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Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Immigration Page above

Mexican land in 1848

In 1848 Mexico ceded by treaty what is today most of our southwest.

Seems they want it back, and our current .gov is helping secure that outcome.

We all know how .gov plays with numbers.  They claim 300,000 people have crossed the border since April.  That probably translates to nearly a million.

My wife and I went to watch fireworks last night.  I grew up for quite a while in this neighborhood.  DC has always been cosmopolitan, but until the last 10 years, newcomers to America found it prideful to assimilate.  They took pride that their children could speak English in school.  I know, because 35 years ago I sat in those same classrooms.

Now it is different.

Last night at the fairgrounds where they hosted the fireworks, it was an ESL zone.  The local Walmart is the same.  ESL = English as a Second Language.

If you think you can help close the border by going to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or Cali, you are wrong.  You are a grain of sand on a beach.

Our southwestern border gets shut down only by the switch in Washington DC.

By the way, that is also how you end Social Security, foreign wars, and GMO.

Washington DC.

Anything less is pissing up a rope.

I have added on my top tabs bar a Page dedicated to immigration news.  Please don't paste immigration news on other threads - I'm going to stop publishing them - they ruin the flow of threads.