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Saturday, September 20, 2014

J.C. Dodge: Fundamentals

J.C. Dodge offers another excellent post on the fundamentals that must be considered before Americans begin candidly expressing their political differences of opinion on a daily basis.  J.C. is one of the few trainers who takes the time to share his knowledge of the basics.  A post discussing ruck mods, or combat smocks, is hardly as glamorous and "cool" as post after post discussing 600-yard kill shots from a slick & tricked AR.  But if you die of hypothermia in the woods because you didn't think about what pants you'd wear during extended operations in a cold, wet spring or fall season - well, that would suck.  J.C. takes the time to truly educate Patriots on all aspects of what they need to know - not simply SUT drills and where to stick a knife into a bad guy.

Here's his post.  I commend it to you all.  I also suggest you give real thought to all aspects of your gear - not just the fun boom-sticks and shiny blades.  Hygiene and weather will likely kill more people than bullets in RevWarIII.  Don't be that guy who dies because you didn't think of the basics, got wet and cold and died of pneumonia.

And when you are ready to take your AR or sidearm or SUT skills to the next level, get yourself enrolled in one of J.C.'s classes at Mason Dixon Tactical.