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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"...render themselves obnoxious..."

Make no mistake: Washington DC is on fire.

Benghazi is so bad the Administration is willing to burn half the city to the ground as a distraction.  Why is it so bad and worth so much self-destruction to try and keep the lid on? 

Because Benghazi is not only an Obama detonation - it is also a Clinton-machine detonation.  Between the Obama and Clinton machines, they ARE the Leftist machine in America.  They ARE the entire Marxist Movement, and they are both vulnerable now.

Leftist bureaucrats and appointed officials are headed under the bus, by the bushel basket.

Benghazi, the media surveillance, or the IRS scandal, standing alone, would reach the level of likely impeachment chatter for most Presidents.  Add in all the other scandals and extra-constitutional activities since 2008, the fact that he is now losing his media Praetorian, and then look at the cold, hard realities of 2014 Democrat politics and you must conclude that Mister Franklin's remedy can't be far off.

But this President is no ordinary President. 

America has never had a President like this before - ever.

At the end of the day will a shared Marxist ideology be sufficient to keep him safe from Impeachment?  Will the media and other Dem's rough him up a bit, but ultimately put their shields back in place around this President?  What if this man really doesn't have any plans for leaving the Oval Office?  What if he is willing to do a Dorner/Boston across the country in select cities and burn half of the country to the ground to retain power?

We shall see.

At this hour the Dow is up, gold and silver are down, and the raping, pillaging, plundering and deliberate destruction of American economic power continues unabated.

What does all of this mean for Patriots?

Nothing.  Continue doing everything you have been doing.  Continue prepping.

No matter what may happen as a result of these events, the Marxist Machine will continue.  It will never stop until it is strangled to death and every last one of those tyrannical bastards is run out of this country and every Useful Idiot and general FSA member is marched off with them.  This may become a bump in the Marxist Road - or it could be the catalyst they need (and want.)

In coming days we will discuss the importance of continuing to build the III Congress, the III 300, and helping promote III Arms.  We will discuss how the III Congress can help get training to Patriots who want it and need it. (Tactical, combat medical, comms, etc.)  We will discuss some of the behind-the-scenes activity of the Citadel (Our media blackout will be lifting soon!)  IIIGear is shipping a significant batch tomorrow.  I will release some hard details regarding my CQB classes. 

Do not allow yourself to revel in the troubles of your enemies to the point of distraction.

Our enemies will never stop.



  1. I love the idea of III Congress helping get training to people or groups in need. Ive aquired some acreage in the Pacific Northwest, west of the cascades. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  2. “These are the times that try men’s souls” we must stay vigilant as this may all be a distraction for the real objective, DoD is furloughing 700 employees the last 11 days of fiscal ’13 - sequester cuts- but don’t worry Sec of Def Hagel says our security will not be compromised, ya, right, this faux unravelling can and will coalesce around the current puppet (or whoever is installed in his place) after the next crisis, also read recently as many as 40,000 musloid extremists in the US propper. War is coming. Let’s win.
    Richard R Deaver


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