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Monday, June 23, 2014

Deflating a conflation

Holly noticed several instances of conflation as she read various blog comments.

It is important that everyone understands that the III Percent Society is not the Tactical Operations Center (TOC).  The Society is a III organization that is charged with restoring Rightful Liberty to America.

The TOC is simply one tool in the toolbox.

Please don't think joining the Society is simply putting your money into the TOC.  The TOC has a specific mandate - to go where there is trouble worthy of a deployment, get III boots on the ground, and get the truth out to the world without the filters of mainstream media and politicians.

The III Percent Society is much more expansive in scope, in mission, and in actions it will take to satisfy the Society's Mission Statement.  With your help, one day, the III Percent Society can be the organization that makes NRA tremble.  Unlike NRA, Oathkeepers, and so many other special interest groups that wandered from their mission, the III Percent Society has a specific Mission, it has tied itself and its members tightly to that mission so that no shenanigans - such as Board meetings in Tahiti - can ever happen.  The Society has no paid employees at this point, and when the time comes there will never be a Wayne LaPierre earning a cool million dollars a year.  The Society and those who put it together tied any pay to military pay charts.  No man or woman will ever get rich through the III Percent Society.

Because the goal is not to make men rich.  The goal is not to make bargains on legislation like NRA.

The Mission of the Society is to restore Rightful Liberty to America.

To do that it will take real III Patriots, the kind of men and women who are serious about standing on the Green with John Parker.  We will weed out the posers and wannabes pretty quickly.  I am proud to say we have some genuine high-speed and low-drag men among us who have even less tolerance for BS than do I.

We've got a job to do.

You can help us.  If you choose not to join the Society, no harm, no foul.  But you can still help the specific mission of the TOC, if you choose, just by dropping by the TOC page and offering your advice, or some gear you no longer need that will help protect the men and women who will go into Harm's Way, to making a donation.

We are III.  Our path is dangerous.  Harm's Way is our destination, for beyond Harm's Way lies Rightful Liberty.

That's where we are going.