Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Strength of Liberty is in what we Build

This concept is far too broad and nuanced to be properly offered in a single post, even in a long series of posts. But I will try to get the essence out there.

We train to destroy. Our martial skills, whether they are with pistol or tomahawk, knife or bare hands, we train to kill or maim an enemy.

Good Souls train to kill for good reasons, to protect life and loved ones.

Bad Souls kill for profit and power and those things we generally call Evil.

Our power, Patriots is Love. This is the essence of the ugly skills we have sought to learn in our lives: The ability to destroy so that we may protect that which we love.

In this fight for Liberty we will be required to destroy Enemies of Liberty, to be sure. But for many reasons (simple numerical disadvantage among them) our path to victory does not lie in stacking mountains of Evil People. Our path to Liberty does not lie simply in killing those who would kill or imprison our allies. Yes, we will be forced to fight, to kill in defense, and at times to take the offensive and kill the Enemies of Liberty in their lairs, when they sleep, when they pose no immediate threat to us.

But our true strength, our true path to victory is in what we can build in the face of their Evil. To secure Liberty we must build something which thinking men and women, a portion of our Countrymen, covet. We must create more than we destroy. In our creation we offer people a choice.

There will be many who choose the path of ease, the path of the barbarian who takes what he covets from those who are weaker.

Yet I believe in my heart that there remain many Americans who will choose the path of kindness and honest work and benevolence if the option is presented.

Everywhere in America the Enemies of Liberty have built a system that rewards indifference to our fellow Citizens, a system of Zero Sum, a system of do unto others before they do unto you.

Yet we who believe in Liberty and humanity still have a powerful means of offering an alternative to that paradigm. In our hearts you and I would shelter the homeless, warm the cold, feed the hungry, heal the sick. That is our strength.

When I speak of building a Citadel I speak both rhetorically and literally. Somewhere between is reality. If you and I and those who think the way we do join together and build a community that showcases our values and rejects the values of the Bad People, if we create an oasis of benevolence where self-sufficiency is rewarded by people who are willing to help one another, we will create a place that stands in defiance to the world being created by the Bad People.

We will be forced to do violence to achieve our goal. Bad People will seek to destroy our efforts. For the sake of Love we will be forced to employ our most violent capabilities until Bad People kill us, or choose to let us alone.

I have come to the conclusion that a martial Citadel is our last real hope for Liberty. I have come to believe thatmany will ally against us and we will be forced to hunt our enemies beyond our walls and FUBAR their Command Structure.

But we will do these things for Love. We will do what we must so we may teach our children unmolested by the State. We will do what we must so we may live in Liberty.

And once their house of cards, their economic system collapses, as it one day must, we will be safe behind our walls. We will have arms we make in our factory. We will have food we grow in our secured fields.

And we will provide a model for others who seek the same.

It is for Love that I have dedicated most of my adult life to the ways and means of breaking people. Many of you have done the same.

It is for Love and for Liberty I propose that we get serious about the concept of a Citadel.

It is for Love and for Liberty that I propose we build, rather than devote our efforts to tearing down the Enemies of Liberty around us...they will do that job themselves.

Think about it.