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Friday, August 5, 2016

Local, Local, Local...

Bill Nye created the PatCon concept and hosted the first event.

TL Davis followed-on with events in DC and Mercer.  I attended both.  The DC event consisted of TL, Pete from WRSA, and me.  That's it - no one else showed.  They went into the House Office Building to discuss events with Congressmen.  I took my leave.  In Mercer Lewis Wetzel helped and the crowd was more substantial - this is where many of us met Jim Miller for the first time.  This is also where Tom Baugh revealed his shenanigans wherein bloggers in the 'Liberty Movement' would determine which readers were herded into 'chutes' and guided to specific blogs. 

Far too many people in the 'Liberty Movement' try to control you, whether you know it or not.

Brock's PatCon events have become the Gold Standard on the east coast.  I have attended several.  Holly and I were given the guest room in his home whenever we attended.  We've held two PatCons here in the Redoubt.  Both ranked as the largest scheduled turn-out events I have attended in the Patriot community.  Our events to date have been open to Patriots from around the country - and we've had cross-country guests at both events.  This year we have modified our events, focusing on serious training at a much deeper level and specifically for local Patriots.

After all, the III Percent is fundamentally a network of local, local, local entities.  National networking, coordination and information sharing are all good practices - but action is realistically limited to the local.  If you are considering some action that is a hundred miles from your doorstep, you should seriously reconsider trying to operate so far from home and so far removed from your logistics infrastructure, on ground you probably don't know well.

We often read 'Patriots' faulting each other for a failure to act on some event that is happening in their state, even if hundreds of miles away.  Why?  If we agree the III is essentially a local, local, local group of entities, why on Earth would someone in Pennsylvania goad someone in Spokane about a baker in Portland?  Let Portland take care of business in Portland.  And if Portland has no Patriots who are willing to stand and be counted - well, then it sucks to be Portland.

What is a III Percent Patriot?  This is a fundamental question that is too often defined for you by some self-anointed 'Leader'.  

Consider this as the starting point for how 'you' define 'III Percent' for 'you'.

The original III Percent Patriots (the ONLY III Percent Patriots in our history to date) were those men and women who took arms into the field during the Revolution against the King's Men. That's it.  That's the end of the discussion regarding the definition of a 'III Percenter'.  

They are all dead.

The first serious III Percent Patriots in our History are John Parker and the men who stood with him, and the men who followed-on over the next long hours after Lexington.

What does it mean to be a 'modern' III Percent Patriot?  At the core of the concept is this: You are willing to take the field and physically fight against Tyrants in America to protect Liberty for yourself and your posterity.  

Hint: If you have ever run a zip-tie through the chamber of your weapon while protesting Tyrants, you really, really need to reconsider that III patch on your gear.  I'm relatively certain John Parker & Company would spit at any such 'American'. 

If you have ever been turned away from an unguarded wooden door with a 100 year-old lock while armed - with a group of other armed people - reconsider using the III moniker.

If you have ever applied for a permit to protest Tyrants...

If you work for the King's coin in any unconstitutional capacity...

If you accept welfare...

If you work in a job - public or private sector - in which you infringe or violate the Natural and Constitutional Rights of your neighbors...

...you are going to have to go through some significant intellectual gymnastics to reconcile your actions with your claim to being III.  And while you might convince yourself that you are III - you won't convince me or other serious Americans - or History.