Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, Patriots

We are leaving 2011 in a few hours, and entering what I suspect may be the most dangerous year ever faced for Liberty in our republic.  I include 1860/1861 in my assessment.  Those years marked the beginning of the end, and if we are not careful 2012 may mark the end itself.


I resolve to do everything in my power, upon every front of the polygonal battlespace, to ensure that Liberty does not perish on my watch.

I know many of you have your bayonets pointed at the same Enemies of Liberty as do I.

Let this be the year we earn the respect of the original III.


Slavery, pure & simple...

ObamaCare is nothing but slavery wrapped in the pretense of good intentions.

If the law is allowed to stand, it joins many others in the pile of laws designed to enslave Americans.

The Supreme Court claims the power to decide the Constitutionality of the law.

Sorry, that is not the way the Founders intended the republic to work.  No man, and no group of men, have the power to declare an unconstitutional law that violates Natural Rights to be lawful and Constitutional, something we must endure.

Sadly, defeating ObamaCare will not signal that Liberty remains alive.  But not defeating it will leave those who intend to have Liberty with very few choices...

Here is TL's piece.


Texas PatCom

Here's an update from Bill about his Patriot gathering in a couple of weeks.  It looks like he will have a good turnout, and I would suggest anyone with the time/ability to attend should do so.

This is how communities bond.

Here's the update from Bill.


Friday, December 30, 2011

PJB: 2012 will be very dangerous

"In questions of power," Jefferson admonished, "let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution."

The old influence we had over events in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan is slipping away. Even the Israelis tell Obama they will build on the West Bank when they wish, where they wish.

China, beneficiary of a decade of trade surpluses running into the trillions at our expense, now instructs us that the South China Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea and Taiwan Strait are territorial waters — and the U.S. Navy shall behave accordingly.

[America] Though fighting for a decade, she is unable to impose her will on Iraq or Afghanistan. She cannot control her borders. She cannot balance her budgets. She cannot get her spending under control. She cannot stop the steady hemorrhaging of her jobs and factories overseas.

America is losing control. Why? A failure to understand human nature and the lessons of history — and the mindless pursuit of Utopian dreams.

I have said it before and I will say it again: America messed up and perhaps lost our last chance at a peaceful Restoration when we failed to elect Pat Buchanan to the Oval Office.

Here is his full piece.


Bachmann: My first 100 days...

She has written an op-ed that says many of the right things, here.

How might she evolve with 4 or 8 years as VP to a President Paul?

Could she recover from her neo-con mistakes (PATRIOT) sufficiently to become a good President?  Would she learn to read the Constitution as written and intended sitting second chair for a term or two?

I have been to two events when she spoke, and I found her charming, sincere, and not afraid to look anyone in the eye.  Even with her weaknesses, I am convinced she'd be a better President than Mitt.  And her first 100 days plan promises far more than Mitt, Newt and the others (except Paul) have dared.

Here's her op-ed.


Buck Nighthawk

The Buck Nighthawk is a knife that will be included in our Go Bag project.  We have found it to be another outstanding blade. 

Kent has some nice things to say about Buck as well, here.


GM recalling Chevrolet Sonics to check brake pads

On a modern assembly line each worker usually has one job - swing this robotic-assist arm in place and push the button, the computer will tighten to proper torque, or, put these 4 left-thread widgets on this muffler bearing, et cetera.

So...how does a modern assembly line miss a brake assembly without pads?

How does it miss 4,000+?

Simple: Let the Government own it and run it...

Here is the story.


2012 WTF Media Campaign

Consider a 2012 election cycle media campaign for our community.

AP has fleshed out a draft, please read the thread and comment at WRSA, here.

Every bit of audience expansion is ground gained for Liberty.


Iran: Oil, War, American Politics

Watch the rhythm of the war drums and escalations regarding Iran and consider how they affect the 2012 US election cycle.  Americans tend to circle the wagons around a President in wartime.  That is an old narrative, but not yet entirely obsolete.  What is different today is that many Americans are tired of war, and the sitting President has started more than his share.  Starting another with Iran will probably backfire if the goal is to solidify his domestic political base.

But, what if war with Iran is not entirely about the domestic political base?

Iran sits on the fourth largest oil reserves in the world.  Any oil disruption will further negatively impact the world economy and the US economy, and perhaps be the straw that breaks the camel's back.  Mo's folks have proved time and again during the Arab Spring that they can be relied upon, once unleashed from their current tyrants, to work stridently towards goals that are in their own interests and thereby destructive toward America.

Current economic programs in America are deliberate in their attempts to undermine and break the republic.  Every economic decision taken, and even those avoided, facilitate a downward spiral of our economic health.  The goal must be to implode and collapse, for the goals of Enemies of Liberty.

How better to ensure a timely implosion than to spend three years driving to the precipice, and in the final year give the final push, a push that is guaranteed to drive oil to $150+ per barrel, gasoline to $6+ per gallon, and effectively march the country into full-blown economic suicide? 

War with Iran.

Look for a spring or summer conflict with Iran that drives the economy in the direction sought by our resident Communists.  Their goal is the destruction of Liberty and Capitalism.  They must push Americans further from their comfort zones and deeper into the arms of Government to succeed.

Their timing may have been ideal.

2012 will see the rise of the FSA in the name of Communism (though they will call it something more palatable).

2012 will see the final moments of Liberty and Capitalism, or it will provide the opening for Patriots to sweep away the disease in our midst.

You will have a vote that matters in this one.

Watch the headlines about Iran.  Watch the rise of DHS.  Connect the dots.

Do not be caught flat-footed.  Be aware and prepared when the balloon goes up.

Mozart has a post that complements this topic, here.


Mitt: The new Annointed One

It's already over, so the pundits tell us.  Mitt has won, so everyone else should just go home now and save the effort.

Ann Coulter has been telling us for more than a month that Mitt is the only chance we have of beating President Obama.  Of course, I am not part of Ann's 'We'.

Interesting that most pundits will agree that the best way to clinch a nomination quickly is a one-two punch in Iowa and New Hampshire, which vote one week apart.

The interesting thing is that Ron Paul currently has the lead in Iowa, depending on the poll, or second place.  And while Conventional Wisdom has Mitt in a landslide in New Hampshire, second place looks like it is Ron Paul's to lose.  Conventional Wisdom, of course, isn't.

It looks to me as if the opening bell has not yet rung, and the heir to the Throne has looked into the ring and seen a 76 year old Texan that he would rather not fight...

Here's a piece from NH.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Graybeard: Corzine as Ferdinand

Graybeard connects dots from Barnhardt to Denninger and beyond and puts it into historical perspective.

Common sense and intuition have been warning many of us for a while that economic Implosion is imminent and nearing, could MF Global be the catalyst that starts the bank runs?  Once the run starts, it will not end except in Death Camps.

Here's the link.


Standing Armies

We were warned about standing armies. 

We have two in this country, the armed forces and LEO.

We have a Political Class that is determined to be an Imperial power.  The problem with Empire is that you can only expand so long as you are conquering treasure.  When that fails and your home country begins to get antsy because they are feeling the financial pinch, Empire builders have two choices: Quit the Empire or include their Countrymen among the conquered.

This is where we stand today.

Those who mean to have a war machine and use it will enslave us all to keep their toys.  That is why you see such cooperation between professional military and civilian LEO.  Most of the men and women involved in those two groups like their toys and they enjoy being part of a special class of Citizens.  The Politicians who give them orders use them as tools to impose their will upon the rest of us.

Once again the wisdom of Jefferson would have prevented us this hardship.

Too many among us look to the Revolutionary War and fail to understand that the conflict is the same as we face today, in an examination of principles.  We have Countrymen among us who will do violence to force us to obey their Masters.  They are better armed and resourced.  They have Law on their side, and we do not.

All we have is morality and our desire to live as Free men at Liberty.

That is enough, if we also dig deep and find the will to match our desire.

You can not retreat from this enemy.  Today even the escape into the Territories is off the table.

There is only one way you will be Free and at Liberty in your lifetime, and there is only one way you will secure those treasures for your posterity.  You will have to willingly enter Hell, willingly trade your life for the goals we seek, and recognize that your authority to be Free and at Liberty is granted by a force far greater than any man who would see you enslaved.

You may not live through this Hell.  But you must enter and keep going until you reach the other side, or until you are dead.  If you fall, the rest of us will do all we can to secure Freedom and Liberty for your posterity.  Should I fall, I hope you will do the same.

We need not go looking for Monsters to slay.

We need only stand our ground and refuse to yield Liberty.

We need only take the decision that where we go, Liberty will be safe.

The Monsters will come for us, it is their nature.

Think about it.


Request for the day

A favor of regular readers: I'd appreciate a concerted effort over the rest of the week if readers would help spread the word about America527.org or this site to the sites you visit that are outside of our immediate III Community.

I want to do big things in Virginia this cycle, mostly before the primary (and after if we get the right nominee) and I want to be able to help send delegates to TL's Summit, and all of this takes more money than I can commit by myself.  So, if you can help just spread the audience to gun sites and anywhere else you think we may find allies online, that is a big help.

Stay safe.


Occupy: Round Two in the works

If you are not sure where Politico is on the political spectrum, you will after reading the column that is intended to be a roadmap for 2012 Occupy.

Here's a quote from one of the "Experts" interviewed for advice about how Occupy can be relevant in 2012: “We want to grab the old-school practitioners, grab them by the neck and throw them out...

This guy is talking about Economic Professors in colleges.  Two important points: First, I have no problem with crashing the Econ Departments across American colleges - they are idiots.  Second point: He and I speak the same language when it comes to the how of dealing with bad actors - grab them by the neck and throw them out...

We differ when we define bad actors, however.  But you already knew that...

The column is a good read if you want an insight to where the professional Left wants to take us next year.  Mob Rule is their working model.  They want to impose their will by force and numbers.  But, you already knew that, too.

I will be active in 2012 working in Virginia to counter the efforts of the Occupy idiots.  Mayland is a pointless place to invest any energy this cycle.  I'll be in DC as well, but more to cover the melee than anything else, and perhaps to stir the pot, but DC is not a voting block that will matter. 

Virginia is another story.  Virginia matters, as it can go Blue or Red.  It matters because it can go Romney Red or Paul Red.

Consider what you will be doing in your AO in 2012 to work the political front.  If you live in a place that is hopeless - like California - consider sending a few bucks to your favorite candidate and let them spend where they need.  Perhaps there is a good candidate locally for Sheriff.  Perhaps you'd be that good Sheriff?  Have you ever wondered why none of our own run for important offices, like Sheriff or the House?  I have, and I don't buy the excuse that it won't matter.

I do have one caveat regarding 2012 election activities: If the Republican Party goes Romney Red, I will not bother wasting any money or energy on the Presidential fight.  I'll turn my focus to generally countering Occupy efforts and perhaps work with a few local candidates, but there is no point cheering or doing work for another useless R in the White House.

How to counter the Occupy folks?  It ain't with petitions and soap box speeches...

But, you already knew that, too.

Here is the Politico piece.  It's worth a fast scan.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Virginia - Do Something!

Virginia is important this cycle, not only in the general election, but it has also just become very important in the primaries as well...because either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul will take the 49 GOP Delegates to the Convention.  The other candidates failed to get on the ballot.

That's a big deal, and potentially a big advantage if Ron Paul wins.

Cash moves politics.  It is a simple, ugly reality.  If you want Liberty it will cost all three: Lives, fortunes and sacred honor.  Until you accept responsibility for becoming a politician yourself, as did all of our Founders and Framers, you can not claim to be putting 100% of your energy into the fight for Liberty.

We are doing a LOT of work in Virginia right now, because it matters.

But there are many ways to advance the political message, and we explore a few at Kerodin.com in this weeks column, here.


Obama/Clinton beats a Royal Flush

Drudge is linking to a Time article by Robert Reich, a genuine Democrat insider, who is predicting an Obama/Clinton ticket.  He claims no inside intel, believe what you will.  At the very least it is a very well-informed trial balloon for the D base.

No matter.  What matters is that if it happens, it will work.  It is very unlikely any R candidate can overcome the D excitement at having Hillary on the ticket.  Sorry, that's just reality.

But here is the more important reality: Would Hillary do it?

Why should she?  She carries none of the Obama stain as things stand right now.    If she signs on to bail him out, she "might" be seen as the saviour of the D party...and she would also be accepting the taint that President Obama now enjoys by himself.  If his second term goes badly, as VP she can not distance herself from the stench, the way she can as Secretary of State.

What does Hillary gain by bailing out Obama?

Looking at the political world through the Clinton lens, they win bigger if Obama fails and Hillary runs in 2016 as savior, without any stain.

But the flip side of that: President Obama is doing the heavy lifting toward socialism, a place Hillary would like to go.  If she signs onto the ticket and let's President Obama continue the pace, she will look like a moderate in 2016, running from the office of the VP.  That is a powerful position.

You can bet the Clintons are doing the political calculus, and it will be interesting to see how it goes.

One political reality is certain: Obama/Clinton beats any R ticket in 2012.

Here's the Reich piece.


Remember: 2A is anything you can use as a weapon...

...and anything can be used as a weapon.

Guy with a club gets shot with an arrow from the porch - Pennsylvania's first test of the Castle Doctrine.



How the Feds are tracking your kids...

Wow.  1984 was not written as an instruction manual...



US police fatalities up 13 percent in 2011 to 173

Only 173?

I wonder how many Citizens were killed by LEO...

Here's the story.


Are you as good as your rifle?

Whether you shoot a Steyr or an SKS, can you shoot as well as the rifle is capable?

Serious practical information at WRSA, here.


Paul holding lead in Iowa

A 4 point lead, 6 days out.

Establishment R's have already telegraphed that if Ron Paul wins, it simply makes Iowans irrelevant.  It also means they will surrender the Oval Office to President Obama, rather than risk a Ron Paul overhaul from the Executive.

Yes, Dorothy, a President can do tremendous work to put us back on a course toward Constitutional respect.  Unless Congress overrides him constantly, there will be serious change.  He can shut down Executive departments.  He can dismiss Cabinet officials.  He can refuse to order the military into foreign excursions.  He can refuse to appoint Judges.

He can do a lot of good work, even if he is alone.

If you are a Ron Paul supporter, consider throwing a few bucks to his campaign now so he can make the most of Iowa.

UPDATE: Why send Ron Paul money now, if you are a supporter?  Because Mitt has positioned himself for a week-long push to be the flavor of the moment to coincide with election day.  Story is here.

Here's the story about the poll.  It's from The Hill, one of the more accurate DC insider publications.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Patriot Gear & the Fight for Virginia

That's Lauren.  She is one of the models working on a Go Bag project we have in the queue.

The knife below is a Benchmade 530, designed by Mel Pardue.  The folks at Benchmade provided it for the project.  We've completed the photoshoot for the blade and the evaluation, and we have found the blade to be an excellent choice for general carry as a CQB piece.

It is featherweight and well-built, strong, the blade razor sharp and easy to open & close with a single hand.  The clip is positive and will keep the knife where you choose to carry.  At 3.25" the blade is up to the task of saving your life.

We are giving this knife away to one person who contributes $20 or more between now and Jan. 2 to America 527, to help with our efforts in Virginia. (You'll also get a III Patch) Also: If you purchase a dozen or more III to Liberty books (here) for your local distribution, you'll be in the mix for the knife.

As you know by now, Virginia is only permitting Ron Paul and Mitt Romney on the GOP primary ballot.  This is the opportunity for which Ron Paul fans, and lovers of Liberty, have been waiting.  The Delegates in Virginia could be enough to push the winning GOP candidate into the nomination!

So, help us by dropping $20 (or more if you can afford it) at the Contribute Button in the upper-right corner and you'll be helping us in the fight for Liberty in Virginia, and you'll be in the running for the Benchmade!

Or, you can click here for the link to America527.


Update on patches: We expect them in our shop early next week.  They'll turn around and head for those who have contributed the same day we get them in.  K

Boomstick sales booming...

December gun sales have already outpaced November - and the month isn't over yet.

And November was the biggest gun-sales month recorded.

What does this tell you?

Sadly, I am not as sanguine that the numbers reflect a spike in reverence for 2A.  I'm willing to bet that the number of first-time buyers is relatively insignificant.  Most sales are probably folks who already have a safe filled, and are looking pessimistically into 2012.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Having an Uncle or friend you know will put a rifle in your hands when you need one is almost as good as owning one yourself. 

Here's the story on the numbers.



You've probably seen the story about TSA expanding the VIPR program.  If not, it is here.

Teams of TSA Agents are working with State and Local LEO to randomly stop and search Americans in the name of Terrorism Security.

Of course, the truth is different.  The truth is that people in the American Government are implementing a Police State modeled upon Mischa Wolfe's STASI.

For those Patriots who claim they will never submit, who claim they will exercise 2A as they see fit, not one more inch and all that, consider driving on a highway and suddenly finding yourself in a backup of traffic, as a mobile VIPR Team has set up ahead.  There is no exit betwen you and the Bad People.

They have a dozen Feds armed with SMGs.  There are another 18 or so State and Local LEO "supporting", but in truth they are being taught.  You are alone, with a pistol and maybe 2 mags.

They wave you to secondary, because Fido has alerted on the oil you use to slick the rails of that bottomfeeder.  You are surrounded by a large team of folks in Conditions Yellow and Orange, who will be promoted for finding guys like you and grinding your face into the pavement as the first step on your new journey into the Federal prison system (Unless you start swapping spit with ATF and get your case kicked to a fine...) .

So much for your Sun Tzu and choosing the ground.

You will fight here, on their terms.  Or, not.  Either way, you are done.

Soon they will be in malls and office buildings.

Here in this video from February 2011, the VIPR Team has met a bus at the end of the journey and proceeds to search the passengers...after the journey has ended.  So much for prevention. 

Obviously, this is pure STASI methodology in support of the Police State.

The window of opportunity is closing. 

Click here for the video.



Montana taking point, again...

Citizens of Montana have started a recall effort for their Senators over NDAA.

Mozart has the story, here.



I'm not diggin' the atmosphere of this image from InfoWars.

It smacks too much of the Iron Curtain.

I know they probably meant for it to be trendy...but it isn't.

It is on the front page of InfoWars, here.


Newt, Newt, Newt...

"I think Barack Obama is very destructive to the future of the United States. I think Ron Paul's views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American," Gingrich said Tuesday in a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer.

I guess that means I am an undecent American.

Here's the rest.


PJB: Christians, take note...

Pat makes excellent points for all of you who consider yourselves to be Christians, or who value Christian ideals, or even if you are just an American who understands that respecting the moral ideals of others is part of the nobility that is America.

Christian values are being murdered before our eyes.

Do we have what it takes to stop the abuse at the hands of our fellow Countrymen?

Read the column, here.


No More Wacos & Not One More Inch!

Another isolated incident.

Not worth any Patriot's ire.

Move along, Citizen.

Here's the story.

Also consider this from Oleg: Fiction is not keeping pace with reality.


Obama says he won't be bound by gun control ban in omnibus

Congress added language to the latest spending bill that no funds could be used for gun control.

The President has already let it be known he has no intention of abiding that language.

Here is the story.

Here is a commentary on it by Sebastian.


Debt Limit: 1.2 Ttrillion more, please...

The debt limit is on track to bump the ceiling soon.

The President wants another 1.2 Trillion.

Congress conveniently set it up last time so that it will happen automatically, unless they take affirmative action to intercede.

Here's the story.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Calling it Security Theatre is deliberate...

Calling the destruction of the Fourth Amendment "Security Theatre" is a deliberate tactic by the Enemies of Liberty.

The word theatre conveys insignificance, something to be dismissed with a roll of the eyes.

The Enemies of Liberty are good with that disposition.  It shields their work.

The reality is that the Fourth Amendment is being murdered, the carcass pieced and buried in separate unmarked graves, never to be recovered again.

The longer this work is permitted to continue without the gravity of the situation being understood by the masses, the better chances of success.

So, Patriots.  Look to the poll in the corner.  I expected a muted response, as many folks somehow think they are less vulnerable by not answering such a poll.  But look at the results.  Fewer than half think it is too soon to leave the porch.  More than half think it is time to leave the porch, though they have taken the decision to wait until someone else steps off first, or to wait until after the first Big Die Off.  (The liar who clicked that he is kicking butt now Ninja style need not visit any more.)

I'm not going to judge either course.  Each man and woman must decide their own path to death.

But consider: Our current course of action (which is no action) is not working.  It is not delaying the Enemies of Liberty a whit.  Waiting until there is a Stack at your door is suicide.  FreeFor is not even on their radar as an obstacle.

No Fort Sumters?  That is a stupid path, today.

Not one more inch?  You can say it all you want, but unless you are living it, what's the point?

Wait for the whites of their eyes?  OK, that one is even more stupid than No Fort Sumters.

When you can see the whites of their eyes, you will die. 

Secession?  You folks are even more alone than Constitutionalists.  And, are you living in your proposed Secessionist AO?  Or are you still in a city/'burb that you are willing to surrender to the Bad People?  If you haven't already relocated to the area you plan to call your New Utopia, who do you think you are kidding?

Here are a few simple facts: Enemies of Liberty are murdering the unalienable Rights articulated in the DoI, Constitution and BoR...wholesale.  They are doing their work with absolutely ZERO resistance.  They operate with impunity, despite the verbosity on particular blogs and by particular commentors. 

The Enemies are imposing their Police State, right now.

They have the support of more than 200,000,000 people within our borders, and many more beyond our borders.

At current course and speed, it will be absolute within 12 months. (My own arithmetic)

We all know the stories about various Tribes in history who have known what was coming, yet did nothing...they waited for the boots on the steps, the knock on the door, the rail car to arrive.  Yet we are in the same state of inaction, while our enemies are not.

You think about these matters, Patriots.  Please do not post anything here that will earn a visit from Master.  Keep it in your head.  But if you do not at least get it worked out in your heads, fast, it'll all be over except the dyin'...

Consider AP's perspective, here.


Patriots: Just how self-sufficient are you...

Many in our community envision a Mad Max version of TEOTWAWKI in our future.

So, you prep.  You have taught yourself how to bust sod.  Some know how to raise animals for meat.  Many of us know how to hunt, skin and butcher game as a result of our younger years, if not our adult years.  Many have taken the time to become proficient with firearms, blades and archery gear.  Some have taken the time to learn a martial art.

One of the reasons I enjoy Silicon Graybeard's site so much is because the man is an engineer, and he knows how to make widgets from metal.  He brings a practical perspective to our discussions that is invaluable.  Here is his site.

How many of you have taken the time to learn to weld?  How many of you have taken the time to learn how to make a new mainspring for that 1911 if you don't have spares?  How many of you know how A/C & D/C electricity works?  Do you know what you may touch inside a hot circuit breaker box without curling your hair?  Do you know how to use electricity as a defensive weapon? 

Remember that fire and electricity are brilliant tools of defense.  How many ways can you make fire and direct it, and direct electricity to your enemies?

The picture above is a CNC made AR Lower.  Mrs. Kerodin has done extensive research on such matters, and one day we may have an announcement along those lines about returning a classic autoloader to production, one that changed the landscape of big, powerful autoloaders.  Such things are not beyond the average guy and a home workshop, if you simply take the time to learn the skills.

In your preps you may have a generator.  You may even have a backup.  But, do you know how to fix the alternator if it shorts?  Can you tear down the engine?  Do you know that diesel fuel will work in an oil burner to keep you warm?

Look at your skill set, Patriots.  All of your problems will not be answered by putting a double-tap in the X ring at 600 yards.  Most aspects of survival in a bad situation will rely on more mundane skills.

Here is the post from Shall not be questioned about the AR they built.


Protest Putin? You will become a non-person...

The world is about to be reminded how politics is played in Russia.

You don't really believe the hype about the new, softer Russia, do you?

Those crowds protesting Putin are about to be thinned out.

Enter a new Kremlin-approved GRU Chief.  For those who follow such matters, the writing is on the wall.  Any large action that does make international press will be blamed on "Muslims" or "Chechens"...

The protests against Putin will be a memory by the time the election arrives.  There will be many people who simply disappear, until everyone understands that Soviet power has never waned, it has simply been camouflaged.

American press will not cover the coming purge.  You should, for it is a primer on what comes your way...

Here's the story about Major General Igor Sergun.


Foreign Policy: Why this issue is Ron Paul's strongest...

Establishment Republicans have become apoplectic over the potential for a Ron Paul victory.  They claim his Foreign Policy agenda will destroy America.  Translation: President Paul will throttle back the dollars going into the War Machine, and will take the most lucrative market off the table - the American Domestic market.

There are trillions on the table for defense companies in an America that focuses her bayonets inward.  Think VIPR Teams, scanners, armored vehicles for the Podunk Police Department, et cetera.

Ron Paul refuses to let that obtain.  He points to that troublesome document for support - the Constitution.

What the Republicans fear is genuine: Ron Paul's Foreign Policy positions appeal to the Hard Right and they will appeal to the Hard Left in a General Election.

Ron Paul's economic message appeals to an even broader coalition of Left & Right.

Here is the bullet-list of Foreign Policy positions directly from Ron Paul's 2012 site:

  • * Make securing our borders the top national security priority.
  • * Avoid long and expensive land wars that bankrupt our country by using constitutional means to capture or kill terrorist leaders who helped attack the U.S. and continue to plot further attacks.
  • * Guarantee our intelligence community’s efforts are directed toward legitimate threats and not spying on innocent Americans through unconstitutional power grabs like the Patriot Act.
  • * End the nation-building that is draining troop morale, increasing our debt, and sacrificing lives with no end in sight.
  • * Follow the Constitution by asking Congress to declare war before one is waged.
  • * Only send our military into conflict with a clear mission and all the tools they need to complete the job – and then bring them home.
  • * Ensure our veterans receive the care, benefits, and honors they have earned when they return.
  • * Revitalize the military for the 21st century by eliminating waste in a trillion-dollar military budget.
  • * Prevent the TSA from forcing Americans to either be groped or ogled just to travel on an airplane and ultimately abolish the unconstitutional agency.
  • * Stop taking money from the middle class and the poor to give to rich dictators through foreign aid.
Ron Paul can be the next President of the United States with his message.

The only obstacle he faces is an Establishment R machine that will deliberately refuse to support his campaign against President Obama. 

For the Establishment, President Obama is better than a President Paul.

If you are not ready to step off the porch, if you think there remains a whisp of hope in the political sphere, do what you can to advance your ideals.

Here is Ron Paul's official site.


IRS gets to issue John Doe Warrants on Citizens...


A federal district court judge has given the Internal Revenue Service permission to serve a “John Doe” summons on the California State Board of Equalization demanding the names of residents who transferred property to their children or grandchildren for little or no money, from 2005 to 2010.

The IRS has used John Doe summons to seek lists of American taxpayers unreported offshore accounts at Swiss Bank UBS and at HSBC’s bank in India.


FedGov is beginning to squeeze every stone in a search for blood.

States are killing businesses in their borders in the hunt for more revenue (see Amazon & California).

The Citizens of the EU are currently being hog-tied by Banksters - we'll see if they let it happen.

2012 will likely be the ugliest of our lives.

Here's the story about IRS hunting Californians.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

EU Coup

The entire population of the EU is currently being enslaved in a coup led by Banksters.

Brock found an outstanding video that details the current war being waged to enslave the continent, without a shot being fired.

Make no mistake, they will resort to bullets if they must. 

We are witnessing a stunning moment in history.  Let's see if Western Europe chooses to wear the chains of Banksters...

Here's the link to Brock's Place.


Republicans: Night of the Long Knives hunting for Ron Paul

Dick Lugar: ...we're a -- a party and a -- a president of leadership, leadership in the world," he said. "We have a fleet that covers all the seas, that, as a matter of fact, makes foreign trade possible, trade of all sorts. We're the only country that can go everywhere all over the world, and, therefore, indispensable to our allies as well as to our own interests."

Huckabee: Though Paul's organization in Iowa is first-rate and his support base is extremely dedicated, Hucakbee said Paul's foreign policy views are "anathema to the Republicans, much less to Democrats and what I call middle-of-the-road people."

"He has a core of fanatical believers, but they do not represent the mainstream of America," Huckabee said, contending that Paul's remarks that he would not try to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon go "beyond off the edge."

Dick Morris: Ron Paul remains terrifying. He is really the ultimate liberal in the race. He wants to legalize drugs, repeal the Patriot Act, slash our military spending, pull out of Afghanistan, and remove all limits on abortion. On these issues, he’s way, way to the left of Obama.

What does it tell you, Patriots, that the candidate who takes George Washington's foreign policy positions is considered heretical to the Establishment?

Ron Paul is the only candidate who looks at the Constitution with respect, rather than disgust and derision.

The Establishment will stop at nothing to keep him from the nomination.  There have been serious discussions inside the Beltway about forcing delegates to defy the primary races if Ron Paul wins, and to cast their votes for Mitt at the convention.

2012 will be filled with potential triggers for turning the divisions in this republic hot.


Headline coming soon: Tea Party Terrorist kill United Nations Peacekeepers During Winter Holiday Festival

Terrorist Tea Party Group led by George Washington attacks Trenton...

Read it here.


TL Davis

Liberty or Death: They are really the only two options left on the table.

Sure, there always remains the option to crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you...but I'm just not built that way.


Here's TL's piece.


Jeff Nyquist: The Meaning of Occupy

Students of Communism understand what Occupy is all about.

Here is an article by one of the most informed scholars on the topic, J.R. Nyquist.

Beware Occupy.  They will be the catalyst for the Enemies of Liberty to unleash Hell in 2012.

Here is the link.


Christmas considerations

Zoomie reminded us the other day that on Christmas 1776 General Washington crossed the Delaware and killed some Enemies of Liberty.  Here's his link.

There were several other planned crossing in support, but they were called off or ineffective.

But George Washington got the work done.

Remember that as you move through your Holiday.  You may share your family today because men like Washington have done the ugly work of making us safe.  But we know that we are not safe today because of the grinding advance of Tyranny.

There is work to be done, again.  If we do not step up and do the work of Washington, the Sons of Liberty, Jefferson and Madison during 2012, Liberty will die before our eyes.

It will not return in our lifetimes if we let it increase power in 2012.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Patriots.

There is a tendency to retreat from the typical tone of our conversations during the holidays.

I get it, and I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend with your families.

I intend to post through the weekend.  Evil does not rest.

I would encourage you to look forward and consider the first months of 2012. 

Be ready.  The Enemies of Liberty have a plan and they will not yield.



Oleg: Webley MKI

Most of you know that my wife and I own a small, boutique publishing house.  We work with fashion models, artists, and serious photographers routinely for our projects.

So it is with a professional eye that I can tell you that Oleg's work is first class.  You already know that just by looking at his work.  We have a few projects in the queue for 2012 and I hope we can include Oleg, it will take us to another level.

And, he likes the Webley.  I think the Webley, particularly the WG, is one of the most attractive revolvers ever built.

Click here to see a fabulous image he created with a Webley, themed to Lawrence of Arabia.

Outstanding work.


Positive Thinking and Being Prepared

When you find yourself gritting your teeth in frustration or doubting your ability to reach a successful outcome, take pause and remember why you prep and work for Liberty.

Those reasons, I hope, are all around you this weekend.

There is one fact I have learned: If you don't think you can do something, you're right.

Remain positive and opportunities will present.

Here is the piece by Laura.


Propertarial Liberty

Consider TL's latest, here.


He Needed Killin' II

UPDATE: This post from last January is suddenly receiving a LOT of hits from Lebanon.  So, I figured I'd put it front & center, to make it easier for them to find.


Some men need killin'.

There are animals and tyrants among us.  Rooster Cogburn explained it to Matty Ross: "Lil Sister, there ain't no reasonin' with a rat.  You either have to leave him be, or kill him."

An old Japanese teacher of mine said: If it isn't worth killing or dying, it isn't worth fighting.

I agree with both of those bits of reasoning.

My foreign policy would be simple: Americans keep their noses out of everyone elses business.  We'll trade with anyone, but DO NOT F with our Tribe!

I'm not much for Proportional Response.

You send a few planes into my country to kill my Countrymen?  I carpet bomb every single mosque in an entire country.  You blow up a suicide bomber on one of my country's planes?  I eliminate every mosque in another country, and turn their electricity off for the next generation.  You threaten Los Angeles or put a mysterious "contrail" off our coast (China),  we turn every known nuclear facility and weapon you have to radioactive dust.  Businessmen gouge American Citizens by manipulating the price of oil, we put you against a wall and kill you.  For the foreign oilmen who gouge Americans with oil manipulation: We run you from your country, import a few million Joses, Jorges and Juans from Texas, Arizona and California to pump the oil...and we give them every military tool they need to defend their new country (oh yeah, we let 'em raise a flag and introduce South of the Border DNA to the Middle East bloodlines!) at wholesale and with Terms.

There will come a moment in America when Patriots will have no choice but to accept wholesale the tyrannies that have been incrementally claiming us all, or unleash Hell and be rid of the Tyrants among us...one Patriot at a time, one fight at a time.

If America does not soon embrace the He needed killin' doctrine for the tyrants among us, Liberty will be a footnote in American history. 


The malls are empty...

Lead is the new gold.  I have been saying this for years.  I've started to notice this creep into language across our community.  I've also noted several writers and commentors express the concept of protecting Liberty under their feet.  Good.

The shopping malls in the DC Metro area are not enjoying the kind of traffic they remember from pre-2008 Christmas Eve shoppers.  In all honesty, just trying to get into a mall parking lot in our area during this silly season can be a 30-40 minute ordeal.  Then you have to try and find a spot.  Good luck.

But traffic radio is reporting that every mall in the area is easy to get into this morning.

And this is DC.  The economic woes of the nation are very muted here, because of the high percentage of Federal dollars flowing into pockets.

Of course, lead is the new gold is not a new concept.  It has always been so.  Before firearms it was the edge of a good blade.  Before that it was a good rock strapped to a sturdy stick.

Gold is a metal that only has value in peacetime, or in peaceable lands.

Ever contemplated beating a man with a gold coin who intends to rape your wife?  And where will you be when the next Enemy of Liberty calls for gold confiscation?  You won't even be able to barter black market with your gold, because too many people will be afraid to deal in it because of See Something Say Something Collaborators.

As you spend time with your loved ones this weekend, I would encourage every Patriot to consider that this may be the last such gathering before Implosion and Collapse is upon us all.  As you look into the eyes of your family and closest friends, remind yourself why you will gear up with steel and lead and defend the patch of ground beneath your feet for Liberty.

Remember that true Liberty, respected by a formal system of Government, has never existed before our Framers hammered out the DoI, Constitution and BoR.

In 50,000 years of behavioral modernity, man has only formally recognized and implemented Liberty one time.

It took very little time for Enemies of Liberty to begin destroying the achievement, beginning with Marbury v. Madison.

If Liberty is not secured in 2012, I suspect it will be lost to mankind until the species devours itself into extinction.

I would suggest every Patriot go forward in Condition Yellow as your baseline.  And if you are not slipping into Condition Orange a few times every day, you are not paying attention.

Condition Red is coming for us all.

Read this from Zoomie, here.

Ron Paul fans (ok, and Romney fans if you are here) should be very happy this morning.  Sherrie is reporting a VERY big deal about the Virginia Primary, here.  (btw, if you are a Romney fan, get out.  You are not welcome here.  Die.  Merry Christmas.)