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Friday, July 29, 2016

We simply can't allow Citizens of India to buy Air Conditioners

A thousand words to get to the simple point: Impose a carbon tax.

That's what all the talk has been about in recent weeks regarding air conditioners.  

I'll save you from the article.  The writer takes the position that 3rd world countries are becoming wealthier, and the citizens of those countries will buy more air conditioners, increasing our carbon footprint and bringing the world to an ozone-depleted end as we all roast in our own juices.

His fix: Impose a carbon tax.

This is just one more run at the desire by those who mean to be masters to impose a tax upon the cornerstone of all life on Earth.  In America you are taxed for living (Obamacare) and dying (Death tax).  Now these people want to tax your fundamental chemicals, and spread that love across the world.

Here's the piece.

Never forget that topics such as 2A and the Carbon Tax are generational and incremental for the Marxists of the world.  Each new wave of politicians and bureaucrats move ever-forward in their pursuits, handing the batons to their replacements as their individual careers wind down.

Extirpation is the answer.