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Saturday, June 30, 2012


For the folks having a nutty over the most recent SCOTUS decision, especially those who are now proclaiming "The republic is officially dead..." or some variation thereof, take a breath.

We have all known for a long time we are on a course to a crater.

Forget ObamaCare for a moment.

Did you think Heller was a win for 2A and the Constitution? Yes, the case was "won" and Dick Heller is a serious champion for 2A Rights. But when you look at what the Justices wrote, you realize that every single one of them reads "...shall not be infringed..." as malleable. Same for McDonald.

Same for nearly every single decision since Marbury v. Madison.

Do you think the Law of the Sea Treaty or the Small Arms Treaty becomes "Law of the Land" if ratified by the Senate? Of course not! Only laws that do not offend the Constitution are "real" laws of the land.

They may pass it, and they may kill you for disobeying it, but that doesn't make it Constitutional.

Same for ObamaCare. Roberts position is flawed to permit taxation for any purpose other than those powers enumerated. Whether you see slick politics in other aspects of the decision or not (as I do), don't mistake any aspect of ObamaCare as Constitutional.

Remember what I said in this post 36 hours before Thursday: If you take the position that SCOTUS has the Authority to kill ObamaCare, then you take the position they have the Authority to impose it.

The men and women on the Court are not Constitutionalists.

Not even one of them.

We will not vote our way out of this: Correct.

Voting will forever be an essential part of recovering Liberty: Correct.

2A will forever be a part of Constitutional maintenance: Correct.

The present lawlessness and disrespect for the Constitution by SCOTUS, Congress and the Executive is beyond redemption: Correct.

The only fix is a reboot, a reset back to the last known point in our timeline when we had a shot at keeping Liberty: 1789.

Nothing done by FedGov matters today, folks. It has not mattered for many years. It has been lawless and corrupt in total since 1861. Subversion has been present since the Federalists retreated to the Judiciary after the Convention.

Getting excited over any act of FedGov is a waste of energy, time and resources.

Perhaps I should use the Sparklie of Death image for every post? I shouldn't need to do that - you should all know where we stand.

You. Will. See. RevWarIII. In. Your. Lifetime.

It will make RevWarII/Civil War look like a friendly picnic.

Don't get excited. Get ready.