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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Passaic, N.J. Considers Charging For Emergency Calls

Most would agree that one of the most fundamental legitimate services of Government, especially at the local/town/village/city level, is to respond to emergencies on behalf of imperiled Citizens.

If that is the mandate, it should be assigned funds to do the task.

So, here's the question: If Passaic doesn't have the money to answer fire and accident calls, their fundamental task to which first funds should go - for what are they paying?

Before a citizen has to pay (above and beyond taxes) for a fire engine, should the Mayor be paid a salary?

Where is the money being spent?

Here's the story.


CGD is adding one to the Pack

UPDATE: It should be Mr. & Mrs. Lane by now!



It is now past 2pm here on the East Coast. At about 2pm on the western edge of CONUS, Kenny & Lisa will marry.

While we too often get stuck in Gloom & Doom mode, this wedding should remind us all to live Life, no matter what may be going on in the world around us.

Congratulations and best wishes to you both.

Sam & Holly

An interesting Zimmerman twist...might this signal that Jackson & Sharpton are winning and will get Black and White shooting at each other?

A group of lawyers in Texas has offered up $10,000 for Zimmerman's legal bills.

Are Gun Owners daring peek from mama's skirts and squeek at Sharpton and the other Race-Baiters? Or is a small unknown Texas gun-group making a headline and trying to get a spot at the big-boys table?

This is a step in the right direction. Now when a group of armed NRA members takes the decision to set up a perimeter around the guy's home, I'll believe we are headed in the right political direction. Make no mistake, guns and politics are never, ever mutually exclusive.

Would I ask local III to do it, to step in and set up a perimeter? Nope. Until the mainstream NRA folks understand that this coming Ruckus involves them, too, why should we carry their weight?

Does that mean the III casts Zimmerman to the dogs? Nope. I think the III understands each man carrying his own weight...and most of us will die carrying our own.

It is what it is.

So, good for the "Gun Lawyers" who are stepping up to the "Lawyer" part. Now let's see them step up to the "Gun" part.

Here's the story.

And in a related note: A group of black teens jump a hispanic teen with a 10:1 advantage. Here's that story.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Fundraising Day

Folks: Thank you to all who helped support the gun show project. We've raised enough to give it a run. There are aspects of the project that I'll have to wait to implement, but we raised enough to cover the basics and present a professional appearance.

Many of you who are routine supporters returned again, thank you.

There were also new faces, a couple of whom stepped up in a big way. Thank you.

An interesting note: 42 people answered the poll the other day and said they'd order a hoodie. As of this moment - 4 have followed through.

Ours is a small community. Money is tight. Time is short. How long can all of the clever, greedy Bad People keep the economy from Imploding? Especially when one factors into the equation those folks who are trying very hard to start a hot war? Personally, I think Bad People could keep the gerbil spinning the wheel for up to several years - if they were not also competing with the Communists who want Implosion for their political goals.

How many allies can we find in that window of opportunity? How many people will we meet by hitting gun shows, who share our perspective, that we would otherwise not meet if we did not try? That's impossible to quantify, obviously.

Here is where I agree with TL, Concerned American, Bill and many others: We have passed through the talking-phase. That doesn't mean we stop talking. On the contrary - we keep talking, even more loudly and aggressively. But our talk must lead to action and action must be taken. Now.

PatComs are action. Gun show recruiting is action. Prepping and training is action. Scouting your AO and making your operational plans is action.

Right this minute there is a very distinct difference between "Us" and "Them", and it is a difference I have been pointing out for almost 2 years: "They" are further along the action curve than are we.

They are posting bounties. They are in the streets. Occupy is re-populating.

Zimmerman is a dead man if "They" find him - and They are looking.

Here is another fact that I know in my heart: When people like you and me decide to act, we will bring more intensity, power, and determination to the fight than will they. They have numerical superiority, and they have Techy advantages, at first.

But they do not have Principles for which they will die...only for which they will send others to kill.

Now, Patriots, make every single day a day that you take some quantifiable action. Even if you only add another can of corn to the pantry...even if you just drop by the local gun shop to talk and get some scuttlebutt...do something, every single day that is action.

I'll be doing the same, with you, right up until the time when we go to the Green.

Resist - Yes. Of course.

Now is time to add to that: Act.


PatCon: Georgia

For those going to the Georgia event: Good luck.
Looking forward to your AAR.

Subscriptions & Growth

If every person who comes to this blog over the next 24 hours donates just $10, we'll hit our goal. If you can offer $20, even better.

The group of people who have bought gear or donated thus far is a small group. You know who you are, and so do I.

We need the other 900+ who will be here over the next 24 hours to help with $10 or $20 to ensure that we can run a series of professional gun show booths this summer and fall to find III Patriots and guide them to our blogs and PatComs.

$20 or more will get you a III Patch, folks. That patch will get you into any gun show where we have a booth free or 1/2 off. It will also identify you to our allies.

If you are averse to donating online, here's the snail mail, make payable to:

America 527
105 Meem Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Every show will serve as a mini-PatCom. You will help us build our Brand and grow the number of Patriots who consider us to be allies.

I have taken this as far as I can go without serious and direct support from you. If you get any value from this blog, if you believe in building the III, if you think we have benefitted from our radio and other forms of media, like Zoomie's stickers, please hit the Donate button by 11:59 PM Friday. After 11:59 Friday I won't be asking again. This concept will either go forward, or not.

So I'll say it as simply as I know how: If everyone who will visit this blog in the next 24 hours drops $10 or $20 on the Donate Button during the 24 hours of Friday 3/30/2012 for a money bomb, we'll have a full series of summer & fall Gun Show booths for grassroots action.

It's up to you, now.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tacocopter would deliver tacos via unmanned drone

Most of you have noticed that I have shifted content on the blog in recent months. I have always preferred to discuss concepts and principles rather than daily-specific stories, but these days I have limited such discussions and focused on Posts that keep us moving forward with building our ranks, morale and cohesion.

But this story exemplifies what is coming, and what could be.

Imagine a fleet of drones at every food joint in town. When an order is ready the drone uses on-board GPS to autonomously deliver the order and return for the next delivery.

Imagine as technology improves, drones become more reliable, smaller, with greater payloads, and using on board control systems, GPS and Wi-Fi, the need for long-range controllers is out the window.

Now consider the potential use by Patriots who decide to drop a payload of...rotten eggs...on a banksters house 20 miles away.

Now back to our regular programming...

Here's the story.


Ursus Minor: New Blog

Check it out. It should earn a place on your daily routine.

Here's the link.


III Patriots: Breathe

The Zimmerman incident has far too many of you engaged and your blood pressure is rising. You are being sucked in.

Many of you know about my Sparklies. In fact, I originally called them "Sparklies of Death". A Sparkllie is a non-issue, a shiney object offered as a distraction to keep your focus split and your emotions involved. I call many of them Sparklies of Death because when you lead with emotion, you can make fatal mistakes.

This Zimmerman business is such a Sparklie. I mentioned it before, But I think I must return to it so our community can stay focused on the bigger picture. The details are in dispute. One thing I can tell you is this: When I have a right to be somewhere and my presence is challenged, I lose my sense of humor very quickly. I also know I feel better with good-hearted neighbors walking the neighborhood with their eyes open. That's as far as I will get into the details, because they simply do not matter to the people who are trying to incite violence.

This brings me to the topic of Provocateurs.

Kenny Lane made one of the most astute and accurate observations the other day on the topic of Provocateurs and Snitches, and you should give it some serious thought. He said (I'm paraphrasing and taking liberties): You are building "Tribe" and alliances based on internet meetings and brief meetings at PatComs. You know the Feds are very skilled at infiltrating our community, and the broader Patriot Movement. You know that the ATF and the FBI have succeeded, several times, infiltrating agents into deep black cover in LCN & Outlaw Clubs - and it is a simple fact that those clubs and LCN have a vetting process that makes the vetting process of the Patriot Community look absolutely elementary.

Indeed, Mike Vanderboegh holds Vince Cefalu, John Dodson and Jay Dobyns in the highest regard, as morally sound allies for the Patriot Community - yet it was Dobyns who is the only (known) ATF Agent to infiltrate the Hell's Angels as a full member.

What does that tell you? These men accept a Government check, pension and kudos for a career of infringing 2A, and the supposed "Merry Leader" of the Liberty Movement has given them the stamp of approval.

So much for vetting your Tribe based on those recommendations.

The point is: You can not trust anyone. If you choose to put your wife in the category of absolute trust, as I have, you do so with the knowledge that FedGov can bring real pressure at her to get to you. And they will if it suits their purpose.

And the guys you meet at PatComs & Gun Shows and on blogs...you really should check the level of trust you are willing to assign people you meet briefly and casually.

You simply can not know what is in their heart, until you take your vetting process to the ultimate ends.

Think about it...and do not let them get you to act stupidly with Sparklies.


III Grassroots: Now is the time...

Many of us have discussed the desire to find others who think as do we and bring them into the III.

We have printed books. We've advertised online. We've cut and run radio ads. We run blogs. PatComs are happening locally and TL's national event is about a month from now. (Georgia is meeting this weekend, go to CA's place). We have a line of III Gear to help spread our Brand on caps, shirts, and more. The SHTF Book Project is progressing, and building corporate support which I hope to fold into our gun show tour. (More on that as it develops)

As we have discussed the topic of finding and welcoming fellow thinkers, an overwhelming 98% of you agreed we should establish a presence at Gun Shows, where thousands of folks come through the doors each weekend.

Now it is time to make that happen. Now we need to finance our first few shows, set up booths, invite local III Patriots into the booth, and find our allies in the crowds.

The primary function of a III booth at a gun show is to talk to people, to disseminate our message and get these people to begin visiting our online community where we can grow our networks. As this happens, local networks will grow at the same time. We will grow our brand at the local level, one Patriot at a time.

Political organizations have a very hard time getting into shows. So, I have put camouflage in place. I have now established Dealer/Wholesale accounts with Cold Steel, KA-BAR, SOG Knives, Condor, Maxpedition, Rothco, 5.11, US Palm, S.O.C., Spec Ops and Traditions Firearms (non-FFL RevWarI repro muzzleloaders only). I have dealer pricing in my hands, accounts finalized and ready to go. Not only will we have a selection of quality gear on the table of the booth for sale to support the 527, we'll be able to offer III Patriots serious discounts off retail. Win-Win.

My wife is behind this effort, both with our wallet, our sweat and our schedule. She is willing to invest up to a full year to build the gun show infrastructure.

Believe me, with the plates we have in the air in our business and personal lives, packing and dragging two grown Akita's for 2-3 weekend gun shows a month, often hundreds of miles from home, is a serious bit of work. (My new HVAC system will have me traveling far more this summer than I like to travel)

I have established a tentative show schedule at FightingArms.com and talked with show promoters to ensure we can get the booth arrangements I want. Many of you have already written and volunteered to meet us at your local shows and help meet & greet other Patriots. We can add more shows, change shows, it is flexible. The key is to dive into it and work out the details to build a working model so we can put together "Show Kits" and send them out to Patriots who are willing to handle the show in their AO. When the "Kit" arrives, they have everything they need to run a show.

You have all watched me work for almost 2 years now. You know that I get the work done.

It is time to get this Gun Show Tour going.

I can't afford to underwrite the entire project. I will cover my travel, hotels, et cetera, and of course no payroll is attached to any 527 work. Right now I have several thousands invested in III Gear alone, not counting significant investments elsewhere regarding our efforts. Right now we need to put in a few initial orders from vendors and invest in a few essentials for running the shows, and a small cash reserve for the 527 to get us through 3-6 shows before the effort begins to pay for itself.

So, I am going to ask you to make an investment in this effort. I need people to hit the Donate Button at the top-right of this page. Hit it hard. Buying hats and shirts will not get the capital we need for this project, folks.

For instance, the hoodies: After all is said and done, the 527 makes about $6 per unit, and we'll move 2-3 dozen at most.

Selling III Gear online is not intended to be a money-making endeavor as much as it is to be a Brand Development endeavor.

Rather than spend $40 on a hoodie that leaves $6 in the 527 afterward, we need folks to just offer cash. (Both would be nice, but cash is more important. ;)

For those of you who have dropped cash on Gear, please do not feel like I am asking you to now drop more - you know who you are, and you know you've carried your weight as well as that of others.

If every single person who visits this site every day offered just $10, we'd have more than enough. BUT - My experience thus far is that only a small number of you will participate. So, I'll ask you straight: Please donate what you can so we can launch these shows. Some folks simply do not have $10 to spare, and I get it. No foul.

Other folks, however, simply let others carry their weight.

I'm asking those of you who can do it, to please do it. As much as you are willing and able to get us rolling.

I am not going to publish the amount targeted. But I'll say this: If we do not hit the target we need to do this properly, we'll be hitting the "Refund" button at PayPal and you'll all get your money back. If we don't hit our target, I'll also be done with this aspect of my efforts. This involves way too much of my personal time and energy to be forced to constantly beg for 527 funds.

I've told you before I hate asking for money. But there is no other way to get this done. We need to get the ball rolling, and hope our message is well-received and gear on our tables moves during the shows.

I have all of the pieces in place, right now. We are ready to go. It is time to pull the trigger.

It is time to ask, and I am asking.

Please hit the Donate Button, if you are willing and able.

I look forward to meeting you at the shows.

Yours in Liberty,


III: Condor

Folks, I am about to place an order with Condor.

Sometime tonight or tomorrow, please wander to their site, here, and let me know if there is anything you want. Send me an email (item number, size, color, etc) and I'll email our price back to you, then if you want the item I'll set up a PayPal link for you.

I'll be placing this order tomorrow night, so let me know ASAP.


This one sentence defines my every action today...and it is from TL

Nothing is so important now than to grow this community, to be able to operate without the support of the general public, they were never on our side anyway, but learn to recognize those in your AO who would like to attend such a gathering.

That's it. Nothing more.

I want to send up a flare at Gun Shows so that those in the room who think as we think can find our camp. Every single Gun Show with a III Booth can become an impromptu PatCom. Right there in your city, with zero expense for participants. (I am making deals with several Gun Show promoters: If you are wearing your III Patch or other III Gear when you hit the door, they will let you in free or for a discount, if we have a booth in the show)


The modern III will never raise an army the size of Washington's, I suspect.

Our only path to victory is to let the Bad People reduce their numbers by fighting with one another, introducing famine and disease as they are reduced to hordes, until they are gone.

In that single moment when they are at their weakest, we must move.

That means we must have what it takes to survive that long.

The number of people who want genuine Liberty is small - I dare say many people within this very III Community do not want genuine Liberty. It has become evident that too many want to remove the current system simply to impose their own version of "Proper" morality and behavior.

CA has a quote atop his site today that fits perfectly with this concept: Readers must not allow themselves to be trapped in an information-gathering mode, seeking to learn ever more about ever-finer aspects of the topic. If armed resistance is justified, there comes a time when one must close the book and act. – Dr. Joseph Martino

So our efforts today must be to find others like us. Action. And be prepared to offend any idiot who stands in your path.

Here's TL's piece.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

III Gear: Black Hoodies Avalaible Now!

You may order zippered or pullover.

The difference in black shade will also NOT be part of the final product,Zoomie's great image will just seem to shimmer into existence.

Like the flags: The expense involved in such an order, we need to pre-pay and reach a minimum threshold of at least 24 units.

You may order now from IIIGear.com

While your there - order some mugs, folks. They sold great at first, then fell off. I can use the shelf space.

IIIGear.com - go now, folks. (My bad - I built the page and then forgot to upload it. It's ready now.)


The Politics of Hoodies

On the floor of the House. In our Congress.

There are very powerful forces in America who believe they will benefit from violence along racial and economic class lines. Religion will become an accelerant in any such Ruckus.

It appears many believe that the time for that war is now. Their motives are diverse. Who cares? War is war, and it is ugly. The people who could step in and defuse the situation are instead throwing fuel.

So be it.

The results? Many will die. The Police State will advance in a MAJOR way. The Economy will increase speed toward Implosion...a goal of those who want the Police State so they can impose their Utopian Communism.

The sad thing is that so many of these people who are pushing us in this direction actually believe they are capable of controlling the outcome. In their hubris, they do not understand that once the fire begins to burn, it can rapidly conflagrate into a full-blown Civil War.

And the odds of a second bite at the apple such as our Founders and Framers knew?

Not so much.

Here's the story from the floor.


The Judge: Why his show was cancelled

Many in our community watched Judge Napolitano every night.

Suddenly, his show on Fox Business was cancelled. The network claimed Fox Business was going to change it's entire evening line-up.

But what has changed? Only the Judge, relegated to guest spots on other shows. They filled his time slot with The Willis Report.

Most folks took Fox at their word, or were convinced that The Judge was cancelled because he spoke the Truth on topics.

I don't think that was the reason. Fox has proven they are willing to air controversial shows.

So, if it wasn't because of his views (which he is still permitted to air across Fox & Fox Business), then why would they cancel his show?

He aired at 8pm - in direct competition with Bill O'Reilly.

I have never seen the stats, but I'd bet The Judge was taking an uncomfortable piece of Bill's milquetoast audience...

Drudge often posts the monthly cable ratings, but he never included Fox Business, and I haven't been able to find their stats. But it sure makes sense. Bill O'Reilly is a BIG money maker, and if he whined (and he is a whiner) then I can see Fox throwing The Judge under the bus.

Often, the simple answer is the right answer.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

III Brand: Advertising Online - or NOT

UPDATE: GunPundit.com accepted our ad, folks. It is flying at the top of his site, here. Pay him a visit and spike his stats. ;)



UPDATE II: Just selected GunPundit.com to run our ad for a few days - we'll see if it is approved there. If the blog owner approves, we'll have the top banner.


UPDATE: Sorry folks - the ad was rejected. Why, you ask? Reason for rejection:The items sold promote the Confederacy and symbols of slavery.

If you want to see the banner that Zoomie created, I posted it at the top of Kerodin.com, here.

As you can see, the banner itself does not have any such symbols - so they passed judgment on IIIGear.com.

I'm going to chalk this up to trying to teach pigs to sing...



We just bought a small bit of ad space over at Sebastian's place for the next few days, folks. He runs the "Shall not be Questioned" 2A blog, formerly "Snowflakes in Hell".

I have spoken with him a few times in email, briefly. He has always been polite and professional with me. He is what I term an NRA guy, and his audience is exactly the type of bridge-building I hope to achieve. We need not agree on every point, so long as we all agree who the real Enemies of Liberty are in society.

Cross your fingers. And check out IIIPercent.com - let me know if I have failed to list your blog. It happens, folks. I miss details. If you've linked IIIPercent.com, you deserve a recip. Just let me know.

Zoomie built a great banner to advertise his Restore the Constitution sticker, so we'll see how it goes.

Here's the link: PAGunBlog.com

Our ad will be the banner at the top when it begins running on the 28th.

And never forget, folks - I'm just the guy punching the keys on the keyboard. Zoomie is the artist who created this wonderful piece of patriotic art, and all of you who have contributed and/or bought III Gear have made this possible. Over the 4 days running at Shall not be Questioned, we should reach about 15,000 members of his audience.

Thank you all.


Gun Sales Surge: Not just Right-Wing Extremists...

I like Liberty Safes. Their products are first class.

When I operated Kerodin International one of the professional services I offered was the design and construction of Safe Rooms. Whether the client wanted a room where he could keep the family safe long enough for LEO to respond, or he wanted his suburban basement to be capable of becoming a locked-down safe zone complete with NBC protections, capable of keeping his family safe for up to 90 days, I designed the space.

The media today is pushing the meme that recent gun sales are surging simply because Right Wing Extremists are buying because President Obama will crush 2A after November.

Without any other data points, it is impossible to dispute the meme.

Today I spoke with an Exec at Liberty Safes, and found another data point that suggests the surge in gun sales is part of a bigger, more mainstream concern that rough times are ahead, and "average" Americans are buying safes to protect their valuables.

You heard the other day that Ruger can't keep up with orders. They simply can't build firearms fast enough to satisfy orders.

Liberty Safe is having the same problem, but worse. They are so far behind demand, unable to build safes fast enough, that they are not accepting new dealers for the forseeable future. They are not even trying to sell any more safes!

They simply can't build safes fast enough to satisfy demand.

Connect the dots: Guns and safes are in such demand that the only reasonable conclusion is that "Average" Americans are doing the buying.

Add the demand for seeds and food preps, and you see very clearly that a large segment of "Average" and "Normal" (read not Right Wing Gun Nut Extremists) Americans sense a very rough time in our near future, and they are taking precautions to stock up on supplies, and they intend to keep what they have.

I was having a pissy day. Then a Patriot suggested hoodies. Then Bill Nye wrote and said he was back. Now, I have the comfort of knowing that more Americans than I had anticipated may be ready to defend themselves, and are awake to what is imminent.

My day just keeps improving.

I am actually happy right now.


So, I got an email from this guy...

...and he is back on air.

Now I am happy.

Here's his new place. I suggest you man-up before heading that way. You aren't going to get much sugar-coating with Bill, and in the world today, that is a good thing.

Welcome back, Bill.


Anything to avoid real issues

The Official Obama campaign has now started offering hoodies.

I'm going to post a poll on the right.

How about a III Hoodie with an appropriately irreverant bit of Zoomie on it to let the world know where we stand?

If we go with the concept, it'll be like the flags: I'll need pre-paid orders and exact sizes. We'll have to hit a minimum number of sales before placing the order - but that won't be too difficult.

Here's the story about the Obama version.

I say - let's unleash Zoomie and start the Hoodie War of 2012!

What say you? Upper-right of this page.


III Gear

We've established a Dealer account now with US Palm for body armor.

What does that mean? If you have been wanting some armor, go to USPalm.com and look at what they have to offer. Pick what you would like to have (They have more than just armor). Get all the details: Size, color, protection level, et cetera, and then email me the list and I'll work out the price.

We'll put together an order and send it in. My first order must hit $500, which will be easy if 2-5 of us decide to buy something from them. As I mentioned in the comment below to Pickdog, I will be buying at least one Defender Handgun vest (IIIA Protection, pictured above) for our gun show table. If we add that to a couple orders from you folks, everyone wins. You'll get gear cheaper than anywhere else, and the 527 gets to place their first order, and US Palm gets to ship product.

They do have minimum profit margins to protect other US Palm Dealers, but I can offer anything they sell as long as we hit the Minimum price. (Obviously, FFL-required gear is not on the table)

So, go check out their gear & send me a list!

Here's their website.


Monday, March 26, 2012

III Flags: Last Call

Folks, we are down to our last 10 III Flags.

I will not be placing another order without going through the pre-pay 25 minimum again, so if you want a III Flag, order before they are gone.

Your PatCom will not be complete without it! When CNN gets you on camera this summer in the face of SEIU purple, make sure you have some Tea Party fellow next to you waving our OD colors!

IIIGear.com, here.

UPDATE: How many of you would like me to invest in a batch of tapes for the back of your tactical caps, like mine: III PATRIOT ?


III Gun Show Tour: FightingArms.com

Folks, I put up a very simple Gun Show Tour page over at FightingArms.com as a general intel portal on the project.

Please do not write any show on your calendar in ink just yet - we have several hurdles to overcome before we get there.

I am open to show suggestions - if you have a kickin' show in your area with at least 400 tables and think a III Booth would do well, let me know. While it will be one heck of a strain, Holly & I have agreed we'll commit as many weekends as prudent to working out the details this summer & early fall so we can develop a proper template and begin "franchising" out shows, for lack of a better term.

Our focus will be a Go Bag display, a few tactical items (you'll get the gist of our offerings based on the companies with which we've partnered) and, of course our reason for being there: To find III Patriots and build our larger Tribe.

Our theme will be a mix of RevWarI and modern. It must be professional, with proper table throws (with logo), video loops of relevant material (I'll provide the computers & monitors), et cetera. Our presentation must be slick, it must cause the rivers of people to take pause, it must convey what we are within 3 seconds (the Marketing Golden Rule) and then we must have professional follow-through in both gear and discussions to elicit the proper level of interest of our potential new allies.

The Project MUST pay for itself, as I can't underwrite a nearly year-long show schedule if it isn't accomplishing our goals, but I don't think that will be a problem if we offer good gear at a fair price (EVERYTHING we offer on the tables will be III Branded, either engraved, embroidered, silk-screened, or otherwise) and I will be relying on you III Patriots in the relevant cities to drop by and help explain who we are to folks.

Just getting started will require that I ask for some help from you folks one more time, this time straight donations so we can meet our minimum purchase requirements with each manufacturer. Holly and I have decided that when we ask for help on this one, we'll match contributions dollar for dollar. But we'll need to ask for straight donations, because the leftover money from hats & mugs simply won't be enough to get us started properly.

We'll get to that when the time is right.

And, I am personally looking forward to meeting you all, very much.

Our radio ads have had respectable results. But I think we need to add this grassroots dynamic to our media campaign. What better way to meet new III Patriots than by letting them meet Patriots like you at our booth?

Why am I investing so much of my time and money into these efforts?

Because I believe in action. PatComs are action. Writing books and getting stickers out there is action. Talking to your local gun shops is action. Finding our allies is action. Running blogs that work toward action and solutions is action.

Liberty takes action. I believe in Liberty. So, I act. And I act proudly with you all.


SCOTUS & POTUS & Legitimacy

As most of you know, today was Day One of SCOTUS arguments regarding the "Constitutionality" of FedGov to mandate purchases by Citizens from the market.

DC is abuzz because in legal-speak, apparently a few hurdles were brushed aside today and tomorrow the Court will begin actually getting to the merits of the case.

Where do you stand? I do not care if you think it is Constitutional or not - my question relates to timeline, course, speed and the size of the crater.

Are you in the camp that SCOTUS should call it "Constitutional" so that our impact debris field is deeper, the same premise as simply voting for President Obama in November, so we can clear away the facade and get to the red meat of whatever comes next?

I call that the Let it burn to the ground Battle Plan.

Or, do you hope SCOTUS derails ObamaCare...

Just curious.

Personally - any nine men who will rule my life had better be carrying heavy.


Gun Show Reports Needed

Hi folks,

Any insights you can give on the following shows:

York Tri-County (Pennsylvania) (600+ tables)

Philadelphia National Guard Armory (400+ Tables)

I am also considering Timonium (Maryland) for our first show (650 tables)

My first choice would be Chantilly, VA - but they have a waiting list that stretches into the years category...

I want our first shows to be with big crowds so we can get a good sampling for our message. Several cities don't really heat up in the Gun Show world until pre-hunting season.

General Update: We have established Wholesale/Dealer accounts with:
Cold Steel
SOG Knives
Traditions Firearms (RevWarI Repro only - non-FFL)
5.11 Tactical Clothing
Rothco Tactical Clothing

I think that's a pretty good start, when added to our primary purpose for attending shows, which is to meet III Patriots and offer our own III Gear.

Anyone have any suggestions for "Must-Have" Brands on the table?



Sunday, March 25, 2012

Moral Stupidity and the Realities of the Human Animal

I have often stated that we are no longer a people, as a whole, capable of living in Liberty as intended by our Founding Generation, embodied in the DoI, Constitution and BoR. Too many are amoral, immoral and the herd must be culled. Hopefully, about 290 million of our neighbors will choose to leave.

But, if you think a tummy-shirt on a hard-bodied teen aged woman or a movie or lyrics in a song are the definitions of an amoral or immoral society, I would suggest you are mistaking morality for something it is not, never has been, and never will be.

Let's start from the basic truth: The Human Animal is an upper-paleolithic Hunter-Gatherer. We are hardwired to survive, procreate and conquer the best feeding grounds, watering holes and breeding partners. That is why sex and violence resonates with our lower brains. Ever notice how a man's blood pumps during a fight? Ever noticed how a woman's blood pumps when tending to her man after a fight, or how her blood pumps when she watches her man drag a deer up the slope after killing her dinner? That's how we are wired, folks. Not my rules, I simply recognize them.

We are wholly unsuited, as a species, for this "Modern World" that has evolved in the last 150 years. Our technology has surpassed our ability to wisely use it, which is why every new invention becomes weaponized.

When you look at Franklin and Jefferson as "Moral Examples" of how we should live our lives, and you cherry-pick some of their quotes to serve your ends, are you REALLY looking to their entire lives or simply choosing to ignore their sexual proclivities as your guide?

Have you lost all contact with reality?

Benjamin Franklin was a man deeply in touch with his testosterone. To this day Historians can't tell us the name of his baby-mama! That's right, William Franklin, Loyalist, was a bastard, and only a fool would think there is not a significant portion of the French gene-pool carrying DNA from Ben. Ever hear of The Hellfire Club?

And why do you think Ben was such a hit with the Ladies? He was charming. He was a Gentleman. He was almost always the smartest man in the room, and usually smarter than the top ten in the same room. And he was all man. Women like Men.

Jefferson? How old was Sally Hemmings the first time he bedded her? A black slave girl, with whom he added several children to the world.

George Washington? How about Sally Fairfax? How about the claims that ol' George was a gold digger as motivation for bedding and wedding Martha?

Get serious, people.

Here is the finest, most articulate quote I have ever read regarding what "Morality" meant to our Founding Generation: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. That was from the same Thomas Jefferson who was fond of Sally.

If you condemn a society for sex between 13-15 year-old kids, you condemn all of mankind, for our eternal history, and you really have little understanding of basic human anatomy and biology. You want your boys to be acting like men by age 15 but your daughters to wait until their 20's to be women? If you think teen sex is the reason we are failing as a nation, or it is the fault of teen aged girls in tummy-shirts, you are so far from the X Ring I simply can not be bothered.

Am I endorsing sex between my soon-to-be-teen niece and some boy? Hell no. And I will go out of my way to prevent it. I have a shovel just for the occasion. I already have the quiet little patch of woods picked for a fresh patch of daisies. But I also realize the base nature of the Human Animal - it's brain wiring, folks.

"Morality" is not infringing the equal rights of others.

Raise your family the way you see fit. Liberty is letting the other family do as they see fit - so long as the equal rights of others are not being infringed.

You don't like the tabloid covers at the grocery store, because you think your little darlin's are going to be traumatized? Talk to the store manager and get a check-out lane that is "Kid-Safe". Or, put enough community pressure on the store to drop the tabloids. Or, don't take your kids to the grocery store. Or, start your own friggin' store, sans tabloids.

But some people like the tabloids, and Liberty means leave them the hell alone to read their stinkin' tabloids.

Anyone standing at my side, who thinks we fight for the same thing because he thinks I am fighting to make women wear sleeves to their wrists and skirts to their socks, with the need to ask permission before looking a man in the eye or have a grown male family member in the room before she may speak is an idiot. He's a bigger idiot if he thinks I fight for anything less than Jefferson's definition - the Right of people to do as they damned-well please, where, when and with whom, so long as it is consensual and does not infringe the equal rights of others.

Would I prefer a world where no one was ever offended by anyone's words or actions or clothing choices? That'd be nice, huh?

Ever hear of Unicorns pooping Skittles?

People have found reasons to be offended by other people since...people!

Men and women should always keep their word to one another. People should always be nice, and when nice isn't possible, be polite, or avoid, until even that is not possible.

There is a LOT of stuff I'd rather not see. There is a LOT of stuff I'd prefer never happened, even between consenting adults.

But it simply isn't any of my damned business.

But you folks who preach "Liberty" and then want to stone (or verbally condemn) people for consensual engagements are simply not fighting for the same "Liberty" as am I.

Keep your nose out of other people's business. Shut your pie hole about other people and how they live their lives so long as they are not infringing your equal rights. That is the "Morality" America needs to recover if we are to survive as a nation of Liberty.

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

That is the beginning and end of my moral premise.


Machines: Big Bada-Boom

Many of us are familiar with machines in our professional lives. We know how they work, we know what will make them quit. When you get to a certain level of proficiency, you can get a good sense of what stresses are killing a particular machine and how long it may have before it surrenders.

It doesn't matter if you work on cars, HVAC systems, computers, dogs or people.

Each machine is designed, either by nature or man, to do a specific task for a general period of time, and I have never seen a machine yet that will work forever, without maintenance and/or fuel, without breaking down.

Several of you have seen me use the maintenance/fuel analogy regarding the Constitution. It is a machine, in a sense, and it requires two things to operate as designed: It needs maintenance (us) and it needs the proper fuel (Us, with morals).

Now look at "The Economy".

That is a machine based on real machines, tangibles, intangibles, and the worst possible facet: Human motive. "The Economy" is far, far beyond the ability of any man, any team of men, to maintain and keep running properly...except in one instance: Leave it the hell alone. "The Economy" gets screwed up when men manipulate it improperly for gain (please note the word improperly) and when men try to tinker with it, like a soundboard in a recording studio.

This is the one "machine" that needs an inverse level of human agency to keep running smoothly.

"The Economy" is made up by trillions of decisions every single day taken by billions of people, whose every single decision every day establish the price of rice in Indonesia and in DC. Left alone, "The Economy" will humm like a flawless engine.

But, men are what they are, and it will never be left alone. Bad people will manipulate for bad reasons, and *ahem* good-meaning people will manipulate for *ahem* good reasons and "fairness".

Today as I write this, both types of people have broken the machine of "The Economy".

And at this time, this machine is doomed, as best as I can determine. Neither group will step away until it implodes.

And it will Implode. Big-time. Big Bada-Boom.

That is the moment of opportunity for Liberty.

Keep your eye on that timeline.

Between now and then, Tribe-up. Prep. Develop your E&E protocols. Make certain they work. Build your tactical skills in malum prohibitum execution and making it home.

This is no time to go grey-man.

Stand up and be counted.

And when the opportunity presents, do what needs to be done that the next time the dust settles (post-implosion) there are no more meddling fools in our midst.


IIIGear.com button

For those who haven't already done so, I'll ask a favor: Please consider putting the IIIGear.com button above on your website and link it to iiigear.com so folks know where to get our gear.



New Format

I've added a few additional pages above to detail the current status & intent of several projects we have going.

Sorry, Blogger doesn't allow comments on those pages, so any comments you'll need to make to me in email or on blog posts.

The pic of our potential model: Folks, please take this seriously - that is a copyrighted image owned by the model, her photog, and her agency, used in her professional portfolio and they WILL sue you for your home if it starts showing up on our blogs.

Please don't do it.


How did You get here?

Here is Kenny's story in his own words.

How many of you can relate? I sure can.

Some people have been III their entire lives.

I still think the Stars & Stripes is the most magnificent flag ever to fly a pole, because I see it for what it is meant to be, for what it can be, for the lives across the planet that are better because of it. Our flag has been abused by too many people. Our power in the world has been abused by too many of our Countrymen for all the wrong reasons.

When we are hated around the world, it is usually because of the abuses of power done in our names by people we have put in our Government, or permitted to remain in our Government.

Very few people in the world would hate Americans and the sight of the American Flag if we behaved like men and women who deserve to be called Americans.

I intend to fix that...or die trying.

...and when it comes to Kenny, I'd take him at his word. He'll let CharlieGodammit turn your poodle into a slut...

Here's the link.


How many men and women did it take to start the Revolution?

UPDATE: Are you in, near, or able to get to Georgia next weekend to meet with other Patriots who intend to secure their AO when necessary? Here's the link at CA's place. By the way, the number below is disputed a bit, but most historians agree: About 80 men stood with John Parker. And they knew the British force headed their way had them outnumbered by about 10:1.

Think about those odds when you find yourself standing alone or in a small group of Patriots in Georgia, or Texas, or Pennsylvania, or Northern California...


Up until April 19th when John Parker picked up his kit and mustered his men (many of whom were family) to hunt the British, how many men and women were instrumental in bringing that event to fruition?

It is rhetorical, essentially. We can not give a firm number. There are names we know well from history, from Adams to Henry to Jefferson to Franklin. There are lesser known names who were among the men willing to disguise themselves as indians and head to Boston Harbor. There were others who burned the homes of Governors. Many were business owners. Many were skilled workmen.

But of the roughly one third of Americans (at that time 1/3 of Colonists was merely about 1.3 million across all the Colonies), how many were Sons of Liberty and similar who took action, rather than grumbled at the pub?

The number was small.

TL mentions that 32 people have committed to attending the Liberty Summit.

A few dozens more have attended and will attend PatComs in various locations.

What do we have among our community, perhaps 200 men and women, who are willing to "take action" of some sort, prior to meeting on the Green? And then how many will show on the Green?

Compare simple percentages (round up if it makes you feel better) and you will understand that the Enemies of Liberty exponentially outnumber the people who want liberty, much less those who will act for Liberty.

Are a few hundred modern Patriots like Patrick Henry sufficient or futile in 2012?

Sure, there are more III Patriots across the republic. (I still call it a republic, because I am stubborn). I have made it the task of this blog and my efforts, right up until it is time to go to the Green, to find as many of these III Patriots as possible and put them in contact with others in their AO, build morale and cohesion as force multipliers.

One thing is certain: Force on Force at the beginning of festivities is suicide. And with your death, so dies Liberty. This is a fight for the smart.

We have a few thousand every day who visit our blogs. A few hundred, by my guess,
(200) who will actually venture into the world of malum prohibitum prior to the Green. Where does that get us? Where does our current number compare with the number of men willing to take action prior to the Green in 1775?

Does such a small number of modern III Patriots have any value for agitprop?

I'm not sure. But that is where I am headed. That is my course. To find our allies and find Patriots who would have been dressed like indians on December 16, 1773.

Those of you who will make it to the Liberty Summit, I look forward to shaking your hands and meeting you. I will not participate in any confidential conversations. As I have said many times, Feds watch me. I will not be responsible for any Patriot catching a case. I will meet you, shake your hand, let you measure me, and then I will leave you to do what you will. What I do not know, I can never reveal, even by accident.

But I will be there. I will be proud to know you. When this is over, for whoever may be left, we will meet again.

Until then, consider your place in this struggle for Liberty. Recognize our strengths and our weaknesses. Understand how so few can change the course of history, when they stand on Principle and refuse to yield.

Here is TL's latest.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

III Gun Shows

Here is the list of companies with which we are establishing Dealer/Wholesale accounts for the first stage of our Gun Show project.

Please weigh-in, folks.

We'll have gear on the table from: (Each company has a $500 minimum first order)

ITT (Night Vision)
Cold Steel
US Palm (Body Armor)
Traditions (RevWarI Muzzleloaders)

Every item we sell will be branded with the III logo. In addition to offering this gear at Gun Shows, we'll be able to offer it to III Patriots at discount online at IIIGear.com.

In addition, we will be heavy with III Gear: Patches, mugs, t-shirts, caps, lapel pins, business cards, Zoomie stickers, III bookmarks, posters, flags, logo stickers, III to Liberty, Books(Baugh, & Bracken), SHTF Project (Once it is done).

The primary function of the booth is reaching our natural allies. So, we'll be signing new "Members", giving them a patch & copy of III to Liberty, and a list of our blogs to hit when they get home.

Any companies that you consider to be essential to include on our table over the summer as we work out the kinks?

Any other input?

Don't be shy. If you are watching the world you know time is short to find our allies.

Why the RevWarI repro muzzleloaders with the III Brand? Collector's value - but more importantly, it is almost impossible for a "Political Organization": to get a booth at a decent gun show anymore, thanks to NRA and FedGov. So, we'll get in under the radar with non-FFL muzzleloaders (and offer a nuanced connection between our political goals and RevWarI/Founding Documents) and other tactical gear.


Trayvon Martin case: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of George Zimmerman

Read that headline.

Do you still wonder why Liberty is dying in America?

It has nothing to do with Zimmerman.

It has to do with the fact that some groups are willing to defy Government and act.

Some, are not. Those groups that want Liberty are small, and (as yet) unwilling to go hunting for Justice.

Do you understand?

Here's the story.


Zoomie II: American Acts of Defiance Sticker

If you believe that the "Civil War" was truly RevWarII, as do I, and that it isn't over yet, because the Enemies of Liberty messed up and didn't kill us all...order a few stickers and tell the world where you stand on the issue.

We've ordered a batch of the Acts of Defiance stickers. They'll be in my shop April 6-9, then shipped. PayPal buttons are at right, and at IIIGear.com.

Folks, Zoomie is helping to define our message to the world with his outstanding art. His work gives us a visual message that will help our allies across the country to spot our flare and make their way to our camp.

The work is brilliant. Send him your thanks, and fly his stickers where everyone will notice.


Sparklies of Death: Revisited

Go look at Drudge.

How many Sparklies do you count? Florida. Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton. Whitney Houston. Newt vs. Mitt. vs. Paul. vs. Santorum, and who should drop out. There are more.

Obviously the big one today is the silliness of an innocent black kid with Skittles being murdered by a hispanic superhero in Florida. What are the facts?

Who cares? It matters most to the dead kid and the guy who killed him. Next in line are the millions who want to prove the Truth of their political assertions based on the spin surrounding the incident.

It is a tree in the world's largest meaningless forest. They are ALL FSA, whether they collect government cheese, government retirement, healthcare, paychecks, whether they ride the bus or ride in BMW's, whether they live in the 'hood or in Avenel on the Potomac. No matter if their annual income has 3 zeros or 7. They are all FSA.

Focus on the big picture, folks. Do not allow the Bad People or the People-Who-Think-They-Are-Good-People distract you, not for one single moment.

Both groups of people will burn you alive or permit you to starve to death or rot in prison or kneel by a ditch for a .22 in the medula to win.

We are in the midst of Evil, people. True f'n Evil.

Evil most human beings can not, will not accept is even possible.

Keep your eye on what is real, not the manufactured crisis of the hour.

Your life. Your wife or husband. Your children.

All those people screaming at one another DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY OF YOU. They will let you die, or they will MURDER you to prove they are morally right and better.

Prep. Train. Erect defenses and E&E Protocols. In the hours or days or months, maybe even a few years we may have left, find the very few people still alive who care about Liberty and fold them into your Tribe.

But do not fall for this crap.


A post I think I need to offer

I genuinely hope I do not embarrass anyone.

First: Several people have posted "Print the sticker (whatever version being discussed at the moment) and I'll order some."

I am with you. But I must let the community in on one of the business realities of how this works. Many of you have never run a business, so please don't think I am being condescending.

When the 527 orders 1,000 stickers, we need to sell at least 400 to cover the initial cost of printing, shipping, envelopes, et cetera. Once we reach 400 sales, I am ready to order the next batch with a new message.

The cost analysis does not include a commission to Zoomie. I have asked the man to accept a Small piece of every sticker sold for his effort, skill and time. There is editing involved behind-the-scenes that takes even more of his time. The man takes the position that his effort is his contribution to our efforts, and I kid you not, has made it clear he will gut me like a carp if I ask again if he will accept payment. I believe him.

That is Patriotism. I have dealt with several of you in such projects who take the same position.

So - before I can ask Zoomie to invest in the work involved in spending the time away from his family and the chores of life, we have to financially break even on the current project.

With the stickers, that magic number is 400 units. He has some great art, but the next one will not be brought to market until this one pays for itself.

Here's one of his latest:

This is where we can go. But we've got to get there. And anyone who looks at that image (Act I, Act II & Act III) and does not see several layers of serious talent simply doesn't get it.

The same applies to t-shirts and mugs. I need to sell 40 mugs before the 527 breaks even on the cost. Flags: 25 units to break even (we have sold 34). When we get to the poster we'll need to move 400 units to break even.

We have very limited resources, folks. I can't buy a full line of III Gear at once and wait for it to sell.

So, if you want more sticker designs, buy more. Buy 25 or more and sell them at a slight profit to your gun buddies. Or take a stack of 10 to each gun store in your area and let them sell for you. We need to network, and let others do the marketing for us. Order 150-300 and go to a gun show, and sell them 10 at a time to the vendors - they are ALWAYS looking for merchandise to set on the table where they can make $1-3 per sale profit.

So, the hard truth is: If the same small group of III Patriots buy a few items offered, we will run out of operating capital in no time. So buy in bulk, and go sell your local gun/surplus sellers to buy from you at cost (or a small profit - why shouldn't you cover your gas money) and let them do the work for us. They have more III allies walk through their store every day than you'll meet at your office.

Buy bulk, then disseminate.

Everything is at IIIGear.com


Zoomie: More Patriot Eye Candy

Tell me this doesn't mirror the emotions in your chest.

Here's Zoomie's place.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Are you prepared for true Evil?

There are powerful forces in our society that want bloodshed this year.

When so many people want something, they'll usually get what they want.

Holly & I have been out most of the day and we covered a LOT of Gun Show territory. She is really into the concept and potential. I'll loop you all in over the weekend.

My mailbox looks pretty full, I'll get to it all tomorrow.

Thank you for the support with the stickers. Let's see how fast we can sell out, folks. You know at least 10 places that would improve in your neighborhood if they had one of Zoomie's stickers! You know that Liberal neighbor down the street wants one on his Lexus...windshield.

Stay safe. More tomorrow.

Here's the story.


Zoomie: Sticker #1 Available Now

Here we go, folks.

It states our primary objective: Restore the Constitution.

It declares that we mean business: This ain't no damned game!

I hope we have softened the language enough to prevent offense among our friends.

I did a lot of searching around the web for pricing. I managed to price 1 for $5, which is pretty much the average. For you folks looking to buy enough to sell at gun shows, we get you down to $3 each, so you can still have a decent profit margin.

And if you are a rebel, you can buy in bulk and wallpaper your entire city. ;)

I hope we support this effort, folks. Such stickers are an inexpensive way to get our message out there. We have branded the sticker with IIIPercentPatriots.com so that if your sticker is seen by someone who wants more info, they can find us.

I will mirror IIIPercent.com at IIIPercentPatriots.com so that when people land there, they will find our list of blogs to explore.

If we get the support we need, folks, we'll roll out another sticker to keep building our message and brand.

Thank you to Zoomie for all of his hard and exceptional work.

We will also be building a handout for our gun shows using another piece of his art on one side of a high-gloss postcard (probably a 6x9 or 6x11) with all of our blogs listed on the other side.

A personal note: I firmly believe that what we face is pure Evil.

I will probably publish work that, from time to time, offends even our allies.

When that happens, direct your ire at me, completely.

And, it will happen.

Thank you all for your support. Please support this effort by adding a few of these great stickers to your III Gear.

The printer has a target date of April 4 to deliver the stickers to my shop. I'll send them out when they come in.

You can order from the sidebar, or from IIIGear.com, here. While you are at IIIGear, pick up a shirt, mug or other III Gear to support our efforts. We are working hard toward building a serious Gun Show presence, and the only way we'll get there is by moving III Gear and your donations.

The shirt above is a Condor Tactical Shirt that is just one of the items we are working to offer at IIIGear and at the Gun Shows. It takes operating capital to make the initial investments, folks - this is why we sell stickers and t-shirts, and everything else, so we can buy ads and hand-out material, et cetera.

Do you like the shirt? I own this one, and it is outstanding quality. I have not embroidered it yet, but I have found a local shop that will do the work for us for a very fair price, and the price gets better with the more I can bring him.

I have a very aggressive Gun Show Business Model in development so we can spread our Brand and find our allies, while advancing OUR understanding of Liberty.

I've got to tell you - I never trained with the classic KA-BAR until this one, and I am finding it to be an outstanding Battle Blade. Given my choice, I will still alway reach for my Cold Steel Tantos first - but I have a tremendous amount of confidence in this KA-BAR, as I am sure many of you can attest the same. And coupled with the Aguilar quick-draw sheath, it is a beast that can be brought to bear in a heartbest.

Everything we offer through IIIGear.com and our Gun Show Tour will be Branded.

We'd like to hit at least 1 show each month through the summer to work out the kinks, and be up to 3-5 by early fall. In the month or 2 before Deer Season we'd like to be at several shows across the country at once, with the help of Patriots who man the booths.

We can only get there with your help.

That is where we will grow and find our allies, as we continue building the III Brand.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


UPDATE: Folks - Curtis emailed. He's been doing this a long time, and has seen the cycles up-close and personal for 30 years.

He's tired. I can't blame him. I have been at this a fraction of that time, and I often feel we get a little bit of traction, then slip all the way down the hill again. He's been at this for decades.

He's deleted his blog. http://battlefieldusa.wordpress.com/ remains up with most of his content.

He'll be around. His daily voice will be missed by me. But I respect his decision to take a different role for now, focus on other aspects of what we face.

Keep him and his family in your thoughts.

I will.



Are you out there? Blogger is saying some very bad things about your site!

Like - "This blog no longer exists..."

Send up a flare, we'll send in a Team!


OWS Dumped Feces & Urine In ATM Vestibule And Down Stairs

Read that headline again.

Do you understand who wants to run your life, what sort of people demand to have the power to tell you how to live - at the barrel of a Government weapon?

I have been very patient and considerate regarding our brain cramp over the wording of our first sticker. And believe me, I get all of the marketing implications, I get the implications of proximity of such words to our youngsters, I get the fact that it seems gratuitously offensive to many of our Patriots.

I, for one, am done with polite talk. I made that argument years ago when I wrote Our Fathers Weep. I made it again in III to Liberty. And I have made it countless times on this blog, others, and at Kerodin.com.

I, for one, understand that our youngsters are likely to get a Third-World education in ugly, up close and personal.

My grandfather had a simple lesson regarding proper behavior: You treat a Lady like a Lady, so long as she behaves like a Lady.

He wasn't talking about Ladies, only. He was applying those words to say: Give what you get, when it gives you an advantage. Do what you have to do. There is a time to get ugly.

I understand walk softly and carry a big stick.

I also understand the power of rhetoric.

And I understand the power of action. Real action.

Our enemies understand. Our enemies are in the classrooms, on the Bench, in political office, in the banks and boardrooms, They own the FSA and the Suburban FSA (Soccer moms who want their BMW SUV and their free healthcare and Social Security) and they are unleashing their Useful Idiots on the Green...right now.

Let's move Forward, on all fronts, on all levels of rhetoric and action.

If we remain where we are, the Enemies of Liberty will do away with us very soon.

Let's lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

Here's the story from the headline.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Restore the Constitution: Our Patriotic Imperative

Holly likes this for our first sticker (same image)

Restore the Constitution!
Our Patriotic Imperative!

Restore the Constitution will be the first political goal of our III Organization (as we declared in III to Liberty). For you folks who hate the Constitution - don't hit the monitor. It is a waypoint. Let's get back to a place where Liberty matters again, then we can all go our separate ways. But as a means of unifying a group of people, the message and goal works.

Second: Unless someone talks me out of it, I am going to hammer our second political focus as a group to be the repeal of GCA '68 and NFA. We can add to that nationally recognized open/concealed carry.

Third: Do we need a third? If so, what? Items one and two are both political goals that are being neglected by every other political shop out there. Yes, GOA and JPFO are in the fight, but they have not declared a specific intent to repeal either GCA or NFA.

I think it was Rollory (sorry if my memory is failing me) who raised the question: "Why would a guy at a gun show drop $20 to "join" the III? What does the III 'do"?

Those are my answers. Restore the Constitution and repeal GCA/NFA & force national recognition of unmolested carry.

Please don't offer a comment if it is "politics is futile". We've been through that discussion ad nauseum. Most of us agree implosion is imminent. But what we do today matters. What we put in place during whatever time we have before implosion matters. What we do in the days during implosion will matter. And what we do in the aftermath will matter.

So, any constructive input is greatly appreciated. Should we chase different defining goals? Add more? Nuance?

Remember the world in which we are operating: Very few people have an attention span of more than a few seconds. Also, my intent is NOT to change minds or win hearts. I simply want to send up a red flare so people who already think as we do can find our camp.

Let me know your thoughts.


Relevant to our discussion below: LA to pass resolution against certain speech

City Council Warns ‘Crack Ho’ Comments ‘Intolerable’, Calls For Diversity In Talk Radio

This is why I like hardcore challenges to the Enemies of Liberty.

In my mind, we are beyond reasonable dialogue. We are beyond coexistence.


When I see the political spectrum in America, I see the III on that unique piece of the spectrum where only we exist in defense of Liberty - genuinely tired of backing up, genuinely tired of worrying about their damned feelings and sensibilities, and ready to bitch-slap them at parties, at the grocery store, at work, at the kids sports events.

But, we are not the only people occupying that spot on the spectrum. The Hard Left is there, ready to hit us with bricks, burn our homes and businesses, calling us racists and hate-mongers.

Here is my reasoning for the hardcore sticker: We already have "reasonable" in our III to Liberty book.

What do we have in our media arsenal that is hardcore?

On a table filled with III Gear, there will be more than a dozen III Branded items - the only hardcore piece of media today would be a Zoomie sticker. How hard are we? How serious are we?

Here's the story about the LA City Council looking to utterly eviscerate 1A.

These are our enemies.


III Brand: Zoomie - Vote for the First

UPDATE: I still tend to lean into the wind - I have not heard a different word or phrase that conveys our intent as simply, powerfully, and yes, pointedly and bluntly, as This ain't no fucking game!

I say let's hit 'em with the Chevy.

NRA and GOA can handle the PC crowd, can nibble at the edges of laws and gun control...let us take the direct approach from Jefferson: Resolved, That the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government...and that whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force...that the government created by this compact [the Constitution for the United States] was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself

Sometimes the F Bomb is the best choice in the dictionary...

Either we are deadly serious and will take to the Green, or we are just one more bunch of people worried about what everyone else thinks, as they infringe upon us...

I'll be out much of the day, I'll try to release comments while out in the world.



Folks, Zoomie has built some outstanding art, as most of us have seen over the last week or so. Please don't take it for granted - that is hard work and he is damned good at it. Its value as a marketing tool and message to the Enemies of Liberty is priceless.

Here are three he's whipped together in a 4 x 9 format. Which is your favorite?

Zoomie has graciously agreed to let us do a run of stickers to use as a fundraiser for the 527. I am going to print off about 1,000 stickers on UV protected vinyl - which is suitable for outdoor use. (UV protects from sunlight damage).

We have been reasoned and polite in several of our messages to the Enemies of Liberty. With this run of stickers and with the Poster, I'd like to track more into the FU dynamic. But I'd like you folks to weigh-in. Afterall, this is our Movement, not The Kerodin Show.

Here is my favorite for this run of stickers: It is in-your-face, it is impossible to mis-interpret, it takes only a glance to get the entire message, and it will offend the delicate sensibilities of any Liberal/Establishment idiot who spots it on your vehicle or wherever you leave it - on the train, on the window of a local Dem HQ, cop car...

Here's another:

And another:


Let me state for the record right now - I LOVE every single piece he has created.

Which would you like to see as a sticker, first? And - would you buy one or a few to support the 527?

Please weigh-in.