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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Part II: America?? Is anyone out there?? Hello??

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The Indiana Supreme Court has openly declared war on the Citizens of the State.  We all know that the Fourth Amendment has been under relentless assault for decades.  Stop & Frisk is authorized disregard for the Fourth, upheld by the US Supreme Court.

But the majority of the highest court in Indiana has now taken the step of officially dismissing the Fourth.  The fact that the enemies of Liberty feel so confident of their position that they boldly command citizens to stand down in the face of the Authority of the State should ring of every Tyrant in history making official resistance to the whim of the State illegal.

You and I understand the significance.  So what?

I spent the day thus far visiting every Tea Party site I could find in Indiana, every Patriot site, every news outlet, even Fox.

Patriots: Consider what it means when the Tyrant no longer feels the need to hide behind pretense and there is not one single call for impeachment or trial for treason for Supreme Court judges in the State of Indiana who make it illegal to resist the power of the state, even in the face of violent, illegal attack.  These judges have dismissed the Constitution in a manner as yet dared by other members of the Political Class.

Where is the outrage?  Where are the street-jamming protests?  Where, even, is the newspaper report?  As of 4:30 Eastern Fox did not even have a single report on the topic.

Before you burn one more calorie on your current path of Restoration, consider how many of your Countrymen are not aware and how many do not care about this event.

In my opinion the citizen's of Indiana should be ripping that State to shreds right now, evicting every single member of the Political Class from the State, marching them at the points of pitchforks over the borders into Illinois, Ohio, Michigan & Kentucky.

How much are you willing to invest and risk for people who will not protect themselves?  Most of your neighbors are just as pathetic as the citizens of Indiana.

The lack of outrage and action in the face of this event is genuinely surprising to me.

Perhaps a severe course correction on my part is in order.



  1. By the time the Gestapo has come to your doorstep, it is already too late for you and your family. Your processing is inevitable, and continued resistance will only bring escalation, concluded when your home is burned to the ground. But history demonstates that the vast majority will obey orders and open their doors and go quietly into the police car, and then the box car, and finally the "shower room". As this happened at least SIX MILLION times over with negligible resistance, then SIX HUNDRED MILION will go just as peacefully next time. Or perhaps even SIX BILLION. Sheeple are sheeple.

  2. They can have it any way they want it.

    My doorway is the gate to my family, and there is an invisible line in the sand drawn across it.

    Their rulings mean nothing to me any more.

    Cross my threshold without my blessing, and it is war.

    Even if it is hopeless and has only one possible outcome.

    I will not live as a slave, meekly accepting the state's will for me.

    A man's gotta stand for something, or he's not a man.

    Stop prepping for restoration.

    There is only one way to preserve peace.

    Once this is acknowledged, there is no more stress.


  3. "I spent the day thus far visiting every Tea Party site I could find in Indiana, every Patriot site, every news outlet, even Fox."

    And the only place that ya even hear about this is at the Threeper Sites.

    To many of the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS are Law and Order Sheepple, They would surrender Liberty for Security.


  4. Stopped stressing awhile back. :-) See, the thing about all these 'rulings' and decrees (like martial law), is they require a compliant populace to work because the numbers just aren't there for OPFOR. They're spread too thin. Think about this: It would take 14 divisions just to lock down NYC. By lock down, I mean really 'lock down'. The entire US Army only has 10 combat divisions and a good number of them are kind of busy right now....

    Once a couple of these things occur (police illegally entering homes 'just because they have a hunch') and folks have not been 'compliant' and have answered the door with their precious metals in hand (brass, lead and copper), OPFOR will pull out and attempt to control via checkpoints, random searches and so forth....at least, in the major cities. The reason they'll do that is because it will be obvious that if LEO's don't obey the Constitution and respect the limitations on federal government listed in the BOR, there's no earthly reason why John Q Public should be required to do so. What happens then is anyones guess, though I might have a suspicion of what it might entail....

    And though the old axiom, "one person with a knife can intimidate a room with 100 people in it" is true, and can be applied to a 'dynamic entry' for example and encouragement, it's also true that one, or a few, very dedicated people can hold entire systems at bay until 'calmer heads' prevail.

    Especially when the instigation is an increasing number of 'mistaken identity' raids that kill innocent people, don't announce, fire 71 rounds in 7 seconds, etc....

    So....we stand for what we believe in: The Constitution AND the rule of Constituional law (not just legislation repugnant to the Constitution but in line with 'modern policy').

    All they have to do to win is leave us alone and let us live our live without further encroachment on our right to life, liberty and puruit of happiness.

    Will they? I doubt it....so I am prepped but not stressed.

  5. Trainer: With you I am not stressed, though I must admit I am resigned to the reality that each new affront from our Masters is met with greater servility from our Countrymen.

    Perhaps the spirit of the populace is as far removed from that of our Founding Generation as it would seem...

    Most Patriots seem to draw a line at the threshold of their own home, and a successful revolution will never be waged at the doorways of homes.

    Rhetorically I wonder: Is there any act with which this current population will not abide? Even if our Masters manage to rile the population to the streets, will the average Countrymen rally to the Constitution, or will they rally to the breadline for more free handouts?

    I am not sanguine that Liberty as defined by Jefferson will ever again be known by the average citizen. Instead, it will be only the province of we few who dare live in abject defiance of Masters, and we will die, one by one, until the final candle of Liberty is snuffed out as the last of us leaves this plane of existence.


  6. Could not have imagined that I would live long enough to witness the end of Liberty. I read about this and my heart sank. Not so much because I could not believe it but because it is a sign of the times.

    Change is as they say the only constant. This only confirms what I have thought for a very long time.

    We will not be fighting to restore our Republic, or to keep it. Rather to build anew...

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