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Saturday, August 13, 2016

AP is rabidly #NeverTrump

Watching 'The Establishment' work in unison to destroy Donald Trump is a fascinating journey.  I have never seen such breadth and depth of 'weapons free' behavior from so many corners of society, many of which like to pretend they are non-partisan or at least above such ugliness.

Here's the summary graf from a larger AP piece running this morning:


ALTOONA, Pa. (AP) - The Republican Party could be nearing a breaking point with Donald Trump. As he skips from one gaffe to the next, GOP leaders in Washington and in the most competitive states have begun openly contemplating turning their backs on their party's presidential nominee to prevent what they fear will be wide-scale Republican losses on Election Day. Back in 1996, the party largely gave up on nominee Bob Dole once it became clear he had little chance of winning, so it's not without precedent.

Notice the declaratives?  Notice the gratuitous assertions?  Notice their goal 'GOP Breaking Point - Turn Backs on Trump'?  Notice they even offer wavering GOP pols and Useful Idiots a hook on which to hang their hats? "It has been done before, you won't be the first to walk away - Party Elders did it to Bob Dole, so you can do it to Trump"

There are two reasons I hope Donald Trump wins the presidency.

1) Every single policy and action HRC will take as President will be a direct and tangible assault on the notions of personal Liberty.  Full Stop.  She does not have one single position that will improve the status of Liberty in America.

2) Because I want to see Donald Trump gut every remaining 'Establishment' Republican - and as President, he'd have the chainsaw to do the deed.  This is something he'd do - because he understands loyalty, and payback.