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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Liberty Congress

I understand some are disappointed because I am shifting the date of the Liberty Congress. Fair enough.

Sorry. The groundwork simply is not ready and will not be ready by November 3rd.

I have set a date for April 13-15 in the Spring. It is open for alternatives.

Here's a reality: In months of promoting this online we've had 36 people commit to attend. For that I am grateful. In the last 2 weeks, I have had 4 people quietly write and bow out, usually for scheduling conflicts.

I was at TL's Guardians event, with CA. Three people on a corner in DC. I was at Mercer, promoted for many months as a national event with a turnout of 40 or so. That was a national call, and most of those attending were relatively local. Most PatComs had an average of 5-7 people.

In a city that has protests every single week and weekend of the year, any crowd of less than 5000 people in DC will not even make local news. Because of the message and tone with which we will deliver that message, I am willing to hit DC with 300 allies, because I can spin the Spartan PR angle. But we do not have even 10% of that number.

It would be irresponsible of me to ask people who have committed to show up here for another flop event, several are coming from the west coast. It does more damage to personal budgets than is tolerable. It does more to injure the III than to help put us on the radar.

I am not willing to do damage to the III when it is avoidable.

As III Arms and the Citadel are promoted this fall and winter we will promote the Liberty Congress as well. Help us reach critical mass, instead of allowing us to be just 30 or so Patriots standing on the steps of the Capitol.

There are thousands of people who read this blog and other Liberty blogs in our community every day. I am honest enough with myself to know when an event does not have the support of even our own. The people who are willing to come here, no matter what, are willing to take it on the chin for the thousands who won't even bother. Many of them would end up spending $1-$4 thousand dollars for the weekend - just so they could stand with 20-30 others on the steps of the Capitol.

Sorry, that is asking too much. That money can be better spent elsewhere, until we have a crowd on the steps of the Capitol large enough to warrant the expense.

I'm not interested in martyring anyone. I will continue my efforts with III Arms and the Citadel, where there is far more support. And as the Liberty Congress builds momentum along the way, great.