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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stay on the grind...

We have accomplished a lot as a community, especially in the last year.

We have much more to do - and much more we can do - before the wheels come off the bus.

If you feel like we are all just banging our heads against the wall as our enemies gain more and more ground, take pause, take a deep breath, then get back to your training, prepping, intel gathering, and living. 

What our enemies are doing can only end one way - Implosion and Conflict.

But what comes our way will arrive only in its proper time, place and manner - and not before.

For now use this time as a gift.  Identify Friends and Foes by their actions and with whom they choose to stand.  Strengthen your bonds and grow your Tribe. 

The number of III Patriots is small, just as it was the first time Americans fought for Liberty.  The proper place for III Patriots is on point, leading by example.  When SHTF there will be a number of newly awakened people who will choose to be free, but have no idea how to get there.  That will be the place and time for III Patriots to stand tall on point and lead others in the pursuit of Liberty.  III Patriots have what it takes to serve our ideals as an Officer Corps, a brain trust of history, and as the necessary reservoir of courage that will be imperative for Restoration.

If you haven't been there in a while, drop by Jim Miller's place and see just one example of what we III Patriots are capable of achieving together.  Here.

Check in with Bill at Jebadiah Fisher Seed, here.

Drop by the guys at CADD, and Mason Dixon Tactical, Mosby, the Citadel, Kenny's Swap Shop.

III Patriots are producers.  We work.  We build. 

Soon, we will be called upon as Citizen Soldiers.  Until then, we have to prepare for that coming storm.


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  1. Jim should update the III Arms blog as he does his Facebook page.


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