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Thursday, January 30, 2014

IFF & Reality

Start with Sparks, he's got a review of a new Uniden scanner, and this piece on IFF.

Then go here to WRSA and simply go piece-by-piece, CA has strung together a collection of pieces that should help anyone who has not yet resigned himself to the fact that the war is already begun reach a realistic state of understanding.

Finally, do something that improves your position - even if it is simply relaxing with your family to remind yourself why we do what we do.

Remember perspective: Marconi sent his wireless transmission across the Atlantic just 113 years ago, the Wright brothers flew in 1903 - 111 years ago.  John Browning's 1911 is now just 103 years old.

The only Constant is Change.


Google sells Motorola unit to China


The sale included at least 2,000 patents.

But I'm sure none of those would be useful to the guys in the above picture.

No worries.

Here's the Cnet piece.



Kenny has the details, here.

Even if it's only $5 - it helps when people need help.

We are more than a band of Patriots.  We are not "Extremists".

Ours are the fundamental values upon which this republic was founded.

We are why there is true hope.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Are you truly a Minuteman?

At this moment in the suburbs of DC it is 16 degrees and snowing a very fine curtain of white that is being whipped by the wind.  At this moment in St. Maries, Idaho it is 29 degrees and snowing a bit here and there.

If you had to go, right now, and grab your nearest Go Bag and head out the door into an unknown Ruckus, a fight that may keep you from returning home for at least 72 hours, how would you fare?  Could you muster in a Minute?  Got what you need to stay warm and fed and in fighting condition?

Consider the cold factor with some good counsel from Defensive Training Group.

The goal is to be ready, to be a Minuteman, yes?


Ukraine government quits in concession to protesters

Quote of the Counter-Revolution in America offered by Alan M: Seems easy, huh? Just gotta show up.

That's it.


Full stop.

Here's the link.


Go Missouri: SB613

All federal acts, laws, executive orders, administrative orders, court orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, shall be specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.

Here's the link - let's hope they follow-through.


US banks shaken by biggest fund withdrawals since 9/11

Just sayin'...

Here's the link.


A Zoomie Gift for our Comms/Electronics Allies...

From Zoomie for our Comms/Electronics allies. 

Feel free to save a copy and use it!

Just click the pic above and save a 900 pixel version, or click and save on the sidebar, where I put a 300 pixel version.


Matt Drudge: "Have an exit plan..."

DTG has the link, here.


How far does the sound of a dying sentry travel on a quiet night...

Mosby has a good column about the realities of taking out an enemy sentry, or otherwise trying to kill someone quietly.

It is NOT as you have seen in the movies.  It never was, never will be.  It is messy and always more noisy than you would like.  Sticking a man with a knife does not mean he is going to crumple in a silent and lifeless heap, even if you go into his neck.  The image above is a Maldives SF trooper applying a piss-poor rear choke - and while I would stay away from the Maldives for training, the concept that Mosby seems to settle on as most practical is my choice as well - get close and then go to work by getting your target into some form of submissive technique, THEN kill him.

I am smaller than most guys.  Even if I succeed in getting a good rear choke in place on an unexpecting sentry, he's probably bigger, stronger, faster, younger than me and my best choke will take at least 3 seconds before he goes to sleep.  If I choose a rear attack and choke, I am going to couple it with a foot to the back of his knee to bring him down as I choke.  He is going to thrash and kick - every student in my classes can attest that even a good choke gives the other guy a few seconds to escape or thrash or reach for a pistol.  On a quiet night when his buddy is just 40 or 60 yards away, even 3 seconds of that noise is more than anyone would like.

Just to complicate matters, next time you train CQB with your Team, try applying a rear choke on someone who is wearing a combat helmet.

Here is Mosby's piece.  As usual, well worth the read.


Russian Bank Halts Cash Withdrawals...

You'll remember over the weekend that ZeroHedge poo-poo'd the notion that there was a problem in China.  Seems like they have gotten their facts straight and now bring us fresh news that at least one bank in Russia has halted all cash withdrawals.  Further, more than 30 banks have been essentially shut-down in the last 6 months or so...

Don't worry, the Super Bowl is in less than a week!

Nothing can happen here!  Russia and China - pushaw!  They are backward-ass, third-world Commies.  Who cares what happens there?

For those of you keeping score, you will remember that Golitsyn warned China and Russia, in the final phase, would be quietly allied to push the US down...

Here's the link.  Thanks to WiscoDave.


Monday, January 27, 2014

The KX-3 Set-up from Signal Corps

Sparks lays out the full-kit you should put together if you decide the Elecraft KX-3 will play a role in your future.  If you are new to the Comms/Signals aspect of the polygonal battlespace, I strongly suggest you take the time to go to Signal Corps and begin reading from his first post.  At the moment the volume of posts is manageable, and the volume of offered information is priceless.

Your HF Radio kit is simply one important part of your personal Comms outfit that you should be putting together.  You'll need an assortment of scanners to help you keep tabs on OpFor and to help you find any nasty little bugs OpFor may have succeeded in putting in your space.  You'll need radios suitable for intra-unit use.  You should learn Morse Code - not simply how to send a message, but how to turn the sounds coming at you into letters and words.

How much money and time have you spent on guns, ammo and field gear?

How much money and time have you spent on SUT and CQB?

How much money and time have you spent preparing to communicate?

You have to fill in any weak-spots you may have in your skillset, and the clock is ticking against you.

Here's the link.


The well-dressed Guerrilla

Planning to attend a Kiev-type event? 

Dress for success.

The advantages of the helmet are obvious.  And any rider knows good jackets are armored at key points.  I've written about Condor's Nomex Tactical Gloves, and you are being foolish if you head to a fight without good gloves.

I've covered the advantages of operating from a bike before, no need to repeat it here except to suggest that if you plan to operate in a metropolitan environment, consider the quickness of a 250.  If you are operating in a more open environment where you may need real speed to accompany that maneuverability, look at a 600.  Anonymity?  Of course there are ways to do it - just noodle it through for a few minutes.

Honda CBR 250
Honda CBR 600
The Revolution is on TV today.  It was on TV in October when some of your fellow Patriots were in DC.

Do you plan to be one of the guys on the television - or stay on your couch?

If you leave your couch, understand this reality: The stakes are simple - Life or Not Life.  It is not a party.  It is not a game.  If you show up and fuck around, expect to be knee-capped by someone flying a Gadsden.  There is no room for stupid.


Tenth Amendment Center: Florida 2A Nullification

Florida will consider a State law that prohibits any State asset from assisting any Fed 2A enforcement.  The law won't go further - they won't try to stop FedGov Agents, either.

My question for those States that are considering any sort of independence regarding FedGov 2A mandates is simple - not one State in the Union that currently has or has proposed any FFA-type legislation has dared (or chosen) to honor the true intent of the Second Amendment.  Not one FFA State has de-criminalized the making of automatic weapons, for instance.  All of those states also restrict carry in some manner.

Without dampening the momentum of any State that is moving in this direction, I would suggest Patriots in those States make it clear to their State governments that they will not accept State 2A infringements any more than you will tolerate FedGov infringements.

Here's the piece on Florida.  Good luck to you if Florida is home.



This man wants to use the force of law to track autistic children - for their own good, of course.

Autistic children today.  Tomorrow, for their safety, all of the children, and the trackers will, of course, eventually feed to .Gov "protectors".

Here's the piece.

More Evil: Report: DEA Chief Rips Obama's Pot Remarks

DEA and many LEO groups are outraged that laws are being loosened on pot.  You see, for many LEO groups, the War on Drugs is a huge revenue source, a tool of power, and for DEA - their very reason to exist.

Evil can be defined as doing the wrong thing for personal interests, yes?

Here's the piece.

You and I can't "make" people "be good".

But we can sure as hell impose our will on people who insist upon being Evil.


HSBC Weekend: Get. Out. Of. The. Markets. And. Banks.

So what was all that chatter over the weekend coming from HSBC, both in Europe and China?

It would appear liquid either dried up or was imminent within the Chinese banking system, which of course would nearly immediately cascade throughout the world system and crash the whole thing in a matter of days.  You have to understand there are layers to this - the "Public" system and the "Shadow" banking system, in this case particular to China.  The public and shadow systems are parts of the same whole, and if one locks up, the other follows.

Unless, "someone" greases the gears to ensure the machine keeps running, just a little bit longer.  Grease is cash - liquid.  According to Denninger it was the "Shadow" side of the Chinese banking system that was about to implode first.  Then, "someone" agreed to cover one single transaction worth $500 million.

First, let it sink in that a mere $500 million dollar default has the capacity to be the first detonation in a global collapse.  Folks, in the global economy, especially when you consider the fiat economy, $500 million bucks is pocket change that you do not even bother to pick up from the sidewalk if it falls to the ground.  Remember, the US Fed ALONE "prints" 170 TIMES that amount, every single MONTH.

If you accept the spin coming out today that all the chatter about HSBC restricting cash transfers and such that we saw over the weekend was simply a "misunderstanding" about policy, I can't help you.  Now we know why the Dow was -335 on Futures to open this morning (the HSBC thing was real and unresolved) and then all of a sudden the Dow Futures went to -37, then into the Green! (HSBC was resolved behind closed doors, and the important money players got the news).

I have warned time and again that millions of very clever people work every day to make this system limp along just a little bit longer.  We got to watch some of that play out over the weekend.  Right now the system is closer to snapping than anyone wants us to know.  Can they bolster it?  Sure, here and there, but the patches can only last for X.

The takeaway: The threat of a $500 million default is sufficient to lock up the entire global economy - and that is a machine that can't tolerate being "locked up" for more than 48 hours before it suffers catastrophic, cascading, irreversible failures.

How does the Patriot translate this to useful Intel?  You understand that the system is very, very close to that last straw at this moment in time.  And when that straw hits the camel's back, you will have about 48 hours to invoke your protocols and be ready to defend yourself. 

...and if part of your protocols involve getting cash out of the bank, you are already dead.

Here's the Denninger link.

Stay safe.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

New RIP handgun round: The Wirecutter Perspective

There is buzz about the new R.I.P. round, and generating buzz for something genuinely innovative in the firearms industry is a good thing.  Innovation is a good thing.  That someone is thinking outside the box is a good thing.  I love the fact that this is a machined product without lead for several reasons.  Whether or not this round performs as the manufacturer claims is not even in the equation for me at this point.

Note to Jim Miller: Consider custom engraving bullets for customers with snark (Consider "Fuck You" or "You Lose" engraved on the back end of the 9mm round that gets pulled out of a Tory chest at the autopsy) or patriotic messages - I bet you could engrave the entire Bill of Rights on a 230 grain .45 ACP round nose...  Talk about agitprop!  ;)

But back to the R.I.P. - before you folks mortgage the house to buy ANY bullet/load, remember the basics.

Shot placement is always more important, especially from a handgun, than any other factor.

Here's Kenny's piece.  Heed his perspective.


Upgrade: ALERT - Is "It" this week?

**ALERT**  This post just got bumped to the top of the pile because of what I just read at Denninger: The People’s Bank of China , the central bank, has just ordered commercial banks to halt cash transfers.  (Source: Forbes)

We need more data - and don't sh*t the bed just yet, but...

Here's the Denninger link.

Additional consideration from Economic Collapse blog, here.


**NOTE** A most curious thing happened in the 20 minutes or so I took to write this post.  When I started, Bloomberg Futures had the Dow at 335 down for tomorrow's open.  And now, just about 20 minutes later, they predict just 37 points down.  A glitch?  A piece of news that hasn't bubbled to the surface yet?  Dunno. (Bloomberg's original -335 confirmed by third source, here)


Most of my readers know I do not think there will be a single day that Historians will point to in the future and say "There - that's the day SHTF in RevWarIII".  I believe we are already in the aircraft and it is in the process of crashing, but it could take quite a while to fall all the way to our first point of impact, then our plane may bounce a few times and leave a trail like an F-5 as our wake.

(Most of my readers also know I believe Patriots could end RevWarIII in a week...but that is not the purpose of this post.)

WRoL/SHTF could take a long time to reach critical mass.

However, there already exist data-points to which we can point and say "That was a clue!"

At this moment the Dow is set to open another 335 points lower at the open tomorrow morning.  Did a massive, world-altering correction begin last week?  Or, are we simply watching a bit of turbulence from our window-seat on the plane as we race for the ground under full-throttle?

Dunno.  If I could answer that question I'd be smarter, taller, better-looking and richer.

But I do think this week should earn a slightly more attentive eye from Patriots.  Connect just a few dots: Last week, and all weekend, we have been hearing the repetitive affirmations that "I have a pen and a phone, and where Congress will not act, I will..."  That's a dot.  Last week's behaviors of the world economic markets, which looks like it will carry over into this week.  That's a dot.  The SOTU is Tuesday night, when the man with the pen and phone is the center of world attention.  That's a dot.

There are more dots, but you don't need me to paint the picture in minute detail.

Just be a little-bit "more ready" than you were last week. 

Afterall, even though those who mean to be our Masters intend to crash this plane, and they think they can control the crash - there is always the camel and the X-Factor.  That last straw could be put on his back anywhere, anytime, even as a surprise to all of the smartest-people-in-the-room.

Stay safe, Patriots.


Silicon Graybeard: USC-free zones...

Silicon Graybeard has synthesized information regarding the so-called "Constitution-Free Zones" - the fact that FedGov (supported by the Courts) claim the right to violate 4A anywhere within 100 miles of all US Borders.

It is an academic story at this point, of course, but remains good knowledge to have if you live in or frequently travel in these areas - you may run into more than average scrutiny from Regime Forces.

FYI: St. Maries is 114 miles from the border with Canada - technically outside the zone.  But Coeur d'Alene (where many residents of Benewah County go to shop) is well within that 100-mile limit.

Here's the link.


III Comms: Reaching Out...

If you have chosen a low-power long-range radio as a companion for your gear kit, but anticipate there will be times that you will need to reach further, Sparks offers an insight to Amplifiers.
The Elecraft unit above has a relatively small footprint and adds under 8 pounds to your kit.

But if life and death is ever measured by your ability to communicate at a long range under adverse conditions by radio, I think you can find space in your gear kit.

Here's the piece from Signal Corps.


Tactical Practical Skillsets: Rotorcraft

Can you spot what the difference is between these two rotorcraft?

They are identical - except for the floats - and more importantly - the FAA considers the one with floats to be "experimental" and the other is in a separate class - so nearly anyone can learn to fly the one with floats cheaply and easily.

If you think rotorcraft skills are going to be important in your future, get on it.

Here's the link to the company that manufactures the above craft.  Continue researching from there.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals

The bank is telling customers they may not have their money.

Sometimes the bank says "Prove to us why you want your money..."

You will see this again...

Here's the link.


III Arms 1911: Founders #3

Miller took video of a 3 mag dump from Founders #3 - here.

You may have a 1911...

...but do you have a III 1911?


Skillsets: 'lil cub

Home-built STOL, needs nothing more than a Sport Pilot License.

This little wonder would be able to - easily - take off from the pad site for III Arms.

That is a serious achievement.  Runway space has always been one of the most limiting factors of your choice of aircraft.

I have no intention of ever trying to build my own flying machine - but learning to fly has made the imperative skills list.  The FAA's creation of the Sport Pilot License has put this in reach of nearly everyone.  If you need to put serious distance between yourself and X, going airborne is hard to beat.

Thanks to Mike C. for the link - there is a cool video there.  Take a little while and explore the world of "Experimental" aircraft and anything you may fly with a Sport License.  Those same skills will permit you to fly most light aircraft in a pinch.

Here's the link.


NC Renegade

David & Co. have sharp eyes and know what stories matter.  They need to be in your daily routine.

Here's the link.


Evil in full view

Christine Lagarde - Enemy of Liberty
The AP has a story today about world economics that is simply mind-blowing in it's brazen willingness to lie to the people of the world.

The woman in the picture above is Christine Lagarde, current head of the IMF.  On the day that several thousand veterans and other Patriots converged on the WWII Memorial in Washington, that day when one of our own raised the call "To the White House!", a few blocks away in a building ringed with security this woman issued her first public call for a "Wealth Tax".

Read the article, it won't take long.  The purpose of reading it is to remind yourself how willing these people are to lie and how intent they are to steal your wealth.  Make no mistake, "inflation" is simply one more tool in the toolbox to take your wealth.  They freely admit their goal is that inflation run at 2% each year - that means each year your $1 bill is worth 2% less.  Then the AP reports that the IMF and other thieves are worried about "...massive deflation..." - when prices drop.  In the worldview of the IMF and Banksters, when you pay less for butter it is a bad thing.  They say you will actually buy less butter, waiting for the price to drop even more - thus the economy suffers.

Like I said, read the piece just to remind yourself how Evil and manipulative these Enemies of Liberty are in their Souls.

And remind yourself how easy it is today, in hindsight, to see the Evil of Hitler and Mao and other historic attacks upon Liberty.  Today, we are in the swirl of the same Evils, it is simply harder to identify when you are hip deep.  Keep reminding yourself that Evil is attacking you from all directions.  This AP piece will help stoke that fire for you.

Here's the link.


Friday, January 24, 2014

What's in your pile?

Just a sampling from a serious III Patriot.

Holly and I had the honor of meeting, training and breaking bread with this American.

If you come with us to Idaho you can enjoy the results of his beer brewing skills.

III Beer, anyone?

And you can see by the pictures above he is ready to defend...


III Comms: Additional Class Scheduled by Sparks & Co.

Elecraft KX3 - Made in America

Consider you are in your AO and your HUMINT reports a column of these idiots...

...heading through your AO and directly toward an allied Tribe a county over.

As part of the rolling .Gov column they are doing their operational thing and jamming normal Comms - your cell is dead, landlines are dead, maybe they even took the precaution of posting patrol cars or other elements in your AO (Their Infil route that they would want secured) to ensure you can't get in your car and make it to your Allied Tribe to warn them.

What do you do?

Hopefully your Comms guy starts the dits and dahs and you warn your allies, while your Team gets ready to Flank & Spank (TM).

But what if your "Comms Guy" is out of position for some reason? 

I have come to fully embrace the necessity that every member of your Tribe is in possession of an Elecraft KX1 or equivalent radio, with the skillset to blast an emergency CW message.

Elecraft KX1 - Made in America
If you are leaving Comms only to your "Comms Guy" you are failing to cross-train and instill redundancy in your Tribe.  Not every man in your Tribe needs to be as expert as your designated Comms guy, or your Medic, or your Weapons guy - but every member of your Team had better be able to cover the basics of each task that may face you and your allies.

Where do you get the Comms basics you need?  Peacetime radio is different than combat radio - different skills and protocols.  The Yellow Pages and Google are not chock full of people ready and willing to teach you Guerrilla Radio.  You must find a Communications specialist who has been trained to train others - we are back to the specialty of our Green Beret allies.  These men train to go behind enemy lines and teach locals, unite locals, and walk into combat with locals - there is no better Guerrilla Tactics instructor on the face of the Earth than a skilled and experienced Green Beret.  We can talk about the sadness that it is We the People who are the "locals" who need Green Beret help some other day.  Right now, you must train-up.

Here is the class that every member of your Team needs to attend, and it is being taught by a Professional.  He's added a second April class, in Connecticut.  This is in addition to the April 4 class already scheduled in Maryland.

Here's more information.  Don't skimp on this important skillset, folks.  If you can't personally go, perhaps your Team can all pitch-in and send your "Comms Guy" so he can get some advanced training and come back and teach the rest of your Team during regular training cycles.

Learn Morse Code, folks.  Learn how to employ it when Enemies of Liberty take all your other options off the table.  What is happening in America right now is not a rehearsal - it is not an exercise.

Enemies of Liberty have a plan, they have been working that plan for many generations.  They are about to close the deal on the final phase of that plan.  You are part of that final phase, and not in a good way.  They are working 24/7/365, and you know it.  The smarter Patriots reading this post know that having an AR and ammo alone is not going to stop those who mean to be your Masters.

Here's the Comms class link again

The class fee of $200 may be the most valuable $200 you have spent on your preps.  If you ever need the cavalry, or if you are the cavalry, making contact is an imperative.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ukraine- Live

Live streaming video by Ustream

Kerodin: Where I stand

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Any person who violates the Rightful Liberty of another, who orders or facilitates or votes for the violation of the Rightful Liberty of another, is morally wrong.

Good People do not violate the Rightful Liberty of others.

Bad People do.  Willfully violating the Rightful Liberty of another is willful Evil.

Defending Good People against Evil carries no moral burden upon the Soul.

Self Defense against Evil carries no moral burden upon the Soul.

Killing Evil is not Murder, and imposes no burden upon the Soul.

There is great Evil loose in America today.


Coming to a town near you, American...

These guys...
Kiev .Gov Forces
...think they are these guys...

They are wrong.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You need to know what They are doing...

New York man accused of using Twitter to direct protesters during G20 summit...

Schoolboy warned by police over picket plan at David Cameron's office...

These are just two stories you may have missed if you are not visiting DTG daily.

And, you are missing important training opportunities as well.

Here's the link.


TL Davis: Christian Mercenary

T.L. Davis
America was founded upon a system that can only work when the people are moral.

Liberty can only work with a moral people, because immoral or amoral people will always insist upon violating the Liberty of moral people.

We have a choice as a moral people who want Liberty:  We can physically leave wherever we may be and let the animals have the land, or, we can make them leave...

Here is TL's latest


III Comms Course

Comms Course: April 4-6

III: This is a course you need under your belts, even if you are not "the comms guy".

Here is a short bullet list of topics to be covered - I think you'd be hard-pressed to locate another class covering the same relevant material to the III Patriot - anywhere.

Topics to be discussed will include:
  • Considerations for III%er/Grid-Down Communications
  • Equipment Selection
  • Improvised Antennas
  • Low Profile/Covert Operations
  • Basic Cryptographic Systems and Techniques
  • Non-Radio Communications Options
  • IFF (Identification Friend/Foe) and Interoperability System Considerations
  • Basic Improvised Surveillance/Security Systems – Off The Shelf Solutions
  • VHF/UHF Communications Monitoring/COMINT (Communications Intelligence)  Equipment and Systems
  • Basic COMINT and COMINT Analysis
Registration information is here.  The cost is beyond amazing, and you know you are learning from a genuine Professional.

Read this post as well.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

III Arms: Lexington & Concord

Founders 1911's from III Arms.

Founders #1 was nick-named "Lexington" by her owner.  #2, Concord, follows well.

Look at these two pictures, enlarge them to see the detail, to get a hint of the attention to detail Jim Miller puts into his firearms:

Safety control as delivered to Jim Miller at III Arms

The same Safety lever after Jim makes it
acceptable for use in a III Arms 1911
Quality takes time.  It takes skill.  It takes patience.  It costs more. 

And when you put your front sight on a Bad Guy who means to end your life and rape your wife, you know that Jim Miller has applied the same level of craftsmanship to every single component of every single Fighting Weapon built and delivered by III Arms.

III Arms Company, here.  I think he has a few ARs ready to ship, and if you want one of these 1911s, you'd better touch base with him and get in line.  Tomorrow is promised to no man.


W*RoL* in clear, unabashed, drop-the-optics clarity...

"When they drop the optics..." you've heard me say...

"Rule of Law is dead" you've heard me declare.

Most of you are probably aware that David Gregory used an "illegal" 30-rd mag to make a point on his tv show.  When it was pointed out this was criminal, the Prosecutor let him walk - not even a day in court. 

Mark Witaschek lives in DC.  He had a spent brass shotgun cartridge in his DC Home, and the same Prosecutor who let David Gregory walk wants to, is trying to, is spending serious public money, to ensure Mark Witaschek goes to prison.  Mr. Witaschek is apparently a successful financial guy (you have to be to live in the part of DC where he lives) and to be extra-careful not to run afoul of DC firearms laws, he keeps his gun collection at his sisters house, across a river that separates Washington DC from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  You read that properly - he keeps his guns and ammo in Virginia.  He had 1 overlooked spend shotgun brass in his DC home. 

READ THIS SENTENCE TWICE:  And we are not done - after the arrest, DC LEO, WITHOUT contacting Virginia officials, went to the sister's house IN VIRGINIA and demanded that she surrender her brothers collection to them.

But I'm not going to write about the insanity of the case, because you and I already know the real story - you are either in the "in-crowd" or you are not.  You are one of "Us" or one of "Them".

The.  Rule.  Of.  Law.  Is.  Dead.

I have written probably hundreds of times over the last few years that every problem we face today was addressed by our Founders and Framers.  They warned us what would happen and how it would happen, if we did not pay eternal vigilance to Liberty.  We are reaping what has been sown since the parchment was still wet by Men who mean to be Masters.

The premise of this republic is supposed to be that we are all equal under the law, and that protecting individual Liberty is the highest task of any law.  I often quote Mister Jefferson's Rightful Liberty definition as the most articulate and concise definition of individual Liberty, Natural Law, ever uttered.

We have the "Rule of Law" so that the minority may not be injured by the majority.

A Patriot wrote me a few weeks ago and essentially "Rule of Law" is a misnomer and should be scrapped.  I both agree and disagree - I agree with Jefferson's premise of "Rule of Law", Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others, but as my reader pointed out, and so did Jefferson in the sentence immediately following his definition of Rightful Liberty, when he wrote: I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

I say again: Our Founders and Framers warned us in excruciating detail how we would all end if we did not do the Hard Things required to protect and preserve Liberty - that tyrants would begin to use "the Rule of Law" to impose his Will, thus violating the Rightful Liberty of the Citizen.

We.  Were.  Warned.

For the "Not one more inch crowd" Fuck you, what have you done to back up your mouth in this case?  To the "No more economic Wacos crowd" - Fuck you, this is an economic Waco, at best!  Hey, I know - Let's send Cathy Lanier a 30-round magazine!!!  That'll really show 'em we are bad-ass!  For the "No Fort Sumter crowd" - Fuck you, "Fort Sumter" happens hundreds of times every single day in America.  I don't care that you are cowards, hiding behind empty threats, but at least have the balls to admit you are hiding behind empty threats.  Stop fucking bleating your outrage at "the tyrants" and telling us all how you intend to do something about it once "They" go "too far..."

How about picking up a Barrycade and returning it to sender?

Empty fucking threats tell a bully that you are a pussy.

I hate a fucking coward much more than I hate even the Communist garbage.

At least the Commies have the sack to act.

To my reader who advised I should qualify "Rule of Law" - you are correct.  Mister Jefferson's definition, and the commonly accepted definition held by people who truly seek Liberty, that Rule of Law is quite dead.

We live today Without Rule of Law - WRoL.  When I write that phrase in the future, my readers will know that I mean the Rule of Law embodied in the DoI and BoR, because it is quite the fact that Mister Jefferson's second sentence is in full effect and that the Tyrant's Rule of Law is working at full throttle.

Here's the piece if you care to read the specifics.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed: It is cold - and planting season is just around the corner!

Despite the "Polar Vortex Plague", planting season is just around the corner.  Gardeners are already turning their thoughts to feeling the rich soil between fingers and putting seed into the ground.

Jebadiah Fisher is ready to help you get ready for the season!

This year Jebadiah Fisher has added à la carte so you can shop specifically for the seed you want, in addition to their already famous bulk packages.  Be sure to look at the Liberty Seed Package - if you have a Patriotic ally and you buy him a Liberty Package of seed it may be nearly as valuable as handing him a rifle.

What else is new this season at Jebadiah Fisher?  Medicinal Herbs and Culinary Herbs!

Take a moment to drop into Jebadiah Fished Garden Seed and add to your seed preps, or buy the seed you need for this season, buy for a friend or someone you know who needs some food aid, or at least have a look around and make plans to keep your family fed and healthy when traditional sources of obtaining food become interrupted.

Be sure to drop into the Jebadiah Blog as well!  If you are a blogger, please consider adding it to your blogroll!

Winter is already winding down, folks.  A few more weeks of shivering, and the season will change and the world will come back to vibrant, fruitful life!

Here's the link.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Who's Who in American Politics 2007-2008 [Hardcover]

Making your list, checking it twice...

I ordered a copy of the 2007-2008 version for 2 reasons: The people who are Enemies of Liberty today were Enemies of Liberty during the Presidential Campaign of 2008.  The second reason - it only cost $4.

The newest editions run $300 and up.  Look to get an older yet still relevant edition, find one at your local library, consider used bookstores...

This volume is the definitive biographical directory of the men and women who most greatly influence the American political landscape. Coverage of the directory reflects the results of recent elections and includes: the President, the Vice President, the Cabinet, members of Congress, prominent federal official appointees, congressional staff members, U.S. ambassadors, governors, lieutenant governors, state officials, state supreme court justices, state legislators, federal judges, national and state political party chairs, mayors of cities with populations over 150,000, lobbyists, heads of specials interest groups, and numerous political commentators and strategists.