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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It is what it is...

The Patriots who read this blog tend to be a bit more hardcore and realistic than many other sites.

Look at the poll on the right.  Consider the percentages.  Can you say "Oh, fuck..."?

LGoPs who would have gone to work had Bundy gone hot - would have been a lonely bunch.  Not enough would have done anything to prevent OpFor dominance.

The larger percentage take the same approach as did Captain Parker - they vote to wait until the "Bad People come to their neighborhoods".  But this is not 1775, even if there are parallels.

Folks - the Bad People ARE in your neighborhoods.  Right now.

Normalcy bias will lead you straight to the boxcar.

Fuck.  A LOT of you who read this blog are headed for the rail cars, and you don't even see it.  That AR, for many of you, is nothing but a baby's woobie.  It helps you sleep at night, but it won't save you from reality.

I'll meet you down in Arizona Bay.  Or, not.