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Sunday, July 24, 2016

DNC Cluster Foxtrot

The email release is a torpedo below the waterline for HMS Clinton.  

Hillary may be the first modern candidate to actually lose ground coming out of a party convention.  

The sum total of the reveals included in the DNC hack are little more than proof of 'Politics as usual' and game rigging.  But the timing of the reveal is fueling Bernie supporters who are still seething, as they are asked to lie back and think of England.  It doesn't help that the failure to indict is still just weeks-old, and her pick of Kaine is the ultimate 'Politics as usual' choice.

Anti-Clinton forces shouldn't be celebrating the demise of her candidacy just yet.  

There is an overwhelming machine supporting Hillary, and a not-insignificant part of that machine is #NeverTrump.  Even if many Bernie voters choose to stay home and withhold their votes, Hillary could pull a Jack Sparrow and ride a sinking campaign right into her inauguration.