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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DumpDC: Real Money

Many of you know Russ over at DumpDC.  Russ is a hardcore secessionist, and believes it is the only viable way for Liberty to survive.

I have debated hard in the last 2 years against secession.  I still do - but I have to admit it is merely an argument of semantics at this point.

You see, I am leading the charge for a Tribe to bail out of the line of fire, to build walls and stay safe, fed, and ready to defend liberty after everyone else has winded themselves.  That is, by any definition, getting out of Dodge - secession in a very physical way if not ideological.  The only real difference between what Russ advocates now and what I am advocating for the immediate future is that I still see a future for the Constitution.

But I have to admit that I stand with Russ fully in this: Secede, so far as seceding means getting the hell out of the way.  Let the fools and idiots do what they intend to do with their violence and greed, and after they've all killed themselves and one another, folks like Russ and others left standing can figure out the politics of moving forward.

The immediate topic at hand is a bank.  An overwhelming percentage of people who intend to move to the Citadel in Idaho want a bank that will operate on the Lakota model: 100% reserve and dealing in hard metals.

Anyone out there want to be a banker?

I simply don't have the time, the energy, and in all honesty, the expertise.

But one of you does.  One of you has an opportunity right this moment to use Free Enterprise for the good of yourself and your fellow Countrymen.  Maybe you can't do it alone.  Maybe a few of you will have to join together.  Maybe the best answer for today is to simply offer the Lakota folks a branch inside our walls, but I'm not certain if they can operate off the reservation.

But any one of you with common sense can succeed at this project.  Simply mint your own coins that have no face value, simply a weight and purity.  Check with a good lawyer to make sure Uncle Sugar won't slap you around.  I'm not sure how you might handle it if Big Uncle gets desperate and decides to confiscate all gold and silver (again), but that's an issue for another discussion.

Someone reading this post or Russ' post (here) has what it takes to advance Liberty and genuine Free Enterprise, right now.

Any takers?