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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I don't usually sign off at night...

Goodnight, Patriots.


Texas Coastal PatCom:

It's this weekend, folks.

If you can be there, go meet a few serious Patriots.

To everyone involved in making it happen, Huzzah!

Here's the link.


The Up Side to the Big Die Off

We will be rid of tens-of-millions of stupid people who ruin humanity for the rest of us.

Harsh? Too bad.

If you are a parasite on your neighbor or society, if you seek to start strife and war, if you seek to impose your will on another human being, if you seek to take the fruit of his labor by the force of government, may you die. Please.

If there is Karmic Justice you will die a syphilitic mess, eaten from the guts out with cancer of the most painful organs and bones, alone and in the misery and squalor you have attempted to impose on others.

I will not weep. I will not offer aid or comfort. I will not even dig a ditch for your corpse.

If you are a bad person, die.

That is better for the rest of us.

And if you can't handle that simple truth, folks, if you are looking for a hero who will make the world a Utopia without hurting anyone's feelings...you are not prepared for the future of this republic, and you have no true understanding of our past.

It's time to face the truth. If you want sugar-coating and promises that the future will be easy and free of pain, that only the worst offenders will get hurt, or even that victory is likely, you are in the wrong place. We deal in realistic truth, and have no time or patience for lies or fantasy, or liars.

If Restoration is an academic exercise and fanatsy for you, or is measured by the price of the WWII canteen you bought at the thrift store, or the snarky letter you wrote to some anti-gun twit, please do not return here.

This blog is for men and women who mean what they say and say what they mean, for American Patriots who will do whatever it takes, by their own hands, to be rid of the tyrants and Enemies of Liberty among us.

This blog is about the deadly serious matter of Liberty. It is not a playground for geriatric, failed Provocateurs and Collaborators or their sycophants.

Be serious about Restoration, or please be gone and do not waste my time.

Restoration will only happen in the ugliest reality you can envision. Ask Selco.

And if we lose, the utter destruction of Liberty will be even uglier.



Over at Sipsey you wagged your tongue about taking me out at 800 yards with your Barrett rifle.

Hey, Sloby - my address is online. Email me and I'll give it to you. Come get some, you coward. Bring your rifle if you wish, though I personally invite you to simply knock on my door and we'll do our thing in the street, like men.

III Flag

I changed companies, folks. The first company blew dead bear.

These folks got me a proof within 24 hours.

I ordered an additional 10 flags - so we have 14 available.

The company says I will have them in my shop in 12-14 days.


No more traffic cam tickets...

Mike C. sent this over - tired of getting slammed by traffic cams?

Here's the link.


Operation: Bracken

Final Phase, here.



Congratulations are in order for Ken and Lisa, folks.

He proposed, she accepted, and CharlieGodammit endorsed!

Congratulations to you all, and may life bring all of its best to your home.

Here's the link.

Sam & Holly

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

III: Patriot Radio

Folks, Russ at DumpDC dropped me an email a while ago - he's cut our radio spot and I should get it in the next day or two.

Also, he has a great article posted by Judge Napolitano.

Drop by his place and leave him a "Thank You" note for helping with our radio spot.

I'll post it as soon as I get it.

Thanks, Russ! Here's the link.



This is the KA-Bar I rec'd recently for the SHTF Project. The sheath is a fast-draw rig made by Victor Aguilar. We'll be teaching a female model how to bring the knife into action from the fast-draw. Victor claims it can be done in a second or two.

This is my first time ever handling a KA-BAR. It is the USMC version with a serrated edge near the hilt. This knife impresses me. It is rock-solid. I'm looking forward to training with it to bring you a full review.

The bag is a Condor EDC. It is pretty awesome, too. A modern Possibles Bag, it has room for basic tactical gear that you may want if you had to go hunting for a bad guy in your house or yard. We'll be including a full report on all of these items in the SHTF Project.

Weigh in on this if you wish: I have rec'd several pieces of Condor gear for the SHTF Project, and of course the Tactical Caps we've been sending out are all Condor. The 527 is capable of setting up a wholesale account with Condor, which means we can get gear and offer it to our community well below retail. Does that sort of thing interest anyone? If so, I'll consider setting up the 527 with wholesale accounts with several gear suppliers so we can all save a few bucks.

Let me know.


You are a III Leader

UPDATE: Bernake warns Congress that the country is heading for the cliff by the end of this year. He's not raising the alarm so we can find a fix, he simply wants to print more money to fatten the wallets of his friends before the implosion. Here's the link.

RevWarIII festivities will begin with an economic implosion. This has been my position for quite a while, and the numbers continue to erode, despite the spin from Washington and the outright manipulation of economic reports. Drudge has a few articles linked today that tell the truth about the economy.

If you read this blog, you have already become a Leader of Restoration, even if you do not see yourself as a Leader, even if you do not know another single Soul in your AO, even if you do not want the job.

Tag - you're it in your AO.

Why? Because you are the most informed in your AO. You are probably well armed. You have considered your AO in an environment without Government, or with heavy-handed Government. You have considered hordes of Bad People who will be hunting for food and treasure. You have considered how to defend your home, or you have decided where you will go to make your stand.

When implosion happens, you will be the guy in your AO who is ahead of the curve.

Sorry, that's simply the way it is, folks.

You will have many neighbors who are unprepared for the festivities. You will have some very hard decisions to take. Who do you feed? Who do you arm? Who do you trust with the knowledge that you have food and arms? Who do you put on the perimeter of the street? Who do you trust to patrol the neighborhood? What do you do when one of your Tribe takes stupid decisions that imperil the rest? What do you do when your 13 year old daughter weeps because her little boyfriend from school is starving in another neighborhood, and she pleads for you to help...or she sneaks out to be with the one true love of her life?

Do you have hard copies of the DoI, BoR & Constitution to hand out to your expanded Tribe so they understand the goals? Do you have hard copies of a manual that outlines the rules of the Tribe that you can give people who are folded into your protection? Does your manual detail punishment for infractions? Do you have a course outline in hard copy format that will help teach the basics of patrol, guard duty, ambush, and other aspects of survival in a world that has brought a physician to your door who has never held a firearm?

By the simple fact that you have thought of such things, you have taken steps to protect and preserve your family, the other folks in the neighborhood who want to survive (who are worthy of survival), will look to you for answers.

You have your preps. You have decided if you will dig in or didi.

Are you ready for the Leadership role that circumstances will impose upon you?

Think about it.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Mike Vanderboegh: A Failed & Diseased Soul

Mike Vanderboegh has worked for his entire adult life to start a war in America. He began as a Communist, and failed. Now he is trying to start his war from the Right.

Folks, as you know Mike has once again chosen to disrupt the community by turning his bayonet upon a Patriot. Many of you know the history, and some do not. I am not going to give Mike what he wants, which it to disrupt the work we have been doing here to advance the cause of Liberty.

About a year ago several senior members of our community stated publicly that anyone who continued to disrupt our efforts at cohesion would identify himself as a Provocateur. I imposed a cease-fire upon myself. I have ignored several attacks in the last year by Mike. I have not let anyone flame Mike from my blog.

It is time for those senior members to acknowledge the facts.

I will not devote any space on this blog to Mike beyond this single post.

I have created another monument to Mike, the link is below. It will live forever on the internet, long beyond Mike's mortal life, and I will update it as necessary. He has earned it.

Ladies, my language is not appropriate for delicate ears if you are easily offended.

Negative attacks work if they are not answered, and that is Mike's game. I created the new page because I refuse to permit this fight to take place within this community. I refuse to allow a Provocateur and Collaborator to disrupt the good, valuable work we have been doing for the III, for Liberty and for the republic.

I will not respond to any silliness Mike may choose to post. His game is to destroy, not to build. You will note at CA's place that I addressed Mike only once.

For the record regarding those people who are posting on Mike's site about me: Many are lying. I have met 2 men in this Movement face-to-face and shaken their hands. They are TL and Concerned American. Anyone else who claims to have met me is a liar.

I'm not really interested in discussing the matter on this thread, either. It is beneath us.



Link to the new Monument for Mike is here: FailedandDiseasedSoul.com.


Honey, have you seen my GPS?

FBI can't find all of the illegal GPS widgets it stuck on vehicles.

Here's the story from Curtis.


It will likely be the Economy that triggers the festivities...

A series of economic experts claim crash is imminent, here.


Saturday, February 25, 2012


SHTF may come in many forms. Many of which will leave cell networks operational, and will not require you to go Ghost or Gray.

In such circumstances, do you have a SmartPhone?

I have an AndroidX, and to be honest it has far more capability than I will ever utilize. I've only recently started using it to keep the blog updated while out in the world.

But in a SHTF scenario as stated above, there are many Apps available for that smartphone that will permit you to eliminate several pieces of gear from your pack.

My Android has a compass in it. It has access to Google Maps, so I can get satellite images of a target or AO with the push of a button. I can download a scanner app to keep tabs on local LEO and First Responders. Of course, full web access. I can add a hands-free widget.

Most of you already know most of this, and probably more. My 9 year old niece knows more than do I. But if you have not yet explored the tactical potential of trading out a standard cell phone to a SmartPhone, do some research, folks. The tactical usefulness of this device is incalculable.

Yes, I am fully aware of the down sides. You leave a footprint. You can be found. If you have your phone in your pocket and have to take out a baddie, walking away will not be the end of the story. LEO will simply look for phones that were active in the area and then interview everyone who was in contact with the local towers.

But, in many circumstances, it can be a wonderful tool.

Add a solar charger and a spare battery to the kit you always keep with you, and you have a very powerful tool.


Wyoming looks better every day...

Their legislators are considering what to do in the case of a loss of FedGov.

Wyoming is one of the few states I have never visited. Does anyone reading this blog live there (or lived there) who can give me your thoughts?

Here's the link.


Kill 'em where they stand

Mike C. sent this link to a piece in Minnesota about their moves to expand the Castle Doctrine.

Personally, I believe that no person ever has a duty or obligation to back up in the face of a violent threat, regardless of where one may be standing.

Since all of LEO and most jurors would disagree, killing a bad guy on the street and continuing on my way would probably cause problems for making the next mortgage payment.

Minnesota is moving to incorporate more common sense back into human inter-personal engagements. Believe it or not, there was a time in American history when everyone understood that bad guys deserve to die wherever they may be encountered.

Of course, the Political Class and their muscle (LEO) think this is a bad idea.

Here's the link.


Black on Black Violence: It is not a new phenom

Until people begin to understand that evil people are born into every color of skin, in every part of the globe, we have no hope as a species. We are an infestation.

Here's a piece from Brock.

Learn from History and the facts on the ground. Do not swallow the hype or the lies.


PETA: It's all about the money

Is it possible that an organization uses soft and fluffy animals merely as a prop for fundraising?

Say it ain't so!

Pet lovers, caution: You may find it very hard to hold your temper the next time you run into one of these genetic wastes from PETA.

Here's the story.

501 Front Street
Norfolk, VA. 23510


Read this at Balko's place...

Man attacked by Muslim in Pennsylvania...

...the attacked man gets lectured by the Muslim Judge to be more tolerant...

Good Saturday mornin' to ya!

Here't the link.

Let's save the republic.

UPDATE: Also read how Ohio intends to deal with you if you have a "secret compartment" in your vehicle. You'll be going to prison, felon. Here.


Friday, February 24, 2012

III Brand

Radio: We are live in the Denver/Fort Collins area thanks to the work of a Patriot in that area. Russ at DumpDC is building a spot that we have contracted for the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Another Patriot is considering underwriting a portion of a spot in his AO, and we are looking into Cleveland as suggested by another. The results from Denver are promising. I have high hopes that we will significantly increase our Brand if we can get on air in 5-10 markets.

III Gear: Flags - the folks at the flag company are driving me nucking futs. We placed the order Monday and we still do not have a proof. They sent me one this morning, finally - and it was black on white. They forgot the OD. If they do not get their act straight quickly I intend to post the name of the company so we can all write them a letter.

Patches/Stickers/Shirts/Caps: We've been sending orders since yesterday, and the rest will go out this weekend. I ordered a large batch of patches this time, so if you want one or 5, hit IIIGear.com.

SHTF Firearms & Go Bags: Just rec'd a sweet KA-BAR for the project. Your submissions have been great, keep them coming.

Ours is a small community, and money is tight. But we are investing in Liberty. Every patch, shirt, cap, and flag that goes out the door drops a few bucks into the 527 account. It is not much, but it is something, and it adds up as long as we keep grinding at it and keep growing our community. The more we do, the more we can do.

Yours in Liberty,


CPX Foxtrot

Command Post Exercise Foxtrot (CPX Foxtrot)
Discussion of the Hypothetical Use of an OpFor False Flag Attack as a FreeFor Line of Departure
Action Date: 9:00 PM EST on Friday, 24 Feb 2012
Execution Date: (Hypothetical)



Given the current escalating tensions with Iran, and the known history of enemies of liberty in escalating and prompting crises to the detriment of the American people, the possibility of a large-scale or widespread false-flag attack on Americans has become a subject of conversation in FreeFor. A growing theme among liberty oriented persons is as follows: Given that such a false-flag attack would represent a crime of unprecedented magnitude, perpetrated upon thousands of innocent people (perhaps millions if executed with a nuclear weapon of whatever scale), the various diverse and often opposing elements of FreeFor could agree that preventing such an event would be of the utmost importance. The conclusion, well-founded or not, of some informal discussions appears to be the use of such a false-flag event as a common trigger for further action.

The objective of this CPX, then, is to provide a context in which to discuss this approach to assist in disrupting any such false-flag attack which may already be in the planning stages, while simultaneously exercising the capability of the FreeFor to act in concert to execute a multi-phase distributed operation at varying levels of private and public visibility, and across boundaries of interest. In this CPX, the discussion of the merits of the use of such a false-flag attack as a hypothetical FreeFor line of departure for local action plans, without discussing those hypothetical action plans themselves, may accomplish these objectives in a nonviolent way which is non-actionable given the current legal environment.


1. To explore the possibility, credibility and implications of a false-flag threat, including means by which an inadvertent self-sustaining chain reaction of hair-trigger events might be avoided in non-false-flag circumstances.

2. To act as a confidence-building exercise among all elements of FreeFor across areas of interest, including those remaining within the governmental establishment at all levels, by selecting objectives and implementation goals of the widest possible appeal and which pose the minimum element of risk to the FreeFor participants.

3. To assist the remaining elements of FreeFor within the governmental establishment at all levels to disrupt/expose a possible false-flag attack on Americans by causing the hostile (or rogue) planners to reorient to the implications of this CPX, thus causing increased internal chatter subject to traffic analysis or leakage, which, in turn, increases the risk of the false-flag operation to exposure and blowback if executed.

4. To preserve elements of FreeFor from prosecution by limiting discussion to non-actionable hypothetical discussions of the implications of this CPX.

5. To minimize the interpersonal conflict that often mars FreeFor exercises by using multiple veils of anonymity and a deliberate lack of central control or direction.

6. To demonstrate the capability of FreeFor for communications discipline by two communication phases, one prior to the action date, one after.

7. To preserve the anonymity of covert FreeFor participants by masking their activities and greater number within a larger volume of overt participation.

8. To thwart the desires and actions of OpFor hostiles to use the CPX for its own purposes.

9. To use the assets, desires and actions of OpFor hostiles to discover elements of their influence on and penetration of FreeFor.

10. To develop a model of FreeFor exercises which communicate information in a self-disciplined and self-propagating way using various media.


Action Date: The date and time that a planned action is to be implemented. In particular, the action date of this CPX signals the transition of communications about this CPX from private to public means. See also Execution Date.

Covert Participants: FreeFor persons or elements which, for reasons of their own, wish to maintain anonymity.

Execution Date: The date and time at which an important event is to be executed. For the purposes of this CPX, the execution date is purely hypothetical. Within that hypothetical context, the execution date would be the date at which OpFor implements a false-flag attack, or such a false-flag attack is identified as such within a reasonable certainty.

FreeFor: Freedom Forces, which includes any person or group of persons, within or without government, interested in establishing, maintaining, or restoring the rightful place of government as the servant of natural persons along principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights, or other works which promote individual responsibility, liberty and freedom from coercive government, even if not those specific wordings.

Go Code: A pre-arranged signal or event which initiates action.

Hotline: An emergency communication path, whether secured or not, which remains covert prior to use, but which, once used, is likely to be suspect afterward.

Line of Departure: A pre-arranged location or set of circumstances from which operations transition from the preparation phase to the execution phase. Starting execution of a plan is known as "crossing the line of departure".

OpFor: Opposition Forces, typically those hostile elements in domestic or foreign governmental positions opposed to the objectives of FreeFor.

Overt Participants: FreeFor persons or elements which are already well-known to the governmental establishment, and who are taking on little additional risk by participating in this CPX during both the private and public phases.

Private Communication: Any and all exchanges of this CPX and discussions about it which remain limited to peer-to-peer or peer-to-peers (blast) email, voice and personal conversations. Specifically excluded from private communication as defined here are postings on the Internet, blogs, social networking sites, etc.

Public Communication: Any and all exchanges of this CPX and discussions about it using an unrestricted variety of communication media and channels, including, but not limited to, blogs, posted articles, advertisements, flyers, posters, etc.

Specific Actions Requested of Participants

1. Participate in widely disseminating the text of this CPX using communication channels and networks normal and customary to a given participant during the private communication phase as defined below.

2. Participate in widely disseminating the text of this CPX using communication channels and networks normal and customary to a given participant during the public communication phase as defined below.

3. Monitor, to the extent of the individual participant's capability, the emergence of the following, which may indicate potentially disruptive attempts by OpFor elements:

a. Any premature public dissemination of the text of this CPX prior to the action date, as defined below.
b. Any attempt by participants to generate interpersonal hostility or to act as provocateurs to goad creation, revelation or implementation of line of departure plans.
c. Any attempt by participants to transmit or encourage the transmission of the text of this CPX through hotline or other secure channels.



1. That hostile elements within the governmental establishment, through various means of data collection and analysis, already have complete knowledge of this CPX. Accordingly, this CPX is structured in such a way that existing hostile knowledge is not only not harmful, but beneficial to the objectives of the CPX.

2. That these hostile elements desire to act in ways which will disrupt or discredit this CPX, including, but not limited to, provocateurs, misinformation, early triggering and initiation of interpersonal conflict.

3. That these hostile elements will seek to apply traffic analysis to the execution phases of this CPX to both discover previously unknown FreeFor linkages, or discover previously unknown covert participants or confirm suspected covert participants.

4. That FreeFor elements answer to no one, but instead apply their own judgment and discretion in taking or not taking any action. Accordingly, portions of this CPX written in the form of orders are merely suggested as recommendations for unified action.

Operational Principles

I. Phases

1. This CPX is divided into three phases:

a. A private communication phase prior to the action date and time.
b. A public communication phase after the action date and time.
c. A hypothetical execution phase which would commence after the implementation of a false-flag attack by OpFor upon Americans.

2. Although this CPX is assumed to be completely known to hostile forces from inception, division of the CPX into two communication phases allows FreeFor to demonstrate an understanding of communication discipline principles. This two-phase approach also provides multiple opportunities for hostiles to expose themselves through the initiation of early triggering in the private phase, or other disruptive activities in either phase, and in ways which can be detected and noted by FreeFor participants, overt and covert, through passive means and without centralized coordination.

3. The execution phase is purely hypothetical, and discussion of this phase by participants within the context of this CPX is restricted as detailed below for the protection of all FreeFor participants.

II. Private Communication Actions Prior to the Action Date.

1. During the private communication phase, overt participants are encouraged to communicate as widely as possible with other participants, overt or covert, about the content and implications of this CPX using only private communications. To deny hostiles additional information beyond that which they possess prior to this CPX, and for the protection of covert participants, these communications are to use only those linkages which are normal and customary for the participant. Hotline resources are to be specifically prohibited for this CPX in both phases.

2. The private communication phase is to be limited to communication means which lack permanence beyond the control of the individual participants, hostile recording, interception and storage excluded. Email, texting, handwritten notes, phone and personal conversations are examples of private communications. Blogging, tweeting, discussion with media, or posting of the CPX on social media sites, which have a public and stored nature, are specifically excluded during the private communication phase.

3. The sole exception to the use of public communications prior to the action date are teaser mentions of the CPX on public media, and then only by the single and complete phrase "CPX Foxtrot", with no other detail about the CPX content or intentions provided. Those persons inquiring about these mentions of "CPX Foxtrot" should be provided its content during the private communication phase if those persons are within the normal and customary sphere of influence for a given participant.

An example of a public mention during the private communication phase is a blogger or commenter posting text similar to the following:

"And be sure to participate in CPX Foxtrot."
"Remember, CPX Foxtrot is coming up."
"Are you ready for CPX Foxtrot? I am."

If a prospective participant then asks about details for the CPX, other participants should provide the prospect with the CPX using private communications if that prospect is within the normal and customary reach of the provider. If not, then an appropriate response would be:

"Thanks for asking about that. Ask someone you know about CPX Foxtrot. If they don't know, ask them to ask. When you get CPX Foxtrot, you will know why it has to be this way."

Examples of providing the text of this CPX to others within the normal or customary scope of FreeFor communications include:

"A friend sent this to me. It is an interesting concept that probably should be discussed further."
"I am concerned that this idea might have unintended negative consequences. Worth a read."

4. The lack of public storage of the CPX Foxtrot details during the private communication phase will assist in not only generating additional teaser interest in the CPX, but will also make it easier for specific covert FreeFor assets to identify potential hostile infiltrants during the private communication phase. If in doubt, don't post. Also, do not assist hostile traffic analysis by providing details of the CPX beyond those prospective participants with which you normally and customarily communicate. Avoid being ensnared by hostile fishing expeditions.

5. Prospective participants are to be treated with respect and encouraged. An "us-versus-them", or "clique" mentality is to be avoided at all times by all FreeFor participants. FreeFor participants are also encouraged to apply their own traffic analyses to identify potential hostile provocateurs attempting to disrupt the CPX through the incitement of interpersonal discord or discouragement of prospects.

6. During the private communication phase, the text of this CPX is to be distributed as text attachments (word-wrap off) where practical, or as inserted or printed text otherwise. Other file formats, such as PDFs or DOCs, contain tagging information which reveals personal information or transmits viruses.

7. Within these restrictions, then, during this phase the CPX should be distributed as widely as possible, encouraging the recipients to in turn widely distribute, in chain letter fashion, to ensure as large a participation as possible on the action date.

III. Public Communication Actions On or After the Action Date

1. All participants are encouraged to publicly post the CPX content simultaneously on the action date and time in as many media, blogs, etc. as possible. Original postings with the CPX content, or with the CPX text content attached where possible, are more desirable rather than chain-linking back to a single source blog.

2. During the public communication phase, exposure of the CPX content is encouraged on all communication forms without restriction, other than the hotlines as discussed previously, which are not to be used for the purposes of this CPX at any time. An intention is to create as wide a historical Internet footprint as possible, as well as expose means and personnel by which hostiles attempt to minimize this footprint over time.

3. During the public communication phase, this CPX can be distributed in any form or file format.

IV. Principles During Either Communication Phase

1. A critical component of this CPX is ongoing discussion by participants of the implications of this CPX during either communication phase. However, for the protection of the FreeFor participants, discussion of the execution phase is to be limited to hypothetical discussions of the political/other implications should FreeFor use an OpFor false-flag attack as a line of departure for other covert plans which may or may not be under development. Specifically prohibited as part of this CPX is the initiation, discussion or exploration of such plans. All participants should be alert for potential hostiles who may try to use this CPX to discover or incite specific planning for line of departure actions within the context of this CPX.

Examples of acceptable discussions within the context of this CPX include:

"Is OpFor planning a false-flag, and if so, would the possibility of that as a line of departure for FreeFor be likely to disrupt those plans?"
"How might OpFor use crossing of the line of departure to its own ends, and how might that be mitigated?"
"How might inadvertent triggering of the execution phase be avoided for legitimate emergencies?"
"What effect does the existence of CPX Foxtrot have on the police? On the military?"
"How might FreeFor identify a false-flag so that it can be used as a valid go-code? Would the rapid availability of "perfect knowledge" be a tipoff?"
"Does even the discussion of this CPX have a disruptive effect on OpFor?"
"What other CPXs might we develop to continue to disrupt OpFor?"
"What benefits does FreeFor derive from exercises like CPX Foxtrot and how can we amplify that effect?"
"Outside a false-flag attack by OpFor, what other signals might FreeFor pay attention to?"
"How can FreeFor overt participants use OpFor infiltration and disruption policies and procedures to assist hostiles in exposing themselves to covert FreeFor participants?"
"How can FreeFor use traffic analysis and other techniques to hamstring the actions of OpFor by making them depart from establish procedures and thus resort to error-prone improvised operations?"

Examples of unacceptable discussions within the context of this CPX include:

"What are you planning to do when crossing the line of departure?"
"What should I do when crossing the line of departure?"
"I know a guy/place where you can get X, Y, or Z illegal things to help implement this plan."
"Who do you know who might cross the line of departure?"

There is a certain amount of subjectivity as to the dividing line between acceptable discussions within the context of this CPX, and discussions which are specifically outside the context of this CPX. It is expected that OpFor will use provocateurs to attempt to goad participants into unacceptable discussions. CPX participants who stray beyond this imaginary line should be gently and respectfully encouraged to review the CPX. FreeFor participants who have been so admonished should exercise diligence in withdrawing to a suitable degree to illustrate their intentions, again, with due respect to all participants. In this way, we create an environment in which hostile provocateurs have ample opportunity to expose themselves, by violating either side of respectful admonishment.

Remember at all times, the discussion of the implications and practicality of a line of departure crossing in response to a false-flag is the topic of this CPX, not those line of departure plans themselves.

2. Participants are encouraged to remember that the rules of interpersonal conduct are merely for the purposes of this CPX, and that normal interpersonal squabbles are to continue unabated outside of this CPX.

3. Within the CPX itself, all participants should be alert to potential hostiles who insist on remaining outside its rules. Detection of potential hostiles who have infiltrated FreeFor is a key objective of this CPX as it uses OpFor's existing policies and personnel limitations to the benefit of FreeFor.

V. Ongoing Actions

1. Participants in CPX Foxtrot are encouraged to continue to promulgate this CPX and its discussions on an ongoing basis. There is no termination date.

2. Participants in CPX Foxtrot are encouraged to use the term "CPX Foxtrot" as a signal at any time in the future to crack through interpersonal squabbles when discussing the premise of this CPX, which is the hypothetical crossing of the FreeFor line of departure in response to a false-flag attack upon Americans by OpFor.

3. Participants in CPX Foxtrot are encouraged to use this template to generate their own CPXs in the future. An objective of this CPX is to improve upon the techniques employed here to inculcate and evolve, over time, a credible counterforce to unrestricted hostile action upon FreeFor.

Hypothetical Frequently Asked Questions About CPX Foxtrot

Q1. Why should this CPX be transmitted in text form?
A1. Simple text form is immune to transmission of viruses and other detrimental side-effects. In addition, simple text lacks any potential identifying information.

Q2. Why should this CPX not be transmitted using secure or hotline channels?
A2. Two reasons. First, to deny OpFor knowledge of the existence, nature or scope of such channels. Second, a common means to break encryption is to encourage the transmission of a known plaintext through a given secure channel, followed by comparison to the resulting ciphertext.

Q3. Why is the CPX divided into private and public communication phases?
A3. Several reasons. First, as a confidence builder and to generate a sense of esprit de corps among the participants. Second, to force OpFor to remain dormant during the private communication phase, or else risk exposing some of their covert assets. This alone requires that OpFor react to FreeFor initiative, causing elements of OpFor to recognize their lack of omnipotence which plants the seeds in their minds of the potential consequences of failure of false-flag missions. Finally, to assist in generating interest in this CPX by teaser mentions of "CPX Foxtrot" during the private communication phase without the text being publicly available until later in the private communication phase.

Q4. Why is it acceptable, or even desirable, to publicly mention "CPX Foxtrot" during the private communication phase?
A4. As mentioned above, to generate interest by teaser mentions.

Q5. Why is interpersonal conflict to be carefully monitored in the context of this CPX?
A5. A common OpFor disruptive tactic is to generate interpersonal conflict. However, to avoid exposing their assets, all participants, including OpFor elements, must maintain decorum, which once again forces OpFor to play by FreeFor rules.

Q6. Why was the false flag selected as the topic of this CPX?
A6. This topic was selected because of the timely current interest in potential false flag operations given the growing tensions with Iran.

Q7. Won't I be exposing my network of contacts by sending this CPX?
A7. OpFor has likely already mapped the normal network of contacts by each potential CPX participant. This CPX specifically requests participants to only send this CPX to those already in that participant's normal and customary FreeFor discussion paths, thus denying OpFor information about potential "emergency" communication paths.

Q8. Could this CPX be labeled as an anti-government conspiracy?
A8. Given the lack of attention to law, justice and ethics by elements of the government today, anything could be considered illegal. However, as long as the First Amendment is presumed to have any relevance, this CPX merely encourages participants to discuss the implications of a FreeFor crossing of the line of departure in response to a false flag, rather than encouraging participants to actually perform such actions. In fact, participants are specifically requested to forego the latter discussions in the context of this CPX as a means of detecting potential OpFor provocateurs.

Q9. Isn't this CPX equivalent to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater? Could it not trigger crazies in response to any perceived false flag?
A9. This CPX doesn't introduce the concept of crossing the line of departure in response to a false flag, it merely encourages the discussion of this concept, which already exists in the public space. One of the objectives of this CPX is to discuss potential unintended consequences of such a policy, and this is beneficial to reducing the possibility of such undesirable triggers. Stated differently, discussing the implications of yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is not the same thing as actually yelling "fire" in a crowded theater, nor is it encouraging anyone to do so.

Q10. During the private communication phase, is it acceptable to store this text on my website, and then link to that text in private emails?
A10. No. Storing this text on a web server makes it subject to being swept up by a search engine spider, and then appearing in search results. This would violate the intention of the private communication phase, which is to prevent search engines from reporting the full text of the CPX during this phase. Once the public communication phase begins, then this form of storage is an acceptable option.

Q11. If OpFor already has knowledge of this CPX and potential participants, what is to be gained by the private communication phase?
A11. As mentioned previously, to demonstrate, both to FreeFor and to OpFor, the capability to perform a decentralized operation as well as to provide an opportunity for interested covert elements of FreeFor to participate in uncovering OpFor moles.

Q12. If OpFor already has knowledge of the authors of this CPX, why keep their identities concealed?
A12. To minimize the negative effect of personality conflicts within FreeFor which might interfere with the success of this CPX.

Q13. Isn't the use of "OpFor" creating deliberate conflict with the government?
A13. This CPX is not anti-government. This CPX is, however, intended to disrupt the actions of intra-governmental or extra-governemental actors who exceed, or who might conspire to exceed, their lawful authority, while supporting those remaining elements of FreeFor within government who perform their duties within lawful bounds.

Q14. What if this CPX itself is a probing attempt by OpFor?
A14. As mentioned previously, it is presumed that OpFor already has knowledge of FreeFor participants, particularly those who are active on the Internet. However, no prospective participant should feel, or be made to feel, any obligation to participate. Instead, such passive, or covert, participants also serve a role by assisting in watching the progress and actions of other particpants and forming their own conclusions.

Q15. This CPX has some errors and portions could be written better. Should I improve it?
A15. No. One of the roles of some covert FreeFor participants is to detect at which nodes the CPX has been altered. If a participant chooses to pass the CPX text along, it should be done with no modifications. If it must be pasted into email, please paste from the first character through to the last, with no intervening comments inserted.


Be sure to keep up with the Bracken Operation at CA's place, here.


The Winner always writes the History...

Great piece from Brock's place I read the other day.

Win: History will agree that yours was the moral and just war.

Lose: You're dead, your family is dead or enslaved, and your ideals will die with you.

Here's the piece.


AP peers to the truth...

...wait until it's over food.

Here's the link.


E&E: Getting to the truck

If you can't make it to your rig, you may not make it home. If you can't get home, the most important people in your world will be at the mercy of Bad People.

Can you get to your wife's office if SHTF? Can you get to the kids at school? Will you have to fight armed LEO just to get your kids from a public school on "Lockdown"?

Think about it. Does your family know the protocol? Do you have Comms in place so you can talk to family if cells go down and SNAFU's intrude?

Make sure you have everything in place.

Great piece over at Deacon Matson's place, here.


Poverty is a business in America

The 19th century statesman John C. Calhoun warned against allowing government to divide us into "tax-payers and tax-consumers." This, he said, "would give rise to two parties and to violent conflicts and struggles between them, to obtain the control of the government."

We have become that country. It can not survive.

Pat breaks down "Poverty" in America, here.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Moral High Ground Fallacy

I have one simple position on this topic: If a person or a thing stands between you and your Natural Rights, you possess the Natural Right to be rid of the obstacle, by any means necessary.

When it comes to a person, give warning. If that person will not remove himself from the space between you and the free exercise of your Natural Rights, if he will not shut up, if he continues to advocate the infringement of your Natural Rights by force or by support, kill him. You will be on safe moral ground with any Just God and with the Laws of Nature.

I simply can not be bothered by continuous mental masturbation on such topics.

I have stated my position. Agree, disagree, I don't care.

The Only Good Commie is a Dead Commie.

And I have given the Enemies of Liberty fair warning.

Where you stand on such topics is your business, not mine.

You know if your Natural Rights are being infringed, and you know if you are a decent, moral person. You do not lose any "moral points" for killing a person who would vote your enslavement into place or for killing the enforcer. You do not need my approval or any else's approval. You know the truth in your heart.

What you need to watch for is an ATF taint-suckling "Patriot" who dares to sit in judgment of your moral scorecard, and who dares define when and where and how you may act in defense of your Natural Rights.

Here is a good link to WRSA on the topic. As usual, CA offers a perspective that I find valuable. Feel free to weigh-in there.



Denver Radio Spot

Here's the spot running in Colorado, folks.

It is outstanding.

And this one is entirely due to the work of a Denver-area Patriot who has underwritten the cost. He's put this on the air for 6 months - that is not cheap, folks.

Here's the link to the audio. There are two copies on the MP3.

My sincerest thanks to the Patriot who took point on this and got it done.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

John R -

For whatever reason, I can't send to ATT email addresses. I just replied to your email and it bounced back. (I'm pretty sure my ISP has been blacklisted on a few servers by ATT).

I can't find what you asked about - though my wife thinks it was in III to Liberty. I did a search for the phrase and came up empty. If you have a bit more context, let me know and it may jar my memory.

Also, if you have an email address other than ATT, send it to me and we'll be able to continue.


III Gear

Just got a call that our shipment of III Patches has arrived.

If we owe you patches, or orders involving patches, they'll be going out beginning tomorrow.


Powerful Republics

The Mayor of a major US City has an army at his disposal (his words), which includes the ability to bring down a suspect airliner (the words of his police chief).

This Mayor has fielded an Intelligence apparatus that probably rivals the capabilities of most nation-states.

This Mayor is hostile toward most of the ideals embodied in the DoI, Constitution and Bill of Rights. He gives them lip service, but his actions reveal the Tyrant.

Very little was made of recent reports about this Mayor using the intelligence capability of his army beyond the borders of his city, indeed, beyond his State. MSM made little of it. The Right made even less of it. And our own community didn't choose to address it much.

Of course I am talking about Mayor Bloomberg of New York City.

Do you think, for a moment, that his Intel gathering is limited to Muslims? Do you think the point-man for MAIG probably has already GPS'd the homes of every gun owner, Republican and Patriot in the same region?

I am an advocate of strong States. Most of us are, I suspect. But what about strong States that choose to defy Natural Laws? Do Patriots allows Tyranny to exist in a State, such as New York, and shrug it off as "Let the people of New York handle it"?

What about the current situation in New York, where the power of the State, indeed the power of the region, falls to a single city Mayor who has the real power and resources to rule an entire State by his diktat, and where his real power extends beyond his borders into the region?

In the sudden absence of the Federal Government, New York City stands as the regional power in the NorthEast. Philly doesn't come close. Bloomberg as Warlord would not hit any major resistance to his whims (or his ability to field brute power) until he hits DC in the south and Chicago toward his west.

In the sudden absence of FedGov, would we see the power in NYC reach to secure the ports up and down the coast? Would New York use economic power to force regional cities and states to bend knee, backed up by the Army of NYC LEO? Would Bloomberg's Army strike out to take physical control of regional powerplants and other vital resources? I think any 30-second review of history, and Bloomberg, would lead one to a yea vote.

In New York, the most powerful man in the state is not the Governor. It is the Mayor of NYC. The same obtains in other major metro areas. And as one looks across the country, those metro power-centers are in the control of the Left, the assets are under the control of the Left. Look at the roll call for MAIG and you get a quick list of cities that will put the assets of power in place against Liberty.

We have all explored this general reality in our community. It isn't new ground, I am offering this simply to bring our minds back to the topic. I want to remind everyone that all action in a Ruckus must be local.

I am a firm believer that Patriots in Virginia can not simply let New York pass or enforce laws that trample Natural Law. I do not believe in No-Go Zones in America where Patriots who choose to exercise any Natural Right must fear the State just because they cross the border from Vermont into New York.

In a world with little or zero FedGov, people like Bloomberg will become the power.

But New York's power does not exist without the ability of NYC to import and export what they need to live. Know your nodes, and Patriots in the rural areas of Ohio and the oil fields of the Dakotas can do work that hobbles the ability of the NYC Bloomberg Army to wage war. Such work will allow Patriots in New York to effectively engage a weakened power structure.

If you live in an area under the influence of NYC and you disrupt your local tyrants, you impair NYC.

If you want to disrupt the power of your local tyrants, be they Mayors or Police Chiefs, simply reduce the concept to fit within concentric circles that radiate from your home at 1 mile, 5 miles and 10 miles.

You can defeat Bloomberg from Brownsville Texas and Veldez, Alaska.

Do you know who and where the Enemies of Liberty are in your AO? No problem is too big for a man if he breaks it down into pieces that are small enough.

Here is Thomas Jefferson's preferred motto for the republic: Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.

You can label what is to come as you wish: Civil War, Counter-revolution, Liberty versus Tyranny, Good versus Evil. It matters little.

The reality comes down to Jefferson's counsel and the patch of ground beneath your feet.

Think about it.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a hint...

As a broad and general rule, if you are ever approached by media because of your political views, they are probably going to make you lool like an idiot, because they are not your friends.

Unless you know the show and host is on the Right team, expect the final product to be a hit job.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't make the play - just know their intent and do your thing.

I usually work from home, and I always have the television on in the background, and often have an earbud in an ear with music. Tonight I caught an episode of Doomsday Preppers. I left it on as I did my work, primarily because of the recent story of the guy from the show who was ruled mentally defective.

That show is not trying to give preppers a forum to convince others of the dangers of the world, folks. It is Jerry Springer, and the poor folks being showcased don't understand the true intent. The objective is to feature the "weirdos" and "wingnuts" for the broader political discussion, to subtly influence support for the narratives of the Left.

If one of these outlets ever come to you and offer you the chance to convince others, or to explain your perspective, think before you leap. It may still be useful to engage with them if it helps get our message out. Just be aware that fair treatment is not their goal.


Arming Thy Neighbors

I was digging around CA's place the other day and found a column about procuring a few extra weapons for those who will become Constitution-loving Right Wing Gun Nuts just as the first Big Die Off gets warmed up.

It makes sense. Some of your neighbors may be useful to you, even if they are stupid, Useful Idiots today.

Hunger, disease and marauding packs of Bad People will make one re-evaluate their more stupid philosophical and political conclusions.

I went surfing for a bit. My first thought was .22 revolvers - simple learning curve, you can give away ammo by the bucket, and while the .22 rimfire is often mocked, I promise you this: Start letting .22's whizz and even the toughest he-men will find cover.

But new .22's aren't the cheapest handguns on the block, I found.

But then I stumbled upon Hi Point. I'd heard the name before, but never dreamed a .45 ACP pistol could be had, new in box, for about $160 from many retailers. Yes, it's tupperware and not in the same league as a Glock - but, did I mention it is $160. Most reports around the web were supportive of my conclusion that for the task of helping arm a few neighbors for immediate defense and as a tool to go and get better weapons, it fits the bill.

They also have carbines in the $300 range. The added power and more stable shooting platform is probably worth the investment of a few for new friends and neighbors who may be needed for more aggressive action.

Would a Hi Point ever be my first choice? Nope.

But it beats a brick. In fact - it'll beat 9 bricks before reloading.

Think about it. Here's a link to Hi Point.

Here's the link to the original piece at CA's place.

UPDATE: Does anyone have any first-hand experience with the Sig Mosquito?


Shot a laptop & started a blog

Remember the guy who shot his daughter's laptop?

He's started a blog, here.


Has Santorum found a path to win the Primary?

Santorum has decided to swim in the deep end of the pool with his tack toward the White House. It is surely an all-or-nothing path.

Is 2012 America willing to elect a candidate from the R's who is putting Faith and Morality front and center to match the Secularism of the incumbant party (and media, and academia, and big business, a plurality of Americans, the FSA, et al)?

Pat Buchanan weighs in. He doesn't make a prediction, but he articulates the strategy taken by Santorum.

Could Santorum be correct that America is starving for purpose and will climb aboard?

It's possible.

But I will stick with my conclusion yesterday: Santorum may win the Primary with this message, but he will be slaughtered in the General...

...unless the Economy is tanking. Then, I think, the general American voter will select anyone-but-Obama, even a social conservative.

Beating Romney is the first step, and this message may do it in the Primary.

Here's PJB's piece.

Here's a Flash from Drudge on the topic.


Is this our future?

There is no longer a Greek nation, only slaves to the EU:

Under the deal hammered out in Brussels

Greece will undertake to reduce its debt to 120.5% of GDP by 2020
Private holders of Greek debt will take losses of 53.5% on the value of their bonds, with the real loss as much as 70%
Greece's economic management will be subjected to permanent monitoring by eurozone experts on the ground
Greece will amend its constitution to give priority to debt repayments over the funding of government services
Greece will set up a special account, managed separately from its main budget, that must always contain enough money to service its debts for the coming three months

The Banksters and Political Class own every Greek arse.

We are not far behind.  Have we the same nature as the modern Greek?

We shall see.

Here's the piece.


Monday, February 20, 2012

III Update

Patches: Should be delivered late this week. If we owe you patches (including a few of you who have ordered Tactical Caps w/patches) we'll ship them as soon as we get our order into the shop.

Flags: Ordered. They tell me about 2 weeks until they get delivered to my shop. The day they come in, they'll go out to you.

Radio: Denver - We have noted a 60% bump in traffic to America527.org since Denver started running the ad. The traffic to America527 was never built (we never promoted it), so we are essentially starting from scratch. But there has been a nice bump in traffic, and a few patch orders from hat area, so we are reaching folks.

III Bloggers - keep an eye on your stats and see if you get much from the 527 page. It will be very minor, since most people will only use the 527 page once, then they'll bookmark your site for return visits.

I have not rec'd an audio file of the spot yet, will keep trying. I have tried to use the internet feed for the station, but I can't connect. I suspect it is on their end, I know a few other people have had the same issue.

Radio: Virginia (Shenandoah Valley) Russ at DumpDC is working on our creative. As soon as it is done we'll go live for one month with 3 spots every day on the Alex Jones show. This (I hope) will fit nicely with our ongoing III to Liberty campaign in Virginia to Gun Shops. I wish we had more time before the Virginia Primary to reach more Anybody-but-Mitt voters, but it is what it is.

SHTF Firearms & Go Bag Project: (www.SHTFGoBag.com) This is progressing smoothly. We have many articles in the can, already. Many more of you have committed, so get them in when you can. We are getting good corporate support for the project, but I'll keep those details under wraps for now. The SHTF project is an America 527 project, which means the profits from sales go into the 527.

Fundraising: My deepest thanks to everyone who has donated and/or bought III Gear. Your support has made the Virginia radio ad buy possible, the III to Liberty campaign possible, and is fueling the other efforts we have in the works.

Many of those folks who have donated or bought III Gear have stepped-up more than once, so this next paragraph is not for you folks.

This is to everyone who visits this site every day who has not yet dropped a few dollars: Please consider hitting the Donate button, even if it is just for $10. We'll send you a III Patch (as soon as the new shipment arrives this week) and the few dollars left over will help buy more radio spots, or finance other projects to help build the Movement.

If every person who comes to this site every day (who has not already helped out) were to drop just $10 into the pot, the 527 would have about $10k to work with.

That budget would allow serious work to get done, folks.

NOTE: I do not measure Patriotism or support by the number of dollars you have dropped into the hat. Times are tough, and I know it. If you can't spare the bucks, so be it. But those of you who can, please consider it.

Stay safe.


Ron Paul on Social Conservatism: 'I Think It's a Losing Position'

He's right, of course.

Bringing religion or even morality into the political race of 2012 will be a loser for the R's.

I'm not saying we don't need to revive morality and find our moral compass as a nation once again.

I am saying that it is a political loser - it will take people who are passive and make them active, and not in a good way for Liberty.

There is only one winning path for the Oval Office this cycle: The Economy.

On the other hand, there are many losing tracks. The R's seem intent on chasing all the wrong paths.

Here's the article.


IFF: Know who and where the Enemies of Liberty are and do their work...

Submitted by Mike C.

Here is a starting point for Patriots.

Anything in your AO?

Here's the link.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Thoughts

These are the written orders from George Washington regarding the Iroquois, many of whom were aligning with the British:

Orders of George Washington to General John Sullivan, at Head-Quarters May 31, 1779

The Expedition you are appointed to command is to be directed against the hostile tribes of the Six Nations of Indians, with their associates and adherents. The immediate objects are the total destruction and devastation of their settlements, and the capture of as many prisoners of every age and sex as possible. It will be essential to ruin their crops now in the ground and prevent their planting more.
I would recommend, that some post in the center of the Indian Country, should be occupied with all expedition, with a sufficient quantity of provisions whence parties should be detached to lay waste all the settlements around, with instructions to do it in the most effectual manner, that the country may not be merely overrun, but destroyed.

But you will not by any means listen to any overture of peace before the total ruinment of their settlements is effected. Our future security will be in their inability to injure us and in the terror with which the severity of the chastisement they receive will inspire them.

For those who contend that scorched Earth and CV tactics don't work, only inflame the population and make them more determined: They work, and they do make the enemy more determined. But, they also destroy the enemy's will and ability to make war, if done properly. Yes, the Iroquois warriors in the few years following the Sullivan Expedition made attacks, but they were never again a force of war. Sherman's tactics worked, and Lincoln won. Ghengis Khan lived his quote: The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.

Another random thought: We are building a Brand, and we are building cohesion among us. Blogs and patches and flags are minor elements of that cohesion, and PatComs are major elements. Host one, or attend one. Even if it is just you and one other Patriot, you will be stronger than before.

Another random thought: When the system implodes and the banks close, anything that you do not yet have, you won't get. It will be too late to fill your basement with food, water, and other essentials. Get it now. If you smoke and need a .22 pistol, stop smoking for a month. Get serious now, or you will probably die...with your loved ones.

Another random thought: As our Movement comes into better focus as we all sport patches and get our identity out there, remember to aim small and miss small.

Government is not our enemy. Individual men and women who work to steal from you and enslave you who work in Government are the problem. No business is an enemy, though individuals who go to their cubicle every day and work to further your enslavement are the problem.

The American Government did not defeat the British Government during the Revolution. Individual Americans killed enough British individuals that the politicians in England lost the will to fight. When they left, they took several shiploads of Loyalists with them.

Which brings me back to my first thought: If you are forced into circumstances in which you must use violence to defend your Liberties, focus on the individuals in your AO who work every day as part of the majority that takes or infringes those Liberties.

If you live in a city or suburb, draw concentric circles around your home at 1 mile and 5 miles and 10 miles.

Think about it for a few minutes. How many people in each of those circles go to work every day and in some way work for (or support) the destruction of your Liberties?

Do you have enough in your basement?

There will probably be very little warning before implosion. When it happens it will be like a slick trigger, like a glass rod shattering. One moment the world works, and the next minute, it doesn't.

Make sure you have what you need to do the work before you, and make sure you understand the task that will be yours to satisfy. Patriots across the country will be relying upon you to handle your AO, as you will be relying upon them.

Go to a PatCom, and meet a few of the people who share your enemies.

For more insight into Washington's decision-making process re: Sullivan, explore this PDF, submitted by a familiar Patriot.


TL Davis: The First Betrayal

TL takes aim at those who choose to enter the Elected Class.

Those who Rule today have no genuine respect for the Constitution, as written, ratified or intended. They go into politics for the same reason Willie Sutton went to banks...that's where the money is...

The flaw that permits the Fed and fiat money is not a flaw in the Constitution, but a flaw in implementation by those who seek to rule, and a flaw in our role of oversight. You will remember that it was the Banksters who brought Daniel Shays and about 4,000 others to shut down the Government of Massachusetts, for the Banksters demanded blood even then, with no respect for Liberty.

Once we sever the ties of profit from Governance, we will be on a proper path. That means we must abandon Hamiltonianism and abide the written words and intent of the Constitution.

...and our current crop of Banksters and their facilitators in Government should all face trial for Treason.

Here's TL's piece.

UPDATE: Consider this piece from Kent. I can't go quite so far as to say "No Government", but I sure do like the idea of genuine Patriots being in every corner of the Halls of Power to ensure that Liberty is protected. I agree 100% that scoundrels will stop seeking Government Offices and will probably become Banksters or snake oil salesmen, which is more suited to their talents, anyway.


Do not look left or right, look inward...

I have wondered recently how many Republicans would vote today for Thomas Jefferson.

Note: Big R, not little r.

The Left mocks Jefferson for his "hypocrisy" regarding slavery.

Many on the Hard Right mock Jefferson for the Louisiana Purchase, the Barbary War, and other acts they declare to be hypocritical acts for an anti-Federlist. (Just as they ridicule Washington for the Whiskey Rebellion)

The Establishment, be they R's or D's, those folks who play between the 40 yard-lines, offer token affection and deference for Jefferson, yet they feed from troughs that Jefferson would denounce and cast into the trashbin of history.

I'm not even considering the powerful business interests in America that would align against Jefferson. I am strictly looking at the people who go to the polls.

I must conclude Thomas Jefferson would never be elected today, because we have become a nation filled with people who do not share his values.

And that, Patriots, is what sets you and me from our "Countrymen".

The nation we have become, the values held by the masses of people, does not lend us to self-government. We have become a nation of illiterate, morally ungrounded and purely self-interested people who need Masters, for they lack the traits that warrant and permit a society to exist without Masters and Nannies.

You and I have a choice in the near future. We will surrender and live out our lives until we are dead, going with the currents, or we will find a way to be rid of the genetic detritus among us. We will cut away and be rid of the cancers among us, we will lower their numbers until the number of moral and decent people who deserve and are capable of self-governance are once again the majority...

...or we will have lived our entire lives as slaves.

Remember that during the Constitutional Crisis during the election of Jefferson, as he and Burr fought for that deciding vote, there was talk among several Governors about calling the militia to arms, to take Washington DC for Jefferson.

And they meant it.

It would not have been a fight to install a King. Those before us, of the Founding Generation, had decided they would not be slaves to anyone, and they meant it.

In our silence for all of our lives, we have not yet declared the same intent, with the same determination.

We will each be forced to look inward and answer the same question in our own chests.

Will we go out and do what is necessary to secure the values of Jefferson for the remainder of our lives, and for the lives of our children and grandchildren?

Or will we deliver them into the hands of tyrants and fools who rule today?


Ron Paul: America slipping into Fascism...

Mozart has the piece, here.


Check out this site

I just found it, here.


South Carolina: Bad Sheriff

Kershaw County is marked with an X. That's where a Patriot on vacation could find some fun, if he were so inclined...

Here is a link submitted by Mike C. There is a Sheriff in South Carolina who is running his county with no regard to the Constitution. He's set up 24 hour checkpoints in the county for "DUI" prevention.

There were 10 DUI's in 2010...and more rapes, assaults, and thefts.

Folks, there is an answer to this sort of thing, especially in a smaller community (60,000 population) when faced with a department of criminals in uniform.

Handle it now before it gets too entrenched and too powerful.

Here's the link.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

III Flags

We hit our minimum, folks.

Thank you all.

If you want a flag, please order it by tomorrow night. Before I go to bed tomorrow night (about 2am EST) I will be submitting our order. I will not be ordering many extra flags, because of the cost.

That means if you decide you want one in a few weeks and we are out, you'll have to wait until we get another 25 orders in the queue - and that will take a while.

Thanks to all.


NC PatCom Update

Details at Brock's place, here.


Walter Williams: Nothing will change in Black America, until Blacks change their attitudes

A brilliant piece that lays out the hard truth, which will be ignored by those who make a profit by keeping American Blacks in poverty.

Read it, here.


Denninger counsels the Libertarian Party

Worth the read, here.


Americans: Stand up and be counted

TL writes it plainly, simply: He is an American.

That means something. It means something profound in the history of the world.

Will you live up to the responsibility of being American?

Socialists, Communists, Enemies of Liberty: You are not Americans, no matter where you were born. And we will be rid of you.

Here's the piece.



Friday, February 17, 2012

An astute and very possible scenario...

"If you see Romney lose Michigan, I think there is just going to be a cry for another candidate who is not Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum," said Jennifer Duffy, a political analyst at the non-partisan Cook Political Report.

Only the innately feeble, cowardly and corrupt Republican Establishment is capable of losing the Oval Office this cycle, and they are moving at full speed to do it. The field of candidates is a joke. I do not include Ron Paul, because all aspects of the Political Class will do whatever it takes to keep him out of the race. The media blackout on his campaign is, perhaps, the most blatant political manipulation I have seen in my lifetime.

Paul's one chance: A brokered Convention, Sarah takes point and selects Paul as her VP.

Could they avoid implosion?

No, not even if Congress goes R.

But would we have a better chance with those two in the White House during implosion?

Yes. Say what you will about Sarah, but I think she is savvy enough as a political animal that if she were in office during implosion, her instincts would be to slash and burn most of what is unconstitutional, especially with Ron Paul in her ear. Most of the public will be clamoring for "stability", but implosion will severely limit what FedGov will be able to do. They'll be able to keep our foreign enemies at bay, but domestically, they simply won't have much ability to make the problems go away.

I think Sarah and Ron Paul would ride the front edge of that avalanche toward smaller and much more Constitutional government.

This discussion, at this time, is a Sparklie. Many stars would have to align for such a scenario to even be possible.

But read the story and we'll come back to this if warranted in a few weeks.

Here's the link.


III Gear: Flags

UPDATE: We hit our minimum, folks! Thank you all. I'll be placing our order tomorrow night, so they'll get to work on it Monday morning. (I am still waiting for the proof). If you want a flag, order this weekend - I am probably not ordering many extras, and I won't re-order without another minimum of 25. So, if you want one, order this weekend.

Thank you all.



UPDATE: I'm still waiting for the final proof. We need 0 more pre-paid orders, folks, to hit our minimum. Let's make sure we have flags at our PatComs and flags to wave in the faces of Occupy idiots this spring.


UPDATE: We have 28 orders pre-paid, folks.

I posted this as a comment, but I think it deserves to be up here, too.

Black on OD will be difficult to read, compared to black on white.

But, that is the purpose of subdued. Those who know us will recognize our flags, hats, shirts, et cetera, immediately.

Subdued pattern in OD and Black whispers, it doesn't shout. It is a 1,000 yard stare, rather than bluster.

To me it conveys that we can walk softly, because we are the big stick.

And when this mess is over, we can slip back into our lives as unceremoniously as we took the field. Afterall, we are here to do a job, not earn cheers and accolades.

OD and black, to me, means we are all business...serious, dangerous business. When Operator's go to work they leave the dress uniforms in the closet and go subdued.

That's my perspective, and it carries no more weight than anyone else's.


III Bloggers: Any help spreading the word about the flags is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I wish we had the resources to satisfy everyone. But, reality is different. Flags are an expensive proposition and I don't want to invest in a minimum quantity only to have inventory sitting on my shelf - so: I have posted a PayPal button on the top right of this page to buy a flag.

I am ordering OD Green background with Black Minuteman and III symbol, just like our patches. The word RESIST WILL be included. The cost is $45 per flag with an additional $11.35 for Shipping.

I am posting the button this afternoon, but I am not going to place the order until we have at least 25 orders pre-paid. So, if you want an OD & Black flag with our minuteman, III and Resist, hit the order button.

The money you submit to PayPal will stay there until we hit our 25 minimum goal. If for any reason we do not get 25 people to pre-pay, I can hit a button at PayPal and your money will be refunded. (Paypal keeps a small percentage that they do not refund, just about 4%).

If we get enough support for this first flag with Resist included, I'll place a second order for the same flag without Resist on it. But the same minimum number of pre-paid orders will be required.

I'll have a proof in the next 2-3 days, as soon as I get it I'll post it for you.

Recap: OD flag with black Minuteman, III and Resist. 3' x 5' made of superknit polyester which (the company says) is durable, suitable for moderate outdoor use, and looks good. The logo is printed on one side, so the reverse side will have a mirror image.

If you want one, hit the button ---->

As soon as we hit 25 orders, I'll pull the trigger.



UPDATE: I think we are all leaning toward an OD flag with black logo, to keep with our Brand.

I am toying with several color schemes, including red and white for the logo, but mixed with the OD it doesn't convey the same "Umph" that our subdued Black on OD carries. I'll keep experimenting.

Size: Does 3x5 work for most people?



Flags are on many minds, folks.

I have hesitated only because of the costs involved and the number of sales needed to make it viable.

I have added two potential versions, above.

What do you think? White flag with black symbol? Should I try for an OD flag with black logo, so it will be subdued (and will hold up better in the elements)?

Do we include Resist or not?

So, I need your input on colors & Resist. I also need yourt input on whether we should go silk-screened or stitched. Silk-screened is considerably cheaper.

Final: If we decide to go for a flag purchase, I will need 1 dozen pre-paid orders to make it happen. I'll get firm prices once I know we are a Go.

Update: Also give a rough top price you'd be willing/able to pay so I can see if we are even in the ballpark.