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Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm too pissed to write about it...

...just go here to Wirecutter's place and read it.

This is essentially the "Big City" where I intend to move my wife "...off the line of attack..."

This is the town where my wife & I and our dogs would be going, routinely.

Fuck.  This.

Here's Kenny's link.


Or, read this one in Georgia.  Cop decides to shoot at a dog (for no good reason) and misses, pops a nearby kid in the knee.

Readers (Patriots) dropped the link in the comment section.

Can anyone explain to me what would happen to any Citizen who just decided to shoot a dog in a car, or recklessly discharge a weapon at a random dog, miss, and hit a kid?

That's rhetorical.  We both know what would happen, and the moral outrage that would cascade from the LEO/Judicial establishment upon any such Citizen.

There is an answer for you and me and all proper, civilized Human Beings who are forced to endure these diseased Souls.


Or, you and I just continue to take the path we are on until we die of natural causes, and let someone else deal with it.