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Monday, August 27, 2012

Consider: No Liberals or RINOs...

Consider a community of 3,000 households without a Liberal in town.

Consider 3,000 households where traditional American values are the norm, not the exception. Consider 3,000 families who are trained in the art of the rifle, who have at least 90 days of food in the pantry, who never have to worry about de-programming little Billy when he comes home from school.

Consider 3,000 families who will never vote to raise the taxes on their neighbors, will never stick their noses in their neighbors business, will never cry at a town council meeting because a neighbor has the audacity to fly a flag - be it Gadsden, Stars & Stripes, or the Southern Battle Flag.

Consider three thousand families free to carry anywhere they choose within the walls of the community, for they will live on private property and all retailers that sign leases (even places like movie theatres that might normally ban handguns) will agree to permit handguns and long arms on the premises, or they will be denied the right to conduct business in our community.

Consider a medical system that excludes third-party meddlers that serve no purpose but to raise costs and degrade services.

Consider a place filled with patriotic Americans who understand and believe in the principle of III to III.

Consider daily life in such a town for you, your spouse, your children.

Consider the future you can create for yourself among such neighbors, if you choose to indulge in a bit of entrepreneurial free enterprise.

Consider a community in which the only people who do not have a job are the people who do not want or need a job, because free enterprise flourishes.

Just consider it, and see if you can name even one other community in America that would offer, even ensure, such Liberty.