Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Thursday, May 31, 2012

III Gear

As I wrote on the sidebar, we are making headway with our engraving and our account at KA-BAR. Sorry it has been much slower than I anticipated, folks. But we are gaining ground, and you have been very supportive.

A few notes: The prices for our III Branded knives will be going up in the very near future. If you've been considering one of our blades, you can plan on a 40% price increase (or a bit more) sometime soon after I get our first batch of Cold Steel from the engraver and I am satisfied with the work.

Hoodies & ALC Shirts: I'll be emailing everyone who has pre-paid for a hoodie and confirming your color choice and style (zipper or pullover). The color options are listed at IIIGear.com and it isn't too late to change colors/styles if you wish. But I will send everyone an email and get confirmation before I place the order, so look for that email tomorrow or over the weekend. Please take a peek at IIIGear.com and decide exactly what color/style you want. ALC shirts are all ash with black logo.

T-Shirts: I've decided that instead of simply ordering the same OD short sleeve T-shirt every time, I'm going to change it up from batch to batch. I'm going to change colors and I think I am going to put in an order for tank tops, too. Then once they sell out we'll look at changing it up again, maybe long sleeves for fall. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

I am also going to alter our logo once in a while so that we have a few variations on the theme floating around. Once in a while I will drop the "Resist" and go with just our Minuteman and III, sometimes we'll go with just III, sometimes we may even add different words such as Restore, or Liberty, I'm even considering our Minuteman and III logo with the word "Liberty" above and "or Death" below.

Holly and I have decided to trademark several variations to legally protect the Brand from bad actors. We'll never stop any Patriot from using the Brand, even if you want to set up a Zazzle shop or something of the kind. But we have decided that once we get on the national radar, we need to have our marks protected from folks like MoveOn, who can play dirty. The Bad People have a lot of money and many lawyers.

Remember, the fundamental components of our Brand are the Lexington Minuteman and the Roman numeral III. I invite everyone to play with the designs, add to it and send it my way or ask Zoomie if he'll play with your idea. Our Brand needs to be versatile and fluid, but consistent with the fundamentals. In addition to "Resist" I think there is great merit in adding other messages to the logo.

So: Orders are shipping, knives are moving forward, I'm playing with a Liberty or Death design for a new patch, et cetera.

If you are considering a blade with our III on it, just remember the prices will be going up very soon.

Thank you all for the support you have shown since we began the 527. We are growing our numbers, slowly but surely. We will grow more. And most importantly, we are building morale and cohesion. I was very proud to see how many Patriots were flying III Patches at TL's Summit.

We will be a national force, folks. The Enemies of Liberty will know who we are, and they will respect us.

I'll be offering a post on the November Liberty Congress soon, and I added a small update at the link above (top of the page "American Liberty Congress" tab).

Yours in Liberty.


These Too, Are Times Which Try Men’s Souls

A compilation essay offered by Oldfart, I am proud to present it here:

Unfortunately the 2012 election and the hoopla that goes with it is a distraction from the undeniable fact that we are truly and quite possibly in the final battle for the soul of America. Past elections have been child’s-play compared to the ultimate outcome of this struggle. We simply must grasp the magnitude of this pivotal conflict. It is a concerted war against individual freedom of conscience and personal development within the moral society of our nation and it has been underway for years.

The Judeo-Christian society born on American soil in the 18th century established a Republic and forged a gentle giant of a nation which offered its inhabitants hope and freedom. For the poor or oppressed around the globe, it raised a beacon drawing millions of them to us. That hope is now being challenged by the political descendants of despots from past tyrannical governments. As long as the people could openly acknowledge and seek guidance from God these masters of deceit could never capture men’s hearts. So the first step was to separate the minds of the young from their parents’ influence and substitute a far reaching government bureaucracy. Public schools, originally designed for the poor, was recognized as the primary vehicle with which to begin the eventual transformation of our nation. By the middle of the last century the progressive liberals virtually “owned” - and for the most part operated - both elementary and secondary education in America.

The educational “dumbing down” of Americans involved more than the rewriting of history. It had to include a reformation of conscience and the destruction of Judeo-Christian morality to accomplish the intent of those wanting to break the backs of Bible totting, flag waving patriots who clung to their guns and provided “prosperity for themselves and their posterity”. Unlike the sudden and brutal Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which awakened a sleeping giant, this sneak attack was a long, silent but deadly poisoning of the minds and morals of a nation until that nation began to compromise its values in the name of “tolerance” or “fairness” or “social justice”, weakening its will to staunchly defend the principles on which it was founded.

These enemies of liberty with their newly established politically-correct language defining our values and legislative agendas are now not just within our society but in political control of our lives too. Politics is being used as the tool or weapon of the real enemy. We must understand the real enemy is EVIL in all the forms of suggestive information, entertainment, or political theory it can deceitfully use to conceal its character. The only remaining obstacle to its complete success is the waning moral fiber left in the values held by Judeo-Christian patriots of this country.

Thus, it is altogether fitting that we not hesitate to use the words and tone of those founders which gave birth to our nation to demand that candidates for government office, especially the presidency, profess those precious values and vow to govern justly by them and to boldly face the critics who dare suggest they are not relevant in today’s political arena. We can pray our hearts out but we also need to assure the Father willingly and publicly that we cherish our faith and freedom and deserve His help.

Time is running out. It’s now or never. As students of history and/or as ardent believers in the word of God as given to us in the Gospels, who among us can deny or naively ignore the rampant Evil that is staring us in the face today?



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Call to Action: Buy a Gun Day

Folks, remember that Mozart has taken point on an outstanding opportunity to bring new allies into our midst.

Please consider the next time you drop by your local gun shop. Talk to the clerk/manager/owner and ask him to support the effort by contacting Mozart and being part of the Buy a Gun Day effort. I'll be printing up some business cards and offering them free in all orders, and ask that you hand them out when you hit your favorite hunting/shooting/gun show venues.

Everyone benefits from this effort. And if we manage to help gun sales numbers spike on Election Day, the message is the rattle of the snake.

Here's the site. Bloggers: Consider grabbing one of Zoomie's great buttons and flying it proudly on your site.

Remember that all of your IIIGear purchases and donations enter you into drawing for Buy a Gun Day from me & Holly. We'll be drawing names and awarding gift certificates for your local gun shop for those lucky folks who win.


From Will: Big Brother

We've covered ShotSpotter technology before. Now we are learning more about the capabilities. Connect this dot to the one we covered recently about traffic lights being designed to incorporate DHS technology.

Yes folks, we are truly headed for a world in which the ears and signposts all have ears. The window of opportunity to kill this beast is slim, and will close soon. If we pass the threshold without derailing the Police State in the very near future, the entire planet will be enslaved to a few Masters.

That is not hyperbole.

Will sent this over, here's the link.


Well Regulated American Militias

I signed up for their email list and I have found them to be articulate, reasoned and I commend them to you.

Here is an email I received recently:

In the Declaration of Independence it is affirmed that the people have a right and duty to alter or abolish their government. When the Framers of the Constitution met in Philadelphia in 1787 they were sent their to alter or abolilsh compact between the 13 colonies. Congress recognized that their were major flaws in the Articles of Confederation and that merely amending the document would not suffice.

The delegates were sent to Philadelphia to do whatever was necessary to a much stronger National government which could not have been accomplished by merely proposing amendments to the Articles of Confederation. The assignment that they were given was enormous. Their power was limited to proposing the changes, it would be up to the delegates representing the people of the states to accept or reject the Constitution.

The idea that the Convention was a runaway convention is simply not true. The delegates did precisely what they were assigned to do. They did not convene to mke cosmetic changes to the Articles of Confederation, they were assigned the task of revising or re-writing the contract between the states.

The Articles of Confederation was more of a treaty between 13 independent nations than it was a Constitution. The Convention produced a document that would give birth to a nation consisting of 13 states. The Constitution effectively merged the 13 colonies into one Nation. By ratifying the Constitution, a system known as Federalism was established with the powers to govern being shared. The Constitution delegated to the national government a short list of delegated powers while all powers not delegated to the United States nor prohibited by it to the states respectively, or to the people.

A Con Con refers to a general convention that is authorized to revise , rewrite or ablosh the Constitution. The Article V Convention only has the authority to propose amendments to the Constitution. Calling an Article V Convention a Con Con is misleading and inaccurate.

Consider exploring their site.

Here's the link.


III: Fundraising Conversation

This post is not asking for funds, folks. I would ask your advice.

I will be the very first to admit I suck at fundraising. I know the reason: I hate asking for money. In business I accept money from people every single day, but the difference is that I provide tangible goods and services in exchange for their FRN's.

Political fundraising has always been uncomfortable for me. Even though I believe whole-heartedly in our III Brand and goals, asking you for money is tough for me. Even pushing the III Gear is not the same for me as a business transaction, because while it "is" a straight business deal, the proceeds are for our political goals, so it still "feels" like fundraising to me. And you all know you can buy the same gear more inexpensively online. Our mark-up is for the 527.

I'll work my way through the discomfort. No political organization works without cash, and lots of it.

We need to go to the next level, folks. Those of you who have supported the 527 know who you are, and whether you have bought gear or simply submitted donations or offered moral support, I thank you profoundly. Many of you have supported several times. Many of you have gone even further than cash, and submitted material and skills when we needed it. We've had a Patriot offer a custom-coated Mossberg as a raffle item. We've accomplished some good goals with your help, and we have several in the works, including: Our Poster, our Gun Show Tour and the American Liberty Congress, among others.

I'm certain many of you are familiar with fundraising letters/emails from groups and politicians. Should we go that route for a while? It is NOT cheap. Buying into a mailing list that is productive is costly. I'm not sure I want the III Brand to be another piece of political spam.

But we need results.

Should I build a fundraising email and ask our III supporters to email it to their address books? Most of your friends and family are probably not our target demographic, and I hesitate to ask you to look like you are hustling for a political organization, especially since I expect modest results, at best.

I want the III to be grassroots. That is where our allies lie.

My personal outlook: I think our best fundraising and growth in numbers will be found by meeting people, such as the Gun Show Tour, and offending the H* out of our political enemies for free media. I also would LOVE to raise enough cash to run an ad in a gun magazine for 1-3 months.

I also believe we can find natural allies in "real" Tea Party groups, but that means we must all take the time and spend the energy to get to their meetings, network, hand out business cards, et cetera. I think this is time/energy intensive with modest results.

Offending our enemies for free press is a great strategy. Our poster will do that. Our "Enemy of Liberty" awards will do that on a limited scale. The American Liberty Congress WILL put us on the map if we can get at least 300 Patriots in DC wearing empty holsters, folks. That event will unleash free media worth major, major fundraising, with the added benefit of letting the country know we have no intention of backing up.

But this email is to ask you how you think we should proceed.

The goal is to grow our ranks and put cash in the 527 account so we can do more.

Our community is small. You know I have ZERO faith or interest in trying to win hearts & minds. I think we are best served by finding the folks who already think as do we.

Should we simply seek to offend the Enemies of Liberty and ride that wave? It can be powerful, but like fire it can be unpredictable and take us places we never anticipated.

Should we buy more conventional adspace on blogs, magazines, et cetera? If so, which venues?

Should we...

Please weigh in.


Vote you will, you must...even if you vote to leave the Island

"We'll never vote our way out of this..."

How many times have you read those words?

The obvious question is then, what is the way out and why isn't anyone doing it?

I'll let others pontificate on the how and when, and I'll challenge the premise for a moment.

We'll never vote our way out of this...

Why not? We voted our way into it. Americans went to the polls generation after generation and pulled levers for politicians who told them what they'd do. We also failed to vote our way into it. How many Americans chose not to go to the polls, thus surrendering the ballot box to intellectual enemies? I dare say the number of people who failed to defend Liberty at the ballot box is higher than the number of people who have actively voted for our current condition.

I do agree that We'll never vote our way out of this...but only in that voting alone will not remedy the problems we face. I do believe that for generations the Enemies of Liberty have used the ballot box to pervert our Founder's intent. I also believe that generations of these perversions have succeeded in warping the Souls of the majority of our Countrymen.

Half of all households are FSA. Half of the country is FSA.

That half of the population certainly will not vote for any politician who promises to make their lives harder. But all FSA are not equal. Some do not even realize the alternatives. They were born into this society that was already charging at speed along this destructive path. They certainly not taught in public schools that accepting college loans from fellow Citizens is an evil act.

Some FSA are hardcore leeches. Most have simply never lived in any other paradigm, and have never challenged the concept. A small few I have zero issue with in the FSA: If you are a veteran and you went into the military and in good faith stepped into the fray, and you are now disabled or otherwise disadvantaged because of your service, take that check. Indeed, I am ashamed to live in a society that would put you in a position that you need to take that check. I am ashamed that those who govern have abandoned you.

Everyone else in the FSA needs to get a clue.

So, we will not vote our way out of this mess...alone.

Nor will we change the hearts and minds of most FSA. Indeed, there is a segment of our society who genuinely believe it is immoral not to confiscate the wealth of the productive and socially engineer. Those folks will not be convinced to cease and desist by the ballot.

For those who have been waiting for it, here: BUT...

To take the position that voting will not play an important, vital role in recovering our national sanity and moral compass is to ignore reality, to ignore our past, and to ignore common sense.

First, in a SHTF scenario those who have been elected to office will go to bunkers and they will direct armies of bureaucrats (most will be armed) in the matters of survival. Having the most moral, the most practical, and those possessed of the most Common Sense in elected office will matter, unless the very bedrock of civilization ceases to exist.

Second, remember that even in the years before our birth as a nation men voted. Each Colony had men who guided by voting, usually entrusted by their neighbors at home to vote in their interests. After the Revolution, men voted our path, and more men affirmed by the vote. Even as the war raged, men voted on how to proceed, where and when.

Do not surrender the political process, folks. It is the fundamental element of Liberty and a society founded on personal Liberty.

No matter how our world progresses in the coming months and years, men will vote. Do we secede? Do we not? Do we attack Virginia? Do we not?

Voting is a peaceful means used by men to choose a path.

So long as men choose to live in packs, voting will be as important as 2A.

We may not vote our way out of this...

But I promise you, there is absolutely no solution in any scenario (short of an E.L.E.) in which voting does not play a fundamental role.

CLARIFICATION: I am not advocating that you go vote for Mittens. I am advocating that if anyone on the ballot is a decent person and a significantly lesser evil, consider pulling that lever. But mostly I am advocating that we not surrender the ballot box unconditionally to the Enemies of Liberty. Think Churchill: We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the air...

Think about it.



Yes, the trigger-pullers you'll need live within walking distance, or perhaps a bit further from your front door.

But your Political Tribe, that group of Patriots who share much of your world view, reach from coast to coast and Canada to Mexico - and beyond.

Here are a few.

Alan D.
Reg T.
Rich T.

There are many, many more. Hit their sites. Hit their links and explore.

Build that Political Tribe while building your local.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can you see a pattern?

Bill lays it out, here.

Look into our future, folks. Connect the dots.

You need to have your protocols in place and understood by your Tribe. When to go to ground. When to run. When to Flank & Spank (TM), when to stand boldly in the open, and when to smile sweetly and meekly, get close and gut the bastard through his neck hole.

Teach your children, too.


When were you last at these sites....


Have you counted coup and felt the adrenalin, here?

This is serious business, folks. This is counter-revolution. This is the generation in which Liberty will spread her wings, or die upon Earth.

How do you fit into this reality?

Figure it out.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Go Hard, Now!

Can you go hard?

I mean, can you drop the civility and the reflex polite smiles when you are face to face with a Liberal idiot?

Most of you have seen that I am usually patient and tolerant. I can also speak up and get ugly quickly, both online and in person. And I do not believe in proportional response.

Consider: Your Liberal co-worker or neighbor goes to the polls and pulls the lever for politicians who will go to your City Hall, State House and DC to tax you more, restrict you more, and reduce the quality of life for you and yours.

Does that co-worker/neighbor deserve your polite smiles, your patience and tolerance?

Is he not living every single day and taking actions that hurt you?

Why the F* do you owe him a smile or even your silence?

We are in a war, folks. You know that. I also know that the vast majority of you are live-and-let-live folks who will be highly tolerant in the name of diversity and Liberty. However, to be tolerant of the man who is choking you to death, be it by his hands or the taxes he will use to steal your food money, is not tolerance of diversity or Liberty - it is suicide.

Do you owe him your life? Must you work twice as hard in this life just to feed him or sooth whatever fa-cocked "Social Justice" he advocates? If you do not owe him those things, you do not owe him a smile, or your silence, or anything less than a full-throated self-defense.

I wrote this in my first book: Current political leaders are only the face of the problem confronting America today. The underlying cancer eating the American Soul is Liberalism. But for your Liberal neighbors, Liberal politicians would never be elected to office.

It is not sufficient to simply defeat Liberal politicians at the polls. Liberalism must be defeated in our society and Liberals must be marginalized, or this disease will kill the republic.

Every patriotic business owner should immediately fire every Liberal on staff and hire an employee who respects the nation and our Constitution. Why should any business owner suffer an employee who will simply vote for politicians who further ruin the company?!

The Liberals in your community must be ostracized and denied entry into your social circle. These stupid people are responsible for the insanity that affects everything from your property taxes to the curriculum taught to your children. Why would you break bread with them, when they are the reason your bread costs too much? Why would any parent permit them access to their children, when they are responsible for ruining your child's future?

Folks, you are prepping and training in the event you must one day kill such idiots to save yourself or your family.

Take your training to the next level now.

Unleash your indignance and tell such people to F* off.

Get used to speaking up and engaging in confrontation, even if only in discourse.

It is good training. It is good for your Soul.

And you will find most Liberals are cowards and will give you wider berth, even if you develop a "reputation".

F* 'em. They are trying to enslave & kill you, anyway.

Do you understand?


Perspective: Gloom & Doom

Yes, the world around us is moving in directions we do not appreciate.

Yes, finances are tough for most of us and the jobs picture sucks.

Yes, Communists and petty tyrants are seeking to have their way with us.


Every generation has faced and will face most of the same challenges of life.

Tribes will seek to dominate or eradicate other Tribes.

In every age there will be men who mean to be Masters.

Every man and woman will run into people who do not like them.

Every man and woman will have to endure the pettiest among us, once in a while.


In our little piece of the web we recently had a wedding. I know of at least one more on the near horizon. Happiness.

In our little piece of the web I know of at least one Patriot who will donate a part of his body for another Soul who needs it. Nobility and Courage.

In our little piece of the world we have men and women every day who raise their children to do the right thing, to be educated and to think for themselves. Responsibility.

Breathe, folks.

If you enjoy gardening, do it. If you enjoy the woods or desert, take a walk. If you enjoy fishing or crabbing, go catch dinner. If you enjoy your family, go see them or pick up the cell. If you enjoy art, just get in the car and go to a museum. If you are fond of your spouse and/or kids, go sit with them. Scratch your dog's ears.

Every human Soul ever born faces challenges in this life.

Every human is here but for a moment. None of us will get out of this life alive.

Memento mori.

But in the meantime, no matter what you face, treat your Soul kindly and be certain to enjoy life. No matter how simple the pleasure, you can find something right now in your midst that makes you happy, or proud, or hopeful.

We'll get rough when the moment demands it. Until then...

Indulge yourself and find a smile.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Occupy DC: Not so much...

Update: Here's the map and schedule for Rolling Thunder Memorial Day in DC. Here's the link. ~ K


Mrs. Kerodin and I have been in and around DC the last few days, and the next few days will be more of the same.

Occupy: Nowhere to be found.

Probably a good idea for them, anyway. It's Rolling Thunder in DC this weekend, and you can't move 20 feet in any direction without finding a cluster of bikes that are worth $250k. The Mall was blocked off today, and we enjoyed the bikes from the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia into every section of the city we traveled. Flags are flying, the rumble of Harleys is dominant, but the blips of speed bikes and the pedestrian hum of cruisers has filled the air from the river to the shops of Georgetown and beyond.

As anyone who lives or visits the DC Metro knows, an 80 degree day is just plain yucky this time of year because of the humidity. Remove the buildings and DC will revert to the swamp it is, and when temps creep into the 90's as they are this weekend, while the air is like soup, the gals are dressed for prime-time testosterone-based sight-seeing. Diaphanous material and clingy cotton rules.

Sorry ladies, my lower brain is hard-wired. ;)

While I despise what the Enemies of Liberty have done to my city, in name and deed, this is my home and I am very fond of Washington DC. The museums and culture are world class. The "real" people who live here tend to be southern in disposition, that is to say pleasant and smiles are the norm. When driving, one does not suffer the indignities found in many large cities, with constant blaring of horns and cursing. The nightlife in Georgetown and Dupont and elsewhere will satisfy any tastes, both for the single folk and the couples, and even those who bring youngsters.

I'm not pitching my city for any reason than it made me proud while down there today.

I hope many of you come and spend some time with me in early November before the winter chill sets in. We'll handle some politics, and I'll make sure everyone is armed with whatever information you may need to see some of the sights that you will never see beyond the boundaries of our Capital City.


Past & Future, perhaps...

The pic of CGD has no relation to the story - I just like the dog's spirit. And his humans are pretty cool, too.

Here, from Kenny.


For those who have fought, and those who will...

Memorial Day. Many of us have family members who have fought in our foreign wars. Some have family members who have died in foreign combat. Many of you have served with weapons in your hands in foreign war/combat zones.

As a young child in the 70's I spent a lot of time at the local VFW Post, and I got to know men from WWI, WWII and Korea. At that time very few Vietnam vets came to the Post. At one cookout there were guests with tattoos on their arms.

The ideal of America is unlike any other from History.

In America all men are equal. That's how it is supposed to be, anyway.

No man must bend knee or bow his head or avert his eyes from any other man.

Joe the Plumber has every Right as does the President of the republic. Indeed, the President should be hemmed by rules that do not bind the average Citizen, making the President even less powerful than his constituents.

That is how it is supposed to be.

I vow that this land will never surrender to the horrors of tyranny suffered by most other nations on Earth, so long as I am alive. Equality is the only goal. That no man be controlled by another.

This weekend, remember and respect all those who went abroad in good faith to protect the ideal of America. This weekend, steel your spine to continue their work here, where Enemies Domestic reside.

This weekend, look about and see every single Citizen who thinks he deserves your deference or fealty or the fruits of your labor, and understand that he is an Enemy of Liberty, and he is close enough for you to do your duty to Liberty and the ideal of America.

All Americans are equal. Period. Any other concept offends.

Additional thought: Those who have fought before us did not sacrifice so that you and I could meekly surrender and submit to groping TSA, unconscionable theft through taxation, and tyranny at the hands of our Countrymen. I will not permit their sacrifices to have been in vain.

Yours in Liberty.


Saturday, May 26, 2012


I've always been a fan of the .308 as a primary battle round.

Combined with integrity, it is a foundation for a noble people.

“The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” ― Jeff Cooper, Art of the Rifle

More here from CDP.


Friday, May 25, 2012


Folks, a quick insight to where we go from here.

American Liberty Congress is entering another level. It is a GO, and I am gaining support from DC Tea Party folks. (Real ones, not the hijacked versions). November 2 & 3 we will be in Washington and we will hand them a Declaration as Jefferson & Company drafted to legitimize their next actions.

I have been offered a position with a semi-MSM media outlet and I'll be easing that direction to work our message into the disgruntled real Tea Party and Conservative base here in the DC Metro. As Bill created: Local, Local, Local.

ALC: I could use a supply of old holsters, folks.

Send to:
America 527
105 Meem Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

There will be people at the Liberty Congress who may need a rig for their belt.

I have a series of meetings with DC Metro area Republicans, Conservatives, Faux-Tea Party groups AND real Tea Party folks. We'll see where that goes. I think if they realize they have some hardcore III folks at their shoulders, they may be a bit more inclined to show up & speak up.

III: I hope everyone understands that despite my recent beef with a few members of the community, it has NOTHING to do with the III.

Remember, while I am personally a Constitutionalist, the III came before the Constitution. The original III fought for Liberty. I will stand proudly with any man or woman who wants Liberty...and remains honest in its pursuit. I do not care if you want the Constitution, the AoC, Secession, genuine Anarchy, or any other version of genuine Liberty - the III is still a banner that you can claim if you wish.

The III is about 1 thing: Liberty. Leave me the F alone. If you choose not to leave me alone, the III WILL live up to our Founders and rip you a new one.

Most of you have read enough of my writings to know that "my version" of proper Constitutional implementation leaves plenty of room for Anarchists, secessionists and anyone who just wants to be left alone. When I say "Constitutionalist" I see it as did Jefferson...as a burden upon no man and a defender of personal Liberty.

And if you choose to wear the III tag (or not) and all you want is to secede, or be left alone, or try to convince people to return to the AoC, or whatever, I've got your back, even though I will argue for Jefferson's understanding of the Constitution.

I hope more of you choose to wear the III tags. I want Tea Party folks to see that patch or shirt and know they have someone nearby who will make sure they are not abused. I want the world to see the Patriot Movement as a genuine force for good.

I want the III to be seen by the Enemies of Liberty as that group who will not hesitate to meet their violence with overwhelming force and righteous indignation.

We are the III. If it comes to blows, we will follow John Parker's lead and do what must be done.

We may lose. We may have our asses handed to us. But we have the finest bits of Human nature in our hearts, and we will die with Liberty beneath our feet.

In my world, folks III = Liberty first and foremost.

Once we do away with the Enemies of Liberty, we can worry about the details.

I'll let you know when I publish my first Examiner piece.


We Stand Apart

I will be accused of divisive behavior for this post. I will be accused of having lost perspective. I'm sure there will be a few more accusations. I will not respond to them. I will not engage this topic further, in any venue.

I know the truth, and that is always enough for me.

Here's a statement I bet you never thought you'd see written by my hand: Mike Vanderboegh was right.

I'll wait a moment to let a few folks recover. OK...

Mike was right in his conclusion that Tom Baugh is a bad influence on the Liberty Movement. Mike was wrong about his reasoning, Mike was wrong to make up lies about Tom, but correct in his conclusion. With MBV de-throned there was a vacuum, and Baugh sought to return and capitalize.

I am going to discuss three people below: Baugh, AP and CA.

This is not about the Constitution. This is not about Restoration. This is not about personalities or anything except one single issue: Intellectual Honesty.

There was a kerfluffle over at WRSA last week, as most folks know. I limited myself to just two comments, both engaging only Concerned American. The reason I refused to engage Baugh and AP is because of details most folks reading that post could not know: The back-story.

That post at WRSA was never meant to be an honest discussion. It was meant to remove an impediment to an agenda being put forth by AP/Baugh and Crew.

I was that impediment. My position on Restoration is an impediment to the Baugh agenda. He claims "Restoration as a waypoint" is great, yet every action he takes is designed in contradiction to that statement.

It is not about Restoration. It is about honesty. Remember that.

I encouraged Baugh to speak and take part in the community at one point a few months ago. I changed my mind on that point very quickly, after a few email interactions revealed Baugh's fundamental nature to me. I found him to be dishonest and deceitful.

I went to TL's Summit in Mercer, planning to stay no more than an hour or so. I ended up staying much longer. I had hoped to see CA there. He did not attend. I had no idea Baugh would be there. Baugh requested an hour to address the group of 40+ Patriots, and it turned out to be an infomercial more than anything else. I discussed this at CA's place, no need to repeat here.

I took exception to several points in Tom's speech at Mercer, voiced my opposition (in his precious MeatSpace), told him to leave me out of the games he detailed. Then I went home. I never mentioned any of those details publicly or privately.

Here is what many of you probably do not know: A small group of folks who think themselves to always be the smartest men in the room deign to control "The Message" across the blogs of our community. This small group of bloggers, anchored and orchestrated by Baugh, decided to assign community blogs in a "Tier" system, a ranked hierarchy. Additionally, these folks deigned to determine which blogs would receive visitors based on their own value system. The intent is to sweep visitors into the proper "bin", according to the decisions taken by the smartest guys in the room.

It is a classic "Good ol' boys" system, a hierarchy of insiders attempting to control who succeeds and who fails, who says what to whom, based on "Their" desire to control "The Message".

In a community supposed to be about honesty, integrity, morality and Liberty, the mere hint of such reindeer games is offensive.

I had to piece together the information from Tom's speech at Mercer and a few other sources, because I was not "In the loop". I rather suspect that was deliberate, because folks know I do not play such reindeer games. In fact, my tendency is to crush them.

So, my position regarding Baugh is clear: He is the only person I have yet met seeking to personally make a profit from Patriots. His fundamental approach is based on manipulation and deceit (he calls it "Sales & Marketing"). I have zero use for him.

Now to AP: I stopped associating with Justin after a year and a half for a reason that is not part of the above discussion. I told him to go away. He persisted privately but until the thread last week at WRSA, had been silent publicly. At CA's place he chose to take a few cheap shots, which I had come to expect.

I have found that Justin will parrot whoever is in his ear at the moment. I have found that Justin will attack in public, yet only apologize in private. I have found, and anyone who has followed his blog for a while knows, his position on issues changes as frequently as the weather in DC. For a while we generally agreed on many issues. We disagreed on more than a few, including Judicial Review (which, as mentioned above, he attacked in public but months later and only in private admitted my argument had been correct). I have found that Justin will seek a coalition of support in private before he is willing to take any controversial public stand. I learned that over the MBV topic. He is a pack animal and relies on the security of a group before speaking up. I have told Justin most of this in email.

A year ago he contributed to III to Liberty and strongly advocated Restoration. About 2 weeks ago his parroting of Baugh's talking points culminated in his post abjectly refuting Restoration. Fine by me. He calls it "growth".

Here is what surprised me: Justin chose to parrot Baugh's erroneous anti-Constitution talking point that the Constitution is a morally corrupt document, and Restoration is not possible because it means a return to imposed slavery and a return to women as second-class status. With some folks I have learned he will excuse his public statement by privately explaining that the public dishonesty is justifiable because "...that's what our enemies will say about Restoration..."

Sorry folks, intellectual honesty is a fundamental requirement. When you choose to surrender honesty, you may win the argument (because of deception) but you lose the right to preach morality to anyone.

I do hope Justin recovers his compass.

Concerned American: This is the one that hurts my heart.

That CA chose to publicly support the erroneous assertion regarding Restoration and slavery/women was the most profoundly disappointing aspect of that entire ordeal for me. I would have bet my life he would not have done so.

Remember, this is not about the Constitution or Restoration or anything except the honesty of debate among us.

For the sake of "The Message", he too surrendered intellectual honesty on the point. I spoke with him in email afterward, and he admitted that my position is correct (that Restoration does NOT return us to a state of slavery or return women to second-class status). Yet publicly, he took the opposite position.

I watched CA stand on Principle during the ordeal with Vanderboegh when Mike was lying about me. I watched CA challenge Mike to present evidence or STFU. When Mike refused to stop gratuitously attacking and smearing me, I watched CA lose his friendship on the points of Principle involved. That is why I was stunned when CA wrote publicly to support "The Message": Clarity. (Regarding Justin's erroneous assertions)

Add another group identity to AP’s point – that of Team Female (pronounced, as a Latina cop once taught me, “fee-MAH-lee”, as in “tamale”).

Do YOU want to tell Tam, Miss Violet, and other armed ladies that in the Glorious Restoration-To-Come, they and their kind will be subject to The Rule of Teh Menfolks?

How about the woman/women in YOUR life?

Let me know how that goes.

CA knows that is a misleading, incorrect and intellectually dishonest statement. He affirmed in email with me that my position is correct.

I noticed over at Bill Nye's place today CA disavowed the Tier system. Is it truth or "Sales & Marketing"?

I hope it is the former, and not the latter. But I do not know.

More than any single person the "Liberty Movement" needs honesty. When SHTF and people seek allies, we on the Liberty side of the equation already have the entire disinformation machine of the Left/Establishment against us. We can not afford to prove them correct by being caught in lies.

Conclusion: The tiers, the bins, the use of deceit in the name of "Sales & Marketing", and the abandonment of intellectual honesty by a few, on occassion, and the attempts to steer "The Message" are fundamental corruptions of the Community.

I do not care if you love or hate the Constitution, whether you support or oppose Restoration, whether you want to secede or not. What I care about is that we are honest about it. I will stand with anyone and everyone who wants Liberty...until the moment they are dishonest.

These acts surrender our most precious commodity as we move forward in the fight for Liberty: Legitimacy and Honesty in the eyes of those who will look upon us for an answer to the chaos that is imminent.

My sincere hope is that these lapses are but momentary.

Until I know for certain, we stand apart.


The Gene Pool needs bleach...

I have never posted about Vanderboegh on this blog, except perhaps an occasional passing mention. Most of you know my position on MBV: His is a sad and diseased Soul and he has been trying to start a violent war in America for his entire adult life.

As a younger man he was a rabid Communist and sought to begin a war in the country of his birth to impose Communist tyranny.

Now he claims to be a Patriot. Yet he still seeks to start a hot war in the country of his birth. While a fight may be inevitable, indeed required for Liberty to prevail, Mike's only concern is that History record him as the man who cast the first stone.

You may believe in his "personal growth" from filthy Commie to Patriot of Liberty if you wish. Indeed, I wish you'd wear a pin or something if you buy into that silliness, so the rest of us can identify you more easily.

I think Bill Nye has definitively documented the truth for posterity.

MBV isn't fond of Bill or me. Indeed, from his sick bed while rotting with infection I think he posted about Bill & me at least twice. Now that's living rent free in someones head.

MBV is now warming the engines of his mighty war machine and threatening to unleash an army of rock throwers if he doesn't get his way with F&F. He has declared, ad nauseum, that the legitimacy of the republic hinges upon the outcome of this scandal, as determined by Icon of Virtue Mike Vanderboegh (as if the legitimacy of those running the republic has been intact since 1861 or the power-grab of Marbury v. Madison).

This is Mike's last chance to make the History books, and he's threatening to unleash Hell from his sickbed.

Anyway, MBV has apparently been influenced by the trembling staffers on the Hill to hold off unleashing his wrath until Tuesday. He's threatening to poke the sedition laws of the republic and call upon his massive army to throw rocks again.

Of course, this time he'll be unable to participate personally because he is dying or mending, who knows. Last time he did not participate in the rock throwing, either.

Leaders operate from the front. A Leader would throw the first rock. Glory-seeking narcissists operate from lounge chairs, keyboards and the safety of the First Amendment. He risks nothing while his followers risk everything.

Am I writing this post to try to convince you to save yourself and not follow the calls of a sad and diseased narcissist? Hell no! This is America. I believe you have the full freedom to be as stupid as you want to be. And the gene pool will be better served with your absence, anyway. Anyone who throws a rock because MBV calls for it is the mental equal of the OWS Useful Idiots who follow the lead of SEIU thugs and Leftist politicians while calling for more FS for the FSA.

The only reason I am writing this post is because it ties into something I will write about in a while, including a tidbit regarding AP, bold calls to manliness (Do not bend, except at the knee to the State, which calls to the more familiar "Not one more inch, No more Waco's, No more Katrina's" hyperbole at Sipsey), intellectual dishonesty coming from a particular segment of this community recently, tiers, bins, infomercials at PatComs, controlling "The Message", and you folks will need the context.

Also, I'll be making a minor course change in my work. Most of you won't notice, but this post is part of that process.

You know, in the last week of absolute silence from me I have been accused of being divisive and sowing dissension. If I can achieve that in silence, imagine what might happen when I open my mouth and take action...


Say Goodbye, Please

Bill posted a message for Vanderboegh the other day.

I'll have a post about Mike a little later.

In fact, I'll have a few posts today about hypocrites and intellectual honesty and a foul stench.

Here's Bill's.

Update: Bill is hosting another get-together for Patriots, here's the link.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

III Gear

Folks, we have a mountain to ship tomorrow. More went out late last week.

Outstanding (Not shipping): Hoodies, Cold Steel (at engraver) KA-BAR (waiting for delivery) Condor (Waiting for shipment) and ALC shirts will ship when rec'd from printer.

If you want anything from the IIIGear store I suggest you order this week.

I won't be doing this much longer.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Congress to legalize propaganda against Citizens

Craig has it, here.


III Patriot Award: Enemy of Liberty

PLAIN TEXT: Play with it, folks. I can do the final formatting with font size and such to make it fit. But keep in mind that this version really filles the page, less wordy is better.

As I stated before, I want the awardee to weep, or stroke out in anger. So as you write, keep that in mind. We can go as rough as you want, though I want it sophisticated rather than foul. Thanks for the advice of posting it in text, CA.

Feel free to totally re-write, this is a group project.


Communism murdered more than one hundred million
people in the 20th century. For Recognition of
Your Tireless and Evil Efforts to bring Communism
to America, to Undermine the Founding Principles
of the republic and murder countless millions of
Your Countrymen the III Percent Patriots
Award to You, ______________, the Title
Enemy of Liberty
May your soul suffer for all eternity for your crimes


I have only one request: Let's not word it to get me arrested for stalking or threatening. Mrs. K probably won't bail me out. ;)

These will each be personally addressed to our list of award winners ad printed on quality award paper stock, complete with gold foil trim.

Let's talk about the words.

And let's nominate 10 movers & shakers in the Communist/Marxist/Liberal world in America and give them a little pat on the back for all their hard work.

A few of you already sent me nominees, I'm going to go and gather those names now.


Friday, May 18, 2012

PJB: Has the Bell Begun to Toll for the GOP?

Pat Buchanan explores the growing Hispanic population and how that affects the future of the Republican Party.

Good piece, here.


IIIGear Update

Shipping update folks: We've had 2 piles ship (Thurs & Today) and the final batch going out Monday. They'll be packed and shipped over the weekend.

Exceptions: Hoodies, obviously. You folks remember that if you get tired of waiting for us to hit the minimum, let me know and we'll swap the value or the 527 will refund your card.

Cold Steel: First shipment of blades is at the engraver shop, I should get them back "early next week". As soon as I get them they'll be ready to ship.

KA-BAR: First order was placed early this week, not arrived yet. I'll let you know when they arrive and make it to the engraver.

American Liberty Congress: These will ship when they come in. Thanks for the support on this one, folks.

Condor: Some Condor has shipped, more coming from Manufacturer.

All Patches, caps, stickers, et cetera that are outstanding either shipped or will ship by Monday.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Restoration: For anyone keeping score...

Let's see: We've demonstrated that Reverend Al would take a beatdown on the whole scary "...slavery is back!..." silliness. Besides, hasn't a warrant already been issued for him by the proper Safety Committee for Crimes Against Humanity, or something?

Same-same with the "...women are chattel again!..." worries. What woman with a rifle in her hands is going to take a slap from a stupid husband? In a world back on its proper axis, Dads & brothers will take care of bad husbands, if the Lady needs a hand.

Puppies and kittens will still be cute. Not Constitutional, but important.

"As ratified..." means 9th and 10th are in effect, States & People rule.

You can not find a State in the Union right now that permits beating of wives, slavery or would vote for either upon Restoration.

I implore folks to ignore Ego and nonsense when it rises, (it will always arise - just wait until you have to argue this at OWS or at a GOP meeting!) read the document for yourself, and instead of asking your Professor, or wife, or gun buddy What's this mean?, noodle it through. Ask for opinions, sure. Research. Show your math. But you decide.

The Constitution, as ratified, would not permit slavery or abuse of women. The first 10 Amendments are inviolate, ratified with the Constitution. Every State is banned from infringing 2A based on Supremacy, for instance.

How do we get there? We are standing in a gutted building and all Commies are dead...now what? Much of that depends on the actual circumstances on the ground, I would suspect. The proper way would be to unravel and roll back bad law and precedent.

That may end up being a Gordian Knot that must be hacked.

But the Principle is what matters.

Restoration, as ratified, and implemented in the spirit of the DoI and BoR.

A re-boot.

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson


Indiana PatCom!

It's on!

Here's the link.

Wish 'em luck, folks.


Listen. Can you hear the words?

I hear Curtis.

Trainer does, too.

To the folks who point to the words "General Welfare" and "Interstate Commerce" and see peril and doom and plots of Evil, riddle me this: When was the last time those words attacked you in a dark alley and drew blood?

Folks, you can write any three words you want on a piece of paper and let two men see the paper. If they agree, no problem. If they refuse to heed the words, just WTF is the paper supposed to do about it?

Miss V mentioned the words Common Sense. Did anyone hear her?

Just a little bit more of that in each person would make so many of our worldly issues go away.

Oh, F* me, here I am in the loop again.



The Agent's brochure was in use until 2007.

You somehow think MSM didn't know it existed?

So, the question is: Why now?

We answered that already, here.





Drink your tea, eat your rice, wear your clothes...

When you have a firm grounding in the fundamental virtues of life, I have found that you often become the target of the less virtuous, those of weaker will, as your existence reminds them of their failings and weaknesses.

Strong Souls respect you, or leave you alone.

Sad, insecure and weak Souls must chase you, try to crush you.

They seek to test you, to break you down, to stain you so their own reflection is not so offensive in the mirror.

I am not perfect. I have made mistakes and will make more.

But I know where I stand in this life, and I am strong of mind and will.

Seek inner peace, folks. If you live trying to make yourself feel better and look better by tearing down others, eventually you run into a man of Virtue that may end all of your suffering.

Folks who won't walk away when you ask them to walk away are invading your Liberty and deserve what comes their way.

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.


EuroZone Banks

The PIIGS are beginning to detonate, folks.

Here's the link.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The danger of half-assed thinking...

Restore the Constitution, as ratified.

Just in case anyone out there is letting other people think for them (especially stupid people): "...as ratified..." does not make us a slave nation.

There are no slaves alive today in America. (Except all of us to USG)

The US Constitution prohibits the US Congress from limiting the importation of slaves prior to 1808. Article 1 Section 9.

There is nothing in the Constitution that compels Slavery.

"...as ratified..." would not suddenly bring slaves to our shores. I rather suspect that every State in the union currently has anti-slavery laws on the books, which means in an "...as ratified..." America, where the 9th and 10th Amendments matter again...

...no slaves.

This is simple stuff, folks.


Have you read your copy recently?

I have.

Words written & published about a year ago.

Written from the heart.

My thanks again to AP, CA, Alvie, Mike & TL for contributing their support for the Constitution.

Here's the link.



they’ll [Republicans] draw up bills to keep the popular, consumer-friendly portions in place — like allowing adult children to remain on parents’ health care plans until age 26, and forcing insurance companies to provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Ripping these provisions from law is too politically risky, Republicans say.

And you see the R's slowing down the mad American rush to full-throated Socialism, where?

If you are convinced there is going to be a fight either way, then the only difference between R & D is time and place of impact.

If you think 2-3 years more time is good for you to build preps, consider what the Bad People will build into SkyNet in the same time.

Still think waiting is better?

And for all you folks who condemn the Constitution and herald it as a scam from the beginning, I have a simple point that proves you are full of snot: A House & Senate filled with Patriots like TL, CA, Brock, Kent, Bill, et cetera would abolish every wrong currently being perpetrated.

You can't tell me, or convince me, that we'd have the same abuse endured today if we had genuine Patriots in office.

You can't tell me those men administering Governance by our written Constitution would result in loss of Liberty for a single American, anywhere.

You can't tell me those men would be corrupted by power of office.

So your "The Constitution sucks and is a scam" meme is tired, old and dismissed.

Here's the full column.



More goodness, including the Motor City Madman, here.


Obama budget defeated 99-0 in Senate

In political terms, what does this mean?

It means that every D has determined that they have a better chance at political survival without the President.

Thay have now publicly abandoned him. Abandoned is a powerful word.

There will remain token statements and such, but everyone knows who is under the bus.

In Presidential politics, nearly 6 months is several lifetimes. But this one will be tough for President Obama to pull out, especially if Mittens doesn't make any mistakes.

Here's the link.


What do you want?

Curtis asks it plainly.


I've been doing this for about 2 years online now and I can't count how many times people have squabbled over that very question. It amazes me how many times some readers & bloggers change their minds on fundamental issues.

I'm not talking about the folks who are waking up - that is a process.

Curtis has said that this cycle never ends, as if we are on a loop. He's stuck with it far longer than will I in the face of continual zero-gain. Personally, I do not have much use for folks who waffle, who can not or will not think for themselves, take a position and stick with it.

I showed up on day one a Constitutionalist, I remain so today. I have never been anything else.

I've watched many people fight over what they "are" and what they "want". I've watched a few affix new labels to themselves as often as the average teen-aged girl gossips with girlfriends. Indeed, the amount of whispering and gossiping and shifting alliances around here to be with the cool-kid of the moment would be good training for gossip gals.

If you listen carefully you'll notice a phrase that rarely gets used around our blogs anymore: Restore the Constitution.

Why do you think that may be?

The average person can't tell when they are being handled. When they figure it out, the average person gets resentful and walks away, even if he shares your fundamental belief. Afterall, who would want to remain allied with a liar?

These days a bigger umbrella word is offered up: Liberty. But as we know, a word like Liberty can be defined differently by every person who uses it. Some slicky boys know this, so they use the word and you follow, thinking you are headed to a good place. But he never meant Liberty the way you meant it...he never bothered to tell you that until he'd already used you for his gain. Want some Liberty Candy, little boy?

Sorry, folks: The Constitution as ratified, in the spirit of the DoI and BoR is pretty darned precise. When I say that you know where I stand.

I prefer that people know where I stand. That way they can't claim to be surprised when I put a knife in their necks when they finally reveal themselves and decide that me and my Constitution are their enemy.

Movements need to be marketed. But they need identifiable, honorable and precise fundamental principles, fully on display and honestly disseminated for everyone in the Movement. They need a banner or flag around which to rally and muster. They need a precise idea that binds them.

If you do not want a Constitutional America, fine. But have the balls to market what you are truly selling.

For you folks who don't know what you want, or do not want Restoration, we do not have enough in common to warrant my ever allowing you on my flank. One day, when it is down to Constitutionalists and non-Constitutionalists, you'll decide that there can be only one.

If you are NOT a Constitutionalist, man the fuck up and market that concept.

When you have to market by deception, there is something wrong with the product or the salesman. Maybe the snake-oil won't cure cancer, as promised.

And if you are NOT a Constitutionalist, my blog is not the proper place for you.

If you are leaving because of what I just said: Close the door on your way out.

Here's Curtis' piece. Every man had better know where he stands in this world, damn skippy. In politics and in life, you'll define yourself or someone else will do it for you. And these days, Bad People from Left to Right are doing the defining.


Consider: Bill Nye

Bill explores several important points. Two that really jump out: Who is the FSA and how many Patriots are really out there, kept separated and isolated by the work of provocateurs.

FSA: Remember, folks - if you or your kids are accepting Government loans for school, welcome to the FSA. This is a long list, and the FSA reaches all socio-economic classes.

Silent Majority: I know that all the real Tea Party folks, the hundreds of thousands who got out their lawn chairs and went to the Tea Party gig in their town in 2008 and 2009 are still there, but they are deflated and depressed. They had a voice, and it as stolen my the machinery of politics.

We can get that voice back, but we will have to be bold enough to engage from more than our keyboards.

Here's Bill's piece.


Indiana PatCom

This weekend.

Folks, I would encourage everyone who is able to make it, touch base with China and let him know you are coming.

This will do more for your state of mind than anything else you may have planned this weekend, and Librty advances with every person who stands to be counted.

Here's the link.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How do you measure up to the Founders?

Curtis posted a series of quotes to reinforce the notion most of us share that Liberty can only exist in a country of moral people, here. It ties into a conversation that evolved on a thread below. It seems anytime we discuss morality and Liberty and finding the line between the two, folks get heated, quickly. And that is a fair dispute.

Nothing beyond this point has anything to do with Curtis or his positions. But after reading what I have written, I would suggest you read his collection of quotes and measure yourself against those from our past.

My question yesterday I ask again today, and the ideal topic to illustrate the point is abortion.

Abortion is a core issue, the debate between the murder of a defenseless newborn or the scraping of a few cells. This debate faster than any other will bring people to blows.

One need not be a religious person to believe abortion is murder. And many religious folks come down pro-abortion. But the religious ant-abortion crowd occupies the most militant end of the spectrum, filled with righteous indignation.

So, here is the simple question: Why have these morally offended folks not stopped abortions?

Why haven't you even tried?

Do not tell me it can't be done. When George Tiller took one to the head, the number of doctors in America still performing late-term abortions was 2.

2 doctors.

Scott Roeder proved how easy it truly is to reduce the number of doctors willing to do late-term abortions to zero.

So, for you morally outraged folks who hold the position that abortion is murder, why have you never left the porch and ended the practice? 53,000,000+ defenseless babies have been murdered since Roe, and you have not stopped one, when it is in your power. Scott Roeder has stopped how many? Hundreds? Where is your praise for him? Where is his monument? Hell, have any of you even filled his commissary account so he can afford to buy some mackeral packets in prison?

If you have it in your power to stop the murder of a defenseless unborn child, the most defenseless of human beings, and you do have it in your power, and you always have, why haven't you done anything about it?

From a tactical and strategic perspective, ending abortions, or at least stopping 95% of them, could be done in a week with 10-man teams in each state.

All you folks who rant and rave about how evil abortion is are getting uncomfortable right now, aren't you?

I don't want to hear the excuses. I am not going to participate in a debate about abortion. This is not about abortion.

This is about supposed moral outrage, being in a power position to end the moral wrong, and doing nothing about it.

That is where you all stand, those of you who rail about the moral outrage of abortion.

The simple reality is that you were unwilling to take the personal risk, to expose yourself on behalf of the defenseless unborn.

Zoomie built a very cool graphic that had a picture of George Washington, and said "I and my compatriots would be shooting by now."

If we as a nation will not act and take a personal risk to save the slaughter of unborn Countrymen, it becomes easy to understand why we are on a path to Communism and that train will not stop.

It is because we are not the same people as were our Founders.

Were I a doctor assessing the prognosis for Liberty, I'd have to call Time of Death by now.

Just examine the premise and the facts, folks. Then apply to yourself, and ask the hard question.

I have. I am going to Washington on November 3rd.

I can't be bothered any longer by those who will rail without action.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Sons of Liberty or Circle-Jerkers?

I am not here to make friends.

More people every week learn that I do not suffer Fools, Liars, faux-Patriots or shit-talkers.

I am here to find a way to live the remainder of my life free and at Liberty, the same Liberty known to our Founders.

Liberty will not be found by writing eloquently. Our Founders had Jefferson, and they still had to take to the Green. We do not have a Jefferson, so you'd better plan on getting dirty if you truly want Liberty.

When I was in Mercer I saw a group of Patriots who mean to be free and at Liberty. Some are closer to fitting in with the Sons of Liberty than others. But none were circle-jerkers. The Bank of America declaration that David, Brock and the others from the North Carolina PatCom brought to life was Sons of Liberty. You can bet real action was discussed at every PatCom. And there will be more.

Sadly, there is a tremendous amount of circle-jerking around us. Men who complain about the number of babies murdered every year, but can't list a single Abortionist they have ever stopped from going to work. Men who complain about being groped by TSA, but permit it anyway, while counseling the rest of us to stand tall and be men, to simply take our Liberty from behind the keyboard.

These guys have lots of advice for you, and exercise none of it. Yes, I can say that with confidence, because to this day there has not been one single report of a Bankster who has gone missing, not one TSA Agent groped in the airport parking lot as a quid pro quo. That list goes on.

There are a few genuine Patriots in this Community. You can tell who they are because they are taking actual actions, doing actual work, and are ready to revive the Sons of Liberty.

On November 3rd I will go to Washington to look into the eye of Evil, hand them a declaration to stop injuring the Constitution, and inform them that I intend to live the remainder of my life in the same state of Liberty enjoyed by Thomas Jefferson.

I will not be asking them for anything. There will be no permits. I will ask noone for permission.

Look into your heart, Patriot. Are you ready to go beyond anger and into action?

Are you ready to have the Sons of Liberty active once again?

Are you ready to bear the weight and responsibility of the nine stripes yourself?

If your answer is Yes, then I invite you to join me in DC, if you can make it. I'll also make it happen for others to have their voices heard that day, even if they cannot come personally.

But there is no time for anything now but action.

I have no use for wasting time with circle-jerkers.


The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy's Enemy.

If you buy into the fallacy of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" you will be rudely proven to be silly and naive at some point in the future.

Even within this "Liberty Movement" there are so many different factions that I know I am at times in the midst of true enemies.

You see, the word Liberty means something different to each of us.

I use Jefferson's definition, as manifest in the proper application of the Constitution, DoI and BoR.

Many within this "Liberty Movement" want nothing to do with my version of Liberty. They see the Constitution as a tool for enslaving them. Yet, some of these same people who claim they want Liberty, either with or without the Constitution, will eventually kill one another over issues such as abortion, marital fidelity, sexual permissiveness, and religion. One man's Liberty means any sex between consensual adults is Liberty. But a lot of other "Liberty" folks would call those people nasty names and infringe on their ability to do as they wish.

Both sides claim the high ground on Liberty.

When you hear folks imploring others to "...stop fighting each other, we all want the same thing..." I hope you understand that, obviously, they are not working for the same thing. There is a reason for the strife. It may be Ego. It may be monetary. It may be ideological.

My point: You do not have as many allies as you think you have...

I want Jefferson's definition of Rightful Liberty. That means I get to do any-f'n-thing I want with another consenting adult so long as we do not injure the equal Rights of others.

It also means that one day, if "Liberty" stands victorious over Collectivism, many folks in the "Liberty" trenches are going to begin stabbing one another in the neck.

Because they do not, truly, want the same thing.

Because the Enemy of my Enemy is nothing more than my Enemy's Enemy.

We have had considerable increases in cohesion and morale over the last year and a half.

People who do not truly want the same things will be mucking it up soon enough.

Count on it.


Knife Talk in Babylon

I've read a few self defense pieces over at Babylon and have always found them to be written from a real-world perspective by a guy who's obviously been forced to live it.

I'll be following the series, and suggest anyone looking to improve knife skills do the same.

Here's the link.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

New York: Stop & Frisk

I've covered this topic before. New numbers are out for New York, and given our upcoming Liberty Congress I think a review is in order.

For folks who don't know, most major cities have authorized (supported by the Courts) LEO may stop a Citizen, question the Citizen as to his name, why he is walking where he is walking, where is he going, and for the safety of the Officer the Citizen may be frisked.

You and I know this is nothing more than conditioning the populace.

LEO is supposed to have some sort of indication that the person being stopped is currently involved in some criminal act, or headed for one, or coming from one. The legal standard varies among jurisdictions, but most judges will agree that LEO must have "...more than just a hunch..." that a Citizen is misbehaving in order to justify a Stop & Frisk event.

New York City is on track to break it's own record this year, with a projected 730,000 Stop & Frisks. That works out to about 2200 times each and every day New York LEO violates the Constitution. It also works out that about 9% of the residents of New York City will be Stopped and Frisked in violation of 4A.

The logical question is: How many Stop & Frsks turn into something?


That means that 95% of the Citizen's who are stopped by armed agents of the State were doing nothing wrong. It means that NYPD's skills at spotting suspicious behavior is pathetic, because they are wrong 95% of the time.

Two things: First, we go back to a post I did earlier. We need to get the public back to a place where they understand that if something is unconstitutional, end of discussion. Full Stop.

The second point is the most obvious: LEO is stopping people purely to harass and intimidate the Citizenry, to condition them for what will be demanded in the near future. The imminent escalation of 4A violations in America would astonish even Mischa Wolfe.

Stop & Frisks will obviously be included in our long train of abuses that we present to our Government officials.

How does our Cause of Action, our "...or else..." clause in our declaration fit into this topic? Will you tolerate being stopped and frisked after November 3rd? Are you sufficiently advanced in your disgust of those who mean to be our Masters that you will defend your 4A Rights on the spot, to the death? If you are forced to defend and you win, are you willing to wait around and be judged by your peers? And what if a III Patriot is not singled out on the Metro platform, but the woman next to him is, and the LEO's surround her with their riot gear and automatic weapons and impose their will upon her? Are you at that point in your life that you will defend her on principle?

This is brain food, folks. Commenting too much would be imprudent. But I will say it: Until these bullies understand that they can get a bloody nose, and until they understand that some Patriotic fellow may come at him from an oblique angle while he is Stopping and Frisking another Citizen, and that LEO may not make it home that night, until the bullies understand that there are consequences for violating the Natural Rights of some Americans, they will not stop.

Are you ready to draw that line in the sand on November 3rd when we hand over our declaration, and defend it? Are you ready to be that hard?

These are questions you must settle in your mind.

I know where I stand.

I am going to Washington and handing them a scroll that demands they cease and desist injuring the Constitution and the Rights of Citizens.

And then I am going home to live the remainder of my life in Jefferson's state of Rightful Liberty. And I will not tolerate or ignore any of my Countrymen who may be suffering unconstitutional injuries in my presence.

I will not go hunting for monsters to slay. Yes, I know what my position will entail.

Liberty has never been free.

Memento mori...

Here's the link to the story.