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Friday, July 1, 2016

Free Trade: Economics for the Low Information Dummy

The notion of 'Free Trade' is nifty.  

The reality of 'Free Trade' is like the Powerball - a tax on the mathematically illiterate.

Most readers of this blog are old enough to remember when Ross Perot warned us all about the giant sucking sound.  I listened to that statement made live - and in the years since, the giant sucking sound has become a tinnitus - ever-present in our ears as our economy was gutted.

The Citadel concept is not a brilliant and new idea.  Like-minded people moving into proximity of one another, building the ties of community, building the infrastructure needed to make the community self-sufficient and safe in all respects.  That is the same model our Founders, Framers and business leaders had for the first 175 years of the republic.  It is called common sense.

Since the 1940s American 'Leaders' have been walking away from that common sense. Today we suffer for that reality - and most of those who betrayed us live in wealth most of us simply can't comprehend.

The response by Americans?  Most simply remain in the pot as the temperature rises. There is a subset, most self-identify as 'Patriots', who screech and wring their hands, bouncing from 'let's decorate the lamp posts' to 'we can't do anything, MUST keep the 'moral high ground'.  In this inaction even these proponents of change join their countrymen in the boiling pot.  

Inaction is a course of action, folks.  Own it.

America is on a course that will end in absolute subjugation and the death of Liberty, or war of such brutality and loss of life as this world has not seen.

Since subjugation is not an option...

...la Terreur.