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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Weekend of Rage: Milwaukee & Baton Rouge LEO Shootings

LEO Radio Traffic from Baton Rouge - here.  Thanks MJ

Cleveland LEO - The Mask of Tyrants Falls: Cleveland LEO Union calls for suspension of Open Carry for RNC.  Here's the link.  Now you know where Cleveland LEO stands regarding your 2A.

Baltimore: 20+ Arrested - here.

LEO Shot in Ambush - Wisconsin: Here.  Good work, ToneDeaf (several links below are his)

LEO Down in Baton Rouge: Here & Here - Live here. CNN here.

We must wonder if Blane Salamoni & Howie Lake II - the LEO who shot Sterling - if they feel any responsibility for dead LEO in Dallas and now Baton Rouge.  Simple fact: If you carry yourself as if you are in a war, someone will treat you as if you are in a war...

Who's Who coming to protest at RNC: Here.

Brief Analysis: That there was almost no organic BLM activity across the nation on Friday, one must conclude that since the Marxist puppetmasters are focused on Cleveland, their network of agitators is not only finite, but rather limited.  If their was indeed widespread, near-violence boiling across the country, the lack of a few instigators would not matter.

Extirpate the puppetmasters, the puppets will fall to the floor...

Look for any real action to be in Cleveland, where they have amassed.

Let's make it global, because: Nice

Cleveland: Check the video

Turkey: As a rule, when you take a shot at the King, do not miss - here.

FBI: Credible Threat for South Florida - here.

It begins in Charm City: AR Attack on LEO in Baltimore.

Coup in Turkey qualifies for Weekend of Rage: Here.

Pushback in Rhode Island against Mo's Morons: Here.

Marine LePen: War.

Fire at the Eiffel Tower, here. (Frenchie says no Terror connection.)

Cleveland LEO order Stand Down?  Here  (Mike's shop is usually balls-on accurate.  It doesn't mean terms won't change if some politician thinks it will help his career - but don't plan on any help from LEO in Cleveland next week at RNC.)  Thanks to M for the link.

In the French: Extirper...

Translation?  You already know: