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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Liberty II: The Political Landscape

This post is to begin laying the ground for the Call to Action and Call to Arms that will come at the end of this series.  We are going to take a very quick analysis of the politcal stakes for the 2012 cycle.  This entire discussion, this series of posts, is predicated on the wisdom and insight of Concerned American's Polygonal Battlespace concept.

There are many fronts in this war against Liberty.  If we focus on only one, we lose.  If we do not engage and win on the several most dangerous threats that are in our faces right now, we lose.  I may lose, but I will never surrender.

We must identify, engage, win, and then move on.

I am starting with Politics.  It matters.    It matters who the politicians are when they dive into the bunkers.  If you tell me that it would not be better to have Obama out of the White House, Reid demoted from Majority Leader, and dozens of RINO's and fake Tea Party Congressmen sent home, don't bother reading any further.

First: There are 10 serious Battleground States for the Oval office, worth 132 Electoral Votes.

The Battleground States: Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico.  Bush won them, and so did President Obama.  If you want President Obama to be a one-term President, he must be defeated in most of these States.

Second: Look at the Blue/Red Counties from 2008.  If you are in a State that matters, you need to work in the Counties that matter.  (If you are not in a State that matters, we need to go to the State and Counties that matter!) III Patriots must fight where the battles exist.  It is a waste of effort (often) to throw a Tea Party with a III presence in a Red County that is not at risk.  Instead, consider joining the Tea Party that has the gumption to hold their event in a Blue County.  Forget the hijacked Tea Party elements - there are millions of genuine Tea Party folks who have had their voices stolen.  You are III - you can help them reclaim their voice and shove the hijackers into the ditch.

Third: The US Senate: In the US Senate there are 33 seats in play next November, and very importantly 23 of those in play are D's.  Yes, my friends, it matters if Harry Reid is demoted from Majority Leader, in a very big way.  I'm adding a column on the right of the blog listing the Senators who are up for defeat this cycle.  We need to send them all home.

Fourth: Now consider the US House.  How many so-called Tea Party R's were elected, only to prove they were lying genetic garbage?  87.  There were 87.  How many voted for PATRIOT ACT renewal, or the Debt Ceiling increase, or worse?  Tea Party?  No, my friends...Traitors.  Let's get rid of every single one of them.  Let's also throw out another broad swath of D's and Establishment R's.

Fifth: You know who your State, County, City scoundrels are...let's make sure they know who you are, too.

That's the lay of the land this cycle.  As I write this we are about 53 weeks from voting again. 

That's not much time.

How can the III make a real difference:

When the spring weather breaks, the Tea Party folks and the Occupy folks will be back in the streets.  What needs to be different this cycle?  You and me.

Sure, we were there in the first rounds of Tea Party events, and we have little to show for it.  Most of the real Tea Party folks were dis-illusioned when the Movement was hijacked and their voices became silenced.

How do you and I, as III Percent Patriots, protect our allies in the real Tea Party?  How would John Parker and his allies do it?

We show up to their events in full kit.  72 Hour Go Bags in place, Battle Rifles slung, Pistols in place, fighting blades strapped...everything we need for 72 hours of serious offensive or defensive work, ready to go.  Stay within the law...but push it. 

I call it Hard Tea.  I also call it Tea III.  Think about it.  The masses of real Tea Party folks are not get-off-the-porch types...they are supporters, not Warriors.  You are III.  You are the Warriors.  When a few III Patriots ensure that we are in every Tea Party crowd (at important, strategic counties & States), our Tea Party allies will draw strength, courage and confidence just by having you near...even if there is only one III Patriot in the crowd.  Never under-estimate the power of a single Warrior who is ready for anything...remember how many Texas Rangers they send to a riot?

I know the biggest obstacle is not mettle: III Patriots have what it takes.

The biggest real obstacle is resources.  It takes money to get to the event.  It takes money to get a hotel room.  It takes money to replace the lost wages of a day or two off work...especially if such efforts continue for months.

There is also a manpower obstacle.  There are not enough of us.  But I think that is not entirely accurate.  I think there are more of us who simply do not know we exist...we have not found each other yet.  We need to increase our numbers.  One benefit is that so many of us live in all areas of the country.  If we need a presence, we have someone close.

We need more III Patriots and we need resources (cash).  I have a remedy for both, that we'll cover in a coming post.  Until then think about the importance of winning on the political front.  Think about how impressive 1-12 serious III Patriots would be in a crowd of Tea Party folks.  Think about the fact that if you want Liberty, it's up to us.

The 2012 elections will be the most important in my lifetime. We will never vote our way out of the horrors headed our way.  Nor are we dismissed from the eternal bond of all real American Patriots...to pledge our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor to Liberty.

And think about this: If there was a Tea Party event near you that needed a III Patriot in full gear, and the only thing preventing you from getting there was gas money, food money, or hotel money...would you go if we could find a way to cover those expenses?

None of us can do this alone.