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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bannon, NSC, & Leftist Spin

The Establishment Media is calling Bannon's move from the National Security Council a 'demotion'.

Go to CNN, HuffPo, MSNBC, et cetera - you'll see how they are spinning it. 

The reality is simple - political operatives were never meant to be on the NSC.  This is an adjustment, not a 'demotion'.  

Do not misunderstand me - there is a LOT of info coming from the Trump administration that worries me very deeply.  I see at this moment he is being obstructed and, I fear, being hammered into Establishment positions.  I know he is waiting for Gorsuch to be approved to SCOTUS before he challenges the immigration foolishness - but beyond that we will simply have to wait and see.

President Trump is the guy we sent to fix things.  He is the outlier.  He is facing headwinds from the Deep State and Establishment that would crush mere mortals.  Give him support.  Give him praise.

Yet the moment he caves, withdraw your love immediately.