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Sunday, July 17, 2016

RNC 2016: Day Four LIVE

RNC Coverage:

It is rare, but it happens.  I disagree with PJB.  I agree that if Trump wins the Oval, Cruz is done.  However, I think if Trump loses to Hillary, Cruz is the one guy who gets to play the 'I told you so' card for 2020 - and the milquetoast will nod and nominate him.  Here's the piece.  For the record - when I disagree with PJB, I am often wrong...

Plain & Simple: It was a very good speech.  Now, if he lives up to it, he'll be a great 'modern' President.  That said - even if he is a great President, course & speed are locked and the North American Liberty Games will run their course.  You need more ammo.

Where's the H8 at RNC?  Aside from a few scuffles, a bit of wee-wee and one Commie setting himself afire, BLM and their affiliates have been a yawn. I guess all Commies are the same.  Did the Commie puppeteers decide to pull back?  Did they actively fail?  Did the Bikers for Trump put the fear of hot lead into them?  Analysis: If the hate and rage put forth by MSM actually existed on an organic level, Cleveland would be smoldering rubble right now.  Without a handful of agitators, the Commies and their Useful Idiots are no more ready to rock than are the FSA Patriot Brigades.

Anyone in Massachusetts who wants an AR - here ya go.  Fcuk Tyrants.

AR in Massachusetts?  Not any longer - here.  (CavMed)

Monday: DNC begins - here.  

Pence Speech: Vid here. (Tom)

No problems with the LEO Mindset.  Keep moving, peasant - here.

Tonight: Trump Speaks - here's the piece.

Cruz commits political suicide - IF Trump loses...  here.

Dead KC LEO 'not' Ambushed - here.

Tonight on the Stage: Cruz.  Here.

Big turnout in viewers for RNC - here.

Polls: Don't put much stock in the national polling.  1) All candidates ALWAYS get a convention bump - Hillary will also.  2) National polls mean nothing in American politics - it's all about the electoral map.  Here.

Commie Agitators Failing at RNC?  Here.

If Trump Wins - a Coup?  LA Times, here.

'Workers Party' - Commies prevalent at RNC.  This is one of the outfits Red Mikey played for when he was openly committing Treason and more mundane felonies against the republic. Remember boys and girls, Commies murdered tens of millions of people around the world in the 20th century alone, and Red Mikey was right there, funneling them cash and doing their dirty work. Yeah, he's going to Heaven, alright... Here's the link from RNC.

Cleveland: Urine Wars - here.

Kansas City LEO shot & killed in squad car - here.

It's Official: Trump 2016 - here.

Alex Jones starts a ruckus in Cleveland - here.

From CavMed: Here.

GatewayPundit refutes 'Shots Fired' claim - here.

Shots Fired in Cleveland at LEO Transport - here here(Thanks MJ)

Frenchie has a decision to take: Extirpate every Muslim and Muslim-enabler within their borders, or die.  Here.  (Thanks ToneDeaf)

More LEO revealing their anti-2A Police Statism - here.

Black Lives Matters shuts down I-95 in Richmond Monday - here 

Melania speech Analysis: It seems obvious that this is an act of sabotage - a landmine inserted for future detonation - from someone on Team Trump.  This is the sort of tactic the Establishment will use through the campaign to try and derail Trump without having the courage to own their sabotage.  Here.

#NeverTrumpers stomped - here.

If Donald Trump has done nothing else - he has mortally wounded the Bush/Ryan GOP. PJB on the topic - here.

An AK-101 with a custom grip in Cleveland - here.

Guns in the crowd - here.

As we calculated several weeks ago, the drama around 'NeverTrump' fizzled before it ever got started - here.

Mo takes the train - here.

#NeverTrumpers making their first run - here.

Turks pressing Incirlik - here.

Bikers for Trump on the Ground - here.

Tulsa Standoff with Pickup Truck - here.

Live - here.

Daytona FL LEO Car Firebombed Sunday - here.

Maquis Rising - here.
Amnesty International on the ground

Obama Tweaks LEO - Here.

Freddie Gray NOT Murdered - here.

Shabazz: There will be violence in Cleveland - here

Cleveland LEO Union asks for 2A Suspension - here.
Cui Bono?  Riot gear manufacturers