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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit & the coming European War

The Europeans have been fighting one another as long as there have been people on the continent.

Want to see how they start all over again?

The mayor of Calais (France) suggests sending Mo's Morons that are camped in his AO to Britain - as 'punishment' for not staying in the EU - the same EU more than 1/2 of Britons chose to leave precisely because the EU is a suicide pact run by non-Britons telling Britons how they must live.

Jo Cox.  That's what was in store for more of Britain's politicians if they did not heed the electorate.  Just what do you think those same Britons will do when uppity Frenchmen start calls for 'punishing' them?

LT and several other commentors here agree Brexit was a milestone on the march to a hot WWIII.  Not long ago Frenchman would have put rotting corpses filled with Plague onto catapults and launched them into Britain.  How do you think the Brexit crowd is going to react when those same Frenchmen start hurling Mo's Morons over the border?

You need more ammo.