Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Civil Wars Begin

I use the word 'friend' with great scarcity.  In the Liberty Movement I have, perhaps, a dozen. These are people I know, people I have watched, people I would trust at my back with a firearm - indeed, people I would trust to protect my wife.  If you know me, you know the value of that particular trust.  From Oregon to North Carolina, to Florida to DC, I have a very few people I would ever trust that much.

One of these Patriots is in the Charlotte area.  He is more than capable of defending his home & hearth - but I wish we were closer so I could be at his shoulder.  One probably does not look at the map of our country and think of Charlotte as the first place History may remember as the beginning of RevWarIII.  But here it is...

Wherever you may be, no matter how well you have tried to prep for what is coming, I hope you never drop your guard.  At any moment - obviously - some member of the Police State or Welfare State or Bureaucratic State may do something that is considered to be intolerable to your AO.  Some of us have moved to North Idaho to be as removed from likely lines of attack as possible - but even here we have Fed-level bureaucrats and enemies of Liberty trying to resettle Mo's Morons - a problem that could spark-off at any given moment.

Be safe, my friends and allies.  We are neck-deep in 'interesting times' - and we all have ring-side seats to History's greatest chapter...