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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mayors Against Illegal Guns: Super Bowl Audience

They will reach millions of people.

Now is the time to hit the Donate Button on the right, so that we can at least start pushing back where NRA, GOA, JPFO, GOP, Tea Party and others refuse.

Here is a tidbit for you: Of the people who come to this website every day, only about 5% have donated or bought an item of III Gear.

Of that 5%, several people have donated more than once and/or bought gear. That is not to castigate those who have not donated or bought gear. Times are tough and money is tight for many of us. Some of you may not think our course is the best, worthy of cash support. I have no quarrel with that.

But imagine where we might be if 50% of those who come here every day dropped just $10 or $20 in the radio fund...

If you believe in the concept of reaching out by radio, we need your support.

Hit the button, please.


Please protect us...

The other day I wrote of Anarchy, the absence of Government.

The concept of Liberty - true Liberty as defined by Jefferson - scares most people. Who alive in America today has ever lived without the structure of Government and the pressure of conformity from pre-school until death? The thought of being solely responsible for oneself is simply inconceivable to most. For those who dare consider the potential, they tremble.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who even comes close to advocating Liberty and a push for smaller Federal Government. Tonight the GOP Primary voters in Florida who sided with Paul's outlook, more Liberty and less Government, accounted to about 7% of those who bothered to vote.

That means 93% of those on the right side of the political spectrum voted for less Liberty and more protection of Government.

When we spoke of Deadwood and the pop culture depiction of Anarchy, we stopped our contemplations before annexation. When the powerful men of Deadwood understood that one way or another the Government of the East would impose itself upon the camp, they took action and set up the infrastructure of their own governance as a buffer.

A group of the more powerful men in Deadwood ended up appointing Seth Bullock as Sheriff, making him responsible for protecting the peace. Bullock was the sort of man who took it upon himself often to stand up for the weak...he was well-disposed to the position.

But the fact is that most of the people in camp welcomed the idea of a fair and moral man with a badge and gun, who would provide some protection from the whims and will of powerful men. And the fact is further that 97% of the GOP voters in Florida tonight aligned themselves with the desire to be protected, at the expense of Liberty.

If 97% of the R's want State protection, and 100% of the D's want State protection, aligned with the FSA who simply want free stuff taken from your wallets, you do understand where that puts the odds for a return to genuine Liberty in America?

Most people want a Seth Bullock prowling the dangerous world to protect them from the animals among us...be those animals of the violent variety or merely the swindling variety. At least 97% of our Republican Countrymen have no stomach for protecting themselves, they'd rather contract it out.

And when amoral or immoral men wear the badges and become the enforcers of the will of the powerful animals in society, as we have today...


Consider Evil upon your daughters...

Consider: You find a man or woman whispering into the ear of your nine year old daughter encouragement to shed her clothing and participate in sex with the whisperer.

No contact has been made. No touches. Only whispers and enticement.

Where is drawn the line for recourse you have as a mother or father as regards the whisperer?

Now, replace the whispered enticements of sex with those of the pleasures of torturing small animals.

What if the whispers were calling your little one to try a puff of the magic cigarette, or championing the feelings to be found after swallowing the little oxy pill?

What if the whispers were raised to speaking level, moved to a classroom, and the enticements were to the goals and values of Communism?

Do not all of the offered scenarios lead to the suffering of your child, deviancy from "proper" and "moral" behaviors, and ultimately a life of unhappiness and sad death?

I snatched the image above from Alex Jones' site. To those of us who are old enough and studied enough, we recognize all that is happening around us as a hardline push toward Communism, in the guise of "fairness" and "equality". It has flavors of fascism, but in the end, it is the same.

I have seen all of this in my lifetime, in other lands. Now it is here.

I, for one, know where Communism must lead for those sad souls who must endure it as a system of governance upon them.

Is it not self defense to beat the snot out of the person who offers your nine year old daughter sex, or drugs, or the pains that will come from Communism? Is it beyond self defense if the whisperer dies?

I have answered these questions for myself. I will not encourage you to answer them in Comments - no sense writing the indictment for the Communists who will prosecute you.

But I do encourage you to answer these questions for yourself, and steel your Soul for acting upon your answers. I encourage this because, my fellow Patriots, the Communists are among us, they are whispering, and they are imposing their will at full volume. They will have their way, and in Communist tradition, they will simply kill those who object. They are coming hard, right now, and 2012 will see this clash of intent between those who intend to be Masters, and those who intend to have Liberty.

Think about it.


The Business of Welfare

Mike C. sent a story that may make you throw things at your valuables.

While we all know Government and Big Business and the Left are in the business of selling poverty, it is not all that often that we get a free, unobfuscated view.

JP Morgan makes a profit by issuing food stamp cards. Did you know that? I didn't. I assumed it was a government agency (which is bad enough). But, according to the article, JP Morgan made more than $5 Billion net last year by running the program for FedGov.

The more people they can enroll to use the cards, the more JP Morgan makes.

Today, 1 in 7 Americans eats food paid for by the Government...which means you and I pay for the food being eaten by 1 in 7 of our neighbors.

Here's the link.


Consider a gold-rich China

So, the Commies in China are buying gold - lots of it at a fast pace.


What might they know?

What might they have planned? Perhaps a well-timed push of the dollar over the edge of the cliff?

Here's the story.



Iran: You're next...

The image is of an Iranian soldier on exercises at the Strait of Hormuz.

According to sources, the US is massing troops and gear on two islands south of the Strait, currently 100,000 strong, in what many people are convinced will be an assault on Iran.

It is an election year, afterall. Americans often rally toward a President when the country is fighting.

Ah, say you - but this is different. Iran hasn't done anything to us. If the President moves without a casus belli, he'll be attacked from his Left as well as the Right.

Now put your cynical cap on. Think provocation. Think about 100,000 American servicemen bottled-up on two islands within striking range of Iran. Think about them as bait. Think about Iran taking the bait and slaughtering them with a salvo of missiles loaded with Chem/Bio.

There is your casus belli. We manufactured such a casus belli in WWII when we forced Japan into attacking, by choking off her supply lines into the islands. We were strangling Japan, and she had two choices - fight or submit.

We are putting Iran into the same position, with a very attractive and easy target to hit.

Whenever you consider the actions of our Political Class, I would counsel you to be as cynical as you can manage. Only then will you be close to understanding of what they are capable.


Those silly, weak-spirited Europeans...

We've been watching Germany slowly conquer Europe again, this time without a single Panzer firing its engine.

Andrea Merkel has managed to get 25 of the 27 EU nations to yield to her will - considerably.

It is fascinating to watch foreigners surrender their independence and liberties to a central government and Banksters without a struggle...

...oh, wait...

You know we are doing the same thing here, without a whimper.

Only we can stop it.


Paul to haul most Delegates this week...

Remember that national elections in America are not national.

There are 50 elections to decide who will be President.

And in the GOP there are 50 elections to determine who will be the Nominee for President.

CSM has a good column about the fact that Ron Paul may well win more GOP Delegates this week than any other candidate.

At the end of the day, the candidate with the most Delegates will win. (Unless it's Ron Paul, but that's another topic)

Look for Ron Paul to carry enough Delegates to earn a prominent place at the Convention, possibly ending the nomination race with an overall #2 place. (But, of course, that won't count if it is Ron Paul, and don't expect a standard 2nd place speech at the Convention if it is Ron Paul - he'll be blacked-out).

Here's the story.


PATCOM: Coastal Texas

Bill took point and opened his home for Patriots to meet in Texas.

This is forward, positive movement. This is grassroots. This is how to start countless fires.

Huzzah to the Patriots involved. You won't get "Thanks!" or pats on the back from most, but you are doing the work of Patriots, and when everyone else is losing their minds - and lives - your work in these days will help you prevail. It is Liberty's only chance.

This is the grind of Patriotism. It is essential, and a few are answering the call.

To those who live in those areas, show up. Throw the hosts a few bucks to help defray expenses. At the very least, visit their websites and thank them for doing the work.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Tip of the iceberg

Curtis has a post about two Brits stopped by TSA and refused entry based on a few tweets one of them had posted a while before the trip to America.

Curtis points out the folly and absurdity of the TSA's position.

But the question begs, and the answer is obvious: How did TSA know about the Tweets in order to flag the Brits in the first place?

Patriots, Big Uncle's assets and 1984 skills are far more advanced than most of us can understand.

Sometimes they tip their hand, as in this case.

Whatever you think their skills may be, whatever you think their manpower, whatever you think the percentage of people who will support them...round up.

Here's the link to Curtis.


Ladies: III Gear

Ladies: I have ordered a small quantity of our III shirts in medium & large.

I'll put a PayPal button at IIIGear.com later today for orders.

General: Folks, I hate to say it (and I'm also glad to have the problem) but we ran out of XL shirts while processing orders. It will only affect a few of you who ordered 1/28 and 1/29. I've already ordered another batch, and they'll be here by 2/13 and I'll send out your orders.

If you ordered an XL over the weekend and can wear/want to wear a 2XL instead, let me know and I can ship right away, we have a small supply of 2XL's remaining on the shelf.

Folks, I can't thank you enough for supporting our efforts and ordering III Gear. All of the money remaining after costs is dumped right back into the 527 to help with our efforts.

If anyone has any questions, zip me an email.


PATCOM: Indiana

Indiania area Patriots: PatCom in your area is being put together.

Bill's was a big success, and it is important to continue the momentum.

If you are in the area and want to meet your local Patriots, make it happen.

This is positive, forward movement. These are the people in your broad AO upon which you may, one day, need to know in order to survive and prevail.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Consider: Anarchy

In the political sense, Anarchy is the absence of government.

The best pop culture depiction of anarchy in America of which I can think is the series Deadwood in the episodes prior to annexation by the Dakota Territories. There was no government in place, though the people did have an ingrained sense of the parameters of civilization, most having lived at one time or another in a place where government was in place.

The daily functioning of the camp relied upon the basic sense of morality embodied in each individual, blended with the reality that the tougher and best armed and wealthiest had advantages in true power.

Al Swearengen was the power center in the early days of Deadwood. Why? He was there early, he was tough of mind and body, had men who would do violence on his behalf, and he built wealth in commerce with the people who came to camp.

Our modern politicians would label him a criminal, warlord, and enemy of the people.

But the camp not only functioned under such rules, it flourished. Even men like Swearengen knew there were limits to his ability to be tyrannical, if he were of a mind to be so. A stronger, meaner, or larger group of men willing to do violence would burn him out and kill him, or chase him from the camp, if it came to that. But it didn't come to that.

Men were left to conduct commerce among themselves. Men were left to settle their problems amongst one another. You'll notice there was no prison. Men settled their problems, and men who were genuine threats, like rabid dogs, were killed or run from camp.

I'll consider the evolution of Deadwood's government another time. For the purpose of this piece, it is enough to know that the most powerful men in camp gathered (some were wealthy, some were powerful with their guns or fists, but power comes in many forms) and decided to set up a "proper" government, because they knew that Government from the East was inevitable.

Now take what we know about the anarchistic period of Deadwood and envision how that would play out today in your AO.

What comes to mind first? To my mind, the first understanding is that Darwinism would once again reign. The strongest and smartest would do very well.

But what if your suburb no longer had a zoning commission and city-level enforcers? The house next to yours in the suburb might let their grass grow high. One family might raze their house and put up a 6-story apartment shanty, ignoring safe building codes. The folks down the street might set up a whiskey distillery and the folks across the street might open a meth lab. There would be fires in suburbs, and explosions, and chaos...

...or would there?

Perhaps the most stupid among us would kill themselves in explosions and fires. Perhaps the foolish folks who recklessly endanger "decent" folks would simply end up in ditches. Perhaps moral strong folk would be a counter-weight to amoral and immoral bad folk.

Either way, think about it.

We may be back to such a state of Anarchy in the near future, regardless of our personal preferences and choices. If so, the ride from here to there will be bumpy...



III Gear

Putting orders together for Monday shipment, folks.

Several of you have placed orders since my announcement Friday - thank you. Others have hit the Donate button. It all helps, folks.

As a businessman I like watching inventory ship out the door. As a Patriot I like knowing the few dollars left over from every order help the total in the 527 to do our work.

If you want a cap, patch, cards, t-shirt or stickers, hit IIIGear.com today and it'll ship tomorrow.

Hit the Donate button anytime, and we get closer to being able to reach out beyond our current audience and start finding our allies.

Thank you all.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Radio: What about Alex...

Folks - our effort to raise enough money to run a series of ads on DC radio during the Rush time slot is not moving as fast as I would like.

One of our Patriots suggests we shoot for a smaller market that runs Alex Jones and a few other patriotic hosts to get the ball rolling.

I know Alex Jones evokes a lot of energy from many folks. Heck, so does Rush. Personally, I find quite a bit of intel at Alex's site that I don't find elsewhere. I simply tune out the conspiracy pitch on every topic. I keep what works and leave the rest - the same thing I do when I listen to Rush.

So, my question: Should we consider running a few ads in a smaller market with Alex in an attempt to reach our allies and grow, while working ourselves torward a budget that permits bigger markets and audiences?

I've posted a poll at top-right. Please take the time to weigh-in and help guide the issue.

This is your Movement.


This is how wars begin...

Germans float direct EU control over Greek budget.
We mentioned this weeks ago - watch for the Banksters to use the power of national governments, and if needed, national militaries, to cover the debt they floated to the PIIGS.
There was a time in our nation when Lawyers were not allowed in many cities.
When implosion happens, look for a return to that rule...and add the Banksters and entire Political Class to the list of banned "Professionals".


2012 will be very dangerous.

The III, the Patriot Movement, Freedom Community - whatever label one chooses to use to describe we Americans who want Liberty - is a collection of individuals.

I would hope that every single Patriot looks first into his own heart for guidance in the time before us. If it becomes time for you to step off the porch, go for it. If it is not your time, follow your heart.

Do not annoint anyone as your Leader. Do not accept anyone as your General.

Any call for you to follow a "Leader" into melee should be given from the front, or ignored.

Read Bill's perspective, and pay attention.

Bill's PatCom was serious forward movement. Leaders lead from the front. Leaders will do the work with you, will expose themselves to the same fire they ask you to risk, and more.

The days coming will be unlike any through which you have lived before...

Here's the link.


Friday, January 27, 2012

The Tea Party begins to stir...

The Tea Party has started to turn their attention to the election. The holidays always distract people. Add to that, the real Tea Party doesn't have a candidate in the race. Sure, Ron Paul is there, but the real Tea Party knows that the media and Establishment will never let him near the Oval Office.

Will the real Tea Party bother to really get into this cycle? I know the Establishment Tea Party is in the mix, but the real Tea Party? We'll have to wait and see.

I hope they do. If they do there will be clashes when Occupy comes out of their winter slumber, since Occupy is now as much a party of the Communists/Establishment Left as is the Establishment Tea Party of RINO's.

2012 will probably be the most interesting and dangerous year of your life, if you consider yourself a Patriot.


So, you don't like the laws being passed in your State...

I've wandered beyond my normal range in blogdom today, into what is probably best described as the "mainstream" Conservative world. I can't say I enjoy the experience. But one must do what is important for the Movement.

Much complaining about state laws being passed around the country.

Much complaining about federal laws being passed.

Remember Kerodin's Hutchinson Principle:

...How many people in your State make laws?

...How many people in your state are elected to make Federal laws?

Remember Hutchinson, here.

When Americans really get fed-up and choose to stop tolerating tyranny, the true number of people to find in your state is pretty small...


III Gear & SHTF Project Update

III Gear: While I was out yesterday our cards came into the shop.

That means we have everything in from vendors, and all orders that have been sitting will be put together this weekend and shipped Monday.

If you've been thinking about an order, this would be the time to do it, and it'll be in the mail Monday.

III Radio Fundraiser: You'll notice the total isn't climbing as fast as we'd like. If you can throw a few bucks toward the radio buy, click the button. As we grow, we get stronger. Consider it PT for the Movement.

SHTF Project: We have many columns already in the can, thank you to everyone who has submitted and who has committed to the project. At the moment we have 8 very big names in the Gun & Gear world participating, with several more in discussions.

Please keep them coming. If you have written the Premise Piece (About what gun/guns you would grab in an unknown emergency) and you'd just like to submit a column on another firearm or piece of gear you rely on in tough circumstances, please do so.

I still have not had the chance to even invite everyone - if you are a blogger in our community, you are invited. If you are a reader of our blogs, you are invited. Don't wait for me, and please don't feel snubbed if I haven't written you personally yet. Just write your piece, snap a few pics, and send it to me.


Mitt on 2A

Where is Mitt on 2A?

As with all politicians, we have what they say as a guide. We have what they have done as a guide. We can guess, from those two bits of data what they may do in the future.

But that still doesn't inform us of what they have in their hearts, and what they would do if circumstances permitted them to genuinely follow their deepest desires.

Craig managed to get a reply from the Romney Camp regarding Mitt's public position, as of today.

Here's the link.


Thursday, January 26, 2012


So, the US is being punked by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Well, it is more accurately the US President who is being punked.

But, the truth is that he is our President, so the stink gets on us, too.

Egypt is not allowing Americans to leave.

Your move, Mister President.

Let's see what you've got...

Here's the story.


On to Liberty

The Bottom Line...is simple, and here.

Read it. Embrace it. Let it burn in your soul until that day when you decide to give it back to those who would be Masters...exponentially.


Direct Taxes Bad...Inflation is insult to injury

Many people tend to look upon our Founding Generation as the beginning of time, ignoring the fact that our Founders had extensive world experience and were far better educated than the average American today.

There is a reason they ratified a Constitution with indirect taxes, rather than direct taxes.

They had plenty of personal experience with personal taxes, and history was filled with examples of why and how direct taxes inhibit Liberty.

They chose a different tax system to finance Government.

Bad People outnumber Good People. It has always been so, and it will always be so. There will always be a gang of people willing to take what you have or beat you into servitude, while finding a gang of people to break you out of such servitude is a much harder task.

Direct taxes are evil.

Evil men, beginning with Alexander Hamilton, began imposing their will upon their Countrymen long before the Constitution was ever ratified. More Evil men simply waited for Jefferson and his followers to die out in sufficient numbers before imposing direct taxes. The dry run was Lincoln. Not long after that we had the 16th Amendment, and the Bad People had succeeded in crippling Liberty. Every day since has seen the strengthening of those who would tax their fellow man, and the weakening of Liberty.

Direct taxation is theft. It is enslavement. It is malum in se, evil in and of itself.

How can Bad People squeeze you even further after imposing taxes? They build into the system a rate of inflation. The Fed demands a minimum 2% annual increase - which means our Masters take 2% more of your wealth every year, without having to raise your taxes or put their hands on you.

Those who tax are the Slavers of our time. They live off the sweat of your brow, parasitically.

Rather than secession, which is a mental bridge-too-far for popular consumption, find a State that is willing to declare: We will only accept the terms of the Constitution within our borders. FedGov, you will meet our troops at our borders if you infringe any of our Citizens beyond the terms of the Constitution, as ratified.

Now, there is an argument that falls within the mental grasp of even our modern mental midgets...er...Countrymen.

Constitution Good *uhg* Taxes Bad *uhg*

Find a state with seaports and natural resources, and elect a State Government that will support a Governor who will point State guns at Federal LEO...

It doesn't need to be a big, powerful state...just one with the mettle to back up their line in the sand. A state with Citizens who truly mean they will Live Free or Die.

I'd move there, tomorrow.

It isn't as difficult as one might think. You look at the electoral process and think it will take several cycles to vote out your current state legislators. You see an even harder road to the Governor's Mansion.

You are not thinking like our Founding Generation.

Just ask Governor Hutchinson...

If you want to break the grip of evil men, break their true power: Direct Taxation.

Everything else will fall into place quickly.


R's eating their own

Are you following the R Primary race?

I do. It is a blood sport...and that may turn literal in the wake of the outcome of November.

Opportunity always presents itself, often obfuscated in uncertainty, when the existing Powers quibble and risk the Status Quo to decide who is to be head hog at the trough.

Watch them, hope for the best - that they so wound one another that opportunity presents when imminent implosion follows - and we can shake off the tentacles of slavery that have been growing deeper into our society for 150 years.

No other people on the planet have ever managed to do what our Founding Generation did in regard to securing personal Liberty. No other people on the planet have the DNA coding to do it again, except you and me.

It won't be easy. It wasn't the first time.

It won't be done with a rifle...and it won't be done without a rifle, either.

Many will die, many more will risk everything, to know Liberty...just as happened the first time.

Unless, our blood has been so watered-down that we won't even try...

The window of opportunity is not open yet, and it will close quickly. It will happen at a time of turmoil among the Masters, or it will never happen again.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are you a Slave Trader for buying Apple?

Do you have any moral obligation to ignore goods or services produced through labor practices that offend you?

Some say Apple is responsible for enriching themselves at the expense of Chinese slaves, some of them children.

The other side of the coin says that Chinese are lined up to work in those factories - their standard of living is better than the average Chinese, so it is a good thing...it is developing China to the First World.

Children in India begin working at a very young age, real work. Many work instead of school.

It's that, or starve.

We Americans have a lot of comfort from which to decide the moral Rights and Wrongs of the world. Free trade is good - it is pure Capitalism. Pure Capitalism is bad, it takes advantage of the weakest.

While we think of such things and condemn the Chinese father who would ever permit his daughter to work at such a factory, many of us do so while typing on an IMac, IPad or listening to an IPod.

Denninger says we do have a moral obligation to help stop such abuses. His solution is to tax everything coming from China. That makes sense from a practical perspective, if not a moral one - the profits from our Chinese made goods are buying Chinese made AK's for Chinese bred lads...

But, is there a moral obligation to choose not to financially support a product or service made with slave labor...

Here's Denninger's piece.



If 10% of the South-of-the-Border folks, located within 10 miles of your home or office, shouted La Raza! tomorrow and took to the streets, do you have it under control?

What if it wasn't 10% of La Raza...

...what if it was 10% of your locally indigenous FSA population...supported by your local, state and FedGov...

...would you be ok then? Would you be able to get to and from work? Would you have enough stuff to survive 90 days without leaving the house, including keeping your lights and water turned on? Including keeping your stuff from tweeting mobs of Bad People? What if those Bad People were supported by militant LEO? Could you didi? Would you have anywhere to go?

Just 10% of any group dedicated to murdering Liberty...


From Curtis

Now we know why NDAA was passed - because the Government likes to do this sort of thing, wants to do more, and doesn't want to pay the bills.

Here's the link.


Note: Blogger is obviously futzing with things behind the scenes - I apologize for the screwy format. Sometime the text all bunches, sometimes everything double-spaces, and I can't control it. Hopefully they'll get their act together soon.


III Gear stuff

Update: Shirts are in, and they look good. They are 100% Cotton, so we are going to wash up one of the XL's and see if it approaches a fit for the ladies. Sorry, I haven't made a second order yet of smaller sizes, I wanted to do a quality check before going further.
Once the cards arrive we'll be packing and sending.
Shirts and business cards are going to be in my shop this afternoon, according to FedEx - so the final batch of orders will be going out over the next few days.
Starting Monday I am going to raise the contribution for Patches from $10 to $20 - so if you have been thinking about a patch and can't swing the $20, get your order in. I'm not looking to gouge, but the 527 simply isn't making any forward gain in the bank account with the current price structure. Stickers will probably go up as well - the amount of effort and back-end cost for a $2-3 profit on an item (to the 527) isn't worth it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You are the Target

You already know it.

Hopefully, you are preparing to defeat the effort, and hopefully you are already resisting.

DHS is shifting, publicly, their mission from foreign threats to those of a domestic nature.

Here's the article.

Use this information as you will.



We often look at the Rights infringed in the Bill of Rights to measure our loss of Liberty.

It is a good idea to look at it from the other side once in a while, to see the ground gained by those Enemies of Liberty who would be our Masters.

Communism: Ground Gained

We too often fail to cut through the PC misdirection offered
by our enemies within, so let us remind everyone right now: Liberalism is
Communism in a cloak.

Below are the 10 points laid out by Marx.

Consider them and consider where the nation is today in
reference to each.

Then, consider for each of the points which of our political
parties advocate for policies and programs to achieve the stated goals.

1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means
of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by
the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of
the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

8. Equal liability of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual
abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable
distribution of the populace over the country.

10. Free education for all children in public schools.

They are winning.


LEO Playing with Pre-Crime Technology

LEO in NJ are going to shine a red light on "pre-crime suspects" as they move about in public.

The lights and cameras will be mounted on poles.

We already have traffic cams and ticket cams on poles and on stand-alone boxes.

...I wonder how long before poles and boxes start to meet chainsaws...

Here's the story.


Remember the Truth

You already know the essential Truths of life in America today.
The ideals enshrined in the Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights are dead across the land, but for the hearts of a small number of Patriots.
You can not find a single of the first 10 Amendments that has not been rendered meaningless by evil people wielding the force of Government.
Liberty is already dead, as a tangible asset in America today.
Every story about Federal Judges who rule that you must surrender PGP keys, every story about new rules from ATF, every story about tax debates among the Political Class are all Sparklies, simply flashes of evidence regarding the Truth: Liberty is already dead.
They are intended to distract you.
Do not get caught up in the emotion of any given Sparklie.
Be aware and informed...
...but remember not to waste energy on the Sparklies, and focus instead on those impediments to breathing life back into Liberty. Let us be away with the people and the institutions that inhibit, infringe, and imperil Liberty, and we will be able to pass it on to our next generation.
Work every day on the fundamentals of defense, survival and essential aspects of the polygonal battlespace.
Beware the Sparklies.

Fed Judge: Open your PGP Lock to LEO

A Federal Judge has ordered a defendant to unlock the PGP protection on a laptop, or face Contempt and other penalties.

So much for 5A...

Here's the story, sent in by Mike C.


Monday, January 23, 2012


UPDATE: We had a well-known reload company come at us for inclusion in the book - then they wanted our writer to pay for the gear.

I don't think so.

You want your gear reviewed? You want outstanding free exposure for your company and products...and then you want the writer to buy the equipment?


I've reached out to another reloading company on principle, folks. I'll let you know how it goes.



Folks - do we have any reloaders out there who are ready to step up to a turret press?


Whatever you think of Ron Paul...

...his son is not made of the same stuff.

If I hear once more about the next President choosing Justices...

We must choose Newt, or even Mitt, because any R will choose better Justices for the Supreme Court.

I hear this pablum far too often from people who try to justify voting for anyone but President Obama.

So, I ask: What does it matter who is appointed to the Court, for they abjectly refuse to abide the Constitution. Even the so-called Conservatives on the Court will not rule on the plain language of 2A, and they refuse to recognize any respect whatsoever for 4A.

So, if it doesn't matter who ends up on the Court, what does it matter who is in the White House?

At least with Obama we know what he wants and where he is going. I would add that his re-election will hasten implosion and open the door for a reset. Mitt & Newt? A slightly slower trip over the cliff...

Do you have any respect for the current Court? Do you feel obligated to abide their rulings?

If they rule ObamaCare is Constitutional, the ruling will not make it so.

When they rule 2A has limits, the rulings will not make it so.

Unconstitutional laws bear no moral force.

Let it burn...


Zoomie sugarcoating it again...


When Natural Law parts with Man's Law...

Kent reminds us that to have respect for the law, the laws made by men must remain respectful to us.

Once Bad People begin using Law to enslave us, we have no moral obligation to respect the Law or the Men who attempt tyranny.

Here's more from Kent.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Foreign Policy to Restore the republic

And now, friends and countrymen, if the wise and learned philosophers of the
elder world, the first observers of nutation and aberration, the discoverers of
maddening ether and invisible planets, the inventors of Congreve rockets and
Shrapnel shells, should find their hearts disposed to enquire what has America
done for the benefit of mankind?

Let our answer be this: America, with the same voice which spoke herself into
existence as a nation, proclaimed to mankind the inextinguishable rights of
human nature, and the only lawful foundations of government. America, in the
assembly of nations, since her admission among them, has invariably, though
often fruitlessly, held forth to them the hand of honest friendship, of equal
freedom, of generous reciprocity.

She has uniformly spoken among them, though often to heedless and often to
disdainful ears, the language of equal liberty, of equal justice, and of equal

She has, in the lapse of nearly half a century, without a single exception,
respected the independence of other nations while asserting and maintaining her

She has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when
conflict has been for principles to which she clings, as to the last vital drop
that visits the heart.

She has seen that probably for centuries to come, all the contests of that
Aceldama the European world, will be contests of inveterate power, and emerging

Wherever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall be
unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be.

But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.

She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all.

She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.

She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the
benignant sympathy of her example.

She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were
they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond
the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice,

envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom.

The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to

She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the
ruler of her own spirit....

[America's] glory is not dominion, but liberty.

Her march is the march of the mind.

She has a spear and a shield: but the motto upon her shield is, Freedom,
Independence, Peace.

This has been her Declaration: this has been, as far as her
necessary intercourse with the rest of mankind would permit, her practice.

John Quincy Adams gave this speech on Independence Day in 1821.

He authored the Monroe Doctrine.

If the republic were to return to such a foreign policy, how our fortunes would change...


Oleg & Israel

The Tavor is from Israel, and I have to admit the bullpup design is slowly growing on me.

The Kel Tec KSG 12 gauge bullpup puts the best home defense load into a package that is far more suited to home defense than traditional shotguns. Time will tell if the KSG is mechanically sound, but I don't think it'll be long before other manufacturers follow them into the bullpup realm.

Here's the link to Oleg and the Tavor. The Israeli's score another winning design.


Ga. judge orders president to appear at hearing

So a Judge in Georgia has the mettle to do his job.

Well done, Georgia!

That's how you do that!

Of course, he'll never show...but every now and again we get a hint that the republic is not, yet, completely dead.

Here's the piece: http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/16567672/ga-judge-orders-president-to-appear-at-hearing


III Patch

Folks - any interest in the skull above in a patch?
We have another large batch of III gear shipping out early this week, so if you are waiting for patches or stickers, you should see them by the end of the week. We are still waiting for the business cards and shirts, and tactical caps. I expect the caps by Tuesday, so we'll get those out as soon as they come into the shop. The cards and shirts are due to me by no later than the 28th. We'll ship them out as soon as they get in, also.
Let me know about the skull patch above.

Delegate Count

You see the trajectory. The Establishment is very experienced at thwarting candidates who represent serious change.

But the truth remains the truth: Even with Thomas Jefferson as President in 2012, the economy will implode and the republic will face existential threats.

Politics matters. Our efforts to grow our Movement matters.

But never stop preps. Never stop training. Never let your guard down.

Here's the WSJ piece on the Delegate count. http://projects.wsj.com/campaign2012/delegates


Saturday, January 21, 2012

SHTF Go Bag Project

OK folks, I built a website for the SHTF Project. The book cover (the image above) is only a working cover - the real cover will be built by a real graphic artist.
There are details about the project at the site. If you know a blogger or writer who would add a good column, feel free to send them to the site. If they are interested, we'll look at what they've got.
The title (SHTF Go Bag) is also just a working title, it'll probably change when we go to press. Suggestions are welcome.
Here is the site: www.SHTFGoBag.com

AP: AR Pistol Teaser

AP has posted a teaser about his AR Pistol project, here. http://arcticpatriot.blogspot.com/2012/01/ar-pistol-project-at-99.html
His intent is to write in-depth about it for the SHTF Book, I'm looking forward to it.
We've already rec'd almost a dozen completed columns, and not a single one is less than excellent. Thank you to everyone who has swubmitted and who will submit.
I'm putting together a site about the project which will have details, I'll let you know when it launches.

Friday, January 20, 2012

SHTF Firearms Project

So far we have official participation with Buck, Gerber, Benchmade, Browning, Pelican, Maxpedition, Eagle, Kimber and a few more.

Your submissions will be read by marketing and media professionals in all of these companies, as well as a wide pro-2A audience.

...and we are just getting started with our official participants, folks.

I genuinely think this project will help put our community on solid "mainstream" footing, which translates to political power. And, that is the goal...to have the political power to influence events.

Thank you all for helping build our political brand. Thus far I have not had a single member of our community say no to contributing. (I am still waiting for a few responses). Just consider if we have 40 of "our" Bloggers writing pieces, combined with pieces from III Patriots who comment routinely...and then added to the NRA-type bloggers to whom I have begun reaching.

40 of our bloggers is not an arbitrary number, folks. I have asked just about that many, and none have said no.

That is a community that is coming together. I don't think we could have had such results a year ago.

I am very proud to stand with all of you.


AP: Look in the Mirror

AP has another excellent column tonight, here. http://arcticpatriot.blogspot.com/2012/01/having-courage-to-look-in-mirror.html

Sorry for the long links - something has changed with Blogger that I haven't figured out, yet.

AP is an important voice in our Community, as are all who have taken the decision to stand tall and risk enemy fire for being a Patriot in the spotlight.

Many of you who coment regularly, and many of you I speak with in email would run excellent blogs if you chose to do so. If any of you are considering it, I hope you'll give it a shot. The more of us who do this, the louder our voice.

Think about it.


Check this out...

Found this over at Zazzle.

The latin (I found that at WRSA) translates to Fortune favors the Bold.

Not bad.

Here's the link: http://www.zazzle.com/audentes_fortuna_iuvat_tshirt-235189364248925822


Your Favorite Online Depot...

Folks, if you could receive a $100 Gift Certificate from your favorite online Gear Place, where would it be?

I'm not going to bother with a poll, too many selections.

After you've done that, take a second and visit this new site I found (actually, they found me). It is a group of young conservative women who started at University of Virginia - a demographic that would be very helpful if we were able to help deflect some of the MSM garbage they are fed from k-College. I have not had time to cruise their site, so no idea what we may find. Here's the link: http://enlightenedwomen.org/


Kerodin.com: The Basic Truth

Let's not over-complicate the issue.

Column is here.