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Saturday, June 30, 2012


For the folks having a nutty over the most recent SCOTUS decision, especially those who are now proclaiming "The republic is officially dead..." or some variation thereof, take a breath.

We have all known for a long time we are on a course to a crater.

Forget ObamaCare for a moment.

Did you think Heller was a win for 2A and the Constitution? Yes, the case was "won" and Dick Heller is a serious champion for 2A Rights. But when you look at what the Justices wrote, you realize that every single one of them reads "...shall not be infringed..." as malleable. Same for McDonald.

Same for nearly every single decision since Marbury v. Madison.

Do you think the Law of the Sea Treaty or the Small Arms Treaty becomes "Law of the Land" if ratified by the Senate? Of course not! Only laws that do not offend the Constitution are "real" laws of the land.

They may pass it, and they may kill you for disobeying it, but that doesn't make it Constitutional.

Same for ObamaCare. Roberts position is flawed to permit taxation for any purpose other than those powers enumerated. Whether you see slick politics in other aspects of the decision or not (as I do), don't mistake any aspect of ObamaCare as Constitutional.

Remember what I said in this post 36 hours before Thursday: If you take the position that SCOTUS has the Authority to kill ObamaCare, then you take the position they have the Authority to impose it.

The men and women on the Court are not Constitutionalists.

Not even one of them.

We will not vote our way out of this: Correct.

Voting will forever be an essential part of recovering Liberty: Correct.

2A will forever be a part of Constitutional maintenance: Correct.

The present lawlessness and disrespect for the Constitution by SCOTUS, Congress and the Executive is beyond redemption: Correct.

The only fix is a reboot, a reset back to the last known point in our timeline when we had a shot at keeping Liberty: 1789.

Nothing done by FedGov matters today, folks. It has not mattered for many years. It has been lawless and corrupt in total since 1861. Subversion has been present since the Federalists retreated to the Judiciary after the Convention.

Getting excited over any act of FedGov is a waste of energy, time and resources.

Perhaps I should use the Sparklie of Death image for every post? I shouldn't need to do that - you should all know where we stand.

You. Will. See. RevWarIII. In. Your. Lifetime.

It will make RevWarII/Civil War look like a friendly picnic.

Don't get excited. Get ready.


You are the force of Liberty

Samuel Adams
Alexander Hamilton
William Molineux
Timothy Matlack
Thomas Paine
Paul Revere
Patrick Henry
Samuel Prescott
Molly Pitcher
Roger Sherman
Philip Mazzei

Modern Pamphleteers would be our bloggers and those who spread the word of Liberty. Even if you don't blog, but spread the word at the water cooler, you're it.

You can be on that list above. It's your turn.

Hand out III cards. Hand out pocket DoI's. Do anything to help Liberty as you attend your Independence celebrations this week. Bonnie Gadsden has made it easy, here.

For Liberty.


Get in trouble with FedGov, get a better gig...

Remember Al Armendariz from EPA?

“It is kind of like how the Romans used to conquer the villages in the Mediterranean — they’d go into a little Turkish town somewhere and they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them. Then that town was really easy to manage for the next few years,” Armendariz said during a 2010 meeting in Texas.

I have mentioned many times how Bad People in Government rotate out to very cushy private sector gigs when they bounce out of the G-payscale?

This guy got snatched by Sierra Club.

Here's what Senator Inhofe had to snark about it: "At least at the Sierra Club he won't get into so much trouble for telling the truth that their true agenda is to kill oil, gas and coal...”

I promise you, this guy has a very nice salary and benefits package, and will continue his attacks on America from inside the machine.

Here's the link.


DHS: Be meek and submissive, even if you are armed

DHS has counseled active, armed members of the Border Patrol to respond to an Active Shooter by running and hiding.

Here's the story.


Very Cool Independence Day Handouts from Bonnie Gadsden

Bonnie Gadsden has built a small booklet format for the DoI for folks to print on their own printers. Take a stack with you to hand out at your 4th events!

Good job!

Here's the link.


Friday, June 29, 2012

That's so sweet! You do still care!

As I often do when a significant story pops, I stated my position on the SCOTUS decision, then I looked inward to the III to see where we were as a group.

On this blog and elsewhere in our Community many, many folks were outraged by the decision.


The overwhelming majority of those who blog and comment in our Community take the position that voting will not make a difference, government has failed, the republic is dead, the Constitution either rendered impotent by our current politics or impotent by some grand design.

So, why the passion in the Community? Why the heat? One who is truly separated from a thing will rarely react with passion, especially if you look at the SCOTUS action as do I: It is simply one more in our long train of abuses.

I gave Roberts props for what I consider to be slick political manuevers that will have an impact for many years to come...if we have years to come. But intellectually I know that no matter what SCOTUS did, nothing would change. No decision on Thursday could have staved off our imminent Implosion. No decision would make anyone begin to respect the Constitutional boundaries of power. I still think if SCOTUS had killed ObamaCare outright, the Obama Administration was fully prepared to ignore the Court and execute the law. I can hear the President now: How many divisions does Roberts have? He has taken his decision, now let's see him enforce it.

But you folks who reacted with such intensity revealed something to me that I do find genuinely heartening: Most of you are still fond of the Constitution and the ideal that it offers. You may say differently at times. You may deny it.

But your emotion reveals that you want the Constitution to be respected, and you find those who ignore it, injure it, scoff at it, to be repugnant.

I like that.

A man does not get jealous when an ex-girlfriend gets a new boyfriend, if he is truly over her.

You're not over the Constitution.

Own it, and stand tall. But more importantly, do those things that are within our Founding Principles and Ideals and framework to make the Constitution work again. Elect 535 people to Congress like Trainer, Bill Nye, CA, Brock, Kenny, Zoomie et cetera, and watch our Constitutionally restrained government begin to hum like a Ferrari. They would not appropriate any money for anything that is not Constitutional. They would repeal every law on the books that is offensive to Liberty.

Fixing our republic is as simple as that.

While we are waiting for Implosion, let's continue to get angry when people piss on our ideals and our Constitution. Afterall, they are treasonous bastards who are overthrowing Liberty for Tyranny. We should fight them on every single front of the polygonal battlespace.

Your heat and passion is a display that you have not yet completely abandoned the peaceful political process.

That makes me proud.

III. I am proud to be a III Patriot.


Millerized: Unapologetic Bill of Rights

Click the image to read.

Sent over by Millerized, who says he is healing up well.

He has also offered a great item for an upcoming ragffle for the 527, we'll unveil that in the near future.


Blue's Blog: What have we become?

Blue posts a great letter to the Editor, here.


Bonnie Gadsden: Greeks moving the herd

Bonnie Gadsden found a great piece about how the Greeks are getting the herd moving toward the borders.

Take notes.

Here's the link.



How does a proven Conservative Chief Justice land to the Left of Anthony Kennedy?


When you noodle that through you'll begin to recognize just how significant yesterday was in the political world. John Roberts killed the Commerce Clause and Necessary & Proper Clause as Constitutional Authority and he tee'd up the ball for a challenge that will kill General Welfare and narrow the power to tax for only enumerated purposes, as Jefferson explained was proper. He's already reminded many Governors of the Tenth Amendment and he has forced the politicians to man-up and stop punting on the hard issues. Now the R's will have to do their jobs and Repeal, or not.

Roberts is genuinely working to kill 150+ years of bad Constitutional respect, and he can't do it all in a single vote. Why didn't he rule the tax in ObamaCare invalid and limit General Welfare in this Decision? I am not sure. I am told it was beyond the scope, that SCOTUS really needs a General Welfare challenge in order to go that far. We'll see. I think he could have done it cleanly right now.

But if you take the position that the Holder vote was a "Victory" and the SCOTUS ruling was a "Defeat", I'll let all of this marinate for a while so you can catch up. Start with this piece and just let your brain mull it over for a while.

Remember, SCOTUS only has as much real power as the other branches and the voters choose to permit. I hold their machinations have zero power over the Executive and Legislative, but both branches allow the facade to provide the illusion of Legitimacy.

Now, in a properly functioning FedGov, the Branches would respect one another and the boundaries of the Constitution. But we are not there.

TL has a piece on the topic, here.

Remember: None of this will change our course or speed to our imminent crater. Nothing SCOTUS could have done yesterday could change that trajectory. It is political theatre...and I enjoy clever, brutal politics as diversion when I know reality will intrude soon.

Anyway, on to something important: Almost all remaining III Gear orders will ship today or tomorrow (many shipped earlier this week). The only omission is shirts. As I explained earlier this week, I bombed the shirt printer with a substantial and complicated order, and they are working their way through it.

I'll have an announcement a little later this morning for a III raffle. We have several very cool raffles in the queue.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roberts FU to Obama?

So, here is the skuttlebutt: John Roberts decided to protect the Court and get a little payback by ensuring Mitt Romney would be our next President.


Let ObamaCare live, let the entire American voting public know it is a tax, energize the Conservative base of the R Party and the real Tea Party voting block to ensure the Enthusiasm Gap is closed by Mitt and not Obama. He handed the big, steaming pile of ObamaCare right back to the President so he could choke on it.

Pretty darned slick theory.

To accept it one would have to take the position that John Roberts was willing to use his position as no other Chief Justice has ever done before, to take out a sitting President, by any means necessary.

It would explain all of the quirks...


American Liberty Congress

What say you, Patriots?

Are you more motivated now to stand on their steps and look them in the eye?

We are less than a week from the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Americans have been here before.

It is our turn.


Get it?

Do you understand now?

For each and every one of you who have taken the position that the Supreme Court is the legitimate arbiter of what is, and what is not, Constitutional, enjoy your "Constitutional" Mandate. Now would be a very good time to start reading your Jefferson and Madison about the scope of the Judiciary. Start here at NCRenegade for some Jefferson.

An act is NOT Constitutional simply because 5 men say so.

Would it be Constitutional for the same 5 men to outlaw your handguns? Of course not.

If one million people call a Zebra a cow, the Zebra is still not a cow. The mob of 1 million people may kill you while declaring the Zebra is a cow...but even after you are dead the Zebra is still not a cow.

In this case all 3 branches of our Masters (the Mob in Mob Rule) say this is Constitutional. Now America is left with 4 options:

Option One: Accept it.

Option Two: 10th Amendment - The States refuse to comply or secede (Not going to happen)

Option Three: 9th Amendment - The Voters throw out the bad politicians who voted for ObamaCare and send people to Washington who promise to repeal. (Not going to happen)

Option Four: 2A. (Not going to happen)

What do I think will happen?

Option One. People are not going to rise up. People are not going to vote enough new politicians to repeal. People are going to accept this additional abuse, because that is what the majority of Americans are today.

Until Implosion, the enslavement continues and increases. Mob Rule will continue until the Mob is disbanded...by force.


A Birthday in the timeline of the Declaration

June 28, 1776: A fair copy of the committee draft of the Declaration of Independence is read in Congress.

It would have been better if Congress left it alone, but of course they bickered and revised.

But it is still one of the most elegant documents ever produced by Man.

Have you read it recently?

Here's a rough draft, also a link to the revisions made in Congress, and of course the final draft.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Benchmade Tactical Pen

Do you carry a Tactical Pen?

Benchmade sent me this one to be reviewed in our SHTF Go Bag Project. It is a Model 1100-4 in stainless. I'll provide a full review in our book, but a quick insight is warranted now.

I have carried this device for about six months now, especially when I am dressed for clients. The pen is sophisticated and attractive enough to pass in business meetings as an appropriate writing instrument for a successful businessman. You will not feel like you are pulling out a Bic when the other guy pulls a Mont Blanc.

And, it writes well, too.

Of course the business end is the tapered & rounded tip (Left side of the image). To strike the best scenario puts you in a position to hold the pen in your clenched fist, business-end jutting about 1.5 - 2 inches below the edge of your palm, with your thumb on the cap. Deploy it in a backfist or downward jab if possible. Or flip it 180 degrees and go for a side-winder jab. The sphenoid is your target unless you are certain you shouldn't kill the bastard.

It is heavy enough to whip and slap knuckles, wrist bone, elbow if you want to get his attention. A good thrust into the soft tissue around or behind the knee will work wonders. Jam it an inch or two into the neck muscle around the carotid will work, without piercing the skin. The pen is balanced very well for deploying with a single hand. There are no sharp edges or tips - it is designed to break bone or be a good tool for digging deeply into soft spots. Use the backfist or side-winder jab into the rib cage near the armpit and your bad guy will use his other arm for a while.

I have found that the pen rarely gets a second look, even from trained security.

This model retails at $153 and is worth the money. You can find it cheaper if you look. I would not trade my 3" Cold Steel Voyager, but why not carry both when possible? If I have to use the Voyager, I'll probably leave a wet mess and need a change of clothes.

You can incorporate a Tactical Pen into your CQB skillset and add a very effective tool to your kit for keeping yourself alive.

I commend it to you. Here's a link to the Benchmade site for this model.

Roger Simon: Our Supreme Court has lost its honor

The greatest power the justices have is carved into the marble of the Supreme Court Building and gilded in gold: “It is emphatically the province and duty of the Judicial Department to say what the law is.”

These are the words of John Marshall, the fourth U.S. chief justice, written in 1803. His decision established forever that the Supreme Court had the right to uphold or strike down laws passed by Congress.

Nowhere in the Constitution is the Supreme Court given this power. The Supreme Court took it in a 4-0 decision.

This is honesty from Roger Simon, a hardcore Leftist slug.

His piece is a beautiful bit of whining about the Court. But he will not whine when the Court takes a decision of which he approves.

The hypocrisy of the Left (and by extension, the Establishment) is fully on display in this article. As long as the Court does what he wants, it is relevant and noble. When it does not do what he wants, it is a rogue entity that artificially created the power it wields.

Mr. Simon and I agree on the fundamental point: The Court does not have the Authority under the Constitution to impose it's decision upon either the Executive or Legislative.

"Checks and Balances" is not what you learned in Civics class. "Checks & Balances" is not the power to force the other branches to yield.

Checks and Balances is the power of each branch to decide for itself what is and is not Constitutional, and to act according to its own decision within that sphere of influence. If the People disagree, we can vote out the politicians with whom we disagree. If We the People disagree with the Judiciary, we have the Right to nullify and we have the Right to demand Impeachment.

But never in a million years in a billion parallel universes did our Framers ever intend that the few Members of the Court would have final power to decide what the rest of us must do...hence the Ninth & Tenth Amendments. Hence, Impeachment. Hence, Treason.

Judicial Review is a stolen power, a facade that benefits our Masters, with minor inconveniences from time to time. They permit the fallacy to exist, so that the illusion of legitimacy is accepted by most of your Countrymen.

And, it works.

Think about it.

Here is the entire Roger Simon piece.

UPDATE: I think some people grasp concepts best when analogies are used. So, try this one: Our Governance under the Constitution, in the spirit of the DoI and with the expressly forbidden acts articulated in the BoR, was never meant to be an absolutely rigid construct.

Think of a racetrack. There are hard barriers and all racers must stay in-bounds. In our governance these bounds are drawn by the express powers granted in the Constitution and the express acts that are forbidden in the Bill of Rights.

But within these boundaries, the individual cars (or boats if you prefer) have room to move, to even skid across the water or roadway from time to time, to bump into one another. In governance this "skidding" and movement is the mechanics of governing, where rubber meets the road, if you will. It is not precise. It was known by our Framers that precision was unattainable, since the Nature of Man was involved.

Get it?


The EBT Cycle

Most folks fail to connect the dots between Government handout programs, EBT cards, active marketing to increase EBT users, and the food industry, which directly benefits from the free money...which then donates to the politicians who hand out the EBT cards.

Get it?

Now you know why Government will never willingly end welfare (it puts money in their re-election coffers and voters in the booth) and will never willingly restrict people from using EBTs to buy soda, snacks, et cetera.

Here's the link.


36 hours and counting...

Within 36 hours we will know more about ObamaCare and Contempt of Congress charges for Attorney General Holder.

Don't get excited.

ObamaCare: No matter what decision comes down from the Court, remember this fact - if you take the position that they have the authority to kill it, you take the position that they have the authority to impose it.

Beyond that premise, which you know I reject, there are political realities. Most importantly the Republicans are not going to kick Healthcare out of the Federal basket. They have no intention of surrendering power of such a huge percentage of the GDP. The Republican call is "Repeal & Replace" if SCOTUS upholds any part of ObamaCare. No matter what happens, not one politician in power or running for office is taking the Constitutionally-correct position that FedGov has ZERO role in American healthcare.

Holder: This one is going to upset a big chunk of our community, as well as the NRA crowd. (Have you noticed that even segments of the NRA crowd have taken issue with Suarez?)

There are many variables regarding the Contempt vote tomorrow. It could be cancelled or "delayed" by last minute games from either side. It could go to the Floor and be voted down. It could go to the Floor and be approved.

I'll address the potential of the vote passing. If the Attorney General is held in Contempt for not producing documents that POTUS has declared off-limits, you have a headline-making bit of political theatre that will help the D's talk about issues other than the economy. In fact, from the D perspective, you'll hear many arguments about how unreasonable this Republican House has been, thwarting POTUS at every turn, blah blah.

Simple truth: A Contempt citation does not upset the D's at all. They may be hoping for it.

Second consideration: If the Attorney General is held in Contempt, why would he and POTUS not decide this is the best time for him to take the sting and step down? Think about that for a moment. If Holder steps down, POTUS has to find, nominate, and then get through the Senate another AG - a process that will drag beyond the election cycle. And you can be certain there will be no document release until the new AG "...has a chance to get settled into office and review all GunWalker information..."

So folks, no matter what happens tomorrow regarding the Contempt vote, don't expect anything close to "Victory" for the R's. It ain't gonna happen.

Even if they do a document dump to take the vote off the table, the documents will prove generally useless.

Politically, there is no downside for the D's tomorrow regarding the Contempt vote.

Politically, Boehner is correct: There is nothing but Loser headlines for the R's, no matter what happens.

And make no mistake, folks, nothing about GunWalker is now about "Justice", it is all about Politics from both sides. Even Chairman Issa is on a political hunt. He's looking for a D takedown of any sort he can put in his resume for 2016 or 2020...

One final note: Not one American of the Leftist persuasion devotes 2 seconds a day thinking about Gunwalker. They don't care. It is the same for the average R voter and non-voter. They don't care.

GunWalker only matters Inside the Beltway and in the politically hard-Right part of the spectrum. And I can tell you first-hand: Inside the Beltway this issue is not significant. It is not an issue that keeps D's or R's awake at night. It is political noise, and nothing else.

For 99.9% of America, GunWalker is a non-issue.

Sorry for the Reality.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If you pick up a cat by the tail you will learn things you cannot learn any other way

Our republic was once populated by a vast majority of people who understood such basic common sense. Indeed, just to survive many days those who came before us had to hold the cat by the tail and hope for the best.

Just something to think about.

The quote is Mark Twain's.


Kerodin Examiner: Gerrymandering in Maryland

Gerrymandering is nothing new, and it is done by both sides of the Establishment.

That doesn't make it right.

If you respect our Founding Ideals, all such political games should offend.

Here's the piece.

If you are in Maryland, consider MarylandPatriots.org, here.


Black Panthers and the RNC: They are ready to hunt...

Brock has the story, here.


TL: Are you ready for Thursday?

TL asks bluntly: Where do we jump off? I suppose as long as life is tolerable we will continue along, waiting for that moment, which I hold has come and gone, easily managed by the politicians of the day.

Curtis observes: Deja vu...

One of the discussions front and center again over at CA's place is the Moral High Ground. This goes to Curtis' point - that topic has come around at least 4 times in my 2 years online. Many of the same people weigh in, many of the same arguments, one or two people change or nuance their position, and we are all 2 years older while OpFor is 2 more years along with their plan.

Bill posted today about the fact that the war is well underway. For those critics of mine that will state the contrary in regards to already being at war… strap on your heater and walk down town and wait for it. You can't defeat that logic so don't even try, at least not with me.

The beat-downs are all one-sided at the moment. The deaths are all in FreeFor or the genuine non-combatant ranks. The attackers are all in Government, and supported by overwhelming numbers of your neighbors - yes, even you folks who live in the Red states. How many politicians at any level of Government, or even running for office, would you put in the III/Constitutionalist/genuine Liberty camp?

Yes, I will vote. No, it will not matter in our efforts to restore Liberty. Voting is simply my way of paying respect to those who have fought, killed, suffered and died to provide me the opportunity. If I give up the franchise, they have all sacrificed in vain.

So, when do we step off? When do you step off? Who is and who is not on your Enemies List? Who is and who is not on your Shoot/No Shoot list? These questions are many, and everyone needs to answer them in their own hearts.

The Enemies of Liberty offend more and more people every day. They bump uglies at every airport in the nation. They drop Grandpa's ashes on the floor, they kill dogs and people with impunity. Of the money you make every year, they get more of it than do you (look at hidden taxes). But will they ever annoy enough people at the same time, sufficiently, that our goal of genuine Liberty will be supported by the majority?

Hell no.

I know I am already on many OpFor lists. I know I will probably die with help before the end of my natural life. I know where I stand on every important issue facing this counter-revolution. I know I am most useful to the pursuit of Liberty by standing in public, running my mouth, working to build our numbers, build morale and cohesion, challenge what needs to be challenged, even amongst our own, and every single day taking some positive, tangible action beyond the words I speak or write.

Do your best to work out your place in this aspect of life, and then do something about it.

Don't be one of those guys caught in the loop and never taking any real-world steps to advancing a solution.

Remember why we know John Parker's name...because he did more than count angels on the head of a pin and worry about what might happen to him.

TL here.

Curtis here.

Bill here.

CA here.


Ohio 9th: Joe the Plumber

You folks in the Ohio 9th have Joe Wurzelbacher on the ballot against Marcie Kaptur. Joe is worth going to the polls, even if it is a Necessary Fail.

I met Joe twice, though he wouldn't know me. He was meeting thousands of people at the time, every day. He may not be everything you want, but in the Ohio 9th you are not choosing simply between lesser evils. He struck me as humble and honest.

We talk of waypoints. Let's get closer to our goal, one step at a time.

I do not think Joe is an Allen West. I may be wrong. I know Joe is not a hardcore Constitutionalist, but I know on a checklist of my goals he marks waypoints I'd like to hit.

And my argument remains sound: During Implosion, I'd rather have Joe in a bunker shot-calling for folks in Northern Ohio than Marcie Kaptur.

Here is his campaign website.


III Gear Update

Hi folks,

I have a large order of Condor due into my shop today or tomorrow, same with our branded KA-BARs and the Cold Steel large folders. I rec'd a large order of promotional material yesterday (business cards, et cetera). I've been sitting on shipping a few orders until I get most of your order ready to go.

I won't be waiting on our clothing printer. I gave them a massive order with many variations, so if you have ordered shirts/hoodies/et cetera I'll ship the rest of your order then follow up with the clothing when it arrives to me. So if you open your box and find no shirt, you'll know your size was out of stock and I'll send as soon as I receive.

Most of you have noticed I have not been pushing the 527 for a while. The reason is simply the KA-BAR's (KA-BAR took FOREVER to set up our account, but I give them props after that was done, everything moved professionally with no backorders) and other items that have put us behind the curve. I do not like having folks waiting on gear while still waving the "Donate" banners. Once we get to a place in our order stream I can live with, I'll unveil our next round of fundraising.

We have several very cool items to raffle off, and I am looking into more.

Quick note on ALC: The Willard Hotel is very close to the Capitol. It is my first choice for our November 2 meetings and as our muster point on November 3. But much depends on how many Patriots we have committed to attending. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask anyone to make a hard commitment yet, I just want you to understand why I have not nailed down the venue yet. BTW, a room at the Willard for the night is big bucks, at least for my budget ($400/night+) So once I have a better count on our numbers, I'll float a group pricing option to all of the downtown hotels.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Who's on your Enemies List?

This picture is getting a lot of airtime this week.

The FBI quickly began rounding up any and all "suspicious" Japanese for internment. None was ever charged with any crime. Almost all were simply Japanese community leaders, Buddhist or Shinto priests, newspaper editors, language or Judo instructors, or labor organizers. The Japanese community leadership was liquidated in one quick operation. [Emphasis mine - K]

Men were taken away without notice. Most families knew nothing about why their men had suddenly disappeared, to where they were taken, or when they would be released. Some arrestees were soon let free, but most were secretly shipped to internment camps around the country. Some families learned what had happened to their men only several years later. The action also included the freezing of bank accounts, seizure of contraband, drastic limitation on travel, curfew and other severely restrictive measures. But this FBI operation merely set the stage for the mass evacuation to come.

The Enemies of Liberty have a plan.

Guess where you fit into that plan.

The people writing that plan are not soldiers or LEO carrying weapons. The architects of the plan are wearing suits & ties, have law degrees, and are probably not armed.

Your neighbors vote for the politicians who enact the plan. Your neighbors send money to groups that influence the plan. Your neighbors are the people who See Something & Say Something. Your neighbors will support the enactors of the plan (LEO).

Who is on your list? Make it count, you may not survive the first wave, and if you do, you'll still be on a list for collection...

Objective One: Fuck up their ability to carry out the plan.

Objective Two: Fuck up everyone responsible for the plan.

This is not a game. This is not an academic exercise.

This is Liberty, Slavery or Death.

You are already on a list. Trainer is, too.

Here's the link, posted here by CA.


Not Our Blood: New Blog!

Welcome to another Patriot who has decided to add his voice to our community!

The more who dare to stand on the ridge, the more our enemies will consider...

Drop by his place, folks.



Sovereign States?

Governor Jan Brewer has the opportunity not found in every generation, an opportunity to earn a place in American History aside Founders and Framers.

Is the Governor the highest elected official in a Sovereign State, or not?

Is she willing to risk Federal wrath by ignoring the Court and the Executive?

Is she willing to do the job she was elected to do by the people of Arizona?

Is she willing to put her Guard and Troopers at entry-points to the State and deny access by Feds? Is she willing to shut down Fed offices by posting a Trooper at the door? Is she ready to issue an eviction notice to all FedGov employees?

Is she ready to order illegals marched over her Southern border whence they came?

Is she ready to defend her State?

If so, I'll be there.

If not, you folks in Arizona know you need a new Governor.


CDP: Redcoats doing their job

A man who will not question his orders is not a Patriot, he is filth.

Why always matters.

Evil done, whether by choice or by oath or by simple command, is Evil done.

Here's CDP's piece.


Consider: Simple Brain Food

Personal weapons are what raised mankind out of the mud, and the rifle is the queen of personal weapons. - Jeff Cooper

The rifle is a weapon. Let there be no mistake about that. It is a tool of power, and thus dependent completely upon the moral stature of its user. It is equally useful in securing meat for the table, destroying group enemies on the battlefield, and resisting tyranny. In fact, it is the only means of resisting tyranny, since a citizenry armed with rifles simply cannot be tyrannized. - Jeff Cooper

Life, or not life. - A real Warrior who taught me much, and shall remain nameless.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cooper is to Suarez as Jefferson is to Marx

Col. Cooper: Let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view. [Emphasis mine - K]

By contrast, here is a bit of Gabe Suarez ideology: When I was on SWAT our view is that "We will always win....even if we have to burn down your entire house by bombing it....we will win". Period.

Followed by this gem from Gabe: Notice that I have not even gotten into the "right or wrong" discussion. Why not? Because it is not relevant.

This Suarez topic has many in our community growling. I think this is because Gabe's recent posts wonderfully articulate the differences between Patriots who genuinely love Liberty and our Countrymen who cherish the coin of the King and choose to feed Ego at the expense of innocents. Gabe helps put a face on one aspect of our national shame.

Here's a piece by Ursus Minor that articulates the conversation well.

And here is a piece sent to me by The Great and Wonderful Zoomie that fits nicely with our topic.

Stand and be counted, folks. Silence is now consent. Do not let any insult to your Liberty pass without protest, even if your only protest is on a blog or the ballot box. We must raise the volume on our discontent.

We are all in that time when we shall choose to be Free men at Liberty or forever crouch to lick the hands that feed us.


What to do with the King's Men

I have stated and stand by my position regarding the King's Men among us, the Loyalists, the Establishment, those who work for Government, those of the FSA, everyone who stands against Rightful Liberty: They may sit down and STFU and stop undermining the Founding Principles and Founding Documents of the republic and remain in peace among us, or they may leave of their own free will, or they may be forced to leave our borders.

For those who refuse to stand down and go away, they may be tried by Patriots under Article III Section III of the Constitution for having waged war upon the republic by actively working to overthrow the Constitution. See the picture above.

My position is not arbitrary. I did not pull it from my bum. I did not simply come up with the idea and proclaim it to be "The Patriots Battle Plan" and advocate it as our path forward.

I looked to our Founders.

Here is a quote from a wiki on the period: By July 4, 1776 the Patriots had gained control of virtually all territory in the 13 colonies, and expelled all royal officials. No one who openly proclaimed their loyalty to the Crown was allowed to remain, so for the moment, Loyalists fled or kept quiet. Some of those who remained later gave aid to invading British armies or joined uniformed Loyalist regiments. [Emphasis mine - K]

At this moment I consider Patriots to be in the same phase our Founders occupied immediately prior to the Sons of Liberty being unleashed to Tar & Feather, to torch Loyalist homes, to host real Tea Parties in Boston Harbor, to shut down Loyalist businesses, and to generally take steps to make Loyalists STFU. Today we stand at that line, and circumstances will, in our very near future, lead a Patriot, or a small group of Patriots, somewhere in this great republic, to take a modern Sons of Liberty action. Someone is going to step off the porch.

Please don't quibble with my use of the word republic. We may not be functioning as a republic, but it is our hearts, and it is a waypoint in our journey. We will be there again, or we will all be dead. And I know Patriots do not have control of the Colonies at the moment - that will take work. You didn't think Liberty would be easy, did you?

I consider the American Liberty Congress to be a patriotic and noble event. We will demonstrate that we are not afraid. We will demonstrate that we come in peace to demand our Liberties be unencumbered. A Declaration was good enough for men like Jefferson and Franklin, it is damned well good enough for us.

The next move will be left to those who continue to infringe our Liberties.

We have our roadmap to Liberty. Our Founders did this once, and documented it for us, should we ever need to repeat the process.

The years and tasks before us, folks, are nothing more than maintenance of Liberty.

Spring Cleaning. Out with the detritus and parasites that have been allowed to collect for too long. Once we clean house, we and our posterity can relax...until next time.

Here's the wiki link, which I found via Rich's place.

Recovering Liberty is simple, folks: The King's Men simply have to go.


TL, JM, MHG, and more

TL explores the concept of laws used as defensive and controlling measures by Tyrants, barriers between you and them, and you and Liberty that is your birthright.

Every Tyrant manifests "Laws" to insulate his actions, for there is a large part of the Human species who recoil at the thought of "Breaking the law".

But as TL states, the only path from where we stand today and Liberty is through the laws that have been erected to enslave us. A slave in 1775 America would have been breaking "the law" had he chosen to walk away from his plantation. He'd have been "breaking the law" if he killed his "Master" on the way out the door.

But is there one person in the Patriot Community who thinks that slave would have been morally wrong in his actions? If so, I suggest you leave.

One of the Commentors at TL's place noted that we are still in that place where the squeeky wheel will be tended by Government Mechanics. The comment is not wrong.

As most of you know I look to our Founders for guidance. They, too, had this phase in the Revolution. They, too, had men and women who stood upon the ridge and risked Government wrath as they shouted of Liberty and Freedom. Remember that Sam Adams and John Hancock were the targets of arrest warrants in the Lexington & Concord affair, for their rebel ways.

Remember that Trainer had an interview with the King's Men.

I will continue to follow the Founders guidance. I will risk the warrants while standing tall and being counted, until they kill me or until we evolve to the next phase of our counter-revolution.

John Mosby posted about the Moral High Ground discussion, which is also worth a read and ties into the discussion with TL. Most of us have been through the Moral High Ground discussions and our own contemplations on the matter. I know where I stand on the matter.

When Governor Hutchinson was burned from home & hearth, his family was left without shelter as well. Who is a combatant in your mind? I think it is clear that our Founders drew the line at Agents of the King, those doing the King's bidding (whether in office or merchants or citizens who were Loyalists). And if you chose to sleep next to the Loyalist Governor and burned to death at his side...well, it sucks to be you.

If you do the bidding of Tyrants, you are a combatant. Whether you issue warrants, execute warrants, or deliver the paperwork, or vote such people into office, or support their reign, you are a combatant and you need to go. I have settled on three options for such people: Sit down and STFU, GTFO, or face Article III Section III on your front lawn by Patriots.

When you consider the Moral High Ground topic for yourself, if you have not already settled the matter, consider it through the lens of TL's piece. When a mob of unarmed people rally in support of a law to disarm all Patriots by force of Government or to raise the taxes of all to 90% so more FSA may be satisfied, are the people in that mob Enemies or No-Go targets?

I will stand to be counted in November at the Capitol. I will not be armed.

Warrants may follow...

Here's TL's piece.

Here's John Mosby's piece.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Enemies of Liberty

The picture above is, of course, Pat Buchanan on the left and Gabe Suarez opposite. I ask you, which man would you trust more coming into your home with a weapon?

Pat Buchanan: Like 19th-century Marxists, neocons envision a future that is utopian — i.e., it is unattainable. For in the real world, history, faith and culture shape peoples, and peoples shape countries to reflect who and what they are.

Nations constructed from ideological blueprints like the Soviet Union of Vladimir Lenin and the China of Mao Zedong eventually collapse when their ruling ideas collide fatally with reality and human nature.
[Emphasis mine - K]

There are vast blocks of people in America who stand against the Founder's Intent regarding the DoI, Constitution and BoR. These people do not simply disagree with the Founder's Intent, they actively move to replace/redefine our Founding Principles. We have Tyrants in so many flavors and shades of grey we simply could not list all the labels they use to describe themselves. Marxists are simply one flavor of re-distributionist/collectivist Tyrant among us. Liberals are in their camp, in deed, if not in name.

But as Mister Buchanan points out the Neo-Cons are no less dangerous and destructive to the principles of Jefferson and Franklin than Stalin and Marx. We have another group that I call "Law & Order Republicans" who are intellectually repugnant creatures, not because of Rule of Law, but because they abuse Rule of Law to tyranical ends, such as Lawfare.

We (The Patriot Community) apparently dinged the psyche and self-image of Gabe Suarez in our recent discussions across our boards about his positions and his self-declaration that proves he is a genuine Enemy of Liberty, an enemy of Jefferson's Rightful Liberty, and an enemy of the Founder's Intent. He is the perfect example of the attack dog on leash for the Law & Order Republicans, which is the only reason I mention him in this forum. A few of his sycophants anonymously weighed-in on my earlier post, here. Fella's - I think that may be Suarez taint on your lip...

It is important for Patriots to recognize Enemies of Liberty quickly and accurately.

He who hesitates will die.

They wear SEIU purple, they wear US Flag lapel pins in Halls of Power, they often wear LEO badges and every man or woman in LEO tactical reveals their true disposition to Jefferson's Rightful Liberty by the clothing they choose to wear. Some Enemies of Liberty even wave Gadsden and hold the Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other. They speak the words of the Oath...

The number of Americans who genuinely respect the Founder's Intent and Jefferson's Rightful Liberty is depressingly small.

When it comes to the poster boy Gabe Suarez for your Countrymen who do not give a whit about the Natural Rights articulated in our Founding Documents and all of the guys and gals who dismiss you as "tin foilers", let it soak into your deepest psyche that most of your Countrymen will kill you and never think twice about it simply because you genuinely believe in Liberty, if you make it onto the wrong list.

Here's Gabe's response. This is not worthy of a flame war, folks. There are no natural allies to be found in his ranks. They are all Enemies of Liberty.

It is very important to tie all of these strands into Mister Buchanan's piece, here.


Do Over: My kind of place

I agree.

Any of you who want to do something proactive and you live in carry-legal states: You can have 100 such signs printed for probably $200. Consider buying a batch and taking them to your main street retailers and finding out who will post it...and who won't.

That'll help Patriots in your area know where to shop.



Mother says: "An eye for an eye, that's not how you teach kids right from wrong."

(Girl in picture is NOT the girl from the story)

I gotta say, I have zero problem with this Judge. He may even be ready for a Federal Bench.

Here's the article.


Examiner: Restore the Constitution

I posted a new column at Examiner.



Fix bayonets and march them all to the borders and beyond...

This could be a community or small town in many parts of the US.

It is Sderot, in southern Israel.

22 rockets have been fired into Sderot from Gaza on Saturday. In one day.

They hit a factory and a school.

I come back to the Israel situation from time to time because it is a real-time lesson for American Patriots, if you care to learn. Six million or so were murdered during the Holocaust. Many living Jews have direct memories of that time. The phrase "Never Again" was borne.

Yet today the Israeli's permit murderers to live in their midst, murderers who launch rockets at schools and residential neighborhoods.

Is there some moral obstacle that stops the Israeli's from giving 24 hours notice to everyone in Gaza and West Bank: Grab what you can carry and get out. At the end of 24 hours we will move in and forcibly deport every remaining non-Israeli.

March these people to the Sinai or into Jordan. It's not like Egypt or Jordan has what it takes to deny the Israeli's the ground.

I wonder if the Israeli's tolerate this abuse simply because of "International pressure". I wonder if they are being forced to try to coexist with their mortal enemies because of Washingtonian elite ideologies?

Here's the lesson, folks: When it is your neighborhood, and you know the ovens are what wait for you at the other end of the enemy's plan, do not hesitate, do not play games, and reserve all of your mercy for those people who are not trying to murder you. Give your enemies fair warning to leave. Then, make them leave, and screw any "Bad Press" you may suffer from outsiders.

A Patriot I respect had the right plan, I'll paraphrase: When the time comes I'll kill all of my idiot neighbors who refuse to leave, use their cars to block the roads into my neighborhood, and make it known it is a No-Go Zone.

When it comes to our life, folks, do not allow the ideology, opinion, or any other pressure from any other Soul to stand between you and proper, prudent self-defense.

Here's the article on Sderot.


Friday, June 22, 2012

St. Justin Martyr

Everyone who can speak the Truth, yet speaks it not, will be judged by God. – St. Justin Martyr


House bill extends TSA intel sharing to mass transit

Laying more groundwork.

The roots grow deeper.



Wingnuts & Tinfoil...

How many times have you seen a Patriot in our community ranting about the UN, Bildebergs and other grand conspiracies and rolled your eyes?

You may owe a few of them an apology.

The UN is now classifying it's plan for Rio because one of the drafts called for "contraction" of major economies.

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't trying to get you.

I have a saying I developed over the last few years: I am not fringe, but I can see it from here. Of course, there are many folks who would read that...and roll their eyes. ;)

Here's the story on the UN. For those of us who are convinced that President Obama does not think "President of the united States" is the highest credential possible on a resume, and think he may see himself, one day, as the first "President of the World" or some such title, it is not a stretch to consider some politicians deliberately sabotaging the economies of the world as part of a UN scheme...

UPDATE 6/24: EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief...


Consider: The Trainer's Encounter

Some folks have made it clear they'd have handled the situation differently than did Trainer when he was approached by LEO.

Fair enough. But, consider this: Would you really rather they came heavy at 0430 when you are in bed with your wife and the kids are scattered around the house in different bedrooms?

Do not be afraid to look your enemies in the eye at CQB range, folks. If they simply want to talk, why not talk? Why remove that option from the table and force them into tactical gear when all they really want to do at this time is talk to you?

I have direct experience that may be relevant.

It has been my direct experience that when FedGov (especially) comes to you in such a manner, with empty hands and in a sport coat, they are truly offering you a warning and an opportunity to avoid something that may be worse.

The Feds are not in the habit of telling you that they are going to sneak up on you.

If you run a group, or are part of a "Patriot Group" and you are peacefully approached by LEO, it would be my immediate suspicion that FedGov has “something” on someone in your sphere of influence. It may be aggressive rhetoric, it may be Google searches for bad things on the net, it could be an attempt to buy something prohibited, it could even be so severe as one of your men (or someone they hold dear) has been pinched and is flipping to earn a plea, and will say almost anything to get that plea.

While it could also simply be a Psyop from FedGov to start dissension in your ranks, I tend to dismiss this option.

As I say: I have personal experience that when they come to you and talk, it is because they have taken the decision to try to avoid a confrontation. There “are” some folks on the “Other Side” with a conscience, or at least with an agenda that does not include flashbangs.

Look hard at your people and the people about whom they care. If you get a whiff, a simple tingle of doubt whispering to your brain about anyone, cut them out or at least compartmentalize them.

Not that you haven’t already played these realities over in your mind a thousand times, but I also know that as Humans we tend to over-ride our instincts when it comes to people who are close to us. We try to explain away “little things” that in retrospect you may recognize as warning signs.

Never forget: As easily as they coordinated "Interviews" with Trainer and his crew, they could have coordinated tactical raids at each location at 0430. If that is what they wanted, they'd have done it.

The self-aggrandizing rhetoric from Sipsey on this one surprises even me in its hubris. MBV wants credit for FedGov talking to Trainer, because MBV is such the threat. I think the evidence is overwhelming and demonstrated that the last one to be eaten in the Patriot Community will be Mike.

Use logic and reason, folks: If FedGov planned to use Trainer and his group as a cheap media event for political reasons, they'd have gone for Shock & Awe, not discreet interviews.


Lady Thatcher: The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money

What we are watching in the Euro is a real-life end-game of Socialism and collective tyranny.

This is not a textbook, folks. We are watching History happen.

Maggie Thatcher is credited with the famous quote: The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money...

Everyone in the EU is banging on Germany to spend more of her cash. Everyone in the EU is broke, except Germany, and the banks have found there is no more real benefit to lending to the EU countries - they have milked that cow to death. The banks only remain in the game at this point because pulling out means closing the doors.

So, France, Italy & Spain will bang on Merkel to spread German wealth into other countries in true Socialist fashion, right to the end.

Watch the History, folks, and it is Article III Section III for any American who tries to take us down that road.

Here's the link.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

From Trainer

Verbatim from The Trainer:

It would be a great personal favor to me if you posted this as a stand alone piece; apparently, I'm now a "known enemy of the State".


I’m known by my two “nom de guerre’s,” ‘The Trainer’ and ‘Black Jack.’ I lead the Michigan Patriot Alliance. I have a group of good men, citizens loyal to the Constitution, who train and prepare to protect their families and friends against the harsh times we all agree are coming, either through government (which one is irrelevant as they are acting in concert) or disaster. We are not “anti-government”; rather, we are “pro-constitutional government”; we are not “terrorists”; we are the “armed citizenry” who refuses to be terrorized; we are not “bad actors”; rather, we have already paid our dues whether in service or in industry, and have no patience for Marxism, Globalism, Pantheism, Fascism, or whatever “ism” that isn’t “Americanism” as espoused by the Founders and the tradition of “common law” that actually had a great deal of influence in the founding of this Republic. We are “Live and Let Live.” So long as we are left alone to raise our families, associate with those we choose, allowed to reject “political correctness” and be who we were raised to be by tradition and choice, we offer no offense or harm to anyone. Leave us alone; we will leave you (government) alone. We will vote, pay our taxes, protest as we see fit, and so forth, all without major upset.

With that description of who I am and who my folks are, know that today, when deplaning from a business trip to Texas, I was approached by a member of the FBI who presented his credentials and asked if he could talk to me. Simultaneously, half a dozen or so other members of my group were being approached by agents of the FBI, Michigan State Police, and a couple other county departments.

None of us were arrested or detained. I was in their company less than 10 minutes, once I was escorted with a uniformed officer on my left, plain clothes sheriff’s deputy (or junior g-man) at my six, and the senior investigator moving from either 2 to 8 O’clock all the way to the detention/interview room. We were let in by a ‘high fructose corn syrup’ fed locally employed, armed police officer, in other words, he was really fat!

The FBI basically wanted to know if I wanted to talk about my group, the Michigan Patriot Alliance and a quote I use by Colonel Charles Beckwith, the founder of Delta Force, whom I greatly admire, that says, “I’d rather go down the river with seven studs than a hundred shitheads.” From the saying, we’ve developed a toast, “7 Studs” that we use at social occasions, which obviously underscores the concern of quality versus quantity.

My purpose for writing this is to put out formal notice that nobody that I know in the MPA is a child pornographer, kiddie porn addict, terrorist, or otherwise a ‘malcontent ne’er do well’. We all are citizens of our State and the United States, some of us veterans, some not, who are angry at the direction and speed the nation is taking toward totalitarianism. Yes, we are armed. Yes, we train to stay alive. Yes, we study historical works, such as M. Stanton Evans, “The Theme is Freedom” to understand how our chosen belief system, Christianity, actually is, by historical evidence, the foundation of all the freedoms we used to enjoy…..like getting on an airplane without being escorted and searched like a common criminal.

So, should you see another group on the news in Michigan that was ‘taken down’ because they were plotting to kill, maim, or otherwise do harm to innocent Americans, know that it is not true. We, in the MPA, only train to protect those we love (our wives, children and extended families), help our communities when the SHTF, and help our country as we can by being loyal Constitutionalists.

Our aim has never, and will never, be to “overthrow the government” or cause harm to any innocent. Our goal is to see through restoration of constitutional government. Government that lives within its confines laid out so clearly in the Constitution.

All that said, for those federals reading this, should you decide to arrest us or “NDAA” us, for the charge of loving our Constitution and country, have the decency to leave the neighborhoods we live in alone. Leave our wives, children and other family members alone. Approach us calmly, reasonably, and without dynamic raid teams. They are unnecessary. Doing so might just help you start to rebuild the older, more honorable title of ‘peace officer’ and heal the scars the last 40 years of “law enforcement” have wrought among us (“us” meaning the citizenry). All dynamic raids do is provide a testosterone ‘buzz’ for those ‘tactical types’ that see all of us, and I mean every single one of us, as “the enemy.”

Personally, I can attest that none of us wishes to do combat; we’d rather come together and reason on the level playing field between men. On the other hand, we’ve all made our peace with God, so if you’re going to kill us, you might want to bring a lunch.


Coming to a Wal-Mart near you

Look into our future, folks.

These are starving Greeks lining up for food handouts.

Do what you can to ensure you never have to stand on such a line.

Not only will you need food, you'll need to have the tools to keep your food from people who get sick of waiting in line and may choose your pantry instead.

Here's the story.


Libertarian Platform

If you intend to vote the top of the ticket and you feel like you've just seen kiddie-porn at the options, this may be an alternative for you: Gary Johnson.

Here's the Libertarian Party Platform.



Sorry to pee in the Cheerios of all the sycophants out there, but Bill has put together more proof of what a few of us have known for a long time.

There was no Gunwalker "scoop" in the blogosphere.

There was a Useful Idiot put to use by his Masters.

This post fits very well with my below post about Suarez: It isn't about GunWalker or Suarez Training, it is about the ability of the Patriot to quickly and accurately recognize taint-sucklers who will barter you as a commodity versus allies.

Refine your skills, folks. The test is not mine to grade, Mother Nature has no concept of Mercy, though she does from time to time bleach the gene pool and get rid of the slag.

Don't be slag. Use your primary senses and common sense.

Here's Bill's piece.

You owe Bill a "Thank You" for helping bring truth to light - he's actually saving a few of your arses, whether you like to admit it or not.


NorthWest PatCom

Miss Violet is considering an event, probably next summer.

There are good people we all need to meet, and a few who I know are interested in this PatCom may be there.

Read her post, here.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So, you want to be like Gabe, eh?

Rich T has brought Gabe Suarez back into my orbit by posting a link to a conversation recently held at Gabe's site. Then Gabe weighed-in with his own two cents.

First: If you put a dime in Gabe's pocket by taking his courses, leave here and do not come back. If you have already done it and are just now learning of his Useful Idiot status in the FSA for the Establishment, I'll forgive you, go forth and sin no more.

Second: Do you have the skills to overcome, counter and kill guys like the ones Gabe trains? They will be fighting against you. They do have skills. They will rarely come alone, and they will never willingly get buckle-to-buckle.

Third: If you do not have such skills, do your best to acquire them, and get a brush bar for your Chevy that hoses off easily. (Check with John Mosby or the guys at Mason Dixon, for starters, and Krav Maga for CQB)

Suarez makes his money by being aligned with LEO and LEO wannabes.

Gabe: The usual 1776 Types with their F*** The Police attitudes (no different than a group of Black Panthers) come out of the woodwork waving their rifles in one hand and the Constitution in the other...

Constitution in the other. Gabe doesn't care about Right and Wrong. He says so, right here: Notice that I have not even gotten into the "right or wrong" discussion. Why not? Because it is not relevant.

Mind you, Suarez will simply dismiss me as a natural enemy of civilizaton because I have been branded so by his Masters. No matter. I have been called worse names by better men.

Will I ever cross paths with Gabe Suarez? Not likely. If he and I are ever in the same hot zone at the same time, we'll surely be on opposite sides of the line. He'll be empowered by his buddies in their riot gear and their modern Letters of Marque issued by The Establishment, and they will attempt to be rid of the enemies of the Establishment, F* the Constitution.

Fuck you, Gabe. And fuck every Enemy of Liberty you crank out of your school who goes back to the line and steps on the necks of those who dare smoke a joint or own a prohibited weapon or who happen to piss off the wrong corporation or politician, those who choose to live the Liberty outlined in the Constitution you dismiss.

You help to define why this country is devolving. You stand guard for the Enemies of Liberty and carry their water. You are simply a well-paid and well-armed Useful Idiot in the FSA.

If you don't like what I have to say, fuck you twice. 

Here's the link to Rich's piece.



Just a random thought for consideration: Every serious "Movement" on Earth, whether religious, political, ideological, has one thing in common - the Movement has people who are willing to kill and die for their Movement.

Why is Christianity descending? They have stopped killing enemies of Christianity.

Why is Islam rising? They kill enemies of Islam daily.

Why is Tyranny rising? They kill enemies of Tyranny daily.

Why have abortionists murdered 53 million+ babies in America alone? Because abortionists walk freely among us.

Why is Liberty in America dying? You know the answer...

When Movements stop killing their enemies, they fade into history.

Defense is not enough. To Resist is not enough. To have Faith is not enough.

Remember your Mencken: Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.