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Monday, June 30, 2014

TOC Vendors

Someone mentioned overhead bins, such as they have in airplanes.  Anyone have a source designed specifically for buses?

I get "American Van" catalog from when I was outfitting my service vans.  Very little in that catalog will translate ideally to the TOC - so if anyone can point me to a few websites that have interior modules, pre-formed interior pieces for a bus, please send them my way.  I know some stuff, especially control panels, will have to be custom.

We've got Jim Miller who will help us mark control panel fronts, etc.

I could also use a crash course from some of you about shock protection of Comms equipment, placement of antennas (someone mentioned that some antennas should be on the bus, some inside the bus, and some well-removed from the bus. 

Thanks to all.

Remember, the TOC will be the "face" of the III Percent Society in our opening months.  It will earn media attention, and we KNOW .gov Intel will use that open source reporting to gauge our capabilities and establish countermeasures.  So, should we have some doors that come down and cover certain pieces of electronics when media comes through. so they don't know we have X or Y widgets?

So, most important - can you point me to a few vendors who sell cabinets and such we could use.