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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Request for real-world experience

I asked a few days ago about the Oshkosh above, several of you who have direct personal experience with the Oshkosh shared some of its weak spots.  I thank you all.

So now I'll ask a more general question.

The Mission: The ability to safely move between 4 and 12 fighters across seriously rough terrain (assuming even secondary roads are no-go).  The vehicle must be safe from small arms fire to .308, and if possible up to .50 BMG.  The vehicle does NOT need to be mine-resistant.  Once the vehicle gets clear of enemy operators, it must be able to hit highway speeds (I'll be able to settle for 55mph if necessary.)  Compatibility/inter-operability of parts is a major plus, but not a deal-breaker.  I'm assuming most options will be diesel, but dual fuel is cool.

A trusted friend advised the M1117
I don't care if the vehicle you most recommend seats 4 our up to 12 - juat tell me the best.  If a 4-man vehicle is best, I'll just make multiple trips.

Search your memories, don't hesitate to suggest a good vehicle from Europe if you think it satisfies the mission best.  List it's strengths as well as its weaknesses.

If I need to get down III Mountain, through possibly some small arms fire), hit the highway, pick you up, and get home safely using paved roads, dirt/gravel roads, old timber trails, perhaps making our own road here and there - what would you recommend?

Another solid Patriot suggests looking at up-armored M35A2's.

Any first-hand experience you have with the vehicles is a plus.