Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Monday, July 30, 2012


Hi folks - Holly & I just got home and we are whipped, and we have to be back on Capitol Hill tomorrow morning by 6:30, so please forgive me if I don't reply to everyone's email tonight, or post much until late tomorrow.

I can happily report this to you all: We are a little less than $5K short of our goal in pledges, and that is f'n outstanding, I thank you all.

I have a stack of mail on my desk that includes at least 6 pieces addressed to "III Arms Company" - so if there are any doubters out there, you lose ;)

Holly and I have been looking for a way to say "Thank You" to all of the Founding Members, and not simply by making the project a success. You have all taken a leap of faith, and in my world that sort of good faith must be returned. I'm not sure how yet, but we are working on something tangible that will, I hope, have the potential to change your lives, just for being a Founding Member of III Arms, which is the vehicle for getting us to The Citadel.

Thank You is not enough, it feels "small", but thank you all.

We are changing lives, together.

More later.

Yours in Liberty,


Suitable for building III Arms

The first themed building to be built in the Citadel will be the III Arms Factory.

The picture above is just a picture - it has no bearing on our final design.

It doesn't need to be a massive structure, by any means. It has a singular function: To serve the needs of the gunsmiths and machinists who will build the primary product of the III Citadel - III Arms.

I do see the factory built along the lines of a genuine fortress, a place that fits the purpose. Sure, firearms can be built anywhere. Indeed, many folks build them in their basements, and many companies build them in non-descript warehouses or corrugated steel buildings.

I believe that what we are building, and why we are building them, deserves a building suited to the process.

I do not see the III Arms building as the centerpiece of the Citadel, placed in the center of the town. Instead, I see it placed high and perhaps along the rear wall, overlooking the town within the walls, perhaps as a Sentinel.

The III Arms Building will be built strong, defensible, and well suited for the task. Inside we will have men and women who are proud to go to work every day and build the firearms we will send out to the Patriots of the Country.

When tourists, Citizens and guests enter the front gate of the Citadel, far in the distance, high upon a hill, they will see III Arms Company, and they will know immediately that it is a building designed for building the weapons that come from within, and it is the original source of all the prosperity within the town they see before them.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Can you build a III 1911 Properly?

Are you a 1911 mechanic?

Can you take a pile of 1911 parts, and at the end of the process have a reliable 1911 that hits where you want it to hit, every time one pulls the trigger? Do you know what to polish, how to hand-fit those pieces and parts that need just the right fit, to turn a pile of John Browning's pieces into one of his masterpieces? Maybe you are a guy who knows how to finish the product? Can you parkerize? Can you duracote a pattern?

We already have a small group of gunsmiths working with us in these early stages. We'll see if these folks want to stay part of the project.

Are you an FFL 01? An FFL 07?

Now I need to create a talent pool of men and women who want to build 1911's that fit in the "semi-custom" realm. We can talk about any concerns you may have in life right now, from building in your own shop where you live, to problems you may be having covering the rent, to moving to Idaho with us and having a crash pad on day one either with or without your family.

I need men and women who are going to reliably build pistols worthy of carrying the III Brand, every day. I'm talking about a career.

If it is you, email me. If it is someone you know, tell them to contact me.

Our email conversations will be confidential. You need to be honest about any challenges you may be facing, and I'll be just as honest in return.

Tell me what machines and skills you bring to the table, whether you are going to work from your shop or relocate.

For the right candidate who brings the right stuff to the table, I will have a shop in 15 days in Idaho.

I'm looking for a man who can run the shop, hire a team to build around him, and I am also looking for those folks who are not yet ready to run a shop, but may want a spot in the organization.

Do not be shy about your financial requirements. Do not blow smoke about how many units you can finish in a day.

Let's talk.



Scalia: Guns May be Regulated

Patriots: Are you going to tell me you can not find $250, $500, or a few thousand bucks to help build our own gun & ammo factory, and Citadel of safe haven, so that when SCOTUS "rules" that We the People must Constitutionally lay down our arms and head for the cattle-cars, we have little choice but to comply?

Is your best plan really to meet the stack at your front door, or bug out with the family into the woods?

We need about $7 grand to hit our bare minimum, folks. More is better.

This is our fucking country. Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness. Rule of Law. All Men are Equal. Americans bend knee and grovel to NO FUCKING MAN ALIVE!'

The America they intend to impose is your Death Sentence, and your children will be in the same ditch.

The Enemies of Liberty have a Plan. Their Plan to kill you in your home, and it is better than your current Plan.

Help us make a few million firearms to make Mister Jefferson proud, and to keep Liberty and our families alive. Help us build a thriving and secure town with thousands of Patriots (and not one single Liberal) standing at your shoulder and your back with a battle rifle and a Molon Labe attitude.

Playtime is over. The Supreme Court is about to unleash hell, despite Heller and MacDonald.

Here's a better plan: Send the III Arms Company a contribution so we can tell them all to fuck off.

We'll say it politely, once.

The second time gets ugly. All men die. I'll die on my feet, protecting Liberty and the Patriots who choose to live among us.

Patriots, I beg you, get your check book and help us answer tyrants in the language they understand.

Here is Scalia's treason.

Make your check to: III Arms Company

Mail it to:

III Arms Company
105 Meem Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Send me an email at Kerodin@Kerodin.com and let me know please how much is coming and when. When we get all the legal stuff done, you'll get a nifty Member Package in the mail.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Closing the books on Founding Members

UPDATE: Scratch what I wrote below about upping the minimum buy-in. It'll stay as it has been for the full 2 weeks. I was persuaded/ By the way, all of you Founding Members, whatever you have contributed (We still need about $7K) will be receiving somthing you'll appreciate from III Arms Company once we get up and running properly...but only Founding Members.



You'll notice I changed a few things at IIIGear.com - prices, layout, et cetera. I'll adjust more prices soon, and I'll open Maxpedition and US Palm pages when I buy into those lines.

As you've probably deduced the 527 and III Arms are two completely different legal entities, never the twain shall meet. While they both have Liberty as a goal, there are rules and methods unique to each.

**IMPORTANT NOTE FOR III ARMS*** First, someone asked why not "Founding Members" versus "Original Members"? No problem, works for me.

Second: I really need to close the gap and get the last $8500 or so to hit our goal for the III Arms initial phase of operations. Many of you opted for the $250 minimum with more in the future option, and I get it and I am glad to have you as part of this project.

If you intend to contribute $250 to earn Founding Status please send me an email ASAP and let me know how much and when you intend to contribute.

Here's why: I have to close the gap, get this done, and start building our prototypes. I need those of you who can write bigger checks and who intend to contribute and become Founding Members to step up and get it done. So let me know through the weekend if you intend to go the $250 route or bigger - because Monday I am raising the bar to $1,000 to join as an Founding Member.

Kerodin@Kerodin.com - write me, tell me when and how much, and you are locked in.

Monday I am reaching out to a much broader audience, bigger minimums, and I will close the books (no longer accept) Founding members once I hit our goal.

If it is important to you. let's get it done, Patriots.


Please forgive me folks...

...for not having taken the time to answer everyone in the comments threads.

I promise you I read every single one, and I fit it into my thinking. I've reached out to some of you because I think it is time for a few face to face meetings, I'll do my best.

Holly is aboard 100%, and as usual she sees things from a female perspective that I miss. She is 100% GO for the Citadel, and all that it can become.

In this project she sees what I see, more than just prepping for a suicidal defense. We can build something positive and constructive that promotes Liberty, teaches our young, and keeps the Liberals from infecting their minds.

Imagine living in a city of 300, or even 3000 III families with not a Liberal. in sight, Consider the political force such a group holds. Consider the firepower, if ever needed. We have the power to keep Liberty alive and to live it on private property. We have the power to keep Liberal paws off our children and send them into the future demanding Liberty.

It's on us. We can prep for a fight that may never come. They may pic us off one by one at our doors, or they may just wait until we all die.

Or we can build a city based on Liberty that The Enemies of Liberty can't touch without killing us all.

It all hinges on being able to build a 1911 for starters and get it to market for business, then our next nodel, then our next, until we have a thriving firearms company that supports of goal of living without Liberals.

Please ask your mother, brother, father, hunter frinds, everyone who shoots, to invest in this noble cause.


Patches & more...

Just a few qick notes - I have a dozen plates spinnin in the air right now, folks. If I owe you an email, I promise I'll get to it asap.

Our latest patches arrived today. I dig the new III shoulder patch, and you can see the custom patch some III Patriots had made for their Tribe in Indiana. I'll get those right out to you guys.

I'll be doing almost all 527 orders this weekend, still waiting on shifts/hoodies, but I think we have everything else.

More support this afternoon for the III Arms Company - we still need more. Preppers, Survivalists,everyone should be into this concept. Please keep pligging away at it, and please let me know when you decide to contribute by giving me a heads up in email about amount and when.

Citadel: I need everyone who is serious about living there or investing there to be giving serious thought about what you expect, how it should work, et cetera.

I won't call out individuals who have or have not contributed to the gun company or the Citadel, but I will share this with you: A Farmer in the midwest who has no intention of moving, no intention of living in the Citadel, sent $2,500 to support our efforts.

This project means something.

More later.


About 36 hours in - just over 1/2 pledged!

Thank you, folks. We have about $14k pledged, and need about $9k more.

People are putting their talk of patriotism to work, and it is appreciated.

And I find it fascinating when I look at those who have contributed and discussed this project - and those who have not. Interesting.

If you are on the fence about this, I hope you'll decide today to help us hit our goal of $25k so we can get these prototypes built. This is your chance to be part of a solution for Liberty, not just talk and hope.

Holly & I will be heading out for much of the day, I hope to find everything we need pledged when we make it home.

Never before have we had the real power to grasp our own liberty as we have right now. We can turn it into reality.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Talking Points

III Arms Company
- 3 1911 45 combat autoloaders
- 3 price points
-1 basic, entry level reliable service pistol ($500-$600 range)
-1 semi-custom fitted and finished combat service piece ($900-$1200 range)
-1 special hand-fitted custom combat piece (4k range)

One very special surprise piece known only to K.


A "planned community" of sorts, with strong fortifications and safety precautions to keep the hordes at bay. A special section for "upscale" folks looking for a retreat/safe zone. Housing from individual cabins to condos to single family homes both inside and outside the walls. A Town Center with retail, welcome for locals ans tourists, places for business for Patriots with jobs "in the world", and much more.

Since it will all be private property the premise of the town is Liberty.

Think of any planned community today, and you get the idea - just add morals.

It will be a wonderful place for a summer retreat and it will be a wonderful place to have a place to go if you ever need a bunch of neighbors which will have your back.

And there will be so much more...


Just a hair under 1/2 pledged...

I am very proud to stand with you all, folks.

Just (7) 1 ounce Gold Eagles gets us there.

Just seven Patriots kicking in $1K each, gets us there.

Just 2 Patriots offering $3,500 each...

Where does it get us?

It gets us our prototypes. It gets us our business infrastructure. It gets us one tiny step away from production across the nation of 1911 III Pistols we can all be proud for bearing our name. It gets us featured in every national gun magazine on the shelf. It gets us mentioned on many, many gun blogs when we invite them to the range to run a few mags through a US 1911, made by US Patriots, on American soil, to defend Liberty.

It gets us one step closer to the ability for us all to live in a city that does not have one single Liberal, one single government puke, one single nosey neighbor.

It gets us one step closer to Liberty.

And we do it without hurting a single soul.

We do it by building something constructive and lasting.

There is nobility in what we are doing, and we need just a bit more help, Patriots.


Try your hand at a few of these...

III Arms ~ Hold Liberty In Your Hands

III Arms ~ Because Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness aren't Empty Promises

III Arms - Because we mean it

The Citadel - Imagine a world with no Liberals...

The first two are from HisWiserAngel. Have fun, and you may just give us a winner!


1/3 Pledged thus far...

Folks, welcome to the all III Arms Company & all III Citadel channel for the next two weeks.

Patriots have written checks and are sending gold and silver because they have committed to the III Arms Company that will lead to the III Citadel. That you have started sending your money means that my Obligation has begun, and I have no choice but to make this happen. For anyone who has studied traditional Japanese martial arts or understands the feudal Japanese concept of On (moral obligation), you know I am now committed to the death to this project.

Step One: Get our prototype 1911's built, refined, tested by our III Patriots.

Step Two: Launch our media Campaign

Step Three and Step Four run together: Diversify our fundamental firearms offerings and advance the Citadel.

I will not choose the site of the Citadel on my own, folks. I'm not sure how it will work, it may even involve sending bus tickets to people who have vested interests in the Arms Company and the Citadel and bring everyone to Idaho. We'll play it by ear.

Right now folks, please keep the III Arms Company contributions coming. We just need a few of you to cut checks for $5K. We need 10 of you to send one Golden Eagle (1 ounce) each. We simply need to hit $25K to get our pistols built and unleash the III upon the world. The III Brand will be intricately tied to the Arms Company and the Citadel, and the entire scope of these projects will be bound in American Exceptionalism and American Liberty.

Please help us build it.

We can make our statement. We can secure Liberty. You and me.

I won't be blogging about much more than the Arms Company and the Citadel until we hit our $25K goal.


Status: Just above 25% pledged...

Folks, thank you to everyone who has already stepped up to be part of our future.

At this moment we are a bit above 25% of our goal. Two weeks from now is the 9th of August. I'd like to be in Idaho on Saturday the 13th putting rubber to the road on III Arms. So you have about 14 days, but please keep me in the loop with an email when you know how much and when you'll be contributing.

Thank you all again who have already stepped up, and thank you to those who I know will be adding to our total.

Just a thouht: Many of you have been buying gold & silver. If only 15 of you were to send an ounce of gold, we'd hit our goal.

More later.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good question...

I was just asked: How do we go from 5 prototypes to a boatload of orders to having a shop that can fill those orders?

We generate press about our prototypes with the major gun magazines, buy adspace in said magazines, and take orders online from consumers while we have III Patriots chatting the pistols up to their local gun shops. A few Armorers and a bunch of assemblers will get it done.

A stack of orders will get you a stack of cash from any banker so you can buy spiffy new CDC machines and hire guys to run them...

That's the no frills version.

Ah - and a tidbit about the Citadel: One square mile is just about 700 acres. The city of St. Maries Idaho is 1.1 miles and has a population of 2400 or so. I think a condo building of perhaps 50 high-end condos sold to the Koch's of the world would finance an awful lot of our wants as a community.

Just for reference.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

IIIGear: Patches

Just rec'd an email that the latest batch is shipping to my shop today. I should have them by Friday.

Remember: Buy any patch and you are entered in the running for Millierized's shotgun amd 2 slots in a future class offered by John Mosby.



More on You didn't build that...

Here's the statement from Stephanie Miller on the topic:

“Mitt Romney recently launched a TV ad that blatantly twists President Obama’s words on small-business owners and entrepreneurs. Romney’s not telling the truth about what the president said and is taking the president’s words out of context," Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Miller said in a new web video released today.

"Apart from the flagrant hypocrisy, these attack ads make you wonder, does [Romney] even understand how our economy works?" Cutter asks in the video.

"With the public and private sectors working together to create a climate that helps us grow," she said. "President Obama knows that."

Just to put that lie in perspective for you - if you or I were to say those exact words to a Federal LEO, we'd be exposed to a 5 year Time-Out in Federal Prison.

We no longer live under Rule of Law. Please stop coloring within the lines until we rid our country of these liars, cheaters and tyrants. Here's the link.


Monday, July 23, 2012

IIIGear: Order Update

**UPDATE** I just updated the IIIGear site, & added a few reviews.

We managed to get a large number of orders processed today between posts.

Still waiting for shirts/hoodies and our last batch of patches (including the custom design for you Hoosiers).

I'll be increasing prices at IIIGear over the next few days, folks. Especially on the ALC shirts - the additional printing on the sleeves runs my cost up big time.

I'm really proud of the feedback many of you have given me on the Condor gear. I've found it to be quite good with reasonable price points. I have deliberately abused a few of my pieces just to see what happens, and as yet I still don't even have a loose thread. But if you get a piece that doesn't hold up, let me know and I'll make it right.

Thanks to all of you for helping to support the 527. Every order helps to put a few bucks in the 527's bank account, to be used to help us build our numbers.

IIIGear.com if you need anything.


Our Blood on Their Hands: One Man

One man can make a difference.

Let us band together and unleash the power of III.

Here's the link.


III: We need to meet?

Folks, several of you whom I consider to be very serious have requested face-to-face discussions about recent topics.

I know many of you are too far away - but how many of you within communting range of DC think we should get face-to-face to discuss the Citadel concept? It doesn't need to be DC, I can travel too.

Let me know how many of you think it is a good idea. If so, I'd really like you to include FFL friends, and anyone else you think may be seriously interested.

You can post here or send me an email: Kerodin@Kerodin.com

Remember, I'll be here November 2 & 3 as well, if you think it can wait. But I will be making serious Gun Company moves long before then...


Good gunshop in Idaho please

Anyone got a good recommendation? I need more than just a good shop, I need a shop owner who really knows the rules.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Strength of Liberty is in what we Build

This concept is far too broad and nuanced to be properly offered in a single post, even in a long series of posts. But I will try to get the essence out there.

We train to destroy. Our martial skills, whether they are with pistol or tomahawk, knife or bare hands, we train to kill or maim an enemy.

Good Souls train to kill for good reasons, to protect life and loved ones.

Bad Souls kill for profit and power and those things we generally call Evil.

Our power, Patriots is Love. This is the essence of the ugly skills we have sought to learn in our lives: The ability to destroy so that we may protect that which we love.

In this fight for Liberty we will be required to destroy Enemies of Liberty, to be sure. But for many reasons (simple numerical disadvantage among them) our path to victory does not lie in stacking mountains of Evil People. Our path to Liberty does not lie simply in killing those who would kill or imprison our allies. Yes, we will be forced to fight, to kill in defense, and at times to take the offensive and kill the Enemies of Liberty in their lairs, when they sleep, when they pose no immediate threat to us.

But our true strength, our true path to victory is in what we can build in the face of their Evil. To secure Liberty we must build something which thinking men and women, a portion of our Countrymen, covet. We must create more than we destroy. In our creation we offer people a choice.

There will be many who choose the path of ease, the path of the barbarian who takes what he covets from those who are weaker.

Yet I believe in my heart that there remain many Americans who will choose the path of kindness and honest work and benevolence if the option is presented.

Everywhere in America the Enemies of Liberty have built a system that rewards indifference to our fellow Citizens, a system of Zero Sum, a system of do unto others before they do unto you.

Yet we who believe in Liberty and humanity still have a powerful means of offering an alternative to that paradigm. In our hearts you and I would shelter the homeless, warm the cold, feed the hungry, heal the sick. That is our strength.

When I speak of building a Citadel I speak both rhetorically and literally. Somewhere between is reality. If you and I and those who think the way we do join together and build a community that showcases our values and rejects the values of the Bad People, if we create an oasis of benevolence where self-sufficiency is rewarded by people who are willing to help one another, we will create a place that stands in defiance to the world being created by the Bad People.

We will be forced to do violence to achieve our goal. Bad People will seek to destroy our efforts. For the sake of Love we will be forced to employ our most violent capabilities until Bad People kill us, or choose to let us alone.

I have come to the conclusion that a martial Citadel is our last real hope for Liberty. I have come to believe thatmany will ally against us and we will be forced to hunt our enemies beyond our walls and FUBAR their Command Structure.

But we will do these things for Love. We will do what we must so we may teach our children unmolested by the State. We will do what we must so we may live in Liberty.

And once their house of cards, their economic system collapses, as it one day must, we will be safe behind our walls. We will have arms we make in our factory. We will have food we grow in our secured fields.

And we will provide a model for others who seek the same.

It is for Love that I have dedicated most of my adult life to the ways and means of breaking people. Many of you have done the same.

It is for Love and for Liberty I propose that we get serious about the concept of a Citadel.

It is for Love and for Liberty that I propose we build, rather than devote our efforts to tearing down the Enemies of Liberty around us...they will do that job themselves.

Think about it.


Marine Corps creates law enforcement battalions

Do you understand yet?

YOU are an Enemy of the State, Patriot.

You will face military personnel and hardware unless we change the political will of the nation.

Here's the story.


"One armed Citizen wouldn't have made a difference..."

How many blogs have you read that bullshit on today?

I've seen it from "SF" vets and LEO and "NRA Instructors" about how John Q. Public simply wouldn't have had the skill to "make that shot."

Fucking elitist idiots. Every time you open your fucking mouth with that garbage you support the "Let's make everyone take a course before they can exercise 2A" argument that WILL BE part of the post-election political onslaught.

You take ANY SINGLE MAN OR WOMAN in that theatre who cleared leather and started dumping a single-stack magazine at the shooter/muzzle flashes in the aisle and you would have changed his Laissez-faire attitude right fucking now and gave more people the chance to clear the exits. You just fucked up his shooting of fish in a barrel. You changed the paradigm. Then you reload, close the gap and kill him or he kills you. If you are still alive when you get to him, reload and empty your weapon again.

You want X Ring perfection, stay on the fucking course shooting paper and self-righteously shouting "EYE-PRO/EAR-PRO" to the guy who chooses not to wear glasses and muffs while shooting.

But don't you dare push the meme that "only the trained/best/LEO/vets" even had a chance in that theatre you pompous fucks.

20 citizens laying down a field of fire would have ended Holmes like Bill Nye's frog that has been dissected too much - a mushy cold cut. Yes, there may have been some friendly fire. Yes, it would have still been bad. Yes, shots would have gone wide.

I swear to All that is F'n Holy I hate you pompous "I'm a trained shooter and thus better than you" assholes more than I even hate the Constitution-breaking LEO.

You are supposed to know better.

You are just as elitist as the "Only Ones" with your state-approved carry permission slip in your wallet. You think you are Free? You think you are better than the guy who straps up in a No-Gun zone against the laws, and you know you do. You pay to play, and then you look down at those who learned to shoot from Uncle Tom rather than your beloved card-carrying NRA Instructor or Drill Instructor. You look down at the guy who refuses to ignore buying the permits to carry.

Your shit stinks, too - and worse than many Useful Idiots.

Law & Order fucks. You are 60% of the problem in this country.


Aurora Gun Control Political Analysis from BorePatch

He's accurate in his assessment and conclusion.

However, when Obama wins...

Here's the link.


III Patriots

The 527 needs to make a few moves to graduate to the next level.

Jim and John have donated wonderful gifts to help raffle off.

I am working the magazine project with the tour which will incorporate our poster gig.


III Gun Shops

Do we have any III Patriots who own gun shops that can get wholesale (or better) prices on firearms for the 527?

We are particularly interested in folks who have accounts with prime brands: Browning, Springfield Armory, Fulton Armory, Ruger, Steyr, etc.

Nothing hinky, of course - everything will be FFL to FFL.

Email me or answer here, either way.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rupert Murdoch: Fox Hard Conservative?

Not so much.

Rupert Murdoch, back on Twitter tonight, posted a thought clearly related to the Aurora shootings:

We have to do something about gun controls. Police license okay for hunting rifle or pistol for anyone without crim or pscho record. No more

We'll update if he posts more. Murdoch owns the New York Post (disclosure: my husband works there), whose rival Daily News had a front page editorial today urging President Obama to act on guns.

Murdoch is also closely allied with Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who talked about gun control, one of his signature issues, hours after the shooting.

Link here.

Trust no one.


Hard Tea - Do you get the concept?

Can you do the work?

Read this from David.


Inter arma enim silent leges

In war the laws are silent

The Enemies of Liberty are at war...

...yet we choose to follow the laws they write.

Think about it.


Colorado AAR: Hardcore Facts

First, it is obvious that James Holmes is not an Enemy of Liberty - he's just a broken brain.

But, if you are not prepared for the Hard Things, this is not the proper venue for you.

May all of the Enemies of Liberty be so ill-prepared to do violence as James Holmes.

He had every tactical advantage. He had fish in a barrel. He had unarmed victims. He had the element of surprise. He had gas and he protected himself from that gas. He had an AR, a scattergun and a Glock with plenty of reloads (according to most reports).

The average multi-plex theater holds 300 seats.

His performance: 12 dead + 58 wounded.

Sorry, folks. That is just plain bad shooting and tactical execution.

Had he intended to kill everyone in that theater, he should have been able to score at least 90% KIA.

May all of the Enemies of Liberty who will challenge Patriots be as inefficienct as James Holmes.

They will not be.

Prepare accordingly.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Walter Williams: Tyrants and Human Nature

Another man who would have been a brilliant President.

Here's his latest, and worth the read.


Why we will be forced to fight sooner than later...

This column discusses a man on President Obama's "Enemies List" and points out that the President himself need not pick up the phone and issue orders to his minions to make life difficult for an enemy.

As we saw with Joe the Plumber, Enemies of Liberty and Useful Idiots will take the initiative when "Their Team" needs help. Within 24 hours of the Joe the Plumber moment on the campaign trail there were several separate and unassociated cases of people using their office to investigate Joe and get his details for damage.

Anyone who has ever felt like they may be on a local "*hit List" and harassed by local "Code Enforcement" probably is correct. I know I have a star next to my name at City Hall, and I know I have a star by my name when LEO runs my car plates.

My point: If you are waiting for DHS to kick in your door because of your political beliefs, you may be looking at the wrong enemy. Your local LEO has probably already put a file together on you, and they don't need to wait for the "Big Boys" to give them permission. Indeed, if they take you out of play, they may even get a ribbon and a new Stryker from Uncle Sugar.

Watch all of your Enemies. They are many, and they will act independently.

Here's the column.


Update: Now I must ask the obvious question...

UPDATE: Consider specifically the responses from Dan and Trainer, then the rest. Dan points out the obvious that I deliberately left out of the poll question and follow-up - we have no infrastructure "at all".

Second: Trainer points out that I changed the rules between question and follow-up. I did so deliberately. Obviously, Patrick Henry can not give that speech, so any answers based on that premise end with that realization.

Finally: Most others point out what I have suspected and talked about many times before: I won't go alone on a suicide mission and leave my wife/kids/family to the wolves. In my world, that is valid.

So, now please consider this question: Would you begin hunting Enemies of Liberty IF ANYONE gave the Liberty or Death speech today?

And factor this question into your reply: If we will not go to arms today, and we will not participate in the Constitutional political system, are we not merely waiting to die as slaves within the system implemented by others?

If we are not ready to go to arms, and we are not willing to run for office on a wide scale and try to fight in that Constitutional arena, then what about the Pioneer Project concept? Is not secession into our own community, away from the masses, a decent middle-ground?



I bumped the poll to the top of the right column.

At this moment, 88% of you have taken the position that you would gear up and begin hunting Enemies of Liberty if Patrick Henry were here and gave his famous Liberty or Death speech.

This means you have already taken the position that the republic is ready for Hunter-Killer Teams to begin taking out Enemies of Liberty in pursuit of restoring Liberty.

The question: Why have you not started on your own? Patrick Henry is not coming. Not one of our bloggers can fill his shoes. If you have taken the decision that it is time to hunt, why haven't you begun?

I promise I will not flame anyone who answers the question in good faith.

Nor will my feelings be hurt if you choose not to answer such a question publicly.

I genuinely would like to know what is holding you back.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brock growing one properly...

...and Oleg captures her beautifully.

Well done, Miss Dixie.

Good job to all.

Here's the link.


You and I can fix our world when we get back to basics...

...and these are the basics.

Here's the link to NCRenegade.


Coming Soon

Coming soon.

I just spoke with our shirt printer, I expect the entire order of our shirts/hoodies in about 2 weeks.

I'll put up a link for this new one later today at IIIGear. It's a very cool design by David at NCRenegade, offered to us to help raise funds for the III and our effort to create some Hard Tea by finding disgruntled Tea Party folks and bringing them our way.


A sad day for me

Kenny who runs Knuckledraggin' has decided to shut down shop for a while, folks.

He and Lisa and CharlieGodamit are ok, but he is busy in other aspects of life and as most of us have faced at one time or another, blogging has to take a back seat to family and life. He may return in time, and I will keep in touch with him.

It may be more than he wants public, but I will ask everyone to keep his father in their thoughts.

I will miss Kenny's humor, insights and company until he returns.

Kenny, all you need to do is ask, and I'll be there to help in any way I can. For you, I'll let TSA grab a handful of Kerodin junk. ;)

Yours in Liberty.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

III: Sons of Liberty Magazine

The response for the magazine concept has been very positive, I'm pleased to say.

Holly and I have considerable experience publishing magazines and newspapers, so let me set some expectations for you. First, print is a dying medium, though for certain niche communities (guns/hunting/politics among them) it still has some life.

The primary purpose of the magazine in its opening phase is to serve as an introduction to potential allies. We'll include stories and essays about the III, prepping, a few gun reviews relevant to SHTF, an overview of our political platform, and an invitation to NRA and Tea Party folks to consider standing with us.

I'd like to get a few advertisers to help offset expenses - printing a quality magazine is not cheap. The first issue will serve for at least 3 months (unless it is a raging success) and will have relatively few pages. Every additional page increases production costs big time. We'll write content that does not have an expiration date, or will become dated after the election.

While on the gun show tour we'll hand out copies as our introduction to the wider gun/Tea community.

I'll be reaching out to many of you to submit content, an essay on a topic you are familiar with and eager to write.

If you have a business that would benefit by reaching the gun show crowd, or you are a good salesman and can sell ad space to such advertisers, go for it! If we can break even regarding costs, it will be a success.

Feel free to submit thoughts, ideas, whatever.

If I could have only one rifle...

...it would be the Steyr SSG 08 in .308 - the perfect Scout Rifle, if you ask me. I even asked the 'smiths at Steyr and they will install a 16" barrel if requested.

Don't get me wrong: I am a traditionalist when it comes to firearms. I like steel and wood.

But, damn if that SSG 08 ain't pretty, aggressive and functional as well.

This pic is from Oleg, here.


The damage done by hyperbole...

You all know that my position regarding violence is that it is not yet time.

For this reason you will not find me writing such silliness as "I'll take 100 heads" or "I'll die before I live under tyranny". Obviously, we already live under tyranny.

Yet across our blogs we see this stuff all the time. "If you try to take our guns we will kill you". "Better to die on your feet in freedom than living on your knees as a slave".

As for the guy who said he'd kill LEO for trying to take his gun, we all saw the truth and how that one worked out. And believe it or not, he still spews the same bullshit. As for the latter statement, we are already living as slaves, and noone is taking heads, noone is disappearing Bad People, noone is hunting LEO.

I would caution Patriots to talk softly and carry a big stick. When one makes threats to do X or Y, and then fails to do X or Y when challenged, we all suffer by association with a blowhard.

If you draw a line in the sand with articulated responses if that line is crossed, back up your threats, or do not make the threats in the first place.



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

III 527 Update

I am fond of Benjamin Franklin and always in awe of his intellect and ability to accomplish seemingly impossible goals. I rank his creation of Impeachment as one of the most civilized advancements of Governance in the history of Man. In these days of our counter-revolution, it is Franklin and Jefferson, Henry, Madison and Sam Adams I seek to emulate. I know I can never hope to stand even in their shadows, though I will try until it is time to emulate another of my heroes: John Parker.

I thank every single one of you who have supported the 527 with your donations, with your purchasing of IIIGear, and your moral support. Because of you we have grown our numbers modestly and reached a small number of people who did not know we existed. Because of you, we have been able to secure dealerships with Condor, KA-BAR, Cold Steel, US Palm, and a few other gear suppliers. When you purchase this gear through IIIGear.com you support the III, because the few dollars left over from every sale is used to help grow our community.

Right now we have nearly enough inventory and incidentals to set up a professional presence at gun shows, where we hope to meet many of our natural allies, as well as III Patriots who live in each area.

When you look at the top of this blog you see pages dedicated to ideas I hope to pursue in an effort to grow our community even more. Unfortunately, real life and lack of funds contribute to slow progress, but we do advance on every front each month, even if it is only in a small way. We'll get them all done, but to do it faster, we need more support. For more support, we need more people in our ranks.

Many of you contribute to those efforts every day. I know many of you are constantly talking to people and trying to help people waken. David at NCRenegade has begun working to blend the III with disgruntles members of the real Tea Party, an effort that will take considerable time and effort, but holds great potential. PatComs and local work by many of you doesn't get the recognition it deserves, but don't think it goes unnoticed.

As Holly and I were considering the hand-out material we need for the gun show tour, from business cards to bookmarks, to information sheets about the III, the Buy a Gun Day, a list of our community websites, et cetera, we decided it may be more beneficial to put together a small magazine to put all of our messages into one format. That's why I added the poll on the right. I'm glad to see so many of you chose the same title as did I: Sons of Liberty Magazine. I think Sons of Liberty will reach a larger group of people who won't need to ask "What is that?" as they would with a title like "III Percent Patriots", et cetera.

I've already started building our first issue (you'll remember that one of Mrs. Kerodin's small businesses is a boutique Publishing House). I intend to keep the content to the basics: Who is the III, our goals, and a few general gun columns, SHTF columns, prepping, Go Bags, et cetera.

If any of you own businesses that would like to reach the gun show audience, consider buying a page of advertising to help offset the printing costs. We'll be giving copies away at every stop on our gun show tour. I think it is a great way to help the III go "mainstream" to a degree, while pulling the gun community toward us a bit.

We've pushed the magazine ahead of other projects, such as the SHTF Book and the Poster simply because we'll get far more allies with a magazine when we hit the shows. We'll roll out the poster, the book, and other projects in an order that makes sense. But make no mistake, none of those projects are sitting still. We are moving forward with the Pioneer Project quietly, and we are working on securing a few prototype III Firearms for our manufacturing project. We'll fill you in publicly when there is news to share.

So, thank you all. Buy III Gear. Help us grow our numbers. Fly patches and stickers to build morale and cohesion.

We are the only group of people on Planet Earth who advocate for genuine Liberty.

If we fail, Liberty will die.


Hard Tea: This matters...

I hope everyone is paying attention to NCRenegade - there is movement which I support completely to try to merge real Tea Party folks with III folks into a Hard Tea demo.

Think about it, read David's suggestions, and throw in our support if you can.

Here's David's place.


IIIGear: Condor & More...

I am expecting orders from Condor, Cold Steel and KA-BAR this week, so if you have anything outstanding (except shirts/hoodies) they'll be going out soon.

And I already have to place another order with KA-BAR and Condor, so if you want anything, get your order in soon.

I hope you are all passing out cards and stickers when engaging folks...and remember we have new patches.

I'm proud to announce that you folks have been so supportive that we are now able to keep at least 1 of each item we offer in stock and ready to send, cutting down on delays. We aren't where we'd like to be, but we are getting closer!

More later.


Iran: October Surprise

Watching McLaughlin Group on Sunday, Pat Buchanan had an interesting prediction at the end of the show: Before the November elections there would be some sort of intense clash with Iran. He did not specify bullets or some sort of big diplomatic confrontation, but his point was clear: The President's election campaign would benefit.

We shall see.


Monday, July 16, 2012

President Obama: "He doesn't understand how..."

In the wake of decision after decision and statement after statement, the latest being 'If you've got a business - you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.', there is always a chorus of people claiming "The President simply doesn't understand how X works..."

He does understand how X works, folks.

And he understands how to break X.

Every decision he has taken since becoming President has been deliberately taken to crash America.

It really is that simple.

Here's the latest in a long line of people who refuse to speak the truth about what is happening.


Please consider the polls (2 of them) at right --->

Life can change, or end, any second of any day...

You already know that a grown man can cover 30 feet in 3 seconds or fewer, because we've talked about it before.

How fast can you clear leather and double-tap center-mass? What if you are sitting and have an SOB holster. How fast can you deploy your blade? What if you don't recognize it is an attack for 2 seconds? What if he's only 15 feet away...

A Girl and Her Gun links to this piece.

Yes, Virginia, it can happen to you.

What are you doing to prepare to defend yourself?


Sighted while traveling in Virginia...

From LT at NCRenegade: I concur that it is coming soon - driving down I-95 this weekend (7/14), I saw over a dozen Stryker vehicles, guns mounted, standing overwatch on the highway in Virginia...six were positioned in echelon on the grass at a Weigh-station, several in the median about 10 miles further south, and one on the exit ramp where we stopped to get gas. They all had their .50s racked and pointed at the road. This is totally unprecedented.

(When I was active, we were always required to stow our guns before leaving post...no armaments visible on public roadways, EVER.)

This is but the latest case where the military is being deployed on US soil as a precursory PSYOP - they are de-sensitizing the public to the sight of widespread military force, big time.

Anyone else seeing this sort of thing?


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Preps for the lass in your life...

In your preps of bullets and beans and such, have you taken care of your women who you will expect to take care of you? Miss Violet has a post up about spinning fiber into yarn. And while that is an important skill to have and to be able to pass down, I hope most of you have invested in preps that will make the lives of your gals easier.

Have you bought bolts of cammie cloth, and other general fabrics? Patterns? A sewing machine and the tools she'll need to keep you menfolk in something other than tattered rags? Have you bought her the kitchen appliances that will make her life easier when making bread or grinding coffee? Have you bought dozens of pairs of garden gloves? Mosquito netting? Deoderant? (Not so much for her to use, but to protect her from your 1-shower-each-week-insurgent-routine).

Have you even asked her to sit down and make a list of the things she will need to fulfill her role as caretaker and nurturer? Have you bought a few rolls of ribbon for the young girls who will need to feel pretty once in a while? Have you a box of teddy bears for the youngsters? Why should your Matriarch have to spin wool, pick cotton and hand sew a teddy bear for a whiney 3 year old, when you can buy them for $4 right now? Do you have a playpen tucked away? Do you have a few pieces of art that she likes? Do you have baby supplies packed for the day they will be needed? Yes, there will be He'in & She'in in your Tribe at some point, with the resulting bundle of feed me, clothe me, burp me, change me.

Remember, girls are different than boys. If you want your women to avoid going hardcore batshit on you, remember that they are hard-wired to seek security and routine, pretty things (not necessarily expensive) that make them feel feminine, and most of all they are programmed to take care of you and the young'ns. She needs to build home & hearth, not simply rough it with no sense of Self for her and her family. She needs to feel some sense of control in her life with a light at the end of the tunnel. Help her do those things and you'll have a partner instead of 110 pounds of HE ready to turn your homestead into a crater.

Think ahead. Think of every person in your Tribe, and every task you will ask them to complete. Then, add to your preps the tools that are available today to make their lives easier.

Here's Miss Violet's piece.


It is time for some Hard Tea...Now!

Where real Tea Party Americans meet III Patriots: Hard Tea.

This is a call to consider advocating a new message among ourselves and your Tea Party associates. Let's pull them away from the R's and help them find their voices once again.

Read David's piece, here.


Government considers using eminent domain power to confiscate mortgages...

When Rule of Law is mocked, and becomes but the whim of lawmakers, what is your obligation to remain lawful?

What Right have you to use of force in response to laws that merely affect the economy? Do not unjust laws that affect the economy do injury to you, even if indirectly?

Of course.

In a land where the Rule of Law is mocked, where men subjugate their fellow men by unjust laws and threats of violence, the time has come to go hard.

In California, one of the largest economies on planet Earth, those in power refuse to cease in their injuries to their fellow Californians. They are in deficit spending, and just signed off on a new $68 Billion dollar rail deal. How long before Bad People assert the premise that the rest of the country must send money to Californians to prevent their suffering?

Cancer must be eradicated to the very last dysfunctional cell.

Here's the story.


Welcome to our Tribe! Here is a spoon, your job is to go find landmines!

CA linked to LF about who may be rudely suprised if they show up at Tribe HQ when SHTF.

What do you bring to the table is the general premise. If you are worth more than your burden to the Tribe, you may get to stay.

Babylon weighs-in as well. In a hard world that will be filled with Hard Things, he considers "useful" to potentially include people who may be utilized to help identify OpFor Sniper Nests by walking in the middle of the street. I call them Useful Idiots. Yes, they do have a place in a hard world.

Are you hard enough and smart enough to use people as expendable commodities in the game of Life or Not-Life?

CA's link is here.

LF is here.

Babylon is here.

I am.


Deadly Tulpas will not get our work done

Please remember, Patriots: The speeches of Patrick Henry and the writings of Jefferson, and the clever charm of Franklin did not stop a single British Soldier or Politician from imposing tyranny upon the Colonies.

The tyranny ended when John Parker starting killing the Tyrants.

The speeches and writings gave John Parker and the rest of the original III the courage to stand and be counted.

Polygonal Battlespace.