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Friday, November 4, 2011

Balkanization of CONUS is the Death of Liberty

There are many who anticipate a Balkanization of CONUS. 

For some it is a Strategy for defeating the republic.  Smaller pieces of a pie are easier to eat.

Some in the Patriot Community are actively seeking the same ends, through secession.  The result will be the same - tyranny will win.

The Right to secede is one thing, and creating the circumstances in which few want to secede is a better goal (such as we had in 1791).

Simple fact of warfare - if this nation breaks up into pieces, she'll never be whole again and the concept of Liberty will be dead across the entire planet.

Several in our community are linking to a man who spent a year in a Balkan city under seige.

I'm linking him as well, and already added his site to the blog roll.

At the moment his site is still new, so reading through it from the beginning is easy, and I commend it to you.

Consider what is offered, keep what works for you, discard the rest.

Here is his first post. 

And do not forget Sam Webb: Here.