dojo-dances.

A few years ago I created a very hardcore series of techniques for a crash-course in how to prevail in the ugliest circumstances.  This core skill-set was developed with the female in mind (finesse rather than brute strength), though it will work for any man alive who is serious about living through a deathfight.

This core skill-set is an eclectic mix - you will not find this program offered anywhere else in the world, in any dojo or military.

These days I help pay my bills by working with my wife to publish books.

My question to my Patriot allies: If we (my wife and I) invest the time and resources to building a book around these core techniques, is this a book you'd be interested in purchasing?  I would deliberately structure the book for all of the men in the audience so they can learn from the book, as well as to use the book as a teaching manual for your Tribe.

Brutal honesty: By the time we invest in models (participants in the shooting of the book) the time, et cetera, I'll need to sell at least 1,000 units to break even at a $10 price point.

And folks: My feelings are NOT going to be hurt if the answer is no.  I'd rather just not invest the time if there is no interest or need.

Would anyone be interested in such a book?  



Lieberman To Google: Ban Terrorist Content

Joe wants Google to ban "Terrorist" websites.

Slippery slope.  Precedent.  You get it.

How about if we ban Enemies of Liberty from CONUS, instead?

Here's the story.


Ursus Minor: RevWarOne Intel Ops, continued...

More on secret ops from RevWarOne, here.

The principles never change.


CQB: Sphenoid

It's been a while since we talked CQB.

Some men you simply have no choice: Hit 'em with a Chevy if you can.

In real-world CQB you can find that even with a dozen mags in all their proper pouches, you simply don't have time to reload that bottomfeeder after running dry, because the baddies are on you.

That's when you get close.  That's when everything is reduced to the most basic elements of reality: Life or not-Life.

Every Warrior is familiar with the sphenoid bones - the temples.  These are the thinnest and most vulnerable bones of the skull, except for the paper-thin bone behind each eye.  (Never neglect the sheer effectiveness of a good, deep eye-gouge with the thumbs...especially you gals with good thumbnails...)

Every Warrior should have at his belt (for right or left hand draw) a tool for cracking the temple of an enemy that is belt-to-belt with you who needs to go down...right now.

Anything hard will get the job done.  It doesn't take much force.  Just bust it.

FYI: There is a nicely throbbing artery in there as well.  Scramble that with a sharp pencil and the other guy's gonna have a bad time, m'kay...


Gold SUV scoping my truck and home...we see you...

Yes, we saw you.

You won't see me if I choose to return the favor.


Insane: Norwegian massacre gunman was a right-wing extremist who hated Muslims

They declared him insane.


Here's the story.


Monday, November 28, 2011

TL: Liberty Summit

Here is the place to flesh out a few details and see if this is for you.

I would ask simply: Please don't waste the man's time.  He's been here before.  He's dropped serious cash before.  He was left standing alone, he was betrayed by "Tea Party" folks who should have had his back.

It may be for you, and maybe not.  Only you can decide.

Here is the link.


Kerodin Lawsuit: ServiceMagic, Market Hardware, & Market Hardware's CEO Brian Kraff 

I promised to keep you updated as our lawsuit progressed.  (Yes, I am bumping this post from time to time for my own reasons)

It has now been accepted for trial in Federal Court.

We have filed this lawsuit against ServiceMagic, Inc., their subsidiary Market Hardware, Inc., and Market Hardware's CEO Brian Kraff for several causes of action, including Cybersquatting, Service Mark Infringement, False Designations of Origin and False Descriptions, Dilution, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, Unfair Competition and Passing Off.

We decided to file Pro Se (without a lawyer) to get the action started, and I am proud to announce that my wife wrote every word in the Complaint submitted.  We will bring a serious law firm into the procedure when appropriate.

While this is not the proper forum for a detailed discussion of the case, I did promise to keep you all informed about this fight against major corporations that have chosen to attack the little guy...and gal.

Patriots fight.

We have posted the entire complaint, though it is long.  You can get the gist of the piracy/theft aspects of the complaint at paragraphs 54 & 55.

The page takes a few moments to load - it is long.

We'll keep you in the loop as events warrant.

Here is the link: http://www.kerodin-lawsuit-against-bad-faith-businesses.com

More is at Kerodin.com, here.

Yours in Liberty.  Fight injustice wherever it finds you.

The Kerodins


Occupy versus Tea Party: Guess who the Political Class supports...

Occupy Richmond set up camp for several weeks, and didn't have to pay a dime, made a mess, and generally dismissed the "laws" of the city.

A while ago the Richmond Tea Party was in the same park and was forced to pay for permits and other related fees...and didn't leave a mess.

So, the Tea Party folks decided to give the city a bill.  I like that kind of moxy to demonstrate a point.

And the response: Now the city of Richmond is using the force of Government to audit the Tea Party.

Do you understand?

We can not coexist.

Richmond Tea Party: Call a few III Patriots for your next rally...

...better yet, gear up yourself and become III'pers.

Here's the story.


Meet Cornel West

Patriots: Meet Cornel West.  This genetic garbage is a Harvard graduate, a professor, and dedicated Socialist.

He said this recently: Professor West didn't just call for a another war on poverty (the first war was fought by Lyndon B. Johnson), but went on to say that the push for more entitlements "is going to be fought in the streets." West showered the Occupy movement with praise for making people aware of the issue.

You do understand where he will be and what fires he will be stoking next spring & summer, don't you?

This man may have been born here, but he is not an American.

We have a lot of such people in this country today.

There will be a hot war in 2012, and it will be caused by people such as Cornel West and people like me who refuse to live in his version of America.

I have found that most "Patriots" prefer to distance themselves from me, because I am willing to take unAmerican people by the ear, kick them in the pants, and make them leave.

That's mean of me.

But that's where I am headed - because these bastards have far worse in store for me and my wife.

Here's the story on Cornel West.  Identify these people, Patriots.

They are Enemies of Liberty, and they will unleash Hell upon you...soon.


The Daily Bell: State Sovereignty

Consider: Here.



Consider Mayberry's take on TL's call for a PatriotCon.

Post is here.


We are watching the Collapse...

Can you recognize it for what it is?

Here is the link.


Last Post on the Plot: America: The Life of the Contract

GardenSerf has written his final post at The Plot.

I hope he chooses to remain in the public arena.  If not: Good hunting.

Here is the link.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

TL: We need a PatriotCon

Update from Kerodin:  If you do not have the balls to pledge your life, fortune and sacred honor, please do not waste TL's time.  Several of us in this community have taken hits from LEO and FedGov, they keep coming, and this is no game.  You may think this sort of thing is not for you: Fair enough.  You may have logistical issues getting away or covering expenses: Fair enough. 'nuff said.

Go add your thoughts.

TL still wants a face-to-face with serious Patriots.

I know the vast majority of you remained silent on the issue when raised recently - and of the 80 or so (a very small percentage of the readers to this blog & Kerodin.com) who chose to take part in a poll on the matter, we had an 80%+ favorable rate.

I get both sides of the argument.  I also understand that finances and logisitics are issues.  Both of those issues can be worked out, if we get serious about it.

Quantity isn't the standard.  A few serious men is worth a million Keyboard Commandos.

You decide if it is right for you, and weigh in over at TL's place.

Here's the link.


Enraged Pakistanis burn Obama effigy, slam US

My wife published a book written by a woman who was a young girl during the partition era of India & Pakistan.  One simply can not understand the history of the region and not be offended.

The Pakistani people and their general disposition is sub-human in most respects.

But the United States Government is wrong.  We the People must crush our own Empire.

Here's the story.


PJB: It can't happen here!

We know the man speaks the truth.

What do we do about it?

We die.

Here is Pat's column from 11/8, I'm sorry I missed it until now.


Daily Patton

There is only one tactical principle which is not subject to change. It is to use the means at hand to inflict the maximum amount of wound, death, and destruction on the enemy in the minimum amount of time. George S. Patton


Debtor's Prisons Returning...

Collections agencies are growing in power.  Many are law firms, and able to manipulate the legal system, and this is leading to people being arrested for debt.

I wonder what it means when a man begins to wake every day and among his first thoughts are Mencken, hoisting a flag, and a keen blade...

Here's the story.


Of Knives at a Gun Fight

Generally speaking the old adage is true: Don't bring only a knife to a gun fight.

But you'd better understand that there are many serious Warriors out there who are better armed with a blade than many men armed with a boomstick.

Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant.

You dismiss this reality at your peril.

Work on your blade skills.

One more bit of reality: In many gunfights the enemy is on you in speed and numbers that you do not have time to reload that bottomfeeder.  That's when it gets wet.  That's what separates the living from the dead. 

...and there are many Warriors who have spent many years of our lives closing the gap to make your 1911 irrelevant in a fight.

Use this information as you will, gunfighters.


Cato, the American

Hell is coming to America, one way or another.

Consider Cato's warning, here.


Eric Holder Removal

Say what you will about President Obama: He is one of the most loyal Presidents in our history to his people.

Eric Holder may well resign, but it will be on his terms and timing, and that will be the end of Gunwalker...(which is already a long-dead political issue).

But if you think his resignation will be a demotion, you simply are not well-versed in the world of Washington DC.

His income will increase ten-fold, minimum.  His power outside of Government will increase exponentially.

The same will be true to any other "victim" of Gunwalker, to a lesser degree.

If you put Gunwalker in the "Scandal" category, you don't understand Washington DC.

Sorry folks, it is what it is...


Rich T: More on the McCain Treason

GardenSerf has read the document and is comfortable that this legislation is no more ominous than much of the other pablum coming from our Political Class in DC.

All legislation begins that way.

Here is Rich T's take: Here.

Remember, folks: Lead is the new Gold.  It has always been so.


Two from Curtis for the current Battlespace

This ain't gonna be your Grandpa's War...


Pay attention, kiddies.

School is almost out, and the test is a simple Pass/Fail...spelled Live/Die.


The Zombie Hordes

Black Friday is often filled with snapshots into human depravity.

These glimpses into the true nature of most men should be warning to us all.

In West Virginia a shopper dropped dead...and the Zombie shoppers simply stepped over and around him.

Take notes.  This is one flank of the FSA and they will be unleashed to shop in your suburbs at some point for the stuff in your pantry, closets, and children's bedrooms.

They will come for your stuff.

Here's the story.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns

Riots are coming...

...here's the link.

UPDATE: Banks preparing for Europen collapse.  Of course they are.  Here's the story.


World War Three: Look around, you are in it...

I think it is safe to say that we will look back to this day in our future and realize that we are already engaged in World War III.

America is attacking Pakistan, now.

We have several Hot Wars going.

We have several more very near the edge.  We have toppled several governments.  We have unleashed Mo's Morons.  We have unleashed the American Stasi.

World War III is the endgame of Communism, to bring the globe into her orbit.

Do not think for a moment that Mo is not a tool of the Kremlin.

Do not think for a moment that the Socialist takeover of Europe is not a win for Communism, with the bloodless coup of Greece and Italy as all the warning the Kremlin will need to telegraph to the rest of Europe.  The Bear will not even have to fire up the engine of a single tank.

Do not think for a moment that the Kremlin and Beijing do not have mutual goals and can coexist in a world without Capitalism for at least 50 years before one tries to kill the other.

For Communism to succeed, you and I must die.  The final traces of Jeffersonian Liberty must be eradicated.  This is why there has been such an increase in the American Stasi in the last decade.  The children of Mao and Stalin are hard at work in our seats of power today, murdering the last vestiges of the republic.

There are those of you who will quibble.  I'm not in the mood.

Let's talk about it in 3 years.

Here's the Pakistan story.


US Senate Voting to Repeal Posse Comitatus...and more

Coming to a suburb near you - the US Senate (this particular bill co-sponsored by John McCain) will declare CONUS a battlefield and give the military police powers, without legal niceties such as warrants, habeas corpus, et cetera.

No worries, citizens.

This is just for those bad terrorists sneaking into the country.

In case you've missed it, the US Senate is officially a criminal and terrorist organization. 

Here's the piece.


GardenSerf: Shooting Range Etiquitte

...or a lack thereof.

It almost looks like an Occupy site.

Here's the link.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Real Patriots Only: Consider

The Trail of Tears.  Right, wrong or otherwise, we told a group of people who did not wish to live as we lived to take a walk or die.

Fast forward to 2011 - and leave the Indians out of the discussion, please.

We Patriots are overrun with genetic garbage (called Establishment R's, Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists, the Left, the FSA) These people demand that it is within their Rights to take the fruit of your labor from you and do with it what they choose.  They extend this belief to your children, born and unborn.  They simply do not respect the boundaries of Jeffersonian Liberty.

I call these people the Enemies of Liberty.

I have called several times for getting these people out of CONUS.  We can not coexist.

As I articulated in my column ABC (here) we have the resources to get this herd of Enemies of Liberty moving from our country, so that we may once again live in genuine personal Liberty without their meddlesome interference.

You and I would be happier if they lived anywhere but here.

Please don't bother me with any malum in se arguments.  If Patriots force these people to leave, it is self defense, because the Enemies of Liberty are already behaving immorally, evilly and with malice toward your innate, unalienable Right to Liberty.

It can be done.  You know how to make your neighbor leave the neighborhood.  You probably know how to encourage him to leave the State.

Tell me why Patriots can not agree to make our Enemies of Liberty simply leave?


Curtis: Just so we are clear...

The conversation over at WSRA on Spooner is all the evidence one truly needs to understand that the Patriot Community will never really be able to form ranks, because too many people want too many things - and many of those people would rather see the Patriot Community implode than succeed on any terms but their own.

I'm paraphrasing Curtis from another comment: Let's all meet on the Green and start chatting - it won't be long before we are beating the snot out of one another, while OpFor conducts business as usual.

Anyone who challenges that premise is simply not paying attention.

Here's another from Curtis, worth your time.


Deacon Matson: Are you heel'd up?

I've always had a problem with authori-tah...

Here's the piece.


Ursus Minor: Intel Ops in our Founding Generation

Study RevWarOne and we will find all of the fundamental answers we need to bring Liberty back to life.

Here's the post.


EU demands right to dictate national budgets

We mentioned last week that the Euro was on a fast-track to an economically imposed tyranny.

...and here we are.

Brussels (more importantly, those who put the Puppets in place in Brussels) are demanding the power to control the budgets of EU countries.

Choose to leave the EU? 

Get ready for war.

Here's the story.


Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy what you have, and remember that this is why we fight.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WRSA & Spooner

Please do not let this thread at WRSA fizzle out - the points being discussed are at the very core of our struggle.  Not against one another, but in unifying our FreeFor so that we can be united against the Enemies of Liberty.

Chris at ZeroGov asked me a question that I never expected, and it deserves an answer here.

He asked if guys like me, who believe in the Constitution, as ratified and intended, in the spirit of the DoI and BoR, would turn our guns on Anarchists if we ever achieved our goals.

I offer my most sincere No Sir on this point.  Most Anarchists simply want to be left alone.  I believe that in an America wherein the Constitution is implemented as ratified and intended, there would be no quarrel.  I for one would never bring violence or the threat of violence to any man who means me no harm.

I hope that helps clarify my position.  I know my words can be harsh, and sometimes I do not nuance as completely as I should.

I have no quarrel with any man who means no harm or injury to another.

Here's the thread at WRSA.  Please keep it going.  We need not reach a single view - we simply must understand that we have so much in common, the differences simply don't need to be sweated.


Are you rugged? Do you mean it?

A post that deserves to be read again, even if you've already been through it.

Do it again next month.

Either we mean what we say and we intend to be Free and at Liberty, or we are all circle-jerking.

If we are serious, then there will come that moment when we will have to kiss the wife and go to work.

Are we really rugged, independent folks, or not...here.