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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Idaho welcomes III Arms Company

Every major achievement in the world began with an idea and a first step.

We had an idea and have taken a few small steps toward our goal.

Today we learned that the State of Idaho has approved our paperwork and III Arms Company is a legal entity. Congratulations, Patriots!

Right now we are building a company. As soon as we are able we will begin to build a town filled with Patriots.

Many aspects of III Arms and the Citadel will advance at the same time. In fact, they are already advancing. One of our Founders is a construction professional, and he's sent me absolutely great information to help with getting my head around our options, cash needs, et cetera. Several other Patriots have also begun digging into the meat of the Citadel and III Arms, and this is why I know we are in the early stages of a monumental success.

I have run several businesses. I have had a large number of employees working for my company and as any businessman will tell you, the strongest motivation one is ever likely to find in an employee is a paycheck.

Yet we have dozens of very motivated, smart and experienced people digging in to help III Arms succeed. We are all working together with a passion I have never once found in an employee. We are working together for a common goal that is greater than a simple profit motive.

We've got this, Patriots. The only things between us and stunning, rapid success are details. If we all keep our heads and hearts in this project, we'll have thousands of Patriot families living together in a very few short years.

We are on the bull right now, folks. The gate is about to open and we've got to hold on for our 8 seconds...