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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No Liberals or RINOs - but what about Mama Soprano?

Just another tidbit to let rattle in your braincase: Patriot family moves into the Citadel and then mom or dad back in Boston gets old and sick. I think most of us are the sort who will do what is needed to take care of mom and dad, regardless of their politics.

But how do the residents of the Citadel deal with it? A crankly old Liberal dad at the diner every morning on a soapbox about how Jefferson was a pedophile...

Sure, that's a worst case scenario, but plausible.

One or two such parents is not a big deal. But we all have parents or siblings or aunts/uncles we may be required to care for in their final years. Some of them may not appreciate our lifestyle, and in my experience, most old folks don't bother with the polite filter as they get older. ;)

Is a separate building outside the walls an answer? That may work for some. Others will want mom or dad living in the home.

Think about it.

Separate issue, one that has been raised by a few of our Founders: What about Patriots who live in the Citadel and grow older, to the point that living alone is no longer prudent? Personally I see an assisted living building. As with the above topic, we take care of our own.

Feel free to weigh in here, or just let the topics roll around in your noggins for a while.

What about divorce, especially if both adults want to stay inside the walls, but residences have sold out?