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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mirror, meet Soul...

1) Do you believe that it is wrong to steal from another person?

2) Do you believe that the Right to arms shall not be infringed?

3) Do you believe that you own you and drug laws are wrong?

These three questions are ideal for determining the validity of a person's 'Patriot' credibility.  

The Bible addresses item 1.

The Bill of Rights addresses item 2.

The fundamental premise of individual Liberty is addressed in item 3 - who owns you.

The general definition of a Patriot is one who supports and will defend his country.

The American Patriot, and particularly the III Percent Patriot, is a different animal.  The original III Percent fought for Liberty - not a country.  The original III Percent Patriot would not blindly fight for America as it exists today - but he would fight to restore the ideal and reality of Liberty. He would fight to restore the America he helped bring into existence.

Anyone can answer affirmatively to the three questions above.  Talk is easy and cheap.

Does that person actually live his or her life according to those principles?

Does the person who answers affirmatively to item 1 participate in the Welfare State?  Does that person allow welfare into his or her home?  Every single penny of 'Entitlement' money handed out to people in America is first stolen, with the threat and promise of violence for non-compliance - in tax revenue.  Everyone who accepts a single penny of 'Entitlement' money - welfare by any other name - who has not earned it, is accepting stolen money.

Is such a person living according to the 'Thou shalt not steal' principle of Liberty?

Does the person who answers affirmatively to item 1 earn a paycheck derived from tax dollars (stolen money) and in the course of his job responsibilities either infringe or facilitate the infringement of Constitutional and Natural Rights of Americans?  If so, how is that person claiming 'Patriot' status - defined in America as a defender of individual Liberty? 

That person accepts stolen money to violate Liberty.  That person is not a Patriot.

Does the person answering affirmatively to item 2 qualify his answer with caveats such as 'I'm ok with background checks - at least for the first firearm purchase', or 'Well, I don't think everyone should be allowed to own grenades or plastique', or 'Some people in public shouldn't be allowed to own weapons'?

Either that person doesn't understand the simple definition of the word 'infringed' - or, that person doesn't truly embrace the premise.  Either way, 'Patriot' status is cancelled.

Does the person answering 'I own me' to item 3 qualify with caveats - or blatantly contradict himself - by suggesting that 'Drugs are bad, m'kay' and people should be restrained by law from ingesting X or Y?  Does he support laws against drug sellers or smugglers and agree they should lose their assets and go to prison?  Does he suggest 'I had a family member OD on X - drugs should be banned'?  Any caveats that suggest that while a person owns himself, he should not be allowed to do X or Y with his body is demonstrating, explicitly and without room for misinterpretation, that he doesn't get the concept of individual Liberty and any claim to being a III Patriot is null and void.

To take the position that abject stupidity is something one can justifiably legislate against is incompatible with Liberty.

If you consider yourself a III Patriot, take the test and apply the above 3 questions to yourself.  Answer them with brutal honesty and allow for the possibility that you may have a few notions that don't fit comfortably with your reality.  Be bold enough to identify incompatible issues and make adjustments.

After you have given yourself a thorough Intellectual Honesty check - apply the three questions to those around you who claim to be III Patriots.  You will find most people, especially in the blogosphere, fail.

Then apply the test to your family and friends, the ones you think will have your back during The Big Ugly.

Finally, apply the test to everyone in your AO to determine the extent to which your porch sweeping activities must reach.

Any man or woman claiming the status of Patriot - especially III Patriot - who violates any of the three items above, is a poser.  They are not real Patriots.  They may wear the title, but their beliefs and actions are those of the tyrant who believes he has the authority to infringe, restrict or blatantly violate the Natural and Constitutional Rights of you and anyone who disagrees with him.  By definition, these people think themselves superior to you, with a moral right to be your Master, to define how you may and may not live your life.

These are not Patriots.  We must not accept their claim to the title.

Real Patriots are obligated to pull the masks from those who would be Masters.

These are the people Patriots must extirpate.