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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fulton Armory Mk14 Mod 0 EBR

That is a sweet M-14 platform.

It is a bit too busy for my tastes with all that aluminum on the front end, and I'd prefer a clean wood stock (with pistol grip and telescoping shoulder stock).

But all things considered, sweet.

Here's the link.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

IIIGear Friday

We'll be spending most of Friday catching up on as many III Gear orders as possible. That means a load will ship Saturday. We shipped a large batch Tuesday and yesterday, many of which had backordered Condor gear.

We have a few hundred patches in stock, so if you want to get in on the raffle for the Mossberg Shotgun or the training slots at John Mosby's class, be sure to order anything from IIIGear.com worth $20 or more by Sunday night.

Support the III and possibly win this sweet 12 Gauge, or two slots in an upcoming training class with John Mosby.



Anybody up to speed on the state of prison rates in Idaho?

8,000 locked up out of a 1.5M population is relatively low.

But I'd like to know how it is trending. Are they locking people up for malum prohibitum? Are they hitting quotas to earn FedGov funding? Can we get in there and make a difference?

Here's the story from Balko.


III Arms: .45 ACP Hi Power

The Browning Hi Power was the finest 9mm I ever carried, in my misspent youth.

Kenny (Wirecutter) suggested a .45 ACP version, which I can't find fault with at all.

This one is a custom from Novak - and all I would add is an ambi safety (and .45). I think it's beautiful.

What say you?


From Miss Violet

OK - these are just plain funny.



They're coming for your guns, they're killing granny, they're starting false flags...

Folks, I am not saying any of the hyperbole out there is wrong.

I am right there with you when we look at the Political Class and see Bad People.

But there are Bad People on all sides.

Seed Pimps, as Bill Nye calls them, who play upon your fears to sell you over-priced essentials.

2A Pimps who stoke your fears every 4 years about Bad People coming for your guns unless you vote for your political savior, and buy as many new firearms and ammo for your safe as possible.

Financial Pimps who sell you economic Doom & Gloom in rapid cycles to manipulate the cost of commodities, from corn and pork to oil and gas, to gold and silver, and everything else under the sun.

So what? Once you know they are manipulating you, you can defend yourself as much as possible. Most of us have determined that the level of manipulation and corruption is unsustainable, and will crash down upon itself at some point. When? That's the big question.

Now take a deep breath and consider the reality of what it means.

Most price manipulation happens by speculators and financial whiz kids in New York and other financial world centers. such as London. They play with digital 1s and 0s, they do not handle bushels of corn or slabs of pig.

When their playground implodes, it is the farmer who still holds the pigs and cattle. It is still the farmer who still has physical possession of the corn, wheat, soy. It is still the oil companies who have the barrels of oil.

China? Name one asset in America they can pick up and take with them offshore. Tell me who suffers more if we stop letting their Wal-Mart ships dock and offload? If our prudent politicians tell them to suck wind and write-off those trillions of debt, what are they going to do about it? Sorry, the US Navy will not allow ChiCom landing craft at Venice Beach, and they will sink any ChiCom warships within range of lobbing missiles at LA.

The point? On the day of Implosion the sun will rise and shine. Panic will be self-induced. The Doom & Gloom will come from Washington, New York, London, not from Kansas or your front door. When it happens, don't let the people who will truly be losing everything (the speculators and Pimps) frighten you into imprudent behavior.

Sadly, the masses will react emotionally, and that is where the true dangers will be born. But so long as you know the underlying reality, you can set about the task of defending yourself, rationing your needs, and waiting for the natural self-interests of farmers and cattlemen and oilmen to cut out the ruined speculators and get their products to slaughterhouses, and refineries, and get product to market.

Don't buy into the hype.

The key, as in all survival situations, is: Don't get excited.

Not from New York or London, or from "Patriots" who have a self-interest in riling you up.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

III Gun Shop: Discussion

Time for a discussion including Founders and supporters.

As we discussed early, the minimum needed to produce our prototypes and launch our first media kit was a shoestring budget, and we hit it. Once we get to the day when we begin accepting orders, we'll know if III Arms will succeed or fail. If we sell units, we win. If people choose not to buy, we lose.

The more money we manage to raise to help with marketing reach, the better our odds of succeeding in selling III firearms.

How do we get there? We can ask Founders for more money - not a good option. We can all hold our breath and hope orders flood into our Distributor once we open the doors. Personally, I prefer to stack the deck in my favor as much as possible.

One of the reasons Holly and I are heading to Idaho is to get a lay of the land, and to look for a place that will be III Arms first admin office. But consider this: III Arms Gun Shop.

We open a small gun shop in some place such as Coeur d'Alene that serves not only the local population (there are already gun stores in the area, but I'm never afraid of competition) and we establish an Internet presence. As our prototypes are built and we slowly begin to earn name recognition via our marketing campaign for III Arms 1911s and ARs, we also build a name faster online via gun sales.

The up side: We start to build a name, faster. But more importantly, we begin to generate income, even if it is modest, so that we don't simply sit idly by and watch as the Investors bank account goes down and down with nothing coming in.

I am not fond of bank accounts that get smaller, as a general rule. ;)

We already have several dealer accounts with gear suppliers. Establishing accounts with a few more would be easy, and we could nominally outfit a shop. We would not use III Arms money to fund this venture, beyond the nominal money III Arms will pay anyway for rent. Holly and I will cover start-up costs. We have several FFL 01's amongst our III Patriots, one of whom may be interested in walking into a turn-key shop.

Here is the one detail that will make or break the concept: Holly and I can't invest enough money at this point to stock the shelves with a full array of firearms. That's a hefty investment.

If we decide to move forward with this project, we will put out the call to you III Patriots to look in your gun cabinets and find a firearm or two that you would offer the shop so we can fill the shelves. You can contribute your firearm outright, with no expectation of return, or you can donate it with a consignment price set. When the piece sells, the shop will send you the consignment price you have set.

If we do this, III Arms Company will have immediate revenue, even if modest, which will help with marketing our III 1911s, ARs and other offerings.

Are you willing to donate one of your firearms to a III Gun Shop?

We could even expand this shop to include used but servicable gear, a thrift store for Patriots/Adventurers/Hunters, of sorts.

Please discuss it here on this thread.

Yours in Liberty.


Rifle Ammo Manufacturing

The above picture is a Howell automatic, commercial grade rifle ammunition loader.

As we have discussed, producing our own line of ammunition is pretty much a requisite.

This set up can be put into operation for about $50 thousand, plus cartridge components and produce several thousand rounds per hour.

Anyone have any experience with Howell equipment?


Jeff Cooper

Personal weapons are what raised mankind out of the mud, and the rifle is the queen of personal weapons

Jeff Cooper is credited with that quote, among others you will find on this website.

When I have passed on from this life, if I am remembered as a man who helped to put the Queen of Personal Weapons in the hands of American Patriots who will use them to advance Liberty, I will be pleased.

I have never divined a more noble and beneficial means for helping my fellow Patriots to ensure Liberty.

3,000 Patriots standing quietly with rifles slung need say little.

3% of Americans standing quietly with rifles slung never need to say a word.


From Founder Adam

I have a special affinity for serious combat revolvers, and I know III Arms will offer one at some point. The Ruger SP-101 in .357 is a magnificent piece, and the Alaskan .44 is just as awesome.

Founder Adam sent this one to me in email.

I also like the tag line: III Arms - When you seriously need a motherfucker to die...

Ballistics Question

How many inches of poured concrete is suitable against .50 BMG?

Many variables, obviously. Consider a few shooters lobbing rounds at a poured concrete house. Residents inside need some time to gear up and form a counter, Is 6" of poured walls going to hold off .50 BMG? 8"?

The object of the exercise is to thwart a sniper with thermal capability. If the sniper locates his Target we don't want a single round taking our target out.


Now, this just made me grin.

Thanks, Israel.


Now, this just made me grin.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Founders Email #2 Sent

Let me know if you do not receive it, or if we still need to modify your email address.


The Stupid Dooms us all...

Just click here and read the story at Kenny's place.


No Liberals or RINOs - but what about Mama Soprano?

Just another tidbit to let rattle in your braincase: Patriot family moves into the Citadel and then mom or dad back in Boston gets old and sick. I think most of us are the sort who will do what is needed to take care of mom and dad, regardless of their politics.

But how do the residents of the Citadel deal with it? A crankly old Liberal dad at the diner every morning on a soapbox about how Jefferson was a pedophile...

Sure, that's a worst case scenario, but plausible.

One or two such parents is not a big deal. But we all have parents or siblings or aunts/uncles we may be required to care for in their final years. Some of them may not appreciate our lifestyle, and in my experience, most old folks don't bother with the polite filter as they get older. ;)

Is a separate building outside the walls an answer? That may work for some. Others will want mom or dad living in the home.

Think about it.

Separate issue, one that has been raised by a few of our Founders: What about Patriots who live in the Citadel and grow older, to the point that living alone is no longer prudent? Personally I see an assisted living building. As with the above topic, we take care of our own.

Feel free to weigh in here, or just let the topics roll around in your noggins for a while.

What about divorce, especially if both adults want to stay inside the walls, but residences have sold out?


Monday, August 27, 2012

Consider: No Liberals or RINOs...

Consider a community of 3,000 households without a Liberal in town.

Consider 3,000 households where traditional American values are the norm, not the exception. Consider 3,000 families who are trained in the art of the rifle, who have at least 90 days of food in the pantry, who never have to worry about de-programming little Billy when he comes home from school.

Consider 3,000 families who will never vote to raise the taxes on their neighbors, will never stick their noses in their neighbors business, will never cry at a town council meeting because a neighbor has the audacity to fly a flag - be it Gadsden, Stars & Stripes, or the Southern Battle Flag.

Consider three thousand families free to carry anywhere they choose within the walls of the community, for they will live on private property and all retailers that sign leases (even places like movie theatres that might normally ban handguns) will agree to permit handguns and long arms on the premises, or they will be denied the right to conduct business in our community.

Consider a medical system that excludes third-party meddlers that serve no purpose but to raise costs and degrade services.

Consider a place filled with patriotic Americans who understand and believe in the principle of III to III.

Consider daily life in such a town for you, your spouse, your children.

Consider the future you can create for yourself among such neighbors, if you choose to indulge in a bit of entrepreneurial free enterprise.

Consider a community in which the only people who do not have a job are the people who do not want or need a job, because free enterprise flourishes.

Just consider it, and see if you can name even one other community in America that would offer, even ensure, such Liberty.


III Arms Founders EMail List

III Arms Founders: You should have an email from me in your mailbox. Everyone was BCC'd until I know I have not forgotten to include someone.

Steve - your email bounced back as undeliverable. Can you send me a replacement?

If you are a III Arms Founder and you DO NOT have an email from me in your box, let me know please so I can add you to the list.

Thanks to all.


III Patch Raffle & Millerized Shotgun & Mosby Class

My thanks to Bonnie Gadsden for reminding me that Labor Day is coming fast!

If you remember, Millerized offered up this awesome Mossberg as a raffle item, and John Mosby offered two slots in a future class, each gift to be awarded to a III Patriot (actually 2 Patriots) who purchased III Gear before Labor Day.

I know several of you have been waiting a bit longer than usual for back-ordered gear (and no, shirts/hoodies are not ready) but patches and most other gear is shipping. So if you want to have your name placed in the hat for a chance to win the shotgun or training with John, simply order a patch or any other gear from III Gear by Sunday.

We'll do the drawing on Monday, and announce winners Monday evening.

Thanks again to Jim and John for offering such outstanding items to help raise money for the 527, and to all of you who have ordered gear.

IIIGear.com, here.


A storm is coming

In an adversarial relationship when one side or the other allows pretense to fall aside, when they no longer care to bother with the facade of lies to conceal their true intent, you know that your adversary has reached a place where he feels he no longer needs to hide behind lies, he feels superior, he's ready for conflict, he feels as if nothing you can do will alter the outcome.

The lies coming from the Political Class in the last decade are such lies. Both sides of the aisle simply do not bother to even attempt to make their lies plausible.

Here's a current headline from the D's: Feds: Too few Americans ‘turn to government for assistance’ The Feds claim only 15% of Americans reach out to FedGov for help.

All of the politicians in America are in the same place, it is not an R or D issue.

What does it mean for us? It means we are growing nearer to the storm, and the Political Class is confident that it no longer matters what you and I know, because either we cannot or will not do anything to challenge them.

Many individuals are prepping as best as they are able. Some people are building networks as best as they are able, though as we have all seen people like you and me are nearly an endangered species in today's America.

And many people continue to dissect the frog that has long ago been turned to mush. That's Bill Nye's phrase for people who make it look like they are being productive while in reality all they are doing is having the same meaningless conversations and debates over and over again. They dissect the frog so many times, it is nothing but mush. And then, they start all over again. Often, I have found, such people are the most self-righteous and eager Wolverines! in the mix.

I am not going to chastise anyone for talking and indulging in fantasies of secession or heroics that include rope and lamp posts. If that is your coping mechanism for feeling powerless, so be it.

But I will counsel every single Patriot out there to do something to enhance your chances of prevailing in the coming storm. Deal with reality. Deal with self defense, with food, water, warmth, shelter, medicine, power, and a means to avoid being overwhelmed by mobs and hordes of hungry, frightened people who will see you and yours as nothing more than a source of supplies, who will see your women and girls as a sexual diversion before crushing their skulls with a rock.

Do. Something.

Bill Nye is doing more than talk. David at Ohio Valley Minutemen is doing more than talking. Trainer is doing more than talking. They won't necessarily talk about what they are doing in public, which is prudent. There are others. If these people are near you geographically, consider reaching out to them. If you are bringing something to the table, perhaps you and they can benefit.

But do something.

A storm is coming.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do you fly III colors...

You know already that much of the great art flying across the III Blogs is the work of the Great and Powerful Zoomie.

He finally went and got himself a professional fashion model.

See the gear. Hit the link. Buy the gear. Then you can be cool, too.



Friday, August 24, 2012

III Arms Update

We have settled on a 1911 builder for our prototypes. A FedEx is carrying his check to him as we speak. We should have Pistol #1 built and complete in time for Brock's PatCom. Pistols #2 & #3 will follow, uncertain of completion date simply because of parts availability.

The builder we selected humbly lists himself as one of the top 20 1911 builders in America, I put him in the top 15, if not top 10. But, more about that later.

III Arms is underway, Patriots.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a bit of food for thought...

To give you an idea of the scope and direction and possibilities regarding the Citadel: There is currently a 3,006 acre tract of land available in Shoshone County, to the immediate east of Coeur d'Alene and St. Maries. That is just a bit under 5 square miles. The asking price is higher than I'd like to pay, but that is immaterial at this stage of the game.

The terrain works, 8 miles of river and creek frontage works, the wildlife works.

The population for the entire county is 12,600 people, more than 40% of whom are younger than 18 or older than 65.

Those population numbers mean if we ramp up to 3,000 families in our town, we will have a voting block of perhaps 33% in the County, maybe more. I suspect III Patriots would easily move into the Sheriff's office and other important county offices very quickly.

Oh - and Judges in Idaho are elected. Any of you III Patriots look good in a black robe?

There are no significant towns in the entire county, the Citadel would be the largest. Yet, Coeur d'Alene is an easy drive on Interstate 90.

If we settle III Arms into such an environment, and purchase such a tract of land for development and population, we would be in an outstanding bargaining position with County and State officials to earn breaks (such as taxes, water use, et cetera) in return for the increase to the state coffers that will result from the increased tax base.

We would literally be carving out a bit of wilderness (close to a major interstate) and building a town where none now exist. III Pioneers.

No Liberals allowed. No RINOs allowed.

Let your mind fully explore the possibilities for yourself, for your fellow Patriots, for Liberty.

To fully consider the potential, scroll through the pictures, here.


Toaster has the Raub Post that got him locked up for a psychiatric...



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How do we fix it?

Many of you have been coming to this site long enough that you have watched this concept of III Arms and the Citadel evolve from mere kernels. The Citadel began as a solution to the question: How can we build a powerful Tribe that is as safe as possible during the coming Ruckus. III Arms was an answer to the question: How does a large, isolated Tribe feed itself and pay the bills.

Now is the time for big ideas. Yes, I want every single one of you to consider your personal best interests and plan for yourself and how you fit into what we are building. But I would also ask all of you to throw ideas in this thread for how we, as a Tribe in the mountains, in a closed city without Enemies of Liberty among us, how can we change the world?

Yes, that is a big question. In the last 2 months or so since this process began to gain traction, Holly and I have come to the understanding that the remainder of our lives will be spent doing everything we can to build the Citadel and establish revenue streams that will permit the Citadel to live long after we have returned to dust. Isn't this what many of us are thinking? Are we not trying to find a way to return the republic to her roots, morally and politically?

III Arms is a pragmatic industry given our circumstances. It is an industry that can employ many people and endure generationally. But on a larger philosophical scale, we Patriots who are helping to build III Arms are exercising our Natural Right to defend ourselves, and to provide the means to others to defend their lives and Liberty. That is far more than merely building a company so we can buy food.

The other day I had what I will label an epiphany: A Boarding School. One of the most effective ways the Enemies of Liberty continue to corrupt the morality and politics of our country is by capturing our children at a young age and indoctrinating them into young adulthood. If we in the Citadel teach our own children our own values, why can we not open our doors to Liberty-minded parents across the country who would like to have their children escape State-sponsored programming in a safe environment like the Citadel? Not only is such a venture a potentially massive revenue stream, on a bigger scale, in our own small way, we will be able to release properly-thinking young adults in the world to counter their dim-witted countrymen.

So, what other possible endeavors might we consider as "industries" for the Citadel? The requisites: Must generate revenue, and must benefit Liberty.

The more revenue streams we are able to secure that bring money into the Citadel from across the country, the safer and more stable the Citadel will become. If we can establish more than just a firearms company, we will have built redundancy into our lives. Should III Arms ever close, the town need not become a ghost town if it has other means of revenue.

With III Arms and a Boarding School, we would have two revenue streams that can support a large number of small entrepreneurial businesses.

Holly offered a summer camp idea to teach young teens skills and knowledge that was common for teens just a few generations ago. Teach them to shoot, hunt, fish, camp, and become more independent. We will certainly have a large number of adults in our walls who have such skills, and can teach those skills to more than simply their own children. If we can teach and release a few dozen or a few hundred teens each summer back into the world with such skills, we help to counter the "No dodge ball because the poor darlins may feel bad when they lose" programming of the idiot Left.

Obviously we can't change the whole world. But a few thousand III Patriots can make a dent.

If our goal is not only to live a better life for ourselves and our families, but to also do what we can for Liberty, please weigh-in.

This project will consume the rest of my life. I want it to count.


2A AR Lowers from CADD Graphics

Does your 2A hardware stand apart from everyone else?

Does it reflect your heart? In these days of the republic it is important to advertise your patriotism and commitment to Liberty, to stand and be counted.

Consider an AR build on the frame pictured offered by the folks at CADD Graphics.

Here's the link.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

III Arms: Why buy one?

You know that III Arms will offer a 1911. What you may not know is that Jim is over-seeing a build on the AR Platform as well. We are also exploring a bolt action rig in .308 that will fit the "Beware-the-man-who-owns-only-one-rifle" role. I can't promise when the bolt rifle will be unveiled, it may not happen as soon as the 1911 and AR, but it will be offered very early.

III Arms will offer finely crafted weapons that will serve you well if you must ever reach for steel to protect your life or Liberty. Firearms are nothing more than tools. We will not offer safe queens. We will offer robust and reliable arms that you can bet your life on when you are forced into the muck, in calibers suited for the task at hand.

We know that if you are a 1911 fan you already own at least one. What will we offer in a 1911 that will lead you to buy another? Your 1911 will go bang every time you pull the trigger. Your 1911 is already accurate enough to serve you as a duty weapon. Why might you consider trading your 1911 for a III Arms 1911?

Consider this: Every 1911 on the market is being sold to anyone who will pay the money, and every 1911 on the market is offered by a company that puts the profits in the pockets of the company owners.

When you purchase a III Arms 1911 you will be investing in one of the best 1911s available. More importantly, every 1911, AR or bolt rifle sold by III Arms is another block of stone in the Citadel and another acre of land upon which III Patriots will build our own town. And every III Arms firearm sold will tell the world where you stand...ready to go to the Green, because your heart pumps the blood of the original III Patriots.

And III Arms will never accept a contract or purchase request from any Government agency.

Eventually we will offer a combat-worthy firearm in every major American caliber, so that no matter what ammo you may find in the field, you'll have a III firearm that will eat that ammo in the name of Liberty.

As soon as we are able III Arms will have prototypes in circulation for you to examine for yourself. When you see it, handle it, shoot it, I am sure you will purchase one. Construction will be first class. But your heart will never be satisfied until you own one, because it will be the only firearm in America that was designed by Patriots, built for Patriots, for the sole purpose of defending Liberty.


Pops Lane

Folks, Kenny's pops passed last night.

I know Kenny will be too busy for a bunch of email for a while, but a quick note on his blog will be nice.

Our thoughts are with you, Kenny & Clan.


No, the sky is not falling. Man up!

When I think of our community in Idaho I always begin with the III Arms factory, positioned at the highest point and rising like a sentinel over the growing town below.

I think of the first few waves of Patriots who choose to trek our way and to settle either within the walls or beyond. I see pure-blooded Americans living a better life among the vibrant colors and terrain that are to be found in that piece of America. We will be relatively removed from whatever chaos befalls the nation at large, particularly the strife that is certain to afflict the major metroplitan areas. We will be as self-sufficient as possible, and if we have the time to get our ducks in a row, we won't even notice when the major interstates get shut down and trucks stop rolling into cities with loads of daily essentials.

Have I given up on Restoration?

No. Not one tiny bit.

Is the Citadel only for Constitutionalists? Nope. I will say anyone who does not subscribe to Jefferson's Rightful Liberty probably won't make the cut.

The Citadel gives us the opportunity to build the largest, best equipped, best trained and most moral Tribe of American Patriots who will be standing shoulder to shoulder when SHTF. Is not the call across the Liberty blogs for us to build Tribes and network? I dare say when we hit 3,000 III families our Tribe will be a mighty force compared to the small clusters across the rest of the land.

Our Constitution is only suited for a moral people. Right now there are far more amoral and immoral people in America, all chipping away at the premise of our Founding Ideals.

Should we simply let them have the country, and run to the hills in our own little cluster and let the notion of Liberty die? We are outnumbered and outresourced for a fight today, and many people have already declared the republic to be dead.

Sorry, I simply do not buy into that concept. Nor do I see our plan to fall back into a community of our own as secession or retreat, of surrendering the field to the Bad People. Afterall, if we give up the fight and let them have the country, it won't take long before they show up at our doorstep intent on stamping out the last bastion of Liberty. No, they could never let us live.

To me the Citadel represents a very prudent defensive manuever by Patriots to band together and build a Tribe that is thousands strong, with a fortified and defensible home. Amongst ourselves Free Enterprise and Rightful Liberty can flourish, while Bad People across the country continue to murder the republic. There will come a moment, there must come a moment, when the Bad People will have consumed and destroyed the machine that allows them to exist, and they will begin to cannibalise themselves.

While we grow stronger, far removed from the hunger, strife and disease that must come with Implosion, the Bad People will kill one another in great numbers.

Many people claim the republic is dead and can never return. Too many Bad People, they say. We are populated by Bad People who are incapable of existing in a state of Rightful Liberty. We are doomed. It's all over. Woe is me!

I say: Bunk!

If the problem is too many Bad People, then the solution is simple: Reduce their numbers. Cull the herd. They will do most of the work themselves. They will kill one another. The remainder can be handled by Patriots who get the herd of useless genetics moving toward our borders. What will be left can be easily mopped-up by Patriots who have remained removed, healthy, strong, and prudently waiting for the window of opportunity to favor victory.

I do not believe in secession. I do not believe in scrapping the Constitution and trusting any man or woman alive to write a better charter for governance. I do not believe in grabbing my toys and leaving America for some offshore home. I do not believe that the people responsible for attempting to murder Liberty and enslave my Countrymen should live until a natural death.

I believe in the ideals set forth in the DoI, the Constitution and the BoR.

I believe in Liberty, by any means necessary.

I believe the most prudent course at this moment for some of us is to fall back to a strong and defensible position, building fortifications, building our numbers and allowing Bad People to have their way until they bring down the rotten fruits of their labors upon their heads. I believe we let them die of disease, filth and cannibalism, and we fight when victory is attainable.

For Patriots who choose to remain in place, I wish you well and our gates will be open for you if you need respite. You will be the first to taste battle, and if we are able to help via underground supply routes and such, we will.

And for those who cry all is lost! We are doomed! Woe is we!

...well, you will get from this life exactly what you deserve.

Real Americans do not quit.


Monday, August 20, 2012

A Prepper in Congress

A US Congressman - currently fighting to win in my District - is a Prepper.

He'll be in Spokane in September, at an event that I think a few III Patriots plan to attend for an informal meet.

Here's the column.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

NCRenegade: Government is not buying hollow points to protect you or your assets

An outstanding assessment from David at NCRenegade, here.

Protect yourselves, Patriots.


Good conversation at WRSA

A Patriot using the handle 56signers76 is advocating the full use of the several tools the Founders and Framers built into the Constitution, before resorting to the final option of 2A.

As you might imagine he is not getting a lot of love.

He rightly points to many successes that have happened in recent years.

I only have one problem with investing time and energy into educating our Countrymen to help them "Awaken". That is the fact that the Enemies of Liberty have an awesome infrastructure in place for indoctrinating nearly every new American child from Kindergarten through University. You and I could talk until we die and we simply can't defeat the decades of programming that has been imposed by our enemies. Yes, we may get one or two, but while we devote nearly all of our resources to get that one or two people, the Enemies of Liberty graduate millions of newly programmed Useful Idiots every June.

No, I still do not advocate that we go to arms right now. Yes, be ready to defend yourself and survive a storm at any moment, but the ground is not properly set for a bloody fight for Liberty. This is why I think our Citadel concept is so powerful. We can choose to live among our own while denying the Enemies of Liberty the chance to get their hands on our children. We will be able to hire our own teachers and we will grow our children into young adults who understand common sense and Constitutional and Natural Law ideals.

A community of 3000 patriotic families can turn out small clusters of high-quality citizens. Perhaps Patriots in other parts of the country will try to emulate our model when we demonstrate the success we can score. If enough Patriots deny the State control of their children, in just a few generations we can truly have 3% of our Countrymen who understand Liberty.

Another potential for a serious revenue stream for the Citadel: Perhaps some of our Patriots would consider opening a boarding school that teaches our ideals and how to read, write and compute. We could have little darlins from around the country coming in for a real education. Think about the success of Hillsdale College.

Here's the link to CA's post and thread.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Idaho welcomes III Arms Company

Every major achievement in the world began with an idea and a first step.

We had an idea and have taken a few small steps toward our goal.

Today we learned that the State of Idaho has approved our paperwork and III Arms Company is a legal entity. Congratulations, Patriots!

Right now we are building a company. As soon as we are able we will begin to build a town filled with Patriots.

Many aspects of III Arms and the Citadel will advance at the same time. In fact, they are already advancing. One of our Founders is a construction professional, and he's sent me absolutely great information to help with getting my head around our options, cash needs, et cetera. Several other Patriots have also begun digging into the meat of the Citadel and III Arms, and this is why I know we are in the early stages of a monumental success.

I have run several businesses. I have had a large number of employees working for my company and as any businessman will tell you, the strongest motivation one is ever likely to find in an employee is a paycheck.

Yet we have dozens of very motivated, smart and experienced people digging in to help III Arms succeed. We are all working together with a passion I have never once found in an employee. We are working together for a common goal that is greater than a simple profit motive.

We've got this, Patriots. The only things between us and stunning, rapid success are details. If we all keep our heads and hearts in this project, we'll have thousands of Patriot families living together in a very few short years.

We are on the bull right now, folks. The gate is about to open and we've got to hold on for our 8 seconds...

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Constitutional Restoration of Liberty

Every now and then I like to post a reminder for Patriots to be very specific when challenging those among us who would be Masters.

"Government" is not the problem in America.

The problem is always individuals in government who abuse their authority.

Individual Americans, in every case, are the problem.

If we remove the individuals who violate the mandate of their positions, the problems facing the republic will wither and die. When people cry out that FedGov is the problem, that there is no way to remain within Constitutional means to recover Liberty, I offer a simple counter argument that not one person has ever been able to defeat: If Congress was populated by American Patriots like CA, Ken Lane, Miss V., Jim Miller, Leslie, Nurse Julie, and probably you, the injuries to the Constitution, to Natural Law, and to our Countrymen would stop because those people would not vote for any law, or to fund any program or agency, that abuses our Founding Ideals.

It really is that simple.

Can we vote our way back to genuine Liberty? Yes, we can. It is possible, but personally I think the Redskins have a better chance of winning the World Series. (See, that's funny because my Redskins don't play baseball. Some people would argue that the Redskins don't play football either. Ha! I crack myself up!)

One aspect of the Citadel project that I think will be very important is to have Patriots who make the move with us to get involved in local and state politics. If III Patriots start in lower offices such as town councils, run for mayor, accept jobs as bureaucrats in City Hall, then within those small spheres of influence III values can be asserted.

If a county has a III Sheriff and deputies, stupid laws can be ignored and not enforced. If a III Patriot gets hired as a town Permit Manager, that Patriot can simply ignore stupid statutes, such as requirements for permits to hold a yard sale, or any other foolish infringement on Natural Law. A III dog catcher can leave his mark upon this world by simply ignoring a statute that requires licenses for Fido, and in that tiny bit of defiance, Liberty grows stronger.

Town Hall by City Hall by County, and into the State House, and ultimately to the men and women we send to Washington on behalf of Idaho, we can make Liberty stronger simply by taking the power of Government and refusing to wield it improperly. Then III lawmakers can repeal or otherwise nullify bad laws. III Patriots sitting on the Bench can instruct jurors about nullification, and return the power to decide the law back into the hands of Citizens, where it belongs.

And the Bad Individuals who are removed from offices of power? Let 'em go back to California or Boston or whatever tyrannical bit of America that will have them.

If we can move 3,000 III families into a single community we can dominate local politics, either by supporting people who already live in Idaho who have good Souls, or we can pool our resources and finance our own candidates.

I believe such a course has the potential to inspire other Patriots across the country who may now feel isolated and outnumbered, dispirited and void of hope.

There is no quick fix to repeal generations of abuse by Bad People in government offices, nor is there a quick fix to halt and turn back the moral and intellectual decay that has been encouraged by Bad People for generations. The only way to accomplish a restoration of Liberty is to fight on every front, every day, until we are dead. And when we are gone, if we have raised our children properly they will continue the pursuit for themselves and their posterity.

Fight on every front. CA refers to it as the polygonal battlespace. Yes, even 2A is a Constitutional remedy to an abusive individual in Government. But let us not forget the other Constitutional weapons we possess.

One man can eat a cow, if he does so one bite at a time. One man can build a castle, if he breaks the task down to a manageable level and builds by setting one brick at a time. And Patriots can recover Liberty for ourselves and our Countrymen if we focus on replacing Bad People in government one individual at a time.

Time and momentum are enemies of this course. I remain convinced that economic Implosion is imminent. However, during and after an economic meltdown there will remain government in one form or another, and in the coming times of chaos and uncertainty, we may find our opportunity to make big gains in a short time.

But just like III Arms and the Citadel, and every other goal worth attaining, it will require hard work and it will require some of us to put our necks on the line. And it will take Patriots who have the guts to stand up and support those who put their necks on the line.

I am optimistic, because I have seen you all do exactly that. I have watched you step up and take a chance for Liberty. I watch daily as you work to reach our goals.

We've got this...

Think about it.


Zoomie: III to III & more

"Off topic (just a little) There should be tees and hoodies made by Zoomie. Put me down for 2 if they are offered."

That would be silly. What an outlandish idea. I've heard some goofy schemes in my day, but this one is a real knee-slapper, friendo.

For anyone who doesn't know, The Great and Talented Walter Zoomie does indeed have a place where you can buy some of his designs and show your support for the III, and the man who contributes so much outstanding artwork (and comedy) to our community.

Here's the link. Buy some gear.

I have a hoodie/shirt story to tell this weekend, right now I am just too ticked to write about it.

We also need to have a discussion about our Liberty Congress soon. Yes, it is still on, no worries there. I want to ask you all to weigh in regarding the tone and goals of the Congress as it fits with III Arms and the Citadel. We'll get into it next week sometime.

But right now, you should be going to Zazzle to peep Zoomie's III Gear, here.


Thursday, August 16, 2012


John Browning invented the 1911, which as you all know is deservedly iconic.

A few years later he had to build another pistol, but because he'd sold many of the patents in the 1911 he had to dig deep and build the new pistol without infringing his own work. The result? The Browning Hi Power, or P35. Chambered in 9mm, I was fortunate enough to own a Hi Power in my young-adult years, and it is a magnificent pistol. I mention the Hi Power just to remind people of the brilliance that the man possessed.

Over the last 2 weeks or so I have been in contact with about 18 custom 1911 shops across the country. Jim has been contacting builders as well as we look for the right relationship. Many of these builders you would know, some perhaps not. Many of the best shops have build times measured in 6-12 months, and more. That doesn't exactly fit with my timeline. For our prototypes we could always just buy a few Wilson models off the shelf and do a few modifications. Hard to find fault with the quality of the product - but nothing on the market hits my sweet spot. And the time involved with sending a new Wilson or Kimber back for tweaking puts us right back into the months-year+ waiting periods, just for our prototypes.

That isn't working for me.

I have had three world-class builders who are willing to build the prototypes we want, but their delay is nearly a year, and to be honest, they'd build a set of pistols that will not be our production models. They'd build pistols worth about 3 times the price point of our production pieces. Our prototypes must be identical in all respects (or darned close to it) to the units III Arms will turn out in production.

I am speaking with a very talented builder down in Texas who looks like a good fit at the moment. He builds first class 1911s, he can (probably) hit our timeline, and the prototypes you'll put in your hands will be the same pistol turned out by III Arms staff once we get fired up and online.

In all we have about 5 shops in serious discussions at the moment, but the Texas shop is my preference if we can get all of our ducks in a row. I have queries out to another dozen, waiting for initial email replies from them. I'll keep you in the loop.

Sorry to folks who wrote today and I have not yet replied - Holly and I unexpectedly found ourselves out and about most of the day. I was able to release a few comments for the blog, but email and my Droid make me nucking futs.

More IIIGear going out tomorrow.


Optimism is justified

Like many of you I feel very optimistic about our future.

The image above is from somewhere in Idaho.

Nothing we are doing, including III Arms and the Citadel, will change the course of America at large. Ugly events are imminent for the republic, and nothing a mere few thousand patriotic families choose to do will stop hundreds of millions of our Countrymen from their self-destructive course.

So be it.

What is within our power is the ability to get out of their way and let them suffer the stupidity they seem determined to bring down upon their heads. We have the power to step aside and take a defensive posture in a beautiful piece of America, engaging ourselves in productive endeavors, living with like-minded Patriots, choosing peace while keeping an eye on the horizon just in case any Bad People choose to make a mistake and come our way.

America became the power in the world for many reasons, not the least of which is our history of unbridled Free Enterprise. Bold Americans built railroads and the telegraph system, making fortunes, advancing the country, and giving honest work to many, many families. We will follow that model as we move forward. We will build a product that has tangible value to a great percentage of our Countrymen, and we will benefit from that business activity.

We will use the fruits of that labor to feed, clothe, house ourselves and keep ourselves safe, warm and happy. Not every Patriot needs to work directly for III Arms Company to benefit from the company. Indeed, the number of direct employees will be relatively small, as the business can only prudently employ so many Souls.

But the byproduct of a successful company is opportunity and prosperity for bold Americans who choose to leave their current location and establish home & hearth in the shadow of III Arms. One of our Patriots (and III Arms Founders) is a professional construction executive, and he has offered invaluable insights regarding the methods and costs of building our town. As a town grows there will be a need for every skillset, from a hair salon to heavy equipment operators, electricians to librarians to butchers to bar keeps.

If you feel the pressures and the grind of life, take a deep breath and look toward Idaho. Permit the potential to dance in your minds.

And for those of you who support this project yet have no intention of moving, just know the doors will always be open for you, even if you just wish to drop in to visit a growing town of people who see the world as do you.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Julie III - the nurse who has so selflessly helped Kenny and his family - thank you.

I suspect you read this blog on occasion, so please let me thank you personally for all you have done to help one of our own. You embody the best of the III.

Folks, here is the link to Kenny's place.

Let him know your thoughts, please.


Nothing worth succeeding is easy or free

A little more about III Arms.

We've got the business end of things progressing nicely, as noted in the post below this one. Now we are moving into meatier areas. Because III Arms is brand new, with an aggressive timeline for getting prototypes and production units built and into customer hands, there are a few steps we need to take that the average manufacturer can avoid. Getting a company FFL should be relatively straight forward, though time consuming. Before ATF will consider issuing an 07 (which is the FFL designation for a company that is permitted to manufacture) the company needs a physical space the local ATF Agent can visit and inspect, and that meets all state and local zoning codes. Once we have a suitable space and we submit the paperwork to ATF, they usually rule within 60 days.

Step 2 for being legally allowed to manufacture is to satisfy the State Department and pay their ITAR tax, which is a bit more than $2k. They can take 90 days to 1 year to issue the license, and only then is III Arms Company legally permitted to build the first firearm and deliver to a customer. So, you may be asking, how do you intend to deliver product by November 6th?!

That's a fair question. But before I can answer it, you need to know one more tidbit.

We are 99% sure of the following, and need an attorney to give us the green light before we go much further on this path. Only a licensed FFL holder may accept money from a customer for the purchase of a firearm. That FFL holder must be an 07 (manufacturer) or an 01 (your average gun shop license, a FFL 01 is a dealer license). Lucky for us, we have several 01s in our ranks, and Jim is an 01 who is already carrying a lot of weight for us all.

So, to satisfy the State Department and BATFE here is the model we are noodling through at the moment: Our current 01 will accept orders and payments from customers, then he will pay the 07 who is building our initial production firearms. When the firearm is ready, it will either ship directly from the 07 manufacturer to the customers FFL (gun shop) or it will ship back to our 01, and then out to the customers gun shop for pick up.

This looks legal from my research and Jim's, so next week we'll get an attorney involved who specializes in BATFE matters and get a written opinion from him/her so we know we are on safe ground. It won't be cheap, but it will be priceless. Once we have that opinion, I think we'll go and sit down with the proper people at ATF and see if they have any problem with the arrangement.

I can't stress this enough: We will make sure every party involved is on safe legal ground before we take a step. We must have a good relationship with BATFE and we must be standing on solid legal ground. If we are cavalier or arrogant and they shut us down, the entire project hits a brick wall at full speed.

We will use this business model for as long as necessary (Using an outside company that is already licensed as a manufacturer). During this time we'll be selling units and delivering them to customers, while putting the profit margin in the bank for III Arms, and slowly building our own infrastructure. Once we have all of the III Arms ducks in a row (A company FFL, trained gunsmiths, facility and required equipment) we'll begin moving production in-house.

This process simply can not be rushed. During this time the company will be sending Jim and at least 2-3 other III Patriots who are selected to be our core builders to several high-quality gunsmithing courses with some of the most renown 1911 custom builders in the country. If all goes well, our building team should be ready just about the time our FFL is approved and our ITAR paperwork is complete. Once we are ready to start building on our own, that will be the time our core build team will need to move to Idaho.

Do you want to be among that team? First, let me know. Second, use this time in these days to learn as much as you can about serious gunsmithing. Go to your local gunsmith and ask if you can intern and learn from him. Learn to weld and other machinist skills. Learn what you can about running a CNC system. Check your local community college and see if they have any classes that will help you. Study as much as you can about the art and science of metals and gunsmithing.

Please don't hate me if you apply and don't get selected right away. The first core group has to be selected carefully. I promise I will find a way to use everyone who wants to be in the company, but we have to approach this as a hardcore business.

We've got our Trademark secured, which is awesome. There is much to do before we can sell our first pistol made by the hands of our own people, and we will get there as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we are working right now to find the best established 07 (manufacturer) to build for us until we can do it ourselves.

There is a side benefit to this arrangement. The first 1000 or so pistols sold by III Arms will become collectors items because they may or may not be marked on the frame as "Built by III Arms Company". The rules require the actual manufacturer to mark the frame with his company information. So if we contract with ABC Inc. to manufacture our first 1000 pistols, he may have no choice but to stamp "ABC MFG" on the frame of our pistols. We will of course also have our III graphics lasered onto these pistols, and there are 2 ways that we may even have "Made by III Arms Company" stamped on the frames, even when being built by our contracted 07. We can apply for a variance with ATF or we can license our name to our contracted builder. If we can get that in place, then all pistols, even the first 1000 will bear our name only.

I hope I am explaining these details and possible scenarios articulately. I've had more than a week to digest this stuff, so don't feel bad if it reads like Greek.

Here is an important bit of information: Any III Arms pistol or rifle sold that is manufactured by a contracted third party will have a collectors value once we evolve and move everything in-house. Kinda like having a Babe Ruth Rookie card, if you get my drift.

I learned a LOT about the business end of the firearms industry by studying the great Harry Sanford and the problems he hit while trying to get the legendary Auto Mag in production. We won't make those mistakes.

Much of this is inside baseball, watching how the sausage is made. Many of you won't care how we get it done, so long as we do get it done. Others will be pleased to be kept in the loop. I hope this post hasn't bored the heck out of you.

So, our immediate goal is to get our prototypes built and out into the community. While that is happening, we'll be crafting our marketing campaign.

The question was asked about the possibility of assigning special serial numbers for our Founders who choose to buy a pistol - the answer is yes. We'll get that done.

The prototypes will be the most valuable firearms the company ever sells, probably. I haven't decided how to use them yet, but I think auctioning them to raise a bit more operating capital would be a prudent move.

Know this: You have entrusted me with the task of getting III Arms launched and successful, and I take such obligations deathly seriously. No impediment will kill this project. There will be challenges, and they will be defeated.

III Arms Company will succeed in our goal of offering an industry around which Patriots can build lives in our community. The success of this project is more important than any individual. The stakes are too high to waste time with unmotivated people.

We've got this...

Yours in Liberty.


III Arms Update

**Update** We are rolling forward, folks. Holly deposited the last of the Founders checks today, so your accounts should note the difference soon. The company name has been accepted by Idaho, and we are just waiting for the paperwork package to be returned to us. They say it may take as many as 3 weeks, but they've been moving faster than that for us. I'll let everyone know when the paperwork is back. We've also got our Fed EIN, so we are good with the big guys.


Hi folks,

We'll be starting a Founders Only email list next week so Founding members can be in the loop without putting all of the minutia on the blog in public. We'll still talk about general issues on the blog, but there are certain inner-workings that don't need to be broadcast publicly. Look for this to begin early next week.

**Founding Members** If you do not want to be included in the email list, OR you do not want to be known to your fellow Founders, let me know in email, please. Both positions are perfectly understandable if you want to remain private. If anyone wishes to remain incognito we'll simply do the list as a BCC for those members, or leave them off entirely if that's the preference. There will be questions asked from time to time seeking the consensus of the Founders, and I also think many of you may like to know one another. But I am here to make sure you have the level of anonymity or complete non-involvement you want, so let me know.

Here's where we stand at the moment: Twitter and Facebook are up and running, managed by Leslie & Jim respectively. Leslie has been working for weeks on an overall marketing strategy and Jim is positioned perfectly to help us with production and QC management, and he has a sharp business mind. We are in the very final stages of determining which custom shop will get the contract to build the prototypes, what frame/pistol they'll build on, options, custom markings, et cetera. Once the build details are settled and in progress the next step is to turn full attention on our core marketing program with Leslie. We have many Founders and others with professional skills who have offered their time and energy to help as they can, and I will be reaching out to them as things fall in place. We have IT guys, graphics guys, accountants. I'd still like an attorney who is a III Patriot involved, so if you are able and willing, let me know. This project must be done right, and we must make FedGov give us the nod in order to avoid an adversarial relationship. To do that, we need a III/Patriotic legal counselor.

At the moment, for those interested, everything looks to be on schedule for having the prototypes at Brock's PatCom in early October. I'm not sure if I will be free, but Jim has very kindly agreed to escort the prototypes to NC and let everyone check our work. One of our Founders has a training weekend just before Brock's gig, and if we have a prototype ready, we'll get one to him for that in PA. We'll have to then work out the rest of the T&E schedule.

I want our first production piece to be delivered to our first customer on Buy a Gun Day, November 6th. Several details need to be worked out between here and there, but that's our target.

Total Founding Members: 40, give or take a couple either way. We'll have a final number soon. While I won't give our final financial total, I am proud to say we met our $25k goal, with a bit more because so many of you are darned serious about helping to make this happen. Several Founders sent us $250 to get in before the deadline, and promised more during the next 60 days. That extra revenue will help tremendously when it arrives.

Founders: I know intimately well that many of you had to dig deep to hit the $250. I will never forget your effort. One of you even offered to help close the gap to our goal if we came up short - that is the caliber of Patriots who are part of this group of Founders.

And I know many of you wanted desperately to be Founders and simply could not reach the $250 goal. In my mind, your desire counts greatly, and we will find a way to bring you into the fold, one way or another. The desire to help is as important to the success of III Arms as is the ability to cut a check or send your gold & silver, which several of you did. Every single one of you represent the heart of this venture. My contribution is the least significant as I look around at the collection of you Patriots. I'm just the guy with the idea, and I'll keep skin in the game and sacrifice anything I must to ensure III Arms is a success. Just so you know, my lovely wife is 100% engaged and will be a significant resource that will become evident as things evolve.

I am very proud to stand with you all.

Summary: Prototypes are nearly ready to be built and modified. Production details in the works, marketing in the works, and getting prototypes in III Patriots hands in the works.

More later.


Social Security needs ammo, too...

We know FedGov intends to begin putting armed guards at SSA offices, so the ammo will probably be used by them. Maybe. It's .357 Sig, not sure who is issued that caliber in the FedGov army.

Either way, this is all a continuation of the arming of FedGov across all agencies that began many years ago.

It is also a great excuse to squirrel away caches of ammo in unlikely FedGov locations for later use, in the event they can't re-supply their minions in a Ruckus.

DHS is apparently adding to their 450 million rounds of .40 cal. Now, we know there are about 800,000 LEO of all flavors across America. We know that most of them do not carry .40s. So, are they buying pallets of .40 pistols as well, or parts for refurbishing them? Having a mountain of ammo is useless if you have no pistols because you've burned them out.

None of this really matters, of course. We know the plan. They are merely prepping for the Ruckus, the same as you should be doing.

Here's the link on SSA from Rich T.


Catechism on the Constitution

I will be getting a copy.

Here's the link from Paratus Familia.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good for the Goose is good for the Gander...

I remain firmly convinced that Americans can, and will, dig deep in the face of tyranny and prevail. The herd will be culled, but at the end of the day, Liberty will stand.

Our plan to build a community together is a defensive measure, a means of remaining as safe as possible while combining all of our resources to stand thousands strong. Our resources go far beyond merely watching one anothers backs. I promise you we have a serious brain-trust headed to Idaho. We also have a strong concentration of American FU-programmed DNA headed to blue skies.

One of my Uncle's early lessons as he handed me a pistol to shoot was a simple caution not to put too much faith in a firearm. His wisdom: They didn't build just one and then quit.

His point: The other guy may have one too. He may know what you know. He may even know more, and be meaner.

Bad People can build guns, and so can Good People. Bad People can build safe No-Go zones, so can we. Bad People know where we live? That's a two-way street.

Deacon Matson linked to a good article about how to fortify your home if you choose, here. It is not a matter of being undefeatable, it is a matter of raising the cost of an attack to a level the enemy is unwilling to pay. He also supports my larger point with this post, where he briefly discusses a Drone Manufacturing company he is helping to launch - drones for FreeFor.

They didn't make one and then quit...


A Storm is coming...

NWS orders ammo...

Do you understand?

Here's the link, found first at Drudge.


Monday, August 13, 2012

NC PatCom: III Arms on display if all goes well!

Brock has kindly agreed to let III Arms show off a few of the 1911 Prototypes at his PatCom, if we hit our schedule deadlines. At this moment I have no doubt we'll be on schedule and proudly passing the prototypes around to Patriots in October in North Carolina.

If you can attend Brock's gig I highly encourage you to do so. It is by getting together and building bonds that we build the III.

Here's the link.

Thank you, Brock!


LEO doing Traffic Stops in Armor

Update: David (NCRenegade) is having some fact-checking done on this. I'll make the link hot again if it checks out.


...and we're not talking about body armor.

Here's the story from LT at NCRenegade.


Building the III


I have been considering many avenues of increasing our Brand, growing our community with people who think as do we, and helping individual Patriots who want or need a new or additional revenue stream.

We have decided to build III Branded firearms, and we have a very small quota required to hit our short-term profit margins. Whether we decide to sell directly to the public or sell to gun shops, we should be able to hit our target numbers pretty easily. There are tens of thousands of retail shops out there, we need to get our product on the shelves of 1500 shops to hit our sales goal - that should be a gimme. Or, we need to sell to 1500 individuals. Either way we choose to pursue our sales, financial success for our immediate goals should not be a bridge too far.

One opportunity I have been considering, especially for III Patriots who do not intend to move to Idaho, is to help interested Patriots to get into the gun shop business.

Consider: IIIGear already has dealer accounts with Condor, KA-BAR, Cold Steel, US Palm, and opening new accounts is merely a matter of talking to the company we want to represent and submitting our initial order. This means IIIGear has access to wholesale gear. Soon III Arms will be able to offer wholesale pricing.

One of the biggest hindrances to opening a new gun shop is the start-up costs. Buying the stuff needed to fill the shelves is not cheap, especially when every vendor demands you to buy $500 or $1000 worth of product on your initial order. Browning Firearms wants a $7,500 initial order to buy their products, and that is just one firearms line. But, if you were to have IIIGear at your back, able to help fill the shelves for opening day without forcing you to invest the money required to open 30 different vendor accounts, Opening Day just got easier.

The Patriot would need to qualify for an FFL 01 from ATF and be able to sign a lease for a shop space wherever you decide to open. You'd still need some start-up capital to pay your landlord, buy your insurance, and cover the cost of a basic start-up package of inventory, but the business model has reduced that burden down to the size of a nut most can crack.

Can your area support another gun shop, especially a patriotic shop?

Just something to think about for a while. I've been noodling it through for a while now, and refining the concept. This brief post doesn't begin to cover all the details, of course, but it is a primer. And consider the advantages of having the III Brand beginning to infiltrate towns and suburbs through local gun shops.

The goal is III to III. If we can all work together to help individual Patriots succeed, we all succeed. The III Brand succeeds. In the end, Liberty succeeds.

If you are building or running a small Tribe in your area, a gun shop could be your revenue stream. Just as the Citadel will be built upon the III Arms factory, your Tribe could use your own business the same way. You'd be in charge of your future. And as times get tougher, gun shops will become more and more successful.

No, you won't become a millionaire running a gun shop. But you could establish a solid cash flow for your Tribe. And if the worst comes one day, you'd have a store full of essential gear and hard assets to hand out to allies.

Once III Arms is up and running, this networking avenue may hold promise for many.

Think about it.