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Friday, July 18, 2014

OK - let's dance...

None of the wars fought here in America had universal starting dates.

Did RevWarI begin at Lexington where John Parker famously met the British on the march?  Or did it begin five years earlier at the Boston Massacre?  Historians may reasonably differ.  But there is a difference between what happened at Lexington and Concord and all the previous skirmishes.

Lexington & Concord marked the point of no return.

That bell could never be un-rung.  The warrants issued for Hancock and Adams were for High Treason.  Lexington & Concord marked that moment in which everyone chose a side.

RevWarII was a bit jerky to get underway as well, but everyone essentially settles on Sumter.

RevWarIII - now this one is ours.  If you do not own it yet, you are behind the curve and need to catch up, or just do what you are told, Hodor.  I've used October 13th at the National Mall.  Yeah, there were guns in the crowds pressing US Capitol Police to the edge of their wits.  They knew it was not a bunch of hippies who would just sit and be pepper-sprayed.  I have also used April 12 in the desert at Bunkerville.  King's men (armed) faced squarely with armed Citizens - and not only retreated, but surrendered their stolen property.  Few think that one is really over.  Think of a blacked-out whirly-bird, fast-roping guys trained in special, special-bus courses by guys who have fast-roped into real shit.

To be honest, RevWarIII could have started at many incidents prior to my two examples.  LEO has murdered dozens of people across the land in the last 36 months.  Thousands of people have been processed through Government prisons for this or that, most of their crimes malum prohibitum.

Regardless what day you mark on the calendar, it's on right now.  The alphabets are trying to move pieces on the board in these weeks, months and years leading to 2016.  Ask the Trainer, he knows.

Ask meI know.  Firsthand.

Actually, don't ask.  I can't give many details at the moment - just know that tomorrow will include a discussion with two members of the III Percent Society Board regarding continuity of efforts.

For anyone who thinks getting online and challenging FedGov and those who would execute their orders is a harmless First Amendment game in which Agencies with Billions of dollars of assets and resources don't set out to murder you, your family, or at the very least put you in prison for the rest of your life -- you.  are.  wrong.

The Communists who intend to crush CONUS under mighty fist mean to do it well.

Ask Jose Guerena.  Nevermind, I'll ask him.  I'll probably meet him first.

I'm headed to Idaho very soon.  Let's see what happens.