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Saturday, December 24, 2011

He Needed Killin' II

UPDATE: This post from last January is suddenly receiving a LOT of hits from Lebanon.  So, I figured I'd put it front & center, to make it easier for them to find.


Some men need killin'.

There are animals and tyrants among us.  Rooster Cogburn explained it to Matty Ross: "Lil Sister, there ain't no reasonin' with a rat.  You either have to leave him be, or kill him."

An old Japanese teacher of mine said: If it isn't worth killing or dying, it isn't worth fighting.

I agree with both of those bits of reasoning.

My foreign policy would be simple: Americans keep their noses out of everyone elses business.  We'll trade with anyone, but DO NOT F with our Tribe!

I'm not much for Proportional Response.

You send a few planes into my country to kill my Countrymen?  I carpet bomb every single mosque in an entire country.  You blow up a suicide bomber on one of my country's planes?  I eliminate every mosque in another country, and turn their electricity off for the next generation.  You threaten Los Angeles or put a mysterious "contrail" off our coast (China),  we turn every known nuclear facility and weapon you have to radioactive dust.  Businessmen gouge American Citizens by manipulating the price of oil, we put you against a wall and kill you.  For the foreign oilmen who gouge Americans with oil manipulation: We run you from your country, import a few million Joses, Jorges and Juans from Texas, Arizona and California to pump the oil...and we give them every military tool they need to defend their new country (oh yeah, we let 'em raise a flag and introduce South of the Border DNA to the Middle East bloodlines!) at wholesale and with Terms.

There will come a moment in America when Patriots will have no choice but to accept wholesale the tyrannies that have been incrementally claiming us all, or unleash Hell and be rid of the Tyrants among us...one Patriot at a time, one fight at a time.

If America does not soon embrace the He needed killin' doctrine for the tyrants among us, Liberty will be a footnote in American history.