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Saturday, September 24, 2016

This was no Manolo or Manuel - this was Mo'...

**UPDATE** He was a Turk Muzzie.  I am done here.  Every assessment I have offered has proved correct.  Every accusation against me has failed.  I've done what I can do to help people wake up.  You get it, or you do not.




Nearly 15 years ago I drew attention to the vulnerability of shopping malls as likely targets.  I warned shopping mall owners to harden.  I warned shoppers to arm up.

At the same time I offered that terrorists operating in this country would predominantly use firearms, versus bombs or other modalities.  I took the most intense ass-whipping of my life for daring to shine a light on the topic.

My timeline was off.  My analysis was not.

The latest was north of Seattle, this weekend.

Witnesses are calling the shooter 'hispanic'.  They are wrong.  Our Masters will try to make the 'hispanic' thing stick if they are able - for having Mo's Morons shooting up malls simply hinders their narrative at the moment.  But make no mistake - having Mo's Morons shooting Americans in American shopping malls is EXACTLY what they have wanted for a long time.

The list of guilty accomplices is long - and it begins with every single person working in every single mall management company that has failed to harden their venues.  They are accomplices to terror and murder.

Here's the piece.