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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Consider: Drones

One of the important internal functions within the Citadel will be the creative and clever use of old-school and new-school tech.

Consider a few thousand Bad People surrounding the Citadel, who have decided to starve us out.

Now consider a small warehouse/hanger within the Citadel, lined wall to wall with Drones similar to those pictured above. Add real-time cameras so we can beam back the feed from the field. Add sharp and pointy things strongly affixed and protruding like spears with the nastiest bow hunting broadheads one can imagine.

Now, our would-be siegers would be boldly sitting behind downed trees, perhaps leaning against the back-sides of cars, because we smirking Patriots have not bothered to lob a single .22 rimfire in their direction. We have never sent a single hunter-killer team out in the night to slit throats ala the Ghurkas.

Instead, some of our teenagers who have a demonstrated skillset at video games are given Drone Controllers and set their precision spears to the skies, over the walls, hunting some point system we create in a contest for Citadel Merit Badges. Yes, trophies will be awarded. Perhaps a drone sticking in the eye is the 10 ring? In the ear hole 9. In the pie hole 8?

Remote controlled planes are cheap, and expendable. Our teens could earn bonus points for wrecking rectums. Just imagine the scene as the skies are filled with swarmes of drones that bite - hard. What if one of the Bad People try to drive away. A drone in the windshield at 50 miles per hour will probably distract the driver. Imagine their "General" boldly walking up and down his ranks of troops, just before his tin foil badge is pierced by a sweet 4-edged broadhead, or nose-dived into his brain case.

The possibilities are endless...

Consider what the Tribe in the suburbs could do...