Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Saturday, August 27, 2016


There were no welfare parasites in the original III Percent.  There were no FedGov employees standing with John Parker at Lexington.  There were no members of the Police State standing post at Concord waiting for the British.  Those guys all worked for the King.

Today, as then, real Patriots stand against the forced confiscation and redistribution of wealth.  Real Patriots condemn the waste, fraud and abuse of welfare - we do not cash the checks.  John Parker died of tuberculosis without ever taking a penny of taxpayers money for his own health care.

Real Patriots believe in the right of free association - not coercive efforts to make you toe the lines they draw.

I promised this community many years ago that I would take point and face whatever the Marxists threw my way, so that others could work below the radar.  I already had a spotlight on me, and I am emotionally suited for facing headwinds.  It was an easy decision to take.

My goal today is the same as it was stated in my book 'Our Fathers Weep' - the restoration of Rightful Liberty.  That means, among other things, an end to the welfare state and Police State.  Over the last several years I have carved a toe-hold - with the help of MANY of you - toward those goals.  We are making headway - which is why I am taking fire from members of the Welfare State and Police State who try to camouflage themselves as 'Patriots'.  Make no mistake, 99% of FedGov jobs are unconstitutional, and nothing more than welfare for people who could never cut it in the private sector. 

The 'Liberty Movement' and 'Patriot Community' have been infiltrated and corrupted by organized Marxists, directing welfare parasites, provocateurs and Quislings to try and thwart our efforts.

I am not a 'Patriot Leader'.  I am not here to be followed.  I am not here for fame or praise - my media policy demonstrates that definitively.  I am not here to be liked - I really do not care if you like me or not.  I do not care what is said about me by ideological enemies.  They simply do not matter.  If you genuinely want Liberty, we can work together - even if we do not like one another.  If you turn out to be a poser who talks the talk while walking in the shoes of a welfare parasite or worse, we will part ways and it will be ugly.

I shared my intended path on this blog and invited like-minded Patriots to walk with me if they wished.  Today there are people and families here in North Idaho who Holly and I met over the years from all over the country.  We told you we were moving here, and we did.  

III Arms has relocated here, as we promised it would.  We are deeply involved in the Local, Local, Local, as we counsel all Patriots to be, wherever you may live.  Collectively, those of us who have come here have invested in well over one million dollars worth of real estate. We have a large swath of mountain property as a SHTF Bug Out location for Tribe.  We have improved the tax base. We are bringing jobs and opportunities to the community. 

In short, we are doing exactly what we promised we would do.  We do not break our promises to you and abandon projects - even when other 'Patriots' do.

That howling you hear from the welfare parasites, Quislings, provocateurs and Marxists - that is the sound of success.