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Sunday, September 30, 2012

III Arms: November 6th

It was just a few months ago we in this III Community considered an Arms company to finance a III community.

And here we are.

Where will we be?

Your III Arms Company has products, a President, a media plan.  Unknowns still include price points and delivery timeline.  But those questions will be answered within the next 30 days.

Here is the question that is beyond the control of the people employed by III Arms: How many Patriots will buy III Arms rifles and 1911s?

November 6th is Buy a Gun Day.  It is Election Day.  It is also the first day that III Arms will accept orders for firearms.  It is a very big deal for the company that the number of orders placed on November 6th be a very big number.  The number of orders placed on that day will inform the people in the company what sort of success the company can expect with initial offerings.  Right now the company has advertised to a finite and generally quantified number of motivated people.  The number of orders will be a good representation of what can be expected as advertising reach is widened.

Orders will be taken online at the III Arms website.  That form will go live at the right time.

How many firearms will be ordered?  25?  50?  100?  Twenty five units would be a good day.

One hundred units ordered on D-Day will result in families moving to Idaho in December.

Help III Arms hit the goals. How can you help?  When the time is right (Jim will make the announcement) if every single one of you goes out into the gun blogs and follows Bonnie Gadsden's lead and you tell the world the company exists, that they are accepting orders, you will help drive customers to III Arms.

So, if you intend to purchase a III Arms firearm, please consider placing that order on Day One, D-Day, November 6, 012.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tribe in the North West

Patriots are gathering tomorrow in Spokane at the Preparedness Expo.

I think it is intended to be an informal Meet & Greet as Patrots set eyes on one another for the first time, and then explore the Expo and check out the latest and greatest.

It matters who has your back.

It matters who you choose to never have your flank.

I believe most of the Patriots who have met at PatComs have had a positive experience, and walked away feeling better in one manner or another.  I think anyone who has the opportunity to meet Miss Violet and passes up the chance is making a mistake.  ;)  I hear she knows how to make elderberry wine.

Here's the link to her place.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Important Poll at III Arms

Let us know what he can expect from you on Nov 6th!

Poll is here.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Important III Arms Post

Click Here.

And by the way: III Arms Company just registered its toll-free phone number.  It isn't live yet, but will be in a fewweeks - so don't call anytime soon. 

Oh, the number? 

855-III-Arms, of course!


III Arms Website

Dan is one of those great Patriots who is helping us with his professional skills, and I am deeply indebted to him for the effort.

Go take a look at www.IIIArmsCompany.com and cruise our website.

We'll be adding to it in the near future - stuff like order forms, option forms, links...

If any of you need a professional to help with your web presence, leave Dan a note here in comments!

Thanks, Dan!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DumpDC: Real Money

Many of you know Russ over at DumpDC.  Russ is a hardcore secessionist, and believes it is the only viable way for Liberty to survive.

I have debated hard in the last 2 years against secession.  I still do - but I have to admit it is merely an argument of semantics at this point.

You see, I am leading the charge for a Tribe to bail out of the line of fire, to build walls and stay safe, fed, and ready to defend liberty after everyone else has winded themselves.  That is, by any definition, getting out of Dodge - secession in a very physical way if not ideological.  The only real difference between what Russ advocates now and what I am advocating for the immediate future is that I still see a future for the Constitution.

But I have to admit that I stand with Russ fully in this: Secede, so far as seceding means getting the hell out of the way.  Let the fools and idiots do what they intend to do with their violence and greed, and after they've all killed themselves and one another, folks like Russ and others left standing can figure out the politics of moving forward.

The immediate topic at hand is a bank.  An overwhelming percentage of people who intend to move to the Citadel in Idaho want a bank that will operate on the Lakota model: 100% reserve and dealing in hard metals.

Anyone out there want to be a banker?

I simply don't have the time, the energy, and in all honesty, the expertise.

But one of you does.  One of you has an opportunity right this moment to use Free Enterprise for the good of yourself and your fellow Countrymen.  Maybe you can't do it alone.  Maybe a few of you will have to join together.  Maybe the best answer for today is to simply offer the Lakota folks a branch inside our walls, but I'm not certain if they can operate off the reservation.

But any one of you with common sense can succeed at this project.  Simply mint your own coins that have no face value, simply a weight and purity.  Check with a good lawyer to make sure Uncle Sugar won't slap you around.  I'm not sure how you might handle it if Big Uncle gets desperate and decides to confiscate all gold and silver (again), but that's an issue for another discussion.

Someone reading this post or Russ' post (here) has what it takes to advance Liberty and genuine Free Enterprise, right now.

Any takers?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spokane Preparedness Expo & Mini PatCom

A reminder for all Patriots able to attend the September 30th Expo in Spokane - touch base with Miss Violet and meet several local Patriots who are taking advantage of the Expo to Meet & Greet.

Here's the link to the details.


Muslim-led nations seek global ban on insults of Muhammad

Just in case anyone may have it twisted, there will not be a Mosque in the Citadel.


Call me what you will.

Islam is not a religion.

Here's a link to the column in the title.

Oh - Fuck Mo'.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beware Fake Precious Metals

You know the real criminals in society will make fakes.

The real Crime Lords (.gov) will make your gold illegal when it suits them.

NCRenegade has a few tips, here.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let's begin to migrate our conversations

Let's continue our discussions above about Command Structure and our initial Agreement here on this blog.  Once we reach our conclusions we can place the final version on the new blog. 

But in the meantime, watch the new blog for other topics that we'll begin right away.  You'll also notice on both new blogs that several writers will be posting.



Bloggers, please add them both to your blog roll so we can make them both a success!


Buchanan paints the picture

Federal, state and local government together now consume 37 percent of the economy. Can we not see where this is leading us, by looking at Spain or Italy — or California?

One facet of the Citadel that entices and excites me very much: We will not ask for a dime from any Government entity.

We will not be part of the problem.

We will be part of the solution.

And when Government inevitably Implodes because they spend too much, we will remain standing tall and able to care for ourselves.

Here's PJB's column.


Friday, September 21, 2012

III Arms & Citadel Polls

Hi folks, please take a sec and answer the polls on the right when you can.  All of these questions are relevant and your answers help me take one direction or another.

I am proud to say that the Citadel is moving almost as fast as III Arms.

By the way, please let Jim know on Facebook if you intend to buy a III Arms 1911 and.or a III Arms AR.  I'd like to know if we are moving in a direction you like.

Thank you!


III Arms Company Blog

III Arms is growing up, folks.

The company blog is live, here.

It'll start slow, limited to III Arms business and firearms in general.  Several writers will be participating, so feel free to drop in.

III Bloggers - I hope you'll add III Arms blog to your blogroll!

Here's the site.


And that's how you do that...

Do you think we have motivated people working on this project, or what!?

Here's the link.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

NC PatCon: 2 Weeks and counting...

Brock and his Team have an update regarding their upcoming PatCom. 

My 2 cents: Genuine Patriots are hard to find, and you will find many at Brock's place in just over 2 weeks.  Consider a road trip even if you are not close - I personally know several are coming from as far north as Pennsylvania, and I would hope every Patriot in the Mid-Atlantic would give serious consideration to take this opportunity to meet Brock and the others who will be there.

And you'll get to meet Jim and put your hands on III Arms pistols and rifles.  Your pistols and rifles.

We are Patriots who do more than moan, groan and bitch about our world.

Meet more like us at Brock's place.

Here's the update.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Miss K's World

Miss K has the proper amount of FU gene, methinks.  ;)



III Arms: A Taste

So you want a sneak peek of what III Arms intends to bring to market?

Look at this final from Jim on one of the AR prototypes builds. Holly says your work is "absolutely exquisite", and she has a trained artistic eye.

Go over to Facebook and let him know you recognize the talent, and start thinking of how you will want your III Arms rifle & 1911 finished.

More here, and more coming soon...


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

III Arms: Website

Take a peek, here.

Thanks Dan!


Liberty Congress

I understand some are disappointed because I am shifting the date of the Liberty Congress. Fair enough.

Sorry. The groundwork simply is not ready and will not be ready by November 3rd.

I have set a date for April 13-15 in the Spring. It is open for alternatives.

Here's a reality: In months of promoting this online we've had 36 people commit to attend. For that I am grateful. In the last 2 weeks, I have had 4 people quietly write and bow out, usually for scheduling conflicts.

I was at TL's Guardians event, with CA. Three people on a corner in DC. I was at Mercer, promoted for many months as a national event with a turnout of 40 or so. That was a national call, and most of those attending were relatively local. Most PatComs had an average of 5-7 people.

In a city that has protests every single week and weekend of the year, any crowd of less than 5000 people in DC will not even make local news. Because of the message and tone with which we will deliver that message, I am willing to hit DC with 300 allies, because I can spin the Spartan PR angle. But we do not have even 10% of that number.

It would be irresponsible of me to ask people who have committed to show up here for another flop event, several are coming from the west coast. It does more damage to personal budgets than is tolerable. It does more to injure the III than to help put us on the radar.

I am not willing to do damage to the III when it is avoidable.

As III Arms and the Citadel are promoted this fall and winter we will promote the Liberty Congress as well. Help us reach critical mass, instead of allowing us to be just 30 or so Patriots standing on the steps of the Capitol.

There are thousands of people who read this blog and other Liberty blogs in our community every day. I am honest enough with myself to know when an event does not have the support of even our own. The people who are willing to come here, no matter what, are willing to take it on the chin for the thousands who won't even bother. Many of them would end up spending $1-$4 thousand dollars for the weekend - just so they could stand with 20-30 others on the steps of the Capitol.

Sorry, that is asking too much. That money can be better spent elsewhere, until we have a crowd on the steps of the Capitol large enough to warrant the expense.

I'm not interested in martyring anyone. I will continue my efforts with III Arms and the Citadel, where there is far more support. And as the Liberty Congress builds momentum along the way, great.


Monday, September 17, 2012

III: Updates & Fall Schedule & Liberty Congress & More

III Arms: Jim's latest pictured above. Sweet. Here's more.

III Arms and the Citadel have evolved over the last 2-3 months, and have ascended to Priority One. As a result I have not been able to hit gun shows as planned to collect signatures and properly promote the Liberty Congress. Holly and I looked at the schedule and the tasks we have to accomplish, and have decided to make a few adjustments.

Since the primary means of promoting the III Arms prototypes will be booths at large gun shows over the fall and winter so that potential customers can physically put their hands on the weapons, we've decided to push the Liberty Congress into the Spring. We've chosen April 13-15 2013 on the National Mall. The 15th (Tax Day) is Monday, and our event will benefit because so many other groups host events on the Mall on Tax weekend.

The plan remains the same, only the dates have changed. Your Liberty Congress shirts are not dated, so they remain useful. As our reps travel to major gun shows over the fall/winter, III Patriots will either share the booth or buy the next booth, and promote our organization and the Liberty Congress, get signatures on our Declaration, et cetera.

IIIGear: Hoodies/t-shirts. I've spoken with a few of you recently about hoodies and more importantly, recent t-shirt orders. In all of my years in business I have never had a more frustrating and embarrassing FUBAR/SNAFU than our 2 recent hoodie/shirt orders. As you know when I fist offered hoodies it was with the caveat that we'd place the order once we had the minimum orders in hand. Well, that took 3 freekin' months, and we STILL did not have our minimum, despite more than 50 people who "committed" to buying the hoodies. In the end I just said F'it and ordered the minimum along with a big shirt order.

I placed the hoodie/shirt order with our original shirt printer, and what "FINALLY" arrived at my shop was a ClusterFoxtrot. I sent it all back and had to wait for our refund. I have since ordered with another vendor (8 dozen shirts as well as hoodies) and it is expected in the next 2-4 weeks.

At the moment I have one (1), yes, one single III shirt in stock, a medium in OD.

As I have said a hundred times before - anyone who is tired of waiting for shirts/hoodies, email me and we'll send your money back.

I'm done talking about shirts/hoodies for this post, because I am grinding my teeth.

Other III Gear: I know many of you finally rec'd packages last week and today, and more has shipped. I have a couple items that were backordered from Condor (XXL Crossdraw Vests, for example), Cold Steel and 1 model of KA-BAR. As soon as the knives show up, I will send them to CADD for engraving, then to you. As may of you know we have been using standard #10 envelopes to send patches (1-3 quantity) for more than a year. Saturday when Holly and I showed up at the Post Office with a batch of about 35 envelopes filled with patches, they informed us we had to use large, cardboard envelopes from now on. So, a bunch of you owed patches, they are coming, but are being re-packaged.

In all honesty IIIGear is labor intensive for the few bucks from each order that helps promote the III. I'm not sure what we'll be doing with it in the near future. I am not the kind of guy who likes making people wait for orders, and since the 527 is not large enough to keep a fat inventory, it is too often that people end up waiting too long for basic orders, and it doesn't sit well with my business senses.

Birmingham: I'm not going to bother with the Alabama gun show/PatCom in the middle of October. If luck happens to shine on us, we'll be at the Indy 1500 gun show instead with our prototypes.

Citadel: Holly and I are headed west very soon. As mentioned, we have meetings with several county officials from several counties to discuss how much they'd like to have us in their back yard. My sincere thanks to Mike C. for a great primer he put together to help us through those upcoming meetings.

III Arms & Citadel: I am very proud to see so many of you fully embracing the Citadel and III Arms, preparing business plans, and looking forward to a life amongst our own.

More later.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

III Arms: AR Update

**UPDATE** Citadel folks: Please take a moment and answer the 3 polls at right. The newest one will be a big help in laying the groundwork for the Citadel.


AR: The man has skills - and he's not done yet.

Are you an AR shooter? This is one of the builds being put together by Millerized for III Arms.

Citadel folks: Begin to consider firearms and ammo inter-changeability and requirements for each household. Should every home agree to have at least one firearm in each of the major calibers? If the world does go to a SHTF period, who knows what may be available?

Anyway, here's the link to Jim's latest handiwork.


Mo's Film Maker Arrested - but wait, there's more...

Just something to think about: The film maker was on probation. Once you get hit with a charge, the normal rules of society simply do not apply to you any longer. This guy simply does not have 1A any longer.

Lawfare. Look it up. It is the use of law to smear and otherwise take a potential "enemy" out of play by putting him in prison and ruining his credibility.

You already grumble that you can't go a single day without committing a few felonies.

So, you know it is real.

Need more proof?

Look at the list of "Prohibited Persons" who are having their 2A Rights infringed.

It used to be only those filthy damned Felons!

Then the list grew to mental patients. Can't have whack-a-doos running around with an Uzi! But a whack-a-doo isn't just a guy or gal who has been committed to an institution, drooling on himself from thorazine and shock therapy. No, now a whack-a-doo can be just a guy on a television show about Preppers.

Ah, but then they added anyone accused of a crime to the list. Catch a charge, and LEO takes your guns.

But wait, there's more.

Get accused of Domestic Violence, guns are gone. Get convicted, guns remain gone.

Now they are pushing for anyone who has ever smoked pot to be added to the list. And those dangerous folks on the No-Fly lists, too! Just ask Schumer.

Next? Speeders and red-light runners prove they have a cavalier disregard for the law and the safety of fellow citizens! Take their guns!

Why do you think the Left and Establishment are working so hard to define "Radical Right Wing Extremists"? One day the speech of we "Radical Right Wing Extremists" will be classified as violent, and then they will have the "legal" authority to take your 2A.


The next time you hear a guy or gal is a filthy f'n criminal, I would hope you'd pay attention to more than merely the news reports and the Press Release from the Prosecutors Office. Even the outcome of the case should be highly suspect. Consider this: If you were accused of a serious charge, would you want 12 of your co-workers on the jury? How about a few teachers from your kids school? I'd be willing to bet you wouldn't even want a few of your family members on that jury.

And if you think a guilty plea is the same as guilty, I simply can't help you.

Remember when the current administration said they were working on Gun Control "under the radar"? Well, there it is...

But once a man has been hit with a case, any case, his place in "Respectable Society" is forever altered.

Think about how many "crimes" you commit every week. Now think about how easy it would be to make it look like you committed a crime...

And if you think you'll simply tell the truth to a jury and walk away, you are a very naive Soul. Can't happen to you? You poor, poor Soul.

My naivete nearly killed me. Once.

Now I know.

They should have killed me when they had the chance.

Polygonal Battlespace. You forget this reality at your peril.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

NC PatCom: Update Here

Brock has posted updates regarding his PatCon. Schedules, prizes and more.

Here's the rest.


Bill Nye: We Came, We Saw, He Died...

I wake up every day with a feeling of invigoration, regardless how much of the world continues to deteriorate, I understand the flow of emotions are similar to what our founders felt, we will be given a opportunity for freedom, the best part will be the fight, standing up and declaring the shackles no longer bind.

Bill gets it.

The window of opportunity will be brief.

Be ready to plunge the spear. Be patient, but be ready...

Here's the rest.


The March Toward Implosion

A quick scan of the headlines on any given day is sufficient for most of us to conclude that the fast march toward economic Implosion is progressing with abandon.

I remain convinced that the Doom & Gloom that will visit America will begin in earnest with a sudden pop of the bubble that is the economy. Ben is simply printing dollars and giving them to Bad People, who use those dollars as fuel to power further toward destruction. Most of us understand the fundamental reason for our devolution as a country: The moral fiber of the average American is torn.

When the "Economy" finally sags under the weight of the lies that have been inflating the bubble there will once again be financial execs leaping from buildings, and soon after will begin the disruption of Just-in-Time deliveries, and soon after, probably 72 hours or so if History remains accurate, the riots will begin and then grow daily. Then all of the Doom & Gloom scenarios become possible.

When someone throws a punch at your nose or a bullet at your chest, the prudent move is to get off the line of attack. Don't be where the punch or bullet travels. That is precisely the premise behind the Citadel. Some of us have chosen to find people who think as do we, move into a neighborhood together, removed from the direct lines of attack, rioting, hunger, disease that will follow, and cover one anothers back.

National headlines and recent events in our own little part of the Internet should remind us all how important it will be to choose carefully who will live among us. It should have every single one of you working out remedies in your minds about how we will deal with people who reveal themselves to be less-than-tolerable as neighbors in a Citadel setting in a SHTF world. Recent events should have all of you focused like a laser on the fact that just because a person claims to be a "Patriot" just like you, just a little scratching of the surface reveals a different truth.

I hope you are hardening your hearts. The storm coming for us will be epic.

On the other side of the storm let us hope that a small colony of people who genuinely appreciate Jefferson's Rightful Liberty will be able to influence the direction of the remnants of society.

Until then, remember that every major city and metro area in America has an "Establishment" army, being outfitted with tools of war by FedGov, probably because prudent people in FedGov anticipate they will lose the ability to project Federal/Establishment force at some point.

Let us hope that vacuum of power works to our benefit, that we have chosen our neighbors wisely, and we have prudently set aside a sufficient set of preps and tools to not only survive, but to prevail and give Liberty a second chance.

If you and I fail, Liberty will die on the planet.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Founders #6

Hi folks,

We sent Founders #6 email a while ago. Let me know if it doesn't show up in your mailbox.

We are moving forward on all fronts, most visible, some not.

As we have already seen there are many people even within the "Patriot" community who do not want III Arms to succeed. Why? Some may be professional provocateurs. Some are simply coveting. Some are simply crabs trying to prevent other crabs from escaping the basket. Some see this all as an online playground, rather than a place where serious Patriots gather for Liberty. A few sad and diseased Souls simply haven't tasted a backfist in a while.

Focus on success and the rest will take care of itself.

Remember, if you have the ability to make it to North Carolina to meet some great Patriots in about three weeks, drop Brock a note at his place, here. Good food, good people, and III Arms Prototypes will be on site!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drink your tea, eat your rice, wear your clothes...

Three percent of our current population is about 10 million people.

Have you seen any proof at all that we have 10 million people in America who add anything positive to the gene pool when they breed?

Just a thought before sleep.



Today is a IIIGear day. Sorry folks, the last 3-4 weeks have been very difficult for getting IIIGear orders rolled out the door. Several orders that were supposed to ship last week, and even a few from the week before, never made it to either USPS or UPS. We'll be working on catching up today.

I need an Intern.

Don't forget, Zoomie has great IIIGear offered at his place, here.

People intending to live within the Citadel: Please take a sec and hit the top poll about the type of housing you prefer. The answers will give us a rough guide for direction.

Keep working on the post below, please. I think Mark & Vernon and others hit on the proper perspective: They are not rules as much as they are mutual agreement. And as Ms. Violet suggests, feel free to weigh in with specific enforcable topics upon which we should agree to be a resident of the Citadel.

I'll begin:

~ 180 days of enough preps in your home for every member of your family
~ Basic Rifleman qual (exceptions, obviously, as warranted)
~ Longarm and sidearm + ammo for every able-bodied adult
~ Every child attending a Citadel school shall take a basic firearms safety course and a Marksmanship class every school quarter (Of course parents may be present and participate in any class, at any time in a Citadel school) Homeschooled children in the Citadel shall be taught firearms safety and Marksmanship. (Obviously, all such classes are subject to the maturity level and physical ability of each student) The purpose of this item is to ensure Hippies will never enroll, and to help re-instill a nation of Riflemen.

I'll stop there. Feel free to accept, alter, nuance, delete anything you don't like. I'm just one guy who will be living there. Personally, I will feel better if I know the young teens and the 'tweens know how to handle firearms and hit a basic target in a SHTF world. But that's just me. And, no - I will not have any children in the Citadel.

And just for the record, I will have a personal problem with anyone who leaves a dog tied out or in the weather. But that's just me. ;)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Faux Patriots and False Posts

Regarding the latest round of anti-K posts and commentary, do you real Patriots understand that standing in your midst, claiming to be a "Patriot" like you, are many people who would rather try to insult me than to permit 40 or more III Patriots succeed in building a company together?

The "Patriots" involved with the latest round of anti-K rants have taken to an interesting new tactic - posting fraudulently in my name on blogs.

See the picture above? For those who do not use blogger, it is a screen shot from the dashboard where new comments are submitted. You'll see that "kerodin" supposedly sent those two snippets to my own site.

Seems like I really got under the skin of the insecure little fella from California and his lawyer gal-pal, and I've seen AP playing in the same pool.

So, if you see a comment that seems uncharacteristic of me, it is bogus.

Bloggers: If you get such a Comment, send me the IP if you are able, please, and save it in your cache.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

III: How the world defines the III depends on YOU

Brock and Bonnie Gadsden both linked to this post, and I commend you all to read it, and the subsequent reasons offered in separate posts.

It is an offering of the reasons one Patriot is moving to Idaho as part of the III Pioneer Project.

Jim made a statement the other day while engaging MBV that made me think. Jim thanked Mike for offering the III Community a clear choice of visions for the future of the Liberty Movement, particularly the III.

That brings me back to the post above, Patriotism, Liberty, and most importantly, the III as an entity.

I define a III Patriot very simply: If you would have walked to the Green in Lexington and stood shoulder to shoulder with John Parker, you are a III Patriot.

Let us remember one very important aspect of John Parker's reason for being on the Green. John Parker did not go to the Green to kill RedCoats who were marching toward him. He went to the Green to protect those he loved behind him.

That is an act of Love, an act of preservation, not an act of destruction. Remember John Parker's quote: Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

Is the III a force of destruction? Or are we a collection of Patriots determined to preserve Liberty, and fight only if that fight is pressed upon us?

The III must evolve beyond this dual and conflicted identity so that when new Americans find us, they find III Patriots like you and me, Patriots who wish to be left alone at Liberty, rather than that other definition, the III of hyperbole and threats (that never get carried out, by the way) and destruction.

I am a III Patriot. I choose for the world to see me as an American who chooses to put his energy and skills into building and stregthening Liberty. The world will judge each of us by our actions and deeds, not what others may say about us.

It is up to each one of you to help define what the III is for the world when they look at us, when they find us on the internet. Will they find a group of Patriots who choose to build and produce, ready to defend Liberty, or will they find something less attractive?

Each and every Patriot who considers himself a III will help contribute to this definition of who we are.

Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

Think about it.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Jefferson or Marx: Quick, choose one!

What's the difference between the men who connected the coasts and borders with rail lines and men today who wail and rail against Government while taking hundreds of thousands each year in medical and other handouts?

What's the difference between men who strung telegraph cable from each corner to every nook and cranny of the country, and the men who today use the grandson of the telegraph system to swipe their EBT cards?

When you see 40 and more people joining together to manufacture a product as a means to a better life for all involved, what sort of men and women do you think of first?

Do you think the men and women who built America were "You can't do that!" kind of people?

No, my friends. It is the "You can't do that!" people today who are ruining America, suckling her teets dry and tearing down the productive.

I choose Jefferson. I choose the voluntary right to freely associate. I choose the Liberty to engage in Free Enterprise. I choose to be the Master of my life, rather than to hold my hand out for the scraps stolen by force and redistributed to the mentally enslaved in return for their subjugation.

In just a few hundred years since the first pilgrims landed on this continent, America rose to the pinnacle of world power, to the highest quality of life the world had ever seen, to the highest calorie count per dollar anywhere in the world...by men and women who were probably told You can't do that!

Real Americans dismiss the "You can't do that!" crowd. One of my favorite phrases these days is this one, below.

Real Americans work for the fortunes this life has to offer. When you see hard work, courage and the risk/reward attacked, you are not watching real Americans. You are watching the worst among us.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Founders #4 just sent

I had to make one adjustment to the email list, so I figured I'd send it out now.

A brief Citadel update is included.


III Arms: North Carolina PatCon

Just a reminder: Brock's fall PatCom is coming up Oct 4-7 and if you are able to make it you should try to do so, and meet some great Patriots.

III Arms will have 4 1911s and one AR present, prototypes for our production run for folks to evaluate.

We hope to be at the INDY1500 the week after Brock's place to display the prototypes for the folks who attend that very popular show. Can't promise about that one, tho, still not sure if we can get table space this close to the date.

Here's the link to Brock's place. His lovely daughter Dixie will have her picture taken with the III Arms pistols during the event!


Anything they can do, we can do better...

Will found a very interesting site, here.

You've heard the phrase "Six degrees of separation"?

In DC it's 2 degrees.

Here's the link. Thanks Will!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Raffle Winners!!

Winner of 2 slots in a future class offered by John Mosby: Jessica M. of Phoenix! Jessica, we'll put you in touch with Mr. Mosby and you folks can work out which class will suit you and your 1 guest. Remember, you are responsible for travel, lodging and other expenses, but Mr. Mosby was kind enough to waive the class fee for you and one guest! Congratulations!

Winner of the custom finished Mossberg by Jim Miller (Millerized) is Hans M. of Raleigh! Congratulations, Hans! We'll put you in touch with Jim so you can work out the details, FFL, et cetera.

Thanks to all who entered and supported the 527 with IIIGear purchases. We have another massive load of gear shipping out this week, so if you've been waiting for gear, especially Condor, keep an eye out.


III Arms Founders: Email Update #3 just sent

Please let me know if you don't receive a copy. I think we are pretty close on having the list right.


NCRenegade: Europe

David has been watching Europe and particularly her economy - which without German productivity, implodes.

Well, German productivity is declining under the weight of carrying the rest of Europe. What is Merkel's game? Is she merely an amateur trying to save the Euro? Is she a clever politician making a move to bring most if Europe under her fist with bonds instead of bombs?

I suspect the latter, but I also suspect she will fail at the attempt, because of simple arithmetic. Socialism must implode at some point.

When Europe implodes, there will be major fallout here, and it will probably be made exponentially worse by foolish or deliberately destructive measures by our politicians.

Here's David's piece at NC Renegade.


Monday, September 3, 2012

III Raffle

Between other chores today we've been trying to get all of the names in the hat for the Shotgun offered by Millerized and the 2 training slots offered by John Mosby.

Sorry folks, I am not going to get it all finished tonight - I have to go through the stack at least one more time to make sure we haven't left anyone out. We had several more people buy patches yesterday and today, so I'll get everything double-checked tomorrow and we'll draw the two winners.

Thanks for understanding.


Where the heck are my fangs and claws, I must have misplaced them today...

One of the things Holly and I do here in the DC Metro is run a small food charity. We accept clothing from well-heeled households and get it to shelters where young and abused and otherwise needful women need good clothing to wear to jobs and interviews. Usually once a year we run a modest food drive as well, and deliver that to the pantries and kitchens most in need.

Moving to Idaho will change this a bit.

Firstly, I think we are going to be a rather affluent community. I don't necessarily mean everyone is flush with cash, but I know everyone will be fed, warm, under roof, have productive work to do, people upon whom to lean if and when needed.

I'm not sure about the rest of Idaho, but I do not suspect there is a SouthEast DC anywhere in the state.

As a community, what can we become known for doing to help those who could use a bit of help without imposing on any one's dignity? Should we even try as a community, or simply let our individuals do as they wish?

Here in the DC area we can hit a 2 block area in Potomac and fill a moving truck with clothing that has never had the tags removed from Saks, and enough food to feed3 city blocks in another part of town - and we know this to be fact. But as there is probably no SouthEast DC in Idaho, I doubt there is a Potomac.

There is no shame in becoming a community of plenty.

How might we best remind our Countrymen that charity is not a function of Government, but of Community?


Cancer is cancer, whatever you call it...

Today has been a reminder that Enemies of Liberty wear many masks and use many labels for themselves. Anyone not aligned very closely with their definition of "Liberty" or "Constitutional" is a threat to their one true Dogma.

Genuine Constitutionalists who subscribe to Jefferson's Rightful Liberty will be attacked from all quarters. I hope you are truly prepared for that reality.

What you will have to learn is that whether from Right or Left, an Enemy of Liberty is an Enemy of Liberty, a cancer eating the Soul of the republic.

One does not permit cancer free reign, no matter what it may call itself.

We are all in for a hard trek, Patriots.


It has begun...

As I warned recently, we have enemies. The first volleys of fire are coming from the R's, who think our position is too "fringe" and undermines their credibility, and we do damage to the Constitution.

In my new Kindlier, Gentler Kerodin, I'm letting it go.

For now.

A blog war over distractions that everyone on this blog has already seen a dozen times is pointless. If you've read my books, followed this blog, followed Kerodin.com, you know more about me than does my mother. I do not hide. I put my name on everything I do. You know I do not suffer fools, like employees who sue my company for commissions they have not earned. You know I am not afraid to enter Federal Court against a $250 million dollar per year corporation for Service Mark Infringement and other crimes. You know that I will fight, win or lose (yes, once in a while I get handed my arse) but fight I will.

But III Arms and the Citadel are too important to get distracted in silly debates that we've already been through countless times. So I won't do it.

There are only 4 people I have ever banned from this site, 2 of which happened today.

(For anyone wondering, it was not Dan who asked hard, prudent questions. Those are welcome. Exposing our weaknesses is a useful exercise. Ridicule is not.)

There are more than 40 Members involved in III Arms Company. Holly serves as President, and Jim will serve as her Second because the man has the business skills and the firearms skills to make III Arms a success. I will remain involved, but my strong suit is concepts, sales and marketing, and helping to get the company pointed in the proper direction. Then I will apply my skills to developing the Citadel.

By the way, at this moment not one person is taking a dime in payroll.

Without getting into details, we did not even use III Arms money to pay for our first 1911 prototype.

Proceeds from the company will go to building the Citadel, as we have discussed.

Our first prototypes (1911 & AR) will be ready for Brock's PatCon.

Why do I feel the need to post this warning? Consider it simply fair warning to anyone who would seek to do harm to our Founders and our Supporters by any means, by offering factually inaccurate information, casting aspersions, et cetera. My warning is now on the record. Reaching a suitable level for Tortuous interference, among other things, is easy in a Federal Complaint. If you don't like what we are doing, change the channel and leave us alone.

For you Founders and Supporters, I will fight anywhere, anytime, by any means necessary for you.


Part of the problem, or solution...

Remember folks, the greatest criticism in the beginning will come from "Friendly Fire" by people who believe themselves to be the smartest people in the room.

Smile and move on. Many people will declare in their superior intellect why X or Y will not work.

I'll just be over here, making it work. ;)


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Consider: Drones

One of the important internal functions within the Citadel will be the creative and clever use of old-school and new-school tech.

Consider a few thousand Bad People surrounding the Citadel, who have decided to starve us out.

Now consider a small warehouse/hanger within the Citadel, lined wall to wall with Drones similar to those pictured above. Add real-time cameras so we can beam back the feed from the field. Add sharp and pointy things strongly affixed and protruding like spears with the nastiest bow hunting broadheads one can imagine.

Now, our would-be siegers would be boldly sitting behind downed trees, perhaps leaning against the back-sides of cars, because we smirking Patriots have not bothered to lob a single .22 rimfire in their direction. We have never sent a single hunter-killer team out in the night to slit throats ala the Ghurkas.

Instead, some of our teenagers who have a demonstrated skillset at video games are given Drone Controllers and set their precision spears to the skies, over the walls, hunting some point system we create in a contest for Citadel Merit Badges. Yes, trophies will be awarded. Perhaps a drone sticking in the eye is the 10 ring? In the ear hole 9. In the pie hole 8?

Remote controlled planes are cheap, and expendable. Our teens could earn bonus points for wrecking rectums. Just imagine the scene as the skies are filled with swarmes of drones that bite - hard. What if one of the Bad People try to drive away. A drone in the windshield at 50 miles per hour will probably distract the driver. Imagine their "General" boldly walking up and down his ranks of troops, just before his tin foil badge is pierced by a sweet 4-edged broadhead, or nose-dived into his brain case.

The possibilities are endless...

Consider what the Tribe in the suburbs could do...


Counter-Sniper Rig in about 30 inches...

Americans are traditionalists for the most part. We aren't really fond of change, especially big changes in short timeframes, and even moreso if those changes are forced on us. I don't know about you, but I am still miffed about adding colors to my greenbacks, the Glock thing baffles me (firearms are supposed to be steel and wood, period), and we won't even talk about this passing fad called the internet.

So it is with this knowledge and the understanding that beratement and possible involuntary commitment to the local looney facility that I offer that serious people considering the sniper/counter-sniper role in an American future, a role that will have size considerations, start contemplating bullpup designs.

One sacrifices considerably by chopping a .308 barrel down to 16 inches just to make it easier to slip into a backpack.

But the bullpup could allow a full 26" or even longer barrel on a total package probably not longer than about 30 inches.

That's compact, with knock-down energy. Learning to work a bolt in a new position will take a bit of training, but it is doable.

Think about it.


Just a note for artistic & entrepreneurial III Patriots out there...

I just did a google search to buy a small sculpture of the Lexington Minuteman (considered to be John Parker, though he was not a Minuteman).

Guess what - I couldn't find one.

Now, first thing to check is copyright, I'm not sure how old the original sculpture may be.

But if you are good on Copyright, I'd think you'd be golden - literally.

And to get around any potential copyright, just start from scratch and add your own details, then you own the copyright.

Just an idea.


I need a physics answer, please

Does recoil perform a necessary function (beyond recoil-operated actions, obviously).

My question: If we were to take a dozen .50 BMG rifles and weld them into a steel frame, and that steel frame is bolted rigidly to a concrete floor, and there is no system in place designed to absorb or otherwise take issue with recoil, when we fire off all of the rifles in unison, will the machine break?