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Saturday, July 19, 2014

LGoPs: DefCon Status

Where are you and your LGoPs in status regarding leaving home & hearth, meeting on the Town Green and going to work in your AO?

Remember, this is a Google product in the clear, and your answer will be known to the Throne.

I have added a poll at right.

DefCon 1: Let's rock!  I'm ready right now!

DefCon 2: If Bundy had gone hot, I would have gone active in my AO.

DefCon 3: When Bad People come to my neighborhood, I'll go active.

DefCon 4:  We're at least a few years away from me leaving the porch.

Qualifier on DefCon 1: NORAD says DefCon 1 signals nuclear war is imminent.  I think most of us would agree that Bad Things are imminent - so for DefCon 1 the question option is really: I'm ready to go in my AO as soon as I see some of you bastards go first in your AOs.